Kiki Presents: Hannah Murray

Updated April 24, 2019

I decided to give this gal’s full for anyone who might not have been a Hannah Murray fan. Spotted in Pittsburgh and in my mail here she is! Married to Samwell Tarly and has baby Sam…I’m not sure it’s really his but we’ll keep that to ourselves! I’m a huge fan of “Blade Runner” and she was major in the sequel.

Kiki and Ed Present: Crazy Rich Asians-2

I want to be in cast of Crazy Rich Asians 2 and reprise the role of Mr. Yunioshi in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” played by Mickey Rooney who personally set back Japanese-American relations in this country 20 years to immediately post Pearl Harbor.

Here is Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yunioshi stalks Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn aka Diane Disney) in a futile attempt to take pictures of her in the all-together. I guess nobody told him that for a few dollars more he could have done a lot better or he could have just watched “The Stud”. Capote is still rolling around in his grave over this.

BTW here’s an episode of Worst Wars which pits Mr. Yunioshi  against Dr. Mann  (Mickey Rooney vs Matt Damon). I thinks it’s funny that they stuck Matt in battle against Mr. Yunioshi…LOL. Being one of the best looking, most talented leading men in the world…he deserves it. Plus I think Mickey is like a great or great-great uncle of Matt’s. Live long and prosper!

Kiki’s recipe for “Lazy Latkes” aka “Low-Brow Latkes”

Ignore this recipe. It’s for the indolent. Go look up a good one with hand ground potatoes and onions. This is only for the slothful. Real latkes are made with hand scrapings from grinding potatoes and onions.

Ingredients for “Lazy Latkes” otherwise known as “Low-Brow Latkes” for the lackadaisical and uncouth.

  1. Idaho Potato Mix (Idaho? No you da ho!)
  2. Some flour or egg if you have it
  3. Dried onions or onion powder or onion salt
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.

Mix all the ingredients together. Slowly add hot water and stir until nice and thick. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Spoon the concoction in and fry til crisp.

Kiki and Ed’s More on Chanukah: Fun facts and recipes

  1. Despite 8 nights of Chanukah there are actually 9 candles. Why is that?  The highest candle is known as the Shamus and  that candle is always lit first. The others are then lit off the Shamus.
  2. After the first night which way do you light the candles? Left to right or right to left? The first candle is placed into the far right side holder. They are added in from right to left but lit from left to right. The newly added candle is lit first.
  3. Dreydl is a traditional game played on Chanukah. There are two types of dreydls. Why is that? All around the world the letters on the dreydl represent the expression “A great miracle happened there.” One letter is different on the dreydls in Israel. It says, “A great miracle happened here.”
  4. Jews are known for having Coronary Artery Disease. Why serve the greasiest, heart clogging food on the planet on this holiday?
    a) You’re supposed to eat something oily on Chanukah to represent the miracle of the oil lasting 8 days.
    b) Jewish woman want to collect their husband’s life insurance money so they can travel to Islands with their girlfriends without the baggage.
    c) Both of the above
    d) None of the above
    The answer is c, both of the above.
  5. Which actress is now regaled in a Chanukah song and sung about in Jewish homes around the world thanks to the guys of South Park? Answer: Courtney Cox…I love you…you’re so hot…on that show!
  6. Potato pancakes or Latkes, a staple of Chanukah are actually not eaten in Israel on Chanukah, why is that and what do they eat?  Answer: Israelis eat potato pancakes all year around so it’s not much of a special treat for them on the holiday. Instead they eat donuts, also greasy and fried to represent the miracle of the oil lamp lasting 8 days. (Still coronary clogging.) Listen, we also eat potato pancakes all year round…we call them hash browns!
  7. How many prayers are sung on each night of Chanukah? Normally it’s two prayers a night however on the first night we do a third prayer thanking god for “everything”.
  8. If Chanukah falls on the Sabbath (Shabbat), Friday night and you have to light Sabbath candles which do you light first; the Sabbath Candles or the Chanukah Candles? Answer: The Chanukah Candles first…why…once you light Sabbath Candles you’re not allowed to do any work and lighting the Chanukah candles or any candle or turning on any lights would be considered work!

recipe on next post

Kiki and Ed Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Chanukah

Happy Chanukah to all our friends and family as we celebrate  the Festival of Lights and the miracle of Chanukah. (It’s actually kind of a minor miracle. Would have gone unnoticed except we need an excuse to stuff ourselves with greasy potato pancakes with apple sauce and sour cream. It also shows we managed to avoid getting annihilated…again!)

I mean really, any miracle which is not caught on film with Charlton Heston declaring…. “BEHOLD”  has got to be a minor miracle.

Enjoy this festive holiday!!!

Much love…

Kiki and Ed

Remember Kiki…you had me at Shalom!!

Kiki and Ed’s Holiday Wishes!!

Happy Thanksgiving All!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving as we celebrate the harvest and the abundance that life gives us, with love, peace, joy and a spirit of mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Happy Harvest!

Much Love

Ed and Kiki

Kiki Presents: Lip Don’t Lie

So I’m on Season 6 of Shameless and having the best time of it. Today I met Nick, Carl’s 6’2” Africanish friend from Juvie driving my Uber. I was going to give him a $25 tip but the ride was like 8 bucks and they only allowed me to give him $18.32 but I wrote some nice stuff about him. I’m always tempted to write, “Good in bed,” as a compliment but I think they’ll ban me again like the time I wouldn’t talk to federal agent driving me who I made instantly upon his pulling up. The ride back appeared to feature the guy who clocked Carl with a gun. I gave him $5, which despite having used too many onions was still a very good sauce.

So I’ve met a bunch of people from the show, which I love, I wont go through them though Bill looked unnerved that Connie told me who he was, I saw Connie on something else. I’m pretty sure Bill was Bill as I’ve been looking for him for a long time unsuccessfully and there he was. I was sad and lonely when my main squeeze left and moved to somewhere near New Orleans. I haven’t seen Jr. in a while either. I saw Debbie, who insisted I mention her tonight, it was a pleasure meeting her and Monica with and without makeup and Sammi’s mom who looks a lot like Monica

Margaret Cho showed up who is a riot and I introduced her to Keaton’s brother-in-law, which pleased her to no end. I’m a big fan of both though Keaton may still hate me. I loved Cho with that gal Awkwafina in their video who can really be a bitch sometimes but I love her anyway.

Let there be lip. So I went to Haddonfield for dinner with some friends, and ran into a bunch of interesting people, I’ll go through them a bit later but Lip’s family was in the entranceway, hard to miss his brother who looks just like him. Dad too and probably mom and sis but it occurred to me how talented everyone is. Talent like that doesn’t occur in just one generation. I doubt I could do 1/100th of what these people can do though I’m comforted by the contrary as well. So I spotted that Lip looks like Harpo who is Jascha Haefetz with his son being Itzhak Perlman but where did this start? Talent like this doesn’t just start in one generation, has to be handed down from very young ages, probably in the womb. OK so who do these people appear to be the progeny of? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!!! I’d bet dollars to donuts on this.

Last point FU Ron for turning my effing computer off all the time. Go stuff your face at the Piggly Wiggly…beach.

Kiki’s questions from the audience

what have I been up to?

recovering from a heart attack, having my eyes fixed, and evading the authorities

Thank you to Lady Gaga for visiting me in the hospital!

You guys there?

cricket cricket cricket cricket

more questions?

that came from the other Ed, but I found the surgical scars to confirm

unless that’s his clone

Kiki’s Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody!

I had a request to review this film, by Ron, I believe, good bad and indifferent. I wasn’t going to do it because I did love the film but I thought there were some minor issues with it. First of all…thank you to…

Rami Malek!!

Rami Malek plays Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Rami Malek plays Freddie Mercury from the band Queen

Rami Malek was kind enough to find his way into my favorite Japanese Restaurant, “O’Sushi”, while I was in there having lunch with my daughter. A few hours later I saw the film. I can’t say I recognized him at the time but I had a good feel that he was someone I should take careful note of and he made sure of that. Bravo Rami!!

Audience score on the film from Rotten Tomatoes was 95%, critic score was 60% as I recall. In my estimation the last 30 minutes were the best of the film, the part at the “Live Aid” concert.

Here’s my issue with the film and I guess it would be the same issue I have with films about major entertainers. I think the film wasn’t big enough. How do you make a film about Freddie Mercury which even comes close to Freddie and Queen, very difficult.

The story was fine, no problem, the darn film was just too small for Freddie. Here’s a couple ideas: The party scene with the midgets, giants, etc that should have blown up the screen like something out of “The Greatest Show on Earth”. There could have been a fight scene and a chase scene, more craziness and more excitement. The music was lip synced and that was fine because who’s going to sing that other than Freddie. I think it needed more spectacular even at the risk of losing some of the original story.

