Beatrice Presents: Hubby enjoys an All-Star day. Lunches with Neil Patrick and watches Bullet Train with Stan Laurel!!!

I ate at Brios in The Promenade in Marlton NJ craving a white linen lunch experience, no linen but I enjoyed everyone else having it (they must have seen me eat!) Saw one of my patients, it’s a place I can run into people I know who I don’t believe are sent there. Much to my delight towards the end of my meal who shows up? None other than Neil Patrick Harris!!! Star of the new Sitcom on Netflix, “Uncoupled” which is hysterically funny!!! In tow with Neil were his three sons (he could have more). Really cute and sturdy looking kids. I got a good look at only one of their faces but he could play Woody Allen as kid if Woody does another film like Annie Hall, or the other one which features Woody as a kid. I’m piecing together whose kid Neil is, i’m about 90% sure. Very talented man!

So we went to see Bullet Train this evening. Here’s my review off FaceBook:

I don’t know how the critic from the NYT saw this film with his head up his ass like 54% of the Rotten Tomatoes critics but they missed out on a great film! Audience score was 78%. I’m giving it 10/10!!! It’s a great action film with a great cast and hysterically funny. If you’re looking for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris don’t see this. Brad Pitt was amazing as well as all of the cast. The film is a lot of fun and is like Murder On The Orient Express on crack!!!! It’s probably done by Quentin Tarantino and has a lot of his nuances. At the very least it’s done by someone skilled in reproducing his films. Like El Topo was probably done by Fellini or the film about the cities on wheels done by the Monty Python guy who I confronted about him hiding his best work in his safe. That was also good. The best advice I can give you is expect a Tarantino film and you wont be disappointed. It’s not any more confusing than anything else in life and it’s lots of fun. 10/10.

Here’ the thrill of the evening…I started wondering if Stan Laurel aka Humphrey Bogart aka Fred Astaire could still be alive. He’d be pretty old, probably over 120 years old. Here’s what I had going in his favor. 1) He was an athlete and a dancer…great cardiovascular system. 2) Lots of you guys are making it into their 12th decade. I saw Golda, Walt, Spiro, and Agnes…so this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Well he was sitting a seat away from me, next to his escort. He looked great!!! I was pretty sure it was him. Gave me a big smile when I got there and I asked him after the film what he thought. He liked it and said it was “dark” with a big excited face…perfect! On the way home I confirmed my thoughts, I memorized his features and realized it was a mistake thinking Stan Laurel and confirmed him when I thought Humphrey Bogart! It was beautiful seeing him and enjoying a great film with him as I’ve enjoyed so many of his. Thanks for coming out and thank-you to Neil and his sons for having lunch with me. Pure pleasure…thank you again!!!

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By the way MIB 3 was excellent