Ansel Elgort in “November Criminals”


Movie Review: November Criminals
Saw this one yesterday which got something like 29 tomatoes. Ok so it’s not exactly a blockbuster but it was a good film, a murder mystery, drama, love story and it works on all levels. Ansel Elgort is a favorite actor of mine though I’m never sure which actor he’s playing since either him or his alternate identity was in Baby Driver and he was in American Horror Story Freak Show and the one with the Witches Coven and probably the others. They played David Bowies life on Mars during a scene with him and he did it before in Freak Show, same song, same guy. I think this may have been his best acting role though I loved him in Baby Driver. Chloe Grace Moretz did a super job too in what would also be a coming of age film if you know what I mean. She looks like one of the daughters of Mary Kate or Ashley and sadly yes I can tell them apart. And Ansel is David Bowie’s son and we all know who Bowie is. A couple of twists and turns and overall a captivating drama. Nothing wrong with this film that the Immigrant Song couldn’t cure. Rating: Should have gotten 75 tomatoes instead of 29. Enjoy!
Back Story: I sent Ansel a T-shirt not too long ago because I heard he might be a relative. I figured out who he was from the film “Moonrise Kingdom” This pretty much led to an international crisis so not only am I banned from most of California, and Disney France, and parts of Japan but also banned from sending anyone in LA gifts, also banned from the gym because I discovered there were gonuvim there stealing. Also banned from Boca Raton…and NYC!
After the murder of his friend is dismissed as gang violence, high schooler Addison (Ansel Elgort) decides to launch an investigation of his own. With help from his girlfriend Phoebe (Chloë Grace Moretz), he quickly discovers that the mystery is darker and deeper than he ever imagined. Tessa Albert…

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