About Me

This was called About Us...but it's only me!! Now it's called About Me. I'm no big deal... really... the big deal is Beatrice...

Bryce and Beatrice Howard

Oakes Fegley Sushing... SHH!

so ignore me. OK...I'll tell you one thing about me but shhh! I overheard someone say once, "I've never seen anyone create so much mischief without ever leaving his house!" I prefer to call it Tom-foolery but mischief is also good. Anyway...enjoy the site dedicated to Beatrice Howard, her friends and families!

Speaking of Tom-foolery here we see Anne Hathaway in just about my favorite scene in my favorite film of hers (shhh...I say that about all the scenes in all her films!!) In the next scene which I can't find her elf friend, Aidan McArdle as Slannen, an elf who wanted to become a lawyer but is relegated as an elf to only engage in mischief and Tom-foolery. I must be part elf... and part non-fat dry milk!

Speaking of Anne Hathaways films why is it that Anne did a film in 2008 called: "Passengers" and...

Jennifer Lawrence also did a film in 2016 called "Passengers"?

I think Jennifer Lawrence is trying to encroach on the fame of Anne Hathaway...both very talented but I don't remember Jennifer ever  singing a song for a film let alone a Queen song like Anne did in Ella Enchanted (Somebody to Love)

Wait a minute... here's Jen singing... beautifully!!! OK really talented too just like Anne... so beautiful... so talented... these gals could have come out of the same test-tube!