Beatrice Presents: Ed’s take on the new Downton Abbey Film…”A New Era.” He loved the film but his review kinda sucks!

Let me start out by saying…I adored this film!!! I thought a great job was done on it. I watched every episode of Downton Abbey, totally hooked! I wasn’t crazy about the last film thought…kind of milk toast…whatever that actually means. This one gets a 10/10. All the characters were there except for the dead ones and Lady Mary’s husband who kind of sucked anyway

and should have been killed instead of her original husband or the hispanic daughter of Robert and his wife. Nothing wrong with this film except if you never saw Downton Abbey you should go see Top Gun Maverick. I didn’t see the first one though I am a fan of Tom Cruise,

not sure if I’ll see this one since Jurassic comes out next week

and soon after is Elvis.

This is some old work of mine showing Lady Mary. She appears to have had a serious accident but they added it to her film and then the healing/scarification.

Before accident
Immediately after accident…some good wound dehiscence from laying like that.
pretty good scarring, could have used a plastic surgeon and bed rest but what an actress!!!