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Movie Review: The Dark Tower
(See previous post for a review of the theater)

I can’t sugar coat this one, I liked the film but not the strongest effort out of Hollywood. The Tomatometer came up at 18%…not too good and the Audience Score was a tepid 63%.

What I liked about the film…1) Jake Chambers who played the kid role…Tom Taylor! My issue is that if the kid is not compelling in an action movie the movie sinks to the bottom. The kid in Terminator 2… Edward Furlong was perfect in his role… enough serious and enough smart alec… great choice! The kid in Last Action Hero… Austin O’Brien… not so much. I hate complaining about a film with Arnold in it but Rotten Tomatoes bears me out on my assessments of the film. It may not have been the kids fault and he may have done great things since then but…that’s all I have to say about that. 2) Idris Elba who played Roland the gunslinger was terrific too. 3) The handgun was really cool and some of the fight scenes as well.

What I didn’t like about the film… 1) Matthew McConaughey… I can’t spell his last name and he was really kind of stiff in the role, I didn’t read the book/s and perhaps this was perfectly laid out but I think the film could have used somebody a bit off kilter, maybe that was what was missing from the film… needed a bit more jokerish or more disturbed; I hate how dark the film, it may be that the theater keeps the light down low on the bulb to save money, I hate 3D for the same reason…too dark… if they can pretend to fly planes into the trade centers and nuke the buildings from 70 meters below ground to take them down with a cylindrical thrust of energy at a million degrees and convince everybody to walk through the nuclear fallout for months because it was safe… even The Donald walked through and was not aware what it was but managed to squeezed the person responsible for 911 for 10 Rocks after I informed him that the buildings were nuked and he walked through the fallout of 4th or 5th generation nukes… with his wife!!! then why can’t they make 3D glasses that don’t have darkened lenses.

Spoiler Altert:

John (Jake) Taylor is Billy Mumy’s son…for anyone paying attention.

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