Part II What I did on Facebook today…

Ed Chiarini of found a photo containing Walt Disney a few years back that may have been only 10-20 years old now. Walt supposedly died in 1966, and Hitler supposedly died in 1945. Ed had him alive sometime around 2000 give or take 5 years. I found a photo which I correctly interpreted as having him in it from 2015, yes a lot went on that year. Walt was real annoyed that I had found out he was Adolf Hitler from that photo and had doubts that I could have done it. I assured him that I figured it was either him or Joseph Stalin. He then correctly said, “You knew I was alive though.” I told him yes. He said, “From the other guy,” I said yes. He then excused himself went into the next room and then returned. I didn’t know at the time but he had put a major contract out on the other Ed. As I said earlier I managed to help Ed out on that one and also a previous attempt but the second one was way more serious and looked something like Lot and his family fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah sans pillar of salt, as Ed and his friend Richard fled through the carnage.

Ed Baruch I may put up the photo in a day or two. The photo may appear too thin but I’m very good at following the bread crumbs and there is other evidence in the photo that makes it more compelling.

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Ed Baruch Ok, here’s the photo. Virtually every person in this photo is either famous or very famous and everyone is identifiable in some fashion. I’ll give you one…there is the back of a man’s head in the bottom right corner, to the right of the guy with the grey sweater on…that’s Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. I only missed a couple here. Good luck, I’ll put up some answers later on.

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Ed Baruch Oh…this is what’s called a staged photo. It looks random or haphazard but everyone is told to stand very still and positioned just so. The FBI have books with all the staged events like this one with the names of each person in them. They have them going back over 50 years, maybe a hundred.
There’s probably about 2 dozen photos from the “Missing Person Case” Cayman Naib is Missing. This was a very interesting photo!
First, how many people in this photo? Do you recognize anyone? The man dead center next to the blonde is Farid Naib, his w and ife, the blonde is Rebecca Malcolm Naib…she’s a really terrific lady and is Kate Jackson from the original Charlies Angels. The guy with the cap against the left wall I have not identified. The woman with the dreadlocks with her back to us I have not identified either. The two people in front of the guy with the cap are the mother and stepfather of a very famous actor. They both turn out to show up in a lot of staged events and the guy played the psychologist, Creepy Gene Rosen in the Sandy Hook Hoax. The actor became really angry with me when I did some digging and found out some key aspects of his history and life. I thought it was brilliant work, he thought it intrusive and made the point of coming to my office to play an obnoxious fake patient. He’s one of my favorite actors but I can’t tell you who he is because he’s still really pissed at me. Ok…it’s Matt Damon and the guy is brilliant!!! I would go see his crappy films but he’s never made one. He writes under a different name and wrote a short film called, “Penny Dreadful” not to be confused with the TV series. It’s only about 20 minutes but it’s hysterical. Anyway I can’t tell you who he is or he’ll come after me again just like Diane Keaton…that one wasn’t my fault!!! How was I supposed to know she was Sharon Stone?!!! Here’s where it gets interesting…see the guy in the bottom right hand corner with the winter coat on? That’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Now it gets really interesting…how many people are in this photo? If you answered 7 you’re wrong! The answer is 8. To the right of Netanyahu are some tufts of hair of a greying person. That person is Elie Weisel, author of “Night”. I had the pleasure of speaking with him a few days before he died and I was able to ask him some questions about Kazakhstan after an unpublicized event took place. He described it as having “The most virulent anti-Semites in the world.” Which answered most of my questions.

On a lighter subject

On a lighter subject…damn those crunchy Chinese noodles!!! You know they’re not good for you. As luck would have it I tossed the sweet and sour sauce hours ago because it would have been all over by now. Why is there not a snack food on the shelves at WaWa that is essentially crunchy Chinese noodles? And I’ll tell you how to do it… make the stuff, flavor it with either Cool Ranch or Spicy Nacho Cheese and end the name of the snack with “…itos.” So it would be, “Crunchy Chinese Nooditos.” by Frito Lay.

This is off Facebook from today…


Ed Baruch

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For anyone paying attention…the work on this can be found at and

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Ed Baruch Self explanatory

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Ed Baruch for anyone paying attention…why put this up here? Lee Blair sadly was one of the architects of the holocaust/WWII. There is not a lot of information on this and not every Disney employee was involved in the Holocaust in a substantive way, but he was. Very likely he was #3 or #4 at the top of the food chain who handled the nuts and bolts of the annihilation of European Jewery amongst other groups ethnically cleansed. His daughter who I met was extremely conflicted about the role her father undertook. She loved him greatly but felt extremely guilty about his actions and she apologized to me which greatly surprised me because at that point in time I was despised by many Disney insiders, as well as some other clusters of people. I didn’t feel an apology was necessary as I didn’t believe the sins of the father fell onto the daughter. I was not aware of his involvement in the Holocaust. Ultimately it cost him his life in 2015. He died the day after Walt Disney died.