Also, singus interruptus: The film is called Bohemian Rhapsody and the song was never played in it’s entirety in the film…ever!!! I know…too long…six minutes. Come on guys, one of the greatest Rock Opera songs of all time…I think the songs should have been played through, not just bits and pieces.

Let’s compare this to “Tommy” by The Who. In my mind why did that film work 100% and this averaged roughly 80% on Rotten Tomatoes (Critic and Audience). The film Tommy improved on the album Tommy…vastly! They got bigger actors than the Who and bigger singers than the who…sorry Roger. It was like candy to the eyes visually stimulating and visually insane. It drew from deep emotions.

The album Tommy, respectfully because I love it, is a bit monotone and a bit flat, the film is none of that. The issue with Bohemian Rhapsody is you’re already using music that is at it’s peak…how do you improve on it? I would say make it visually appealing like “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

Anyway, that’s my hit on it, loved the band, White Boy Ricky, the Howard Stern looking guy and everyone else, good film, really good film…though kinda gay I thought!

Off the record: Freddie was one of the Village People and they say something about them in the film.

Also: Freddie’s still alive and is John Stossel

I feel bad for Freddie in this one, I hope this was faked

Kiki Reveals: The Marx Brothers!

This is the work of “The Other Guy” or “The Other Ed”. Once he had Groucho it took me twenty minutes to find Harpo and Chico. I worked on the two or three others but they were less discernible so I moved on.


Zubin Mehta on left, Woody Allen on right

Wow, check this out…Isaac Stern! Looks a heck like Jascha Heifetz. This is the problem with going down the rabbit hole…there’s no end to it!

Isaac Stern

Work to do here but we’re on the right track, I’ll throw one more in here…Jackie Mason!

Jackie Mason

Jackie could have been Harpo, tremendously funny and talented guy. This needs some work, look for scarring and ears and we have a great hand here but it’s late so I bid you all…adieu!

Kiki Presents: God said let there be lip…

God said let there be lips, and. there were, and they were good!

Just returned from the Bucks County Playhouse and saw The Rocky Horror Show. What a performance! I recognized a few of the performers but not enough and I’m never one hundred percent sure, well seldom, well I make mistakes. Took me two viewings to recognize my nephew last year

but I  got Matt Damon right away.

Matt Damon

I think I saw Camren Bicondova as Magenta, I’d hate to make a mistake here but she was also terrific in 42nd street.

Camren Bicondova

Also Adam DeVine from Pitch Perfect as Rocky. Sorry if I missed you or make a mistake but I loved the show!! Great energy!! Hysterically funny and I’ve seen it a million times on the screen, stage definitely kicks ass.

Jeremy Allen White: Lip Gallagher from Shameless

I’m not 100% on this but I believe JA White played Frank N. Furter in the performance I saw. If it wasn’t him it must have been a relative. If it was him them OMG what a talent. Amazing acting and singing. I’m watching shameless and JAW reminds me of someone else but I couldn’t nail it down until today. Could be a grandchild, or maybe not related at all. I’ll post a picture of him and let everyone puzzle this one out, whether I’m right or wrong. Also, why did everyone get their panties in a bunch over Dana Carvey and the guy from Casablanca?

If I’m right this would explain the enormous musical talent of this kid.

Much love to friends and family…I miss you guys!

Kiki Presents: The Last Word on “Punk Rock Girl”

Have you ever noticed how much “Punk Rock Girl” by The Dead Milkmen…

…sounds like…

Maria from “West Side Story”?

Coincidence? I think not!

also apologies if I called the Dead Milkmen, the Dead Kennedy’s (probably the same guys anyways).

Reminds me of how much the song Hamilton, from the musical of the same name, sounds like the song Bangla Desh from the concert of the same name.

…and remember, you’re for me Punk Rock Girl!

Hey!! Don’t shoot the messenger! It’ not like I wrote My Sweet Lord!!

Kiki’s Film Studies: Cinderella

Not sure what Ron had to do with this but somehow the lyric, “The thingamabob, that does the job, is biddibobbidi boo. I also reviewed this and discovered this was not from Mary Poppins.


Kiki’s Kulinary Kommercials: La Choy!

From what I can tell Ron Howard worked on La Choy commercials and came up with the slogan… La Choy makes Chinese Food, swing American.   I never much understood the slogan and we had great Chinese Food in Brooklyn but the crunchy noodles were good and we’d throw them in with our chicken soup and lokshen.

Kiki Presents: Katie…The Farmer’s Daughter

I used to watch Katie The Farmer’s Daughter. Inger Stevens was really smoking’!

Inger Stevens

Above is from the episode where William Windom made her wear a bucket on her head to win a contest from National Lampoon. OK, they just had big hair back then.

Here’s an opening from the show…it changed around a bit in some seasons.

From what I can tell Ron Howard wrote the lyrics to the song, Katie the Farmer’s Daughter and worked on the show.

This is an episode with Davy Jones on the show.

Kiki’s Kommercials: Fluffernutter!

Ron came up with the idea of Fluff, The Fluffernutter, the song and the commercial for Fluff and the Fluffernutter! This was a big deal because it was delicious and a change up from Jelly which I could take or leave. This was a godsend!

Kiki’s Kommercials: Nutter Butter

Ron Howard worked on this commercial for Nutter Butter Cookies including writing the song…and remember…have another nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie!

Not only did he write the song and do the commercial but as I suspected he created the cookie!! Should not be a surprise if you listen to song I’m the Man by Joe Jackson

Kiki’s TV: The Magic Garden

From what I can Ron Howard wrote this opening theme for the show, “The Magic Garden”

He might have had more to do with the show but I’m not sure. Remember he’s been involved with a lot of kids programming like, “The Electric Company” and “The After School Special”, probably Sesame Street”

Kiki’s Klimaktik Shows: Let My People Come

I was fortunate to see an Off-Broadway musical at “The Village Gate” theater in Greenwich Village in the 70’s. I took a first date, might have been second to see it on a whim while we were there.

Lot’s of nudity and sexual skits. Really fun, we had a good time. I had to believe this was Ron’s since there was nudity in Hair, Oh Calcutta, and sexual situations in The Rocky Horror Show. Hard to pick apart the photos looking for everyone but I do recall in the show one guy about Ron’s build singing stage right. He was terrific but in part because when he hit the big notes his jar of Nutella pulled up to his abdomen. (I’m told that was Ron! He swore to his kids he wasn’t in the show but looks like I spotted him and they didn’t believe him anyway.) Why was I looking there? I have no clue why I was even in the theater but it was a great show except the strongest voice was a big black lady who wore a nightgown instead of going in puris naturalibus. Oh she would have been a lot of woman but what a voice!!

So I did my research and saw a clue from the Wikipedia: See below…vocal arrangements were Billy Cunningham…that is a clue since I figured Ron was Allen Cunningham the poker player when I found his wife was a player.


Let My People Come was originally produced and directed by Phil Oesterman.[2] The show was choreographed by Ian Naylor, musical direction and vocal arrangements Billy Cunningham, scenery, lighting, and production stage manager Duane F. Mazey, scenery and costumes supervised by Douglas W. Schmidt, lighting supervised by John Gleason, stage manager Robert Walter, and press by Saul Richman. The Broadway opening night cast starred Brandy Alexander, Dwight Baxter, Lorraine Davidson, Joelle Erasme, Yvette Freeman, Paul Gillespie, Tulane Howard II, Bob Jockers, Empress Kilpatrick, Dianne Legro, Allan Lozito, Bryan Miller, Bryen Neves, Don Scotti, Dean Tait, Lori Wagner, and Charles Whiteside.

I’ll call it quits here, do your own research now

Kiki’s Netfliks Review: Norm MacDonald Has a Show

I just binge watched Norm MacDonald Has a Show on Netflix. My whole life is Netflix. If I don’t watch the recommended feature at the top of my screen when I get to the opening page Ron Howard turns off my computer which then takes five minutes to reboot, so I inevitably watch it. Usually whatever’s up is pretty good and I get to meet some of the people from the show. Made the mistake of watching some show about abortions during dinner and yakked all over the place.

I watched Norm’s show which was pretty good, perhaps a little rough around the edges but entertaining. David Spade was the first guest and the guy is pretty funny, so is Norm. The sidekick grew on me but he looks like he’s sitting at the kids table off to the right. There’s a sketch with andy kaufman I think from SNL, maybe the Andy Kaufman Show where he’s the host of a talk show but is sitting way way higher than the guest. this reminded me of it.

Drew Barrymore was real good then Judge Judy. After watching half of Drew I had to sample the rest so I could get a taste of each show. When Jane Fonda came on if I were Norm I would have asked her why she looks so much like Judge Judy, and maybe Laura Bush. I loved the singer Billy Joe Shaver and skipped ahead to the songs, super stuff. Looked like he had a touch of emphysema and could have dropped dead any second.

