Beatrice Presents: Cheryl Howard in Brooklyn!!!

Cheryl Howard spent a good deal of time in Brooklyn NY. She hung with a friend of Ed’s and miserated over how she hated high school and was going to be an actress so didnt need to go. Ed’s friend counseled her about the error of her ways that she would never be an actress and she needed to stay in school so she could get a job as a secretary or something else productive. (You see she was going to be an actress, she was going to be a star…she was going to shake her ass on the hood of Whitesnake’s car!)

Bryce, Ron and Cheryl Howard

In Brooklyn Cheryl tooled around under the name…Donna Pescow…or as she said she was often called in Brooklyn…Donna Cowpes…that’s how we played it in Brooklyn!

The lovely Donna Pescow

Despite being counseled that she would never amount to anything in acting she tried out for the film Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta who turns out to be Ron Howard (see above) and got a starring role which she knocked out of the park! I didnt know her back then but caught an act of hers at a nightclub a few years later in NYC. She was nice when I met her though admitted she was speeding her brains out!

I was working at UPS at the time loading trucks and told a friend I was going to meet her. He asked me if I would ask her if she really banged those guys in the back of the car…now you’re a hole and she was…Courtney Love!!!

My dad had a fur store in Bensonhurst Brooklyn.


He gave away wooden coins for advertising…Ron would approve, he’s got a giant rubber shark!!

Directly, Across the street from the Fur store they filmed an opening scene at Lenny’s Pizza…

Ron Travolta, in the film, went to the window of the Pizzeria and ordered to slices, put one on top of the other and walked off and ate them…


In all the years I ate there probably 2-300 times I never saw anyone do that!!! The one time I did it years later after the film someone saw me do it and yelled…Hey!!! John Travolta!!! in a good way too!

Here’s what’s really cool…Cheryl aka Donna met my mom!!! Cheryl went into the fur store and wanted a fur to wear in the film. She tried to convince mom to give her the jacket for free. I doubt my mom gave it away for free but I’m guessing she gave her a very good deal. Here’s a picture of Donna/Cheryl wearing the fur in the film:

What’s really cool about this? It’s the same fur you can see in the window of Baruch Furs!!!! Maybe not the identical one but the same type and they were hand made in the store. Check it out below!!!

As a last piece of change Cheryl aka Donna directed a short film. It was payback to someone who had written all her school papers so she could graduate High School. I heard she did a great job, I liked the film, it kind of funny too, a war film! I doubt you can find it.