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Ed Baruch I had the next to last conversations with both Walt Disney and Lee Blair. In substance the two conversations were very similar and fear based. Both gentlemen passed on during their last conversations a few minutes later, which was ordering a contract. Walt also placed a contract on a close friend of mine earlier in our conversation who I wound up helping out. Walt’s downline of 750 people passed soon after Walt and Lee’s downline of 1750 did the same. They died a day apart in 2015. The man who arranged this is a true American hero. Both Walt and Lee were very dirty men and at the end of the day got their just desserts. They were responsible for the deaths of millions. Walt’s final words to me in that last conversation was, “I should have finished you when I had the chance,” a reference to the Holocaust.

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Ed Baruch George Santayana said, “Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.” The problem with this is history books are filled with a great deal of nonsense. If we understood the truth about history we’d be less likely to repeat it. Also, it’s one thing to uncover the true criminals of history but how do you prevent the next holocaust before it happens. The man responsible for 911 also died in 2015 in an egregious fashion. He died within minutes of the death of his son; the son torn to shreds by a woman he loved. The deaths occurred sometime after a coup was attempted by this man at “The Battle of Jade Helm”. Jade Helm can be reviewed off the net but not the battle. The goal was the destruction of 200 million Americans with the retention of property as best possible. The vacated homes were to be given to people from sympathetic countries and largely come up from the south through Mexico. The “coup” would have taken roughly 5 years and again 200 million lives. The Battle of Jade Helm took place over 2 days and cost the opposition 285 lives and over 20 trillion dollars in damage. No lives lost for the American public. The handwriting on the wall was on this for many years. The opposition loosely named The New World Order but just a fancy name for Imperialism (check out HG Wells on this). “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”– H G Wells from
The New World Order (1940).

The NWO originally said to have been set back 20 years by the losses at Jade Helm have actually thrived under new and much more reasonable and inclusive leadership. With a leadership vacuum and a need for leadership not hell bent on destruction the remaining NWO appointed a new head originally called the “Principal” but later changed to “President”.

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Super Week away

Thanks to everyone who made this a super week!!!  I’m posting very little as it has come down to hand to hand fighting in Earth vs. The Flying Saucers and advertising your moves…definitely not helpful.

FYI a few ago I did notice a bunch of you guys at the game in Pittsburgh, thank you for coming. Special thanks to my next door neighbor!!! It turned in some very exciting times. Nothing excites me more and we had a repeat this past weekend.

Incredible people and an event I would never imagine. Thank you everyone, sorry to anyone I missed including jumping off the line at March of the Penguins. I wish I could detail more, all I can say was I had a super great time throughout, met beautiful people, listened to great music, watched acrobats for a second time and ate too much.

What I find funny is what people are thinking about me. Here’s some examples: 1) This is the guy?  2) This can’t be the guy!!  3) Is this the guy?

I told one of the guys on penguins that I was indeed the guy and people think too loud but I love when I hear it!! It shows that my act is working of a disheveled, disconnected, out of touch, pathetic retard! Oh wait, no…not an act…that’s me!!!!

I made some good choices this week, who wouldn’t, There were people who really worked hard at the program…total respect and admiration for them.

I chatted with some people which I understand is a no-no now but it was very cool. One guy thought to me, “We hear you’re pretty normal,” which I thought was great since the only people who actually say that to me are my patients who are used to really whacked out shrinks. it was all very exciting and unexpected, and vastly different from anything I’ve ever been involved in, so thanks again to all.

Oh, and I felt very cared for there…funny…usually I’m on some uphill battle but I felt really very secure especially when we couldn’t get into our room because the lock was changed and there was a security guard stationed down the hall. Maybe he was someone I should have noticed better.

I will leave you to your own devices to go and watch “Hidden Figures” again…loved the film and the actors!






Weinstein’s behavior causes Ed to break communication silence

Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina
Jolie and Others Say
Weinstein Harassed Them

“This way of treating women ends now,” Ms.
Paltrow said as she and other actresses
accused the producer of casting-couch abuses.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Angelina Jolie
Harvey Weinstein

This article proves only one thing: Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie are so super hot and smoking that even a super faggoty fag like Harvey Weinstein can’t resist them!


Sorry I just returned to find I’ve been hacked. Someone used this website to ask if Mindy was the same woman from Mork and Mindy!! Foolish hacker!! Well passwords changed and back to normal!!! Later gators …. one kiss for everyone!!

Sensitive issue

I can’t blog at length about this all I’ll say is some are being released which is an absolute pleasure. You’ll have to get info second hand. the walls have ears and i’m in the thick of things.

This is a sensitive issue and timing is needed. I won’t know what’s next until I know so I keep my cards close to my vest. I’ve even said too much already. These are very tricky Muggles!!

I’m taking another stab at the photo, be back soon, one kiss for everybody!!!