Chevy had me laughing out loud, very funny. M. Night Shyamalan very interesting. Michael Keaton and Lorne Michaels only spent a bit with them. Overall Norm’s show holds up. I’ll come to Dave in a minute. I could do with less of all the nervous twitches of the comics where they do their little shticks in between the jokes and stories. I’d rather hear the stories and the jokes some of which they never got to with everyone just doing whatever their non-verbal, partially verbal shticks are. Chevy did it too but some of what he does is so funny and unexpected like drinking his water through his nose it’s forgivable. (Still love memoirs of an invisible man!)

David Letterman: Of all of Norm’s shows I found David Letterman to be the most interesting. I watched the entire thing, didn’t get bored or distracted, still a bit too much shtick from Norm on this one and it’s not necessary. It’s a talk show, let ’em talk. David is really smart, seasoned and kind of slick. I know pretty much everyone in Hollywood has another life and I found myself thinking that David is probably a college professor somewhere, likely in psychology and does counseling or psychotherapy. Just a guess but the guy was fascinating, has a great manner and a silky voice. I thought the show moved along well and some of that might be David’s comfort with the talk show venue and he basically ignored some of the nervous shtick. (Follow up on Letterman in the next post)

Great guests, good show and a very funny story by Judge Judy about three hoodlums going to a store at midnight looking for Matzohs. A1 rating for the show, mostly because I’m sucking up, people used to hate when I said lousy things about them but now it’s usually regarded as good but I still don’t want to insult anyone, so it’s really a B.

In my mind the talk show to beat similar to Norms was The Dennis Miller Show. The show was so funny and it was on late when I was pretty tired and I used to pray it wasn’t too funny because I was so tired and my ribs would hurt from laughing. He made a gay spelling bee joke that was so funny he had to come on the next week and apologize saying, “Sometimes I’m an A-S-S-H-O-L-E.” I think he toned the show down after that a bit which he should have avoided because for thirty minutes it was pure hysteria and I believe Norm MacDonald was on the show and he and Dennis talked about when they fly together they use a female name for the airplane. Dennis was saying they call the plane “The Lady” but Norm confided they were calling the plane, “The Bitch”. He also told Dennis that Joe the Camel looked like “a giant cock”. He over the topped Dennis that night, even Dennis feigned leaving the set after that.

Later gators

FYI: Running around LA in my underwear was just a metaphor. I was fully clothed the whole time. Also, thanks to the Hispanic actors and actress who took me back to my hotel when I got blindsided at the Hollywood Bowl Overlook, wish I could have hung with you guys but the object of the mission was to stay on track. Thanks to the BB Queen for the brew.

Anne Hathaway looking particularly lovely as Fantine in Les Miserable


Kiki’s Movie Review: White Boy Rick

Keeping this brief but I loved the film despite it being a bit of a downer at the end. Rick sure reminded me of Camren Bicondova aka Selina Kyle aka Catwoman who I’m pretty sure I saw in 42nd street and my gym!

I was miserating that I knew a lot of the players in film and had insulted some of them in the past but I wasn’t in the film (something about banning me from Los Angeles in someone’s contract but they can’t enforce it) plus I may be difficult to take direction (too PTSD from being run around LA in my underwear) just as I hit the heights of despair White Boy Rick went in to see the goldfish named of all things Ed! My heart lightened that is until Rick got shot in the stomach 2 seconds later and has to crap into a bag for the rest of the film while he’s banging some very hot black chicks. Other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln? Thanks for the shout out guys!

Kiki’s Kwerries: Art Garfunkel and Robin Williams

Robin Williams AKA Art Garfunkel. This is as close to 100% correct as possible (unbelievably). I went looking for Art Garfunkel and figured him for someone else. When I saw this picture of Art Garfunkel sans shirt he resembled Joe Pantoliano who played Guido the Killer Pimp in “Risky Business”. Joe, I identified as Robin a while back and I knew Robin had a massive diagonal neck scar which was left open to heal. Here the scar, going up to the ear is virtually identical and would be a lot closer but the scar on Robin is smeared (photoshopped) and hence they are not completely identical. What about the voice? Art has one of the great voices of our time…so does Robin (yes the man who was Robin Williams still breathes) Robin Williams was incredibly talented and I heard him sing and he is literally breathtaking!!! For anyone paying attention

Kiki’s Korner: Eastwood and Lennon

I’ve suspected this for a while and took some time to set about and prove it. Identical scarring on the right knee of both men (also the left) also arm and abdo scarring that is similar but the right knee is most convincing. Eastwood and Lennon are both tall as well and let’s not forget The Donald! Very talented man. My suspicion derived from similar friends of both men and the height. George, Ringo and John all have terrible scarring and the person playing Paul McCartney did change at one point. It’s possible Paul was badly injured, I’ll work on this. The first Paul McCartney went on to become another famous singer…Sir Elton John! IMHO


Kiki Kwotes: Ed


Said by Ed immediately preceding the most exciting event of his life…bar none!

(Sidebar-The director was the only one there who seemed the least apprehensive about what the answer would be!)

Kiki’s Film Studies: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I had the pleasure of watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” early this morning. I had tried to watch it in the past with limited success as it is a very mature film and requires careful study and it appears my head was not in that place when I first sat with it. I enjoyed it thoroughly except they really abused the cat and I felt bad for Buddy Ebsen as Doctor Golightly who gets dumped by Holly and he recovers about as quickly as he did from the pulmonary disease he acquired from the Tin Man make up in the Wizard of Oz.

The film is a sophisticated tome reminiscent of “The Own and The Pussycat” and “The Graduate”. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job playing Holly than Audrey Hepburn except for maybe Shirley Jones, IMHO.

George Peppard and the rest of the cast were terrific and I loved seeing Patricia Neal in the film who played a pretty hot cougar. I think the only actress who might have filled her shoes in film is Myrna Loy.

Anyway the film continues to be timely despite being made about 60 years ago.

Kiki’s Musik: Moon River Part 2

This is Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River.

My sources tell me that Ron Howard did in fact write Moon River. This is the musical equivalent of splitting the atom at age 6. Ron was and still is a musical genius of the likes of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart. There is a list of the modern musical genius and Ron occupies 4 of the 10 spots if you include the Beatles; Prince, Dylan and Hendrix are the others.

So what’s the deal here? Ron was sworn to secrecy. He was told never to reveal to anyone he wrote the song. Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer are attributed to it but I was pretty sure Ron had a hand in it and it was confirmed he did it.

So sworn to secrecy virtually no one is aware that a six  year Ron Howard wrote it. This was a game changer for Ron and the musical and entertainment community demonstrating Ron’s capabilities as a writer and composer.

I’ve gone through the issues with Ron’s song “Windmills of Your Mind” which he wrote and was stolen from him. The song is pure genius and continues to be a sore point for him.

BTW Audrey Hepburn is Diane Disney.

Kiki’s Musik: Moon River

I believe Ron had a hand in the song Moon River. He may have written some or most of it but I don’t know. I reviewed the lyrics for clues and it could have been Ron’s style at the time.

Moon River
Moon river, wider than a mile
I’m crossing you in style some day
Dream-maker, you old heart-breaker
Wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way
Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting ’round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me
We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting ’round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me
Songwriters: Johnny Mercer / Henry Mancini
Moon River lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
I’m told he wrote the song but obviously has gotten no ostensible credit for it. A brilliant song used in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Ron would have written this around age 6 or 7 years old.

Kiki Presents: Bullwhip Griffin

Ron worked on a film for Disney called “The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin”

This film may have been the best thing ever shown on “The Wonderful World of Color/Disney”. Sometimes the show would be as boring as dirt but this was terrific with great music, special effects, direction, script, and acting. It starred Roddy McDowall. I suspect but have not confirmed this is Ron. Roddy was a super over-the-top actor who was really captivating. I remember seeing him in a horror film in a haunted house which just blew me away. I believe Bullwhip Griffin was shown in two parts and was super entertaining. Nice job Ron!


Remember: When in doubt…

When in doubt…take a pawn.

Cant remember which show this was from, I suspect it was Secret Agent Man and it was a code to trigger someone to do something. I suspect Ron wrote this along with an episode of Secret Agent Man where a guy is trying to get out of a foreign prison and needs an assistant and is a chess master.

Kiki’s Klassik Kommercials Presents: Razzles!!!

I’ll run with this though I cannot find a copy of the commercial. I will use my vast resource or instincts, my memory and dumb luck!!

Ron, I believe, did a classic commercial for a candy called Razzles. As I recall here’s how it ran.

A geeky guy comes out on stage, probably Ron because who else could do this better…no one!

He says, “I dreamed I was a Razzles. I put me in my mouth. First I was a candy, then I was a gum. I blew a little bubble but the noise did wake me up, and I don’t know what became of me.”

