Beatrice Presents: “Them” The Official Mini Documentary by Sean McKenna

“Them” is a “mini-documentary” (5 minutes) done by High School student, Sean McKenna about his close friend, Mason Gollotto, who came out in high school as non-binary and transgender. It discussed in photos, interviews, and reenactment Mason’s and others experience and challenges in a brief but compelling documentary. Beautifully done.

The concept of non-binary came largely to light with the show, “Billions”. It featured a character Taylor Mason played by Asia Kate Dillon (see below) who on the show and in “real life” is non-binary. The show was terrific and Asia played it to perfection! They also appeared in “Orange is the New Black as Brandy Epps.

To his credit Bobby Axelrod (played to the max) by Damian Lewis accepts them immediately and uses the pronouns she ascribes to without batting an eyelash to the initial confusion of the audience, as also may occur in the documentary “Them” when Katie Gollottol, Mason’s mom, speaks.

Cast of Billions, Damian Lewis ( bottom left)


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