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Mother of Beatrice, Bryce Howard, with Robert Redford, and Oona Laurence in Pete’s Dragon

Granda Opi with possible namesake Aunt Bee
Granda Opi with possible namesake Aunt Bee

Another shot of Grandpa Opi Cunningham…boy star!!! I once wore a jacket like that in Brooklyn and got beat up…same with my Nehru jacket!

It’s a little known fact that the decision to do a remake of Pete’s Dragon took place after Bryce’s daughter Beatrice was given a baby dragon of her own to keep. Of course, the previous owner, who shall be nameless, respectfully asked permission first of the family Patriarch, Ron, and Matriarch, Cheryl, could the dragon be given to the child as it’s certainly not the kind of gift you would give without first checking it out with them first. You just don’t want to go visit grandma and grandpa’s house and have it leave fire breathing dragon droppings around the house. Trust me…Cheryl hates that sort of thing. Any way, under Beatrice’s tutelage the dragon grew beautifully and loves to wrap itself around Beatrice scaring off any would be villains or future suitors worse than Grandpa Ron could with a gun!
Grandpa Ron Howard in                    “The Shootist”   Ron is highly regarded  as an actor, director, gunslinger and known to be almost as scary as a dragon with bad breath!
Grandpa Ron Howard and family on the Apollo 13 set…I can’t remember a nun in the film but there’s Cheryl Howard Grandmother of Beatrice in full nunster regalia along with Bryce Howard, Beatrice’s mom (the tall and lucious lady), and Beatrice’s two aunts Paige and Jocelyn and her uncle Reed. Beatrice noticeably missing from the photo having not exactly been born yet.
And now a plug for the newest X-Men film to hit the silver screen…Logan
Dafne Keen as X13 from Logan

Dafne Keen and her cool shades in Logan

First it was Baberaham Lincoln… now                 Babiator Sunglasses. What’s next?

Terminaviators!!!   “Talk to the hand!” Arnold needs a fashion lesson from Keen. I told him that too. I can’t repeat what he said back to me but I’m sure you’ve all heard it before.
Out of total respect for Arnold Schwartzenegger having done Terminator Salvation with him (though really it was Arnold from the first film so I doubt she’s actually even met the guy), Bryce Howard does just that and talks to the hand while her hunk of a husband Seth Gabel,  father of Beatrice Howard,  watches. At some point it turned into an argument, then got worse with the hand trying to strangle Bryce. However, once again, Bryce prevailed by biting off two of her own fingernails as a warning to the rest of the hand that if it didn’t shape up more would be coming .
Bryce Howard and Seth Gabel: Sadly, all the good looks on this planet have been sucked up by these two souls leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves living out our lives as hollow empty shells of ourselves. (Empty, hollow, thud!)
Here Bryce manages to stop Beatrice from doing her Richard Widmark impersonation by pushing her Talking Tina Doll down an escalator at LAX airport. No dolls were hurt in the incident as reportedly  Chatty Cathy was used as a stunt double for Talking Tina.
The ever adorable “Talking Tina and…
…here’s Chatty Cathy. Which would you prefer on your shelf at night in your bedroom while you sleep quietly plotting against you?
Kiki’s Delivery Service

Oona was terrific in Southpaw. I saw it a while ago

Here is Oona Laurence in the film “Southpaw.” I had to look up what Southpaw is and it means “Lefty” but here we see that Oona is holding her pencil in her right hand making her a righty so I don’t know what the big deal is. From my point of view the film should have been called “Northpaw” which I’m guessing means righty and would have been more accurate.

I’m told now that the boxer was the lefty not Oona. This is starting to make more sense…my bad!

    The BFG…The Big Friendly Giant…from Disney! Not sure if he was a lefty or not. Frankly, I think he’s  a BFD.

A series of cats

Leanna Vamp (The Ghoul Next Door) and her cat.

Speaking about talking frankly… Samuel L. Jackson on the Larry King Live Show…from the Long Kiss Goodnight.

Oh wow!!! A free copy of the “Long Kiss Goodnight!!! “Except for the whole film being flipped left to right it’s perfect!!! Here it’s called, “thgindooG ssiK gnoL”

…and we saw Mr. Jackson in…Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children!

Doesn’t gets much better than this!!!