Beatrice Howard Presents: Ed nails Princess Margaret!!! (figuratively)

I usually won’t publish a finished slide unless I’m about 99% sure I’m correct. Why 99%?The other Ed once posted the wrong chick as the beauty princess who got murdered…he relied on ears and was correct except she had a twin, so not Lady Gaga but Miley Cyrus!!! (love you Miley!!!) (Love you too, Gaga!).

There was something nagging about this, and I triple, quadruple checked my work, and more. The Queen of England, Elizabeth, was Princess Margaret’s Sister and I’m about 99% sure she’s Betty White. I also believe she’s actually dead because I suspected Betty died not too long ago. Which is kind of sad because Betty was really a great actress and funny as all fuck! Let me know if she’s still around…please!

I’m busy trying to sort Margaret and Elizabeth out and I have, I believe, nailed this one. I had this confirmed last night and surprised a lot of people who didn’t think I’d get this because I initially thought she was Elizabeth. I never believe anything out of Hollywood, except if it involves Lindsay, but I’m starting to think some of the BS around Princess Margaret may be true.

Also, the chick from Handmaid’s Tale appears to be Carol’s daughter and is probably a lot older than they state. Very interesting and a very satisfying find. Scarring is similar as well. Score a win on this one.

BTW…I ran into Carol and the Rabbi a few days ago. She gave me crap about 6 months to a year or so ago when i snapped a picture of her. She was nicer to me this time and was with the guy who plays commander Fred, which would make sense since I think her daughter is June Osborne. She looks great and is sporting a nice sheitel. (I’ve always been a fan of cerulean! The rabbi looks amazing!!! no kidding!! I wouldn’t have made him out except I saw him in a film clip and he’s also on a show I’m watching. He was playing basketball with a half dozen black guy and played like he was in his forties!!!! I have no reason to be jealous of anyone but I’m jealous of him and the others who are in such great shape for their age. I like how the BB Queen screwed him over on Yellowstone.

More to come…Ed out