Kiki Kookaburra Presents: Ed’s Follow-up on Ricky Gervais aka Mark Valencia

Follow up on Ricky Gervais: So I outed Ricky Gervais as Mark Valencia from Self Sustainable Me, handsome guy! I had used his son as confirmation as he’s in a great video about how to get tomatoes to give fruit, tickling the flowers with an electric toothbrush. He’s also in the show Afterlife. His son is Ethan Lawrence. Ethan’s a very funny kid but like most actors he got temperamental because I didn’t post a picture of him or his name anywhere, so here he is.

Ethan Lawrence is Ricky Gervais’ son and makes an appearance in, “Self Sustainable Me”

The problem is my computer gets shut down by my “handler” when ever he wants, pia. I also didn’t have a good shot of Mark Valencia’s wife to confirm against the gal who I thought was Ricky Gervais’ wife Kerry Godliman. So Mark aka Ricky was kind enough to post a proper video with his wife in it three days ago so I could do an accurate comparison and I received notification on my phone that this video was just released and it turned out I was correct.

The women look alike and there is identical scarring on the right side of the face near the mouth. Not a great picture of Mark’s wife but good enough under magnification.

From what I could glean after I outed Mark/Ricky as one and the same and praised his work at Self Sustainable Me, (and it is great) Mark/Ricky was offered a very fine sum for his 300+ videos…which he turned down and he meant it! They made another offer which is 2 and 1/2 times that original large sum and Mark/Ricky is mulling it over. Nicely done bloke!

Just another plug for Ricky Gervais/Mark Valencia for his work at Self Sustainable Me: His work is terrific! He’s informative and entertaining. He is the Jacque Cousteau of backyard gardening, and that is high praise! I watched a video a couple days ago where he hears a Cookaburra essentially screaming and surmises that there was a problem. He goes to investigate and there’s a “Goowanna” (an iguana) terrorizing the birds nests. Completely captivating!!! Congrats to all especially us who get to watch these videos. FYI, Afterlife is a great show and at times…piss in your pants funny!! Later gators.

Hi to all my friends and family!!! Love you, miss you, mean it!!!

Kiki Korona Presents: Mark Valencia and Ricky Gervais

This is Mark Valencia from a website called “Self Sufficient Me”. He has, I believe over 250 videos on gardening, specializing in raised bed gardening. His videos are very well done and he’s very interesting. I’ve watched over 20 of them. He also turns out to be Ricky Gervais from “Afterlife” and at least one other show. He hosts an award show and is very funny. I hate to out him but you know how it is. I strongly suspect Mark was Ricky Gervais watching the first video and became increasingly convince as I watched more. I was at 96% assuredness which while good enough for me is still not good enough, so I went looking for the usual suspects: scars, family and friends. Mark has lots of serious scarring on his right arm, finding the scarring on Ricky proved more difficult, so I kept an eye out for family members. A woman showed up in one episode and I suspected that the wife on Afterlife was Ricky’s actual wife, she shows up in another series of his. The problem was the video was older than the show and without more careful analysis I couldn’t readily tell it was Mark’s wife, ie Mrs. Ricky Gervais. However, Mark’s son show’s up in another video and he was easily recognizable as a character on Afterlife, as was another character, that nailed it down, I’ll check for scars another time. The videos are great, he has a natural performance and I enjoy them as much as the show Afterlife, ergo…Mark Valencia=Ricky Gervais.

Kiki Koronavirus Presents: Lost Girls!!!!

Lost Girls starring Oona Lawrence, Thomasin McKenzie, Amy Ryan, Gabriel Byrne

This is a really terrific film with some very familiar faces, nice job guys!!!

Lost Girls is a 2020 American dramamystery film, directed by Liz Garbus, from a screenplay by Michael Werwie, based upon the book of the same name by Robert Kolker. It stars Amy RyanThomasin McKenzieLola KirkeOona LaurenceDean WintersMiriam ShorReed BirneyKevin Corrigan and Gabriel Byrne.

Mari Gilbert relentlessly drives law enforcement agents to search for her missing daughter and, in the process, sheds light on a wave of unsolved murders of young female sex workers on the South Shore barrier islands of Long Island committed by the Long Island serial killer.

The film was well done and captivating: Oona Lawrence, star of Southpaw and my favorite short film, Penny Dreadful, does a terrific job in this as the complex daughter/sister in this film as does Thomasin McKenzie who played the other sister who did a bang up job in JoJo Rabbit as the hidden Jewish girl in the attic. I give this 5/5 stars. Well done and tense drama. Bravo!!!

It’s 10PM…do you know where your children are?

It’s 10PM…do you know where your children are?

Every night at 10PM a voice would come on the TV asking, “It’s 10PM…do you know where your children are?”

One night my mother proudly looked us over and said, “Yes I do!”

She smiled until my brother said, “Hey ma…didn’t you have a stillborn? Where is he?”

From then on my mother cried every evening at 10PM until my brother went off to law school.

Kiki Presents: “What has Ron Howard Done?”

Conquistador was written and performed by Ron Howard in the band Procol Harum. Which one in the band was he, I’d need more time to research this than I have allotted to this if I want to get to his other accomplishments.

Ron Howard wrote, “Light My Fire” for Jim Morrison and the Doors

Ron Howard wrote “Fool on the Hill” performed by the Beatles…He was also George Harrison

Ron Howard wrote some of Desperado performed by the Eagles of which he’s one. Here’s Linda Ronstadt performing the song who was offered one million dollars to pose naked in Playboy magazine…does she have no respect for money?)

Ron Howard wrote, “She’s Always a Woman to Me” for Billy Joel…Billy turns out to be Tim Curry.

Ron Howard wrote, “Rocket M an” for Elton John who turns out to be Billy Mummy. Here Taron Egerton performs the song.

Born to be Wild was written and performed by Ron Howard for the band Steppenwolf. He is also Peter Fonda. Dennis Hopper, in the film, is also Robin Williams who still regales about riding those big handled choppers.