Beatrice Presents: Ron Howard Performs in Brooklyn NY!!! Part 2 (Who would think there would be another part!!!)

Clan Howard

Aside from from doing a memorable stand up routine at Pips Comedy Club in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn Ron Howard performed at another illustrious entertainment site nearby…Rainbow Lanes Bowling also in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn!!!

So what did Ron do there…great performance art!!! He was Andy Kaufman

And what did he do at Rainbow Lanes? Mighty Mouse!!! Here is Andy Kaufman doing Mighty Mouse!!!!

Ohhh wait…that’s Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman doing his Mighty Mouse shtick…but wait…Jim Carey was Andy Kaufman!!!! so we’re all good…Here I come to save the day!!!! The audience at the bowling alley ate him up after they were done being stunned at whiskey tango fuck they just saw!!!

What else was great about Rainbow Lanes other than Ron performed there? Larry David bowled there!! Here’s a picture of him which frankly looks more like Ron or the kid next to him. Kind of looks like a rabbi I once knew.

I wouldn’t normally believe that’s Larry however it appears that the kid on the top left may be Jeff Garlin also from the Larry David Show!!! Sure looks like him.

Let’s see if we can find a picture of Jeff Garlin as a kid!

Eh…who can tell?!

In the end Rainbow Lanes was turned into a public storage facility…the end.