I believe he stuck his thumb in his mouth and blew, walked off somewhere and exploded.

On some level the ad had to work because the candy is still around and I remember most of the ad.

Hail Ron

Kiki’s Kwotes: Ed visits New Egypt

“He’s here for one hour and look at all the problems he’s caused!”

 Quote from community leader of New Egypt, NJ upon Ed’s visit there. Ed explained that he was there for three hours not one hour giving him plenty of additional time for mischief.

Kiki’s Aktors: John Qualen!

“One of the best and most familiar character actors of the first four decades of sound films, although few who knew his face also knew his name, John Qualen was born in Canada to Norwegian parents. His father was a minister. The family moved to the United States and Qualen (whose real name was Kvalen) grew up in Elgin, Illinois. He won an oratory contest and was given a scholarship to Northwestern University. His interest in acting was piqued there, and he began appearing in tent shows on the Lyceum-Chautauqua circuit and in stock. He went to New York in 1929 and got his big break as the Swedish janitor in Elmer Rice‘s Street Scene. He repeated the role two years later in the film version. That same year he first worked for director John Ford in Arrowsmith (1931). He became a member of Ford’s famed stock company and had prominent roles for Ford for the next thirty-five years. He became a most familiar character player, specializing in Scandinavians of various nationalities, but frequently playing a wide variety of other ethnicities. Perhaps his greatest work among many memorable roles was as the pitiful Muley, who recounts the destruction of his farm by the bank in Ford’s masterpiece The Grapes of Wrath (1940). Although plagued in his later years by failing eyesight, he continued to work steadily into his final years. He was treasurer of The Authors Club and historian of The Masquers, Hollywood’s famed social group for actors. He had three children, Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Meredith. Qualen died in 1987.”

I noted this guy in the film Casablanca. He played Victor Lazlo’s (Paul Henreid) resistance fighter contact in the film. He shows Victor a ring he is ostensibly trying to sell that has a Cross of Lorraine inside of it and it demonstrates that he is part of the French Resistance movement.

In Casablanca, when Berger (Laszlo’s Resistance contact) first approaches Lazlo, he pretends to be selling a ring. Lazlo doesn’t realize who Berger is until he opens the ring and shows it to him.

“The Cross of Lorraine (FrenchCroix de Lorraine) is a heraldic two-barred cross, consisting of a vertical line crossed by two shorter horizontal bars. In most renditions, the horizontal bars are “graded” with the upper bar being the shorter, though variations with the bars of equal length are also seen. The Lorraine name has come to signify several cross variations, including the patriarchal cross with its bars near the top.”

John Qualen with Paul Henreid in Casablanca

Henry Reid aka Paul Henreid

Disney used their employees as actors, nobody did just one thing their. Here composer Henry Reid was Paul Henreid.

So what attracted my attention so much that I am posting about John Qualen?

I have a strong suspicion John Qualen is the father of Dana Carvey or some other close relative (or clone).

Go see the film and study Dana for a bit and it becomes pretty clear. Same look same voice, same mannerisms. Same luscious thighs.

Kiki Presents: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

This was really just too wonderful. Enjoyed it so much I rewatched The Fisher King which may be my second favorite film of Robins…huge fan of Jumanji which is my favorite.

Fisher King has Jeff Bridges who I love and I don’t think I’ve seen him in a bad film. Big shout out for Jeff in “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” with Clint Eastwood and George Kennedy and in the remake of True Grit with Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld.

I complained to Ron once that the remake of True Grit showed it was written by the Coen Brothers but does not mention Charles Portis who wrote the novel considered one of the great Western novels of all time, taking nothing away from Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour. Ron picked up the phone and spoke with one of the Coen Bros. I listened in to the conversation and the Coen brother pled ignorance. He said he had no idea they were doing that. I don’t believe it said screenplay by the Coen Brothers it simply said True Grit written by the Coen Brothers. Still the film is one of my favorites and i’ve seen it over and over. The original version had John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn and Glen Campbell as the Texas Ranger with Kim Darby as Mattie Ross.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Terry Gilliam who directed The Fisher King. I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve seen of his: Time Bandits (1981),  The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), The Fisher King (1991), 12 Monkeys (1995), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998). I’ve missed a few of his films and I’ll try and catch up.

I tried watching Brazil on a couple of occasions and had a hard time of it. Before I try again I went to read the reviews and I resonated with Roger Ebert’s review: Roger Ebert was less enthusiastic in the Chicago Sun-Times, giving the film two out of four stars and claiming that it was “hard to follow”. He felt the film lacked a confident grasp on its characters’ roles in a story “awash in elaborate special effects, sensational sets, apocalyptic scenes of destruction and a general lack of discipline”. Ebert wrote positively of certain scenes, especially one in which “Sam moves into half an office and finds himself engaged in a tug-of-war over his desk with the man through the wall. I was reminded of a Chaplin film, Modern Times, and reminded, too, that in Chaplin economy and simplicity were virtues, not the enemy.”[51]

So I met Terry Gilliam at one of the live Ed Shows (The Ed Show Live), written, directed and produced by Ron Howard (I helped out but Ron oversaw all aspects of the show and made it work. As I recall Terry was kind of unsatisfied with the work he was doing. I told him I believed he was operating at somewhere between 80-90 % of his potential which for a genius like Terry would be really pretty good, but not good enough for a genius like Terry. He was hanging with a bunch of “Yes” people which is better than hanging with a bunch of “No” people but again not good enough. I brought up he was not pursuing his great love which is cartooning and he had a good deal of work he was doing locked in his safe. I don’t know where it went from there but it was a pleasure meeting him and again I’ve loved his films and of course Monty Python!

Next: The Ed Show Live


Kiki Presents: Ed In Cape May

So I went to see British Invasion Years for about the sixth time:

If you haven’t seen them shame on you! You know you’re not getting any younger. They are too amazing for words and I sit there and grab my chest while they sing so my heart won’t break out of my chest. I went up to get a BIY Tee Shirt because frankly you can’t have too many of them. When I encountered this gorgeous creature asking her dad for something,

Kiki Presents: Pippi


It happens I have always been a huge fan of Pippi Longstockings. I read all the Pippi books including Pippi In The South Seas. I even know her full name: According to Pippi herself, her full name is Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstockings (in Swedish, it’s Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter LÃ¥ngstrump).  It would give me great pleasure to tell you I read the books in Swedish…but I didn’t but I saw both movies and the “Clint Howard Reboots Pippi Longstocking with Milla Jovovich and Fred Willard” Which was hysterically funny.

I pieced this together after remembering the skating scene in the 1988 remake, “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocks” which was terrific!! Super talents!!!

FYI lots of great photos of Tami as an adult!

Kiki Presents: Tuck

I had the pleasure of meeting Evan George Vourazeris the other day in one of my favorite hangouts. He was as relaxed and natural in person as he is on the show. Of course he denied being Tuck but come on…who are we kidding?! Great on the show and great in person he later confided in me that it’s a bit much that people are hugging and kissing him all the time at which point I hugged and kissed him but he knew I was just kidding with him, well sort of kidding! We became fast friends and can hang out together any time we want. Tuck!

Evan George Vourazeris as “Tuck”  on Netflix original series Ozark

Kiki’s Obits: Harlan Ellison Part 3

I forgot to mention that I was a huge fan of Ellison when I was in HS going into college. My friend and I read everything we could find written by him including his nonfiction stuff like The Glass Teat about television.

People did not know that I was aware of his prophetic stories but I took note of them a few years ago. I also thought when I read them how cool it would be to have those abilities. As I questioned Harlan is still alive and I juiced him up yesterday, gave him a good charge. 🙂

Kiki’s Obits: Harlan Ellison Part 2

Harlan Ellison was a prophet. Some of his stories were identical to events that have recently gone on that would have been impossible to predict because they were impossible.

  1. Harlan wrote a story about a man who was able to target and destroy military weapons and people would send him the locations of these secret sites and he  would destroy them.
  2. Another story told of a man who could grant wishes for people. He held a meeting and people shouted out what they wanted including breast and penis enlargement (not on the same people).

Kiki’s Shows: Monkey Monkey Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here

Ron Howard wrote the show “Monkey, Monkey, Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here”. I saw it on PBS many long years ago and I don’t remember much of it, perhaps something about a teacher and a special child. I’ll find some more info about it.





This psychological mystery is set in the waiting room of a clinic where five mothers await word on the futures of their mentally handicapped children. They have been given the opportunity to change their children into geniuses, and the play explores the hopes, fears, and guilt of each woman. As the drama moves forward, the very nature of parent child love is examined.

This is pretty much what I remember.

Marsha Sheiness “Author” of Monkey Monkey

2013 Midtown International Theatre Short Lab Festival presented Debbie and Me, directed by Cailin Heffernon.

2013 Outworks Festival at Louisiana State University produced Pioneer Women: The Wild Boar, directed by Evleen Nasir. Produced Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, television, regional, community, university, and high school theatres across the US. Also produced in Japan, Canada and England.

