Billy Mumy

So we have members of the Grateful Dead from the Howard Family and after looking for him for ten years I believe I found Jerry Garcia, alive and well! I asked Ron once who acknowledged he was alive but not much else. I think I also have Paul McCartney leaving me only John Lennon to find, and Dustin Hoffman and Richard Dreyfus and Sonny Bono. I’ve been looking for these three for a while and I’ll post them soon. I think I have Graham Nash as well.

This is from yesterdays post on Clint Howard. Most of what I’m posting now are exclusionary diagnoses of Billy Mumy. This is people I’ve looked for for months or years. You know it has to be a Howard but you’ve run out of them except for Billy. Now Elvis is floating out there, and The Donald, and a few others but largely I’m going with where the money is and today it’s on Billy Mumy. Kind of like diagnosing Fibromyalgia; you know it’s painful and you’ve excluded every other diagnosis so you’re left with Billy Mumy. This will have to do until I find a smoking gun on Billy like we see in the Marilyn Monroe/Jackie Kennedy post.

Now that’s a smoking gun!!! That looks painful and we should num the area!

Since we have three brothers: Ron Howard, Clint Howard and Billy Mumy we get to fill in some people. We already identified Elton John as Billy Mumy.

Elton John aka Billy Mumy.

He looks tired. Neck appears peculiar, hint of V-Neck at the base. Possibly swollen and sick. Ostentatiously dressed, hints of possible homosexuality.

Now using basic logic if David Crosby is Clint Howard and Ron Howard is Stephen Stills then the third member of CSN, Graham Nash, has to be Billy Mumy. So have all three.

Graham Nash aka Billy Mumy of Crosby, Stills and Nash
Graham Nash with a bit of a V-Neck which I see a hint of on Elton.

Smoking guns need to be relatively consistent through different characters. You know it’s good if the powers that be try to hide it like on George Bush where he only wears collared shirts.

So far we have Billy Mumy as Elton John, and Graham Nash. Let’s look at Treat Williams who we worked with earlier.

Treat Williams aka Billy Mumy in Hair

Hard to make out V-Neck here but such a great photo I had to put it up. Also very likely to be a Converse sneaker ad with Treat making sure the Converse logo is facing the viewing audience.

Treat Williams aka Billy Mumy, more hints of V-Neck at the base. Remember…you can’t be a Howard without a tracheotomy.

We’re at three now: Billy Mumy is Elton John, Graham Nash and Treat Williams. What’s the theme? Good looking guys. So far each one of the characters that Billy plays is some good looking yummy muffin. Let’s look at the Beatles!

Let’s Break and watch Riverdale!

I am rejuvenated!

Beatles coming up. Here we have in the front row all three Howard brothers and Ron Howard’s first son. I had this up before but did not ID Christopher Walken as Billy Mummy.

Cast of Deer Hunter

We’re at four now Billy Mumy is Elton John, Graham Nash, Treat Williams and Christopher Walken.

I would have sworn Ron was Christopher Walken except he’s Woody Allen and they were in one of the funniest scenes from any Woody Allen film together. Christopher Walken could pass for any of the Howard brothers. He looks a bit like Clint in the above clip and below could pass for Ron but he’s got Billy’s V-Neck so we’ll call it Billy Mumy. I would bet that at some point Ron has played Christopher Walken. He’s an easy one to impersonate, but I could be wrong.

I received confirmation that Ron has played Christopher Walken and on 2 or 3 occasions so has Clint. This may solve the conundrum of Bill Murray and Bruce Willis who I both have as Ron Howard though the appear together in Moonrise Kingdom. I suspected when I watched the film that Bill Murray and Bruce Willis were brothers because the film was a labor of love and there’s no reason to have Bill Murray and Bruce Willis in any film together except if they’re related and doing a labor of love film. I’ll have to double check them again at some point.




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