Kiki Presents: Lip Don’t Lie

So I’m on Season 6 of Shameless and having the best time of it. Today I met Nick, Carl’s 6’2” Africanish friend from Juvie driving my Uber. I was going to give him a $25 tip but the ride was like 8 bucks and they only allowed me to give him $18.32 but I wrote some nice stuff about him. I’m always tempted to write, “Good in bed,” as a compliment but I think they’ll ban me again like the time I wouldn’t talk to federal agent driving me who I made instantly upon his pulling up. The ride back appeared to feature the guy who clocked Carl with a gun. I gave him $5, which despite having used too many onions was still a very good sauce.

So I’ve met a bunch of people from the show, which I love, I wont go through them though Bill looked unnerved that Connie told me who he was, I saw Connie on something else. I’m pretty sure Bill was Bill as I’ve been looking for him for a long time unsuccessfully and there he was. I was sad and lonely when my main squeeze left and moved to somewhere near New Orleans. I haven’t seen Jr. in a while either. I saw Debbie, who insisted I mention her tonight, it was a pleasure meeting her and Monica with and without makeup and Sammi’s mom who looks a lot like Monica

Margaret Cho showed up who is a riot and I introduced her to Keaton’s brother-in-law, which pleased her to no end. I’m a big fan of both though Keaton may still hate me. I loved Cho with that gal Awkwafina in their video who can really be a bitch sometimes but I love her anyway.

Let there be lip. So I went to Haddonfield for dinner with some friends, and ran into a bunch of interesting people, I’ll go through them a bit later but Lip’s family was in the entranceway, hard to miss his brother who looks just like him. Dad too and probably mom and sis but it occurred to me how talented everyone is. Talent like that doesn’t occur in just one generation. I doubt I could do 1/100th of what these people can do though I’m comforted by the contrary as well. So I spotted that Lip looks like Harpo who is Jascha Haefetz with his son being Itzhak Perlman but where did this start? Talent like this doesn’t just start in one generation, has to be handed down from very young ages, probably in the womb. OK so who do these people appear to be the progeny of? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!!! I’d bet dollars to donuts on this.

Last point FU Ron for turning my effing computer off all the time. Go stuff your face at the Piggly Wiggly…beach.

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