The 2011 Midtown International Theatre Festival presented her one-act comedy-drama, Lost And Found(nominated for Best Production and Best Director) at the Jewel Box Theatre in NYC and the 2011 Downtown Urban Theatre Festival also presented Lost And Found. Mirror Repertory produced her 2009 stage adaptation of John Colton’s Shanghai Gesture Off-Broadway at the Julia Miles Theatre, directed by Robert Kalfin, starring Tina Chen.

As an original playwright-in-residence at Playwrights Horizons in NYC she participated in nine productions of her work. Sheiness has written plays about a 40-year old woman’s past selves; about the most extraordinary of twelfth century Europe; about a Jewish Texas couple in their 70s; about gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual teenagers; about mothers of mentally retarded children; about an eccentric college professor and his/her students; about characters with dementia; about spelling bee contestants, and many others.

As a director, Sheiness has been at the helm of more than thirty plays, guiding actors to their full potential in fulfilling their roles in a way that best enhances the playwright’s intent. Her background as a playwright and years of directorial experience gives her tremendous insights into all facets of production.

As a teacher, Sheiness currently mentors individual playwrights. She has taught playwriting at The New School and at Eccentric Circles Theatre in NYC, as well as at the Harbor Playhouse School of Dramatic Arts in Corpus Christi, Texas.  She has served as Guest Lecturer in playwriting at Drake and Rutgers University among other educational institutions. In the words of Robert King, a playwright she has mentored, “Marsha is one of the few true experts on plot, character development, and motivation. And she provides a safe and nurturing space to grow as an artist, never judging, always encouraging.”

Best All ‘Round was produced Off-Broadway at the Perry Street Theatre in NYC, Professor George and The Spelling Bee were first presented by the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, and her play, Monkey, Monkey Bottle Of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here? (Available on DVD) aired on “Theater in America” produced by PBS Channel 13/WNET following its premier production at Cincinnati Playhouse in the park directed by Harold Scott.

Her musical adaptation of Great Expectations, music and lyrics by Robert Bendorff, was a 1997 finalist for the Richard Rodgers Award, and the Festival of Contemporary Musical Theatre. ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop presented forty-five minutes of Great Expectations, and AMAS produced the entire musical as a staged reading directed by Gabriel Barre.

A Virtual Woman/Lipstick Politics (conceived by Donna Trinkoff), a musical review dramatizing the plight of women around the world had two developmental staged readings at AMAS Musical Theatre and a developmental presentation at Theatre Building Chicago under the title Half The Sky.

Becoming Eleanor, comedy-drama about the early life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, opened to excellent reviews at its World Premier at Theatre Conspiracy in Fort Myers, Florida directed by Robert Kalfin. (Published 2010, Dramatic Publishing)

With a BA in Speech and Drama she began her professional career as an actress in Los Angeles performing both on stage and television. After moving to New York City she toured with the National Repertory Theatre Company under the direction of Margaret Webster, performing onstage with Eva Le Gallienne, Sylvia Sydney and Leora Dana. She was Artistic Director of The Young People’s Theatre at The Harbor Playhouse in Corpus Christi, Texas and Interim AD of The Harbor Playhouse. She has directed many productions of her own work as well as Bus Stop, Little Shop Of HorrorsanThe Miracle Worker. Other directorial credits: New York’s HB STUDIO – ten-minute play festivals.


Kiki’s Krew Presents: Welcome to Marwen, Captain Scarlet, The King Kong Show, Johnny Quest, Tobor and Top Cat

I highly suspect the Film “Welcome to Marwen” was created soon after I blogged about Ron Howard creating, directing, producing and doing it all on the show, “Captain Scarlet.” Ron was brought to tears when I blogged about it and I’m brought to tears whenever I watch the trailer to “Marwen”. It looks amazingly creative and wondrous and the only thing I really hate about it is it won’t hit the theaters until November 10th. Well good things are worth waiting for and in the same vein here’s another show Ron worked on called, “The King Kong Show”. Here’s the intro for it from 1966 when Ron was about 11 or 12 years old:

after 50 years that song is still stuck in my head and guess what?! Ron is in the show as the little boy!! Damn good likeness!!! Nice change over all the waif women like Fay Wray, kind of a bit of a gay Kong version but why not?

Now let’s look at Johnny Quest, also worked on by Ron

What was really cool about this show? It was an action adventure cartoon geared as much to adults as kids with adult centered themes and non-cartoonish looking characters. It also had an
Asian-Indian boy named Hadji who was mystical. This was kind of a big deal as I don’t believe I ever saw an Indian in a cartoon as a major lead character, and he was a great character. Finally without doing any research, as I recall, the cartoon was on prime time TV, maybe 7:30 or 8PM, which was like a big deal for a cartoon, and it was terrific!!!

Ron also worked on Tobor The 8th Man

and if I’m not mistaken he worked on Top Cat…


Happy Father’s Day Everyone

Thanks to everyone for the warm Father’s Day messages and a Happy Fathers day to all my family and friends.



Ok…I don’t really think I got any Father’s Day messages let alone warm ones; maybe a few early risers looking for M but it was nice to see them.



Kiki’s Film Review: The Boy (Warning Contains Spoilers and Superspoilers!)

The Boy (previously known as The Inhabitant) is a 2016 horror film[5] directed by William Brent Bell and written by Stacey Menear. The film stars Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans. Filming began on March 10, 2015, in Victoria, British Columbia. The film was released by STXfilms on January 22, 2016. It is an international co-production between China and the United States.[2]

I watched this 2016 film today and was surprised by how much I liked it. It got a relatively low grade on Rotten Tomatoes but who doesn’t enjoy creepy doll movies.

I found this film to be really well done, script was good, camera, direction, acting all very good. I thought it was intelligent and filmed beautifully. It lumbers along but it was really satisfying.


A sequel is due. I strongly suspect that the caretaker-Malcom is actually the son of the elderly couple and my be Brahms himself or a second son. Well worth a view.

Fauda Fall out

Looks like I became sort of a minor hero with my Fauda post. Perez was apparently held in high regard and I should probably quit while I’m ahead. I appreciate the people who came out to say hello over the last few days. Special shout out to Heston who was on the treadmill next to me on Saturday and I believe I spotted Itzik today who gave me a big smile. Lot’s of the ladies I saw looked much like the ladies in the show, or during the week. Special shout out to them. I wish my skill set was better with this but I’m honored as always when people show up for me.

Here’s where I should quit while I’m ahead. Abeer Zeibak Haddad bears a striking resemblance to Golda Meir and Qader Harini bears a resemblance to Clancy Brown from Carnivale, a show I loved. There’s also a Palestinian with a beard who looks like Qader and is likely his brother or his clone.

I’m in a tough spot posting this because where I came from the early leaders like Golda were held in high regard so this is difficult but this is what I do. While Perez was held in very high regard…Golda was not, surprisingly so. Though the woman was played by Lucille LaVerne who was in early Disney films, this might explain it, some of the Disney people had some issues around religion. I don’t want to belabor this but not all the money earmarked for the State of Israel either got to Israel or stayed there at a time it was sorely needed. I’ll leave it as such and wait for confirmation on this, sadly with stuff like this I’m seldom wrong.

The sins of the parent should not fall on the child…let the kid sin on their own then condemn them for that.

Thanks again for everyone who showed up, including Ito last week!

Kiki Presents: Fauda!

So I’m watching a show called “Fauda” which takes place in Israel and The Palestinian Territories. It’s kind of soap opera’ish but with people exploding. I really enjoyed the first season and I’m assured the second season is just as good if not better.

What I’ve learned from watching the show is that if an actress is going to wear a Hijab as part of the role, eye make-up becomes really important. Carrying a high-powered weapon doesn’t hurt either.

Rona-Lee Shim’on in “Fauda.”

A couple people stand out as possibly related to other famous actors. Here Itzik Cohen looks considerably like Bela Lugosi, could be his son or it might just be the make up but they went out of their way to have them look alike. 

Next is Yuval Segal who has a strong resemblance to Charlton Heston.

Funny he also looks like Tony Goldwyn from Ghost

Tony Goldwyn

Also funny and also from Ghost, I identified Vincent Schiavelli as the son of Vincent Price

Vincent Schiavelli from Ghost, son of Vincent Price

What’s interesting about Heston and Yuval is that “the other Ed” aka “the other guy” has Heston as Shimon Perez.

The work of Ed Chiarini of

This continues to add up for Heston as here is a photo of Heston with Golda Meir so we are able to place Heston in Israel.

Also Heston did a lot of films in the Middle East.

Based on her name Rona-Lee Shim’on could also be a relative of Heston and this could be part of his acting family/crew.

As the other Ed says, Charlton is Shimon Perez and I have Golda Meir as Lucille LaVerne which I’m 100% on and I usually hedge my bets and say I’m 99% but here because Golda and Lucille have the same circular anastomosis on their hands it’s a 100% match. I believe I’ve posted on this before.

Off the record, for the people who get this I was pleased to spot Charlton in Orlando a couple summers ago though they kept bringing out fake ones after the original and Golda in New Egypt not too long ago. I saw her  once before in Asbury but sadly I didn’t recognize her. She looked more vibrant this last time and I wish I’d gone up and said hello, maybe get a close look at her hands. What a treat!

Since we’re on the topic of Israel I’ll wrap up with the Marx Brothers

The other guy found Groucho which really annoyed me because I had gone looking for him but I did find Harpo and Chico. There’s a couple other “brothers” which I worked on but never nailed down to my satisfaction


Kiki Presents: The Battle of Bryce (Second Draft)

The Battle of Bryce (Second Draft)


Frustrated by the endless Battle for Bryce

By some men she cared for little

Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal

Or perhaps a combination of both


She took to a plan

“Let’s infuriate Ed”

“That should be the end of Bobby”

but it wasn’t enough and in the end

she took The Battle on herself.


“Bobby it’s you I really love, not Ed”

“But he simply won’t leave”

“Let’s prove to him how much we love”

“By bringing our sweet bodies near”


With that they joined

Bobby and Bryce

And she called for Ed

“Darling come see what we’ve done”


And from the distance watched Ed

As Bobby rhythmically jumped her

Ed unmoved by the sight

Because he knew it meant nothing


Sex was a commodity that could be bought and be sold

And personal feelings could be kept on hold

It didn’t mean anything, it had no value to him

They could have been eating a burger with fries


As a matter of fact

Ed would have found

Bryce sharing her fries

To be much more saddening

Than Bryce sharing her thighs


She needed Ed to anger

Then with all his rage

He’d end the Battle for Bryce

And her potential cage




“I love you Bobby and I want you so much”

“Let’s madden Ed and he’ll lose his trust”

“Rip off my top, right in his front”

“Let’s see if he can stand this terrible affront”


With that Bobby tore

The shirt from her chest

Leaving her topless

And seeming aghast


And saddened Ed watched it

Knowing an act and not simply real

Powerless to save her

From the terrible fate that she must await


So began The Battle of Bryce

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a fight

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen

Evertime, everplace


I looked at the photos

Costumes of demons

wondered to self

Who would even wear ‘em


Beautiful colors with amazing sheen

Skin tight from headtoe

Razor sharp nails, gleaming like pearls

And demon like lenses completing the drobe


My breath taken away

But not the first time

Quietly she sat

She bided her time


Her dad, The Director, glanced over at her

He had an uncanny knack

of sizing it up and taking it in

for putting it out


He trusted his players

He knew what they’d do

Don’t know if he set this all up

‘cause Bryce could direct as well as the lot



She was also super magical

With great super powers

And a magical ability

To turn rainbows into flowers


But there were no rainbows today

Nor were there flowers

It was time for a battle

And in the etheric, I found her in garb


Things in etheric are somewhat different

I could not her recognize

Still the most beautiful thing

I’d seen between her and earth


Though breathtakingly beautiful

I was truly frightened

I’d never seen anything like her

A Female Demon enlightened


I kept myself calm I knew not what to do

A Lady Demon From Hell

All shimmering aglazed

“It’s time my love Eddie, it’s finally time”


And the Battle began, The Battle of Bryce

And she cut and she tore with nails that were long

And chewed and she ate, with teeth that were sharp

And then best of all she invited me to enjoin


Though generous in spirit, I had to demur

It wasn’t my taste

And for business at hand

She had changed to a more practical form


Like I, the Golem, a gray etheric mass

She was a demon of similar tass

I left her to dine with the man on the floor

His throat belied the rage of the man she abhorred


Of a woman who’d had

simply enough

Of multiple attempts

on her suitor’s life



More than enough

Enough scheming

Enough planning

Enough Bobby too


From men so rich

They could buy whatever they want

Or steal it, or own it

Like chattel eschewed


Two things though

They could not buy

One would not leave

And one would not die


Far and Wide found him

Ripped simply to shreds

Eaten there bodily

For anyone to share


And he went to The Director

And said, “She killed my son”

“And now you’ll pay dearly”

“For that what she done”


Of things he began to strip

The Director bare

He lectured and he raged

for more than anything else he loved his son


The Director was done but did keep his cool

Too seasoned a man, he takes things in stride

But I finally realized that the time had come

As there would be no end to this man’s vengeance


The time had come to take stock in The Battle for Bryce

And finish the final maneuvers of The Battle of Bryce

I raged and I angered and I found him alone

I wrapped my fingers around his throat…


And I squeezed


Leave no important job undone

And six minutes would be to long to wait

To asphyxiate

And harder I squeezed


Until the man separated from his shoulders

A too tragic end

Embarrassed at what I had done

I left the scene


And the Director called me in

Like God calling Cain

To a large group of friends

“Ed, what did you do?”


“I strangled him,” I said

“But you did so much more,”

“Do tell us, Ed,”

“tell us what more?”


“His head did he separate,”

“From his shoulder to toes”

“I didn’t mean this as such”

“It’s just, six minutes I had not”


The Director kept cool

As he saw the bigger picture

Of a symbolic ending

And an outsider unleashed


Of a man who had sold

All that he owned

For that was the price

Of a woman called Bryce


So ended The Battle of Bryce

A woman who undertook

The end to the most dangerous warlords

And their nefarious plans


And a man who was chattel

Who joined her bold plan

And followed her lead

Into the end

Kiki Presents: The Battle of Bryce

The Battle of Bryce (First Draft)

Frustrated by the endless battle for Bryce

By some men she cared for little

Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal

Or perhaps a combination of both


She took to a plan

“Let’s infuriate Ed”

“That should be the end of Bobby”

but it wasn’t enough and in the end

she took the battle on herself.


“Bobby it’s you I really love, not Ed”

But he simply won’t leave

“Let’s prove to him how much we love”

“By bringing our bodies near”


With that they joined

Bobby and Bryce

And she called for Ed

“Darling come see what we’ve done”


And from the distance watched Ed

As he rhythmically jumped her

Unmoved by the sight

Because he knew it meant nothing


Sex was a commodity that could be bought and be sold

And personal feelings could be kept on hold

It didn’t mean anything, it had no value to him

They could have been eating a burger with fries


As a matter of fact

Ed would have found

Bryce sharing her fries

To be much more saddening

Than Bryce sharing her thighs


But she needed to anger Ed

Then with all his rage

He’d end the Battle for Bryce

And her potential cage




“I love you Bobby and I want you so much”

“Let’s madden Ed and he’ll lose his trust”

“Rip off my top, right in his front”

“Let’s see if can stand this terrible affront”


With that Bobby tore

The shirt from her chest

Leaving her topless

And seeming aghast


And saddened Ed watched it all

Knowing it was simply an act and not simply real

Powerless to save the woman within

From the terrible fate that she had to await


But so began The Battle of Bryce

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a fight

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen

Evertime, everplace


I looked at the photos

Costumes of demons

I wondered to self

Who would ever wear ‘em


Beautiful colors with amazing sheen

Skin tight from head to toe

Razor sharp nails, gleaming like pearls

And demon like lenses completed the drobe


My breath taken away

But not the first time she’s done it

Quietly sat on a chair

And waited her time


Her dad, The Director, glanced over at her

He had an uncanny knack of seeing right through

I don’t know if he set this all up

‘cause Bryce could direct as well as the lot


She was also super magical

With great super powers

And a magical ability

To turn rainbows into flowers



But there were no rainbows today

Nor were there flowers

I found in her in etheric

Fully in costume


In the ether things are different

And I could not her recognize

But she was the most beautiful thing

I’d seen in the etheric


Though spectacularly beautiful

I was truly frightened

I’d never seen anything like her

A Female Demon enlightened


I kept myself calm as she looked me in the eye

A Lady Demon From Hell

All shimmering inside

It’s time my love Eddie, it’s finally time


And the Battle began, The Battle of Bryce

And she cut and she tore with nails that were long

And chewed and she ate, with teeth that were sharp

And then best of all she enjoined to invite me


Though generous in spirit, I had to demur

It wasn’t my taste

And for business at hand

She changed to a more practical form


Like I, the Golem, a gray etheric mass

She was a demon of similar tass

I left her to dine with the man on the floor

His throat belied the rage

Of a woman who’d had enough

Of multiple attempts

On her lover’s life


She simply had enough

More than enough

Enough scheming

Enough planning

Enough Bobby




Far and wide found him

Ripped simply to shreds

Eating there bodily

For anyone to share


And he went to The Director

And said, “She killed my son”

“And now you’ll pay dearly”

“For that what she done”


and he began to strip The Director bare

and he lectured and he raged

for more than anything he loved his boy

and do what he could, she would not love


The Director was done and frankly quite stunned

But he was one to keep his cool and take things in stride

But I finally realized the time had come

As there would be no end to this man’s vengeance


The time had come to take stock in The Battle for Bryce

And finish the final maneuvers of The Battle of Bryce

I raged and I angered and I found him alone

I wrapped my fingers around his throat…


And I squeezed


Leave no important job undone

And six minutes would be to long to wait

To asphyxiate

And harder I squeezed


Until the man separated from his shoulders

And lay dead

And I embarrassed at what I had done

Left the scene


And the Director called me in

To a large group of friends

He said, “Ed”

“What did you do?”


“I strangled him,” I said

“But you did more,”

“Do tell us, Ed”

“Tell us more”

“His head did he separate,”

“From his shoulder to toes”

“I didn’t mean this as such”

“It’s just, six minutes I had not”


The Director kept cool

As he normally does

This was a time of heroics

And both loss and celebration


I tried to instruct him, Far and Wide

But he couldn’t listen and was planning great demise

“You’ve lost touch with the common man” I gently would say

“Go sell some shoes, and connect in that way”


He felt that was an insult

“So go sell some suits”

but connecting with the commoners

was not on his shelf


So ended The Battle of Bryce

The woman who courageously undertook

The end to the most dangerous warlords

And their nefarious plans


And a man who was chattel

To her bold plan

And followed her lead

Into the end


And the spoils were divided

“Ed how bout a million”

Said Arnold in

his Armenian accent


and checks that were written

long through the night

to reward those associated

with any aspect of this plight


Me I took nothing

but I asked for a star

though I still await her

she can’t be too far.










KiKi’s Kronickles: Love American Style

Ron was a major force on “Love American Style”. He also wrote the theme song. The pilot for his mega hit show, “Happy Days” aired on “Love American Style”.

And now a “Happy Days” question (no calling out answers…douchebags): The show Happy Days was widely regarded as taking a large hit in quality, otherwise known in common vernacular as, “Jumping the Shark.” In which episode did Happy Days…jump the shark?

Winners will will one pound of belly button lint from L. Ron Hubbard or if you prefer Granda Al Lewis.

Good luck!! and always let your conscience be your guide!!!

KiKi’s Medikal Mayhem: Update on the Principal

The Principal seems to be doing fine. Going for a cath in a couple of days. They have apparently said that he’s too mean to die. I like to think he’s too loving to die. One things for sure, he’s not too lean or moving to die.

He won’t be in attendance at tonite’s show. The whole place flipped out when he went for coffee.

Sorry for this, too much to explain but I anticipate being back in shape and back to my original weight very soon!!! Five pounds, eight ounces!

KiKi’s Kweries: Bud Cort

Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude

Working theory: Bud Cort is Billy Mumy

sure looks the same to me…Paul McCartney #1 aka Billy Mumy aka Bud Cort

I was a big fan of Bud and loved Harold and Maude, a personal favorite and Brewster McCloud also very good


Had a really great birthday!

Best birthday present ever…Justin Bieber!!!

Welcome back anytime as are you all!!

There’s always room at our table for kin.

I didn’t realize how funny that was until I looked up his stage name here.

The line is from Carnivale

I didn’t realize it was him until he walked up at the end and I went to the kitchen and there was birthday cake. I would have had him in for cake!!

Always room at our table for Kin!

Body habitus and posture gave him away.

Justin Bieber

Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman

So I’m watching this show and really enjoying it in large part due to the great job that is done with the Bieber character offset by somewhat dour Mirelle Enos (Ok who is she?)

Justin does a great job in the role, super writing and directing. Who knows maybe I’ll go back to watching TV!

Thanks for the tip!

Happy Valentines Day…Kiki!

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May
Well I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl)
I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me
I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees
Well I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl ooh)
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Ooh yeah
I don’t need no money, fortune, or fame (ooh hey hey hey)
I’ve got all the riches baby one man can claim (oh yes I do)
I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl)
I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
With my girl (My girl)
(Talkin’ ’bout my girl my girl) I’ve even got the month of May
With my girl (My girl, woah)
She’s all I can think (my girl)
(Talkin’ ’bout my girl my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout, talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl, woah)

Crisis in the ED-O

I have to take full responsibility for the current crisis with the ED-O. I was told not to send anything to friends or family in the hometown…of the planet Earth and despite my anti counterfeiting measures, the ED-O’s are virtually all counterfeit although it may be considered that those are real and mine are counterfeit. I should have known when someone said, “These are beautiful” there was a problem. It’s like drug abuse…I missed the signs.

I will continue to manufacture ED-O’s. My understanding is people are holding on to theirs even though they are beautifully done unlike mine which are kind of shabby. I will apologize once more if I have hurt or disappointed anyone. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry if I made you cry.

The ED-O will continue to be produced from my end much like crack babies with minor regard for quality and translated into spectacular clones of beautiful actors on the other side.

The return of the ED-O

Mea Culpa…I forgot Ron said not to send anything ever again, so this is my fault. I don’t think I’v’e quite gotten used to this. I don’t know what else to say. My HSP sometimes fails me. I missed something here. Sorry if I disappointed anybody I care about which is pretty much every one.

I do my best to resist the temptation to erase my previous posts on this topic. There’s important information here for me. I remember finding some video on the net of the BB Queen and her sister. I was assured the two gals were not them, so I erased a lot of the photos I had, but not all. I didn’t have the heart to erase them all. The girls turned out to be their clones. I’m sorry I erased a single photo.

Nite all; stay safe!

We’ll have snow here in a bit and that also counts!


Me and Billy

I took top billing on this one…Billie took top Billie.

I discovered my good friend Billy Lieberman was in Hollywood working as a producer. We were good friends for a lot of years and I had mixed feelings about talking about this largely because the relationship ended badly. This relationship kicked up a lot of feelings for me while I decided what I wanted to do with it. There were two choices talk about Billie or not talk about him. Talking about Billie could be good, bad or indifferent. Not talking about Billie could be only one thing, not good. It’s the same concept as publicity; there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The most hostile thing I could do would be to not post anything.  the issue was we had a good relationship for many years which finally broke down and ended badly.

Billie was way ahead of his time for our humble neighborhood and he was a pretty cool guy, but not too many people understood that. We went to the same Hebrew School and same grade school. He must have moved into the neighborhood in grade school. We decided after meeting to get together to hang out. He asked me though I was thinking about how we could get together to hang. We hung out at his house. His mom was pretty nice, kind of a generic mom though once she complained that we left the bathroom sink dirty, “You left all black in my sink!” Billy agreed, “Yeah, we did leave it dirty.” This befuddled me as we diligently washed up. My mom would have been happy with this. I think I also used the guest towels which I’d never heard of such a thing. We didn’t have guest towels, I’d never heard of them. We both had really humble homes and guest towels was an upgrade that didn’t make much sense. Put other than this she was really nice.

His dad was kind of “high-strung” which told me he probably worked for Disney or something similar in hind-site. I’ve actually never met any more high strung people than Disney employees. He came home once early and was screaming about someone eating all the “Bac-O’s”. We never had Bac-O’s in my house. I think I did taste them there, they were good. I think he was on a tight budget.

Billy had a little sister who was really cute but like most of us kind of alone and always stopping in to visit and flying out like a wisp of air.

I didn’t know that Billie was gay. As a matter of fact I didn’t know that anyone was gay. I’d never heard of being gay and had a hard understanding it. When I talked to my brother about it he mentioned something about sword fighting but that was as far as it went.

Billie had an amazing voice and loved music especially musicals. On one occasion we went to the record story and he bought one album and one single. You know what they were? The single was, “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde” and the album…was Julie Andrews in, “Star!”

Now Billie would do an interesting thing when he bought a record: He’d play it, listen diligently, then play it again…and again…and again…and again!!! “I’m Burlington Burtie I rise at 6:30 then Buckingham Palace at eight….and so on.

We were friends for years and I think he would feel me out to see if I was gay or more likely to see if I even knew what gay was.

Billy moved out of Bensonhurst to a neighborhood closer to Ocean Parkway maybe closer to Ave I or J, a nice area but something terrible happened soon after he left. We were leaving Hebrew School, I was walking ahead with another friend when I turned around to see Billy being pummeled by one of the kids neither of us associated with, kind of a rough neck. To this day I have never seen anyone take a worse beating than Billy did that day. This kid held the back of Billy’s head and repeated punched Billy in the face, rapidly over and over while Billy attempted to cover his face. The kid attempted pull his hands away but it looked like Billy had become paralyzed and could do nothing but protect his face while this kid attempted to beat him to death. I think one or two of the teachers broke it up. We got Billy and I asked him what happened. He said all he did was wave to the kid after school and he was waiting for Billy after school. The story doesn’t make much sense unless you’re from Brooklyn where this kind of stuff went on all the time.

I suspect in hindsight Billy either sent him a love note or told him he liked him and the guy wanted nothing to do with him in the worst way. I guess Billy liked bad boys.

My mom patched him up with a nice frozen steak to his face, Billy took a pretty bad beating. Billy went home where his parents called the kid’s parents and got together. The kids parents agreed to pay all of Billly’s medical bills.

When I went to Billy’s new apartment his father asked me why I didn’t help Billy. I told him I was too far away to intervene. Which was partially true but in reality I really didn’t want to get in the middle of this. It would be another year until I learned some karate and at the time we mostly did a lot of running when confronted. This would change later on.

I think, Billy and his dad, especially his dad, needed someone to blame other than the bully or themselves. I remember on only one occasion his dad being nice to me or frankly anyone else. Except recently where Bily and his dad found out about me and were happy and sweet as sugar to me which tells me there’s an element of opportunism here but still I decided to post this. Why? In three words…”The Sterile Cuckoo.”

Billy and I went to a lot of films and I saw some things I never would have seen, “The Sterile Cuckoo” is one of those films. When I turned up in Ron and Cheryl’s basement I managed to call Ron by two of his very personal nicknames, the first one I can’t remember. The second one was, “Pookie”. And while I can’t remember exactly what went on, I think Paige intervened and said that’s what mom called Dad I remember thinking, “Pookie? Sterile Cuckoo?” Billy and I went to see Sterile Cuckoo and a bunch of other interesting films.

Now me, Billie, and my friend Louis were sitting one day and Louis said, “I want to be  a baseball player, they make 60 thousand a year. I chimed in and said I want to be a doctor; they make 80 thousand a year. Of course larger than life Billy said, I want to be a movie director. “What do they make a year Bille, I asked?” He said 2-3 million a year. Well Billy from what I understand produces film, I true to form became a doctor, and Louis…he became a dentist.


ED-O Update: Jan 22 2018

Lost track of how many Ike ED-O’s I put out so I’ll restart at #33. I picked up some beautiful 1971 D (correction-they should be S mint marks, from 71 to 74 the S mint marked Eisenhower dollars contained 40 percent silver and were known as blue Ikes because of the blue medal contained in the packaging) Ikes from my  buddy Bo. These are 40 % silver and gorgeous. 14 or 15 they are beauties!!!

I also am putting out some Kennedy ED-O’s. I have about 26. The good stuff will go out to LA today and some circulated ones will go where? Into circulation!

Then I have a special treat…you will like this. oops sorry thought I was Otto Preminger. I’ll share what it is later.

I have ten British churchill commemoratives which went out today as well as ten test pieces that went to Lindsay.

I have discovered that my work is greatly improved if I cover the coin in saran or other plastic wrap before using the dremel. It holds the dremel in place nicely and i have much better control. Starting to look nice!


will and grace and frankie and behind my ears

Just watched first ep of Grace and Frankie which I could not find Will in but it was well written and incredibly funny and no laugh track!!! Yay!!!.

Despite not having a laugh track I knew when to laugh.

Very funny ensemble and a shout out to Jane who’s always great and to Lilly who’s one of the few people who only gets funnier as she gets older and can out act anyone doing a soliloquy.

The direction was good which in my mind, being a casual viewer, means I couldn’t give a shit what the director was doing. The show ran smoothly and I didn’t notice any hitches and I didn’t notice the director being overly stylized like an Altman or Allen film which means the direction was fine. BTW I love Altman and Allen.

I noticed recently that it smells behind my ears. Now I usually shower 2 or even 3 times a day so I find this surprising. If anyone has noticed this and been refusing to nuzzle me behind the ears rest assured I will be more diligent about my behind the ears hygiene, I mean I already clean in places that aren’t supposed to be clean.

ED-O’s Overdone

Someone commented that the whole ED-O’s thing was being overdone.

One ED-O was sold for somewhere between 300 and 350 thousand dollars!

Do you still think this all being overdone?

The ED-O sold for 300 thousand. The buyer paid the person who brokered the deal 50 thousand. (must have been his agent!)

I don’t believe in randomness

Someone came to the door at 6:30 AM claiming his car broke down and his phone was dead and if I could give him a jump. I called the police and they came out checked him out and gave him a jump. The officer said he was good.

From what I hear it appears the people who sent him lost a lot of electronic equipment soon after though how this happened is a mystery to me…oh…and some of them started to vomit up needles. That’s really kind of queer.

ED-O Update 1/21/2018

I just finished turning some beautiful Ikes (Eisenhower Dollars) into ED-O’s and they look great!! The Ike is a big beautiful dollar that was really unpopular and like most attempts at dollar coins they don’t circulate. These are really too big and clunky, The Suzie (Susan B. Anthony Dollar) looked and felt too much like a quarter, and the Sacagawea (The Golden Dollar) I don’t know. Americans just don’t like dollar coins. From a collector’s perspective I don’t think coins should look like gold unless they are in fact…gold. Too much risk of shenanigans (the real kind, not the one with Bernard Solomon Kotzin).

Anyway, the Ike is big and beautiful if a bit clunky and is perfect as a gift for heads of state, especially if they’re male. Men have have a predilection for things unwieldy.  This is why this men vape and women e-cigarette.

The Ike was also perfect to repay my loan from Arnold: He’s big and beautiful if not a bit clunky. A couple giant silver dollars in his pocket is not going to add up to anything.

These will go off to Ron today. These were also from my grandfather’s collection.


Ron Mopes as Priceless Collection of “ED-O’s” is given away at Cheryl’s Insistence

Ron’s mopiness quickly resolved when people expressed their gratitude to him for the dissemination of the priceless collection of Kennedy “ED-O’s”. Ron was heard as saying, “Those things could have been worth a kings ransom in a hundred years and I planned on being around for that…and longer!!”

Cheryl’s kind heart has brought joy to the people of LA.

Some close fans, friends and family quietly gave tribute to BB whose gentle touch and loving manner was worth much more than the piece of metal in their hands. Some others left the home as soon as possible with their joyous treasure.

Overall a great evening, even people who did not get one had a great time with singing dancing and horse trading.


After getting into the first “Ed-O” argument Ron has generously decided to disseminate the coins to friends and family as was Ed’s original intent. He will give out  the piece holding onto a few and the Artist Proof coins for him and his wife. Paige got “ED-O” #3, a very close and personal friend of Ed as was Ed’s want.

Many people please to receive the “Ed-O” quietly commented to each other how badly the coin was produced. People who received the later coins stated, “Well, it’s not as terrible as the earlier ones but it’s still really bad!” And, “We can see why he’s a psychiatrist and not a surgeon!”

To these and more I reply, “Hey George Washington’s teeth are as ugly as hell but they still are priceless!”.

Lady Gaga got coin 04, another close and personal friend of Ed but not quite as close as Paige. She once implored me to stop stalking her when I responded to her, “You know you’re actually on my Facebook page…and I have no friends on this page but your still looking at it. You’re stalking me!!” After which she went into a laughing fit that took about twenty minutes to stop.

Some people are saying they’re beautiful! (must have gotten a later piece!

I’ll send some more in a few days. Kiki’s crying, I think it’s joyous!!! Her’s was the last one produced on January 18, 2018.

Who got 01 and 02? Bryce and Kiki

Ron and Chery can have the AP, those were the first produced.

Yes I want them each to have the two pieces.

Thank you to Ron and Cheryl for their generosity.

I’m asked what are they worth?

They’re worth what someone will pay for it. The Artist’s Proof can be on par with the earlier pieces, 01-10. The lower the number the higher the price, although the later pieces can be a lot prettier and may be worth more.

I’ll estimate what they’re worth at $10,000 per “ED-O”. The whole set of Kennedy’s would have been estimated at $300,000. The two Arnold pieces because of provenance would be hard to estimate. It depends in large part to what happens to us, where this goes, etc. Rarity and demand will determine price. Arnold bought JFK’s golf-clubs which I understand are really kind of ordinary clubs but they sold for a million dollars simply because they were JFK’s and it was probably the coolest thing you could buy. Value would have likely  increased because they were bought by Arnold.

I’ll send more in a few days.

This looks like fun. There is some good horse trading going on now.

I came up with the value of the Ed-O Kennedy based on what a 100 invert stamps might cost, last time I looked. Now there are only about 50 coins but by the end of the end of February there are likely to be 100. I calculated an expanding supply up to the low hundreds (110-120 or so).

Last point-As a rule coins made of more expensive materials like silver and gold are generally expensive.




The “ED-O”

What is an “ED-O” (Ed Oh). “ED-O’s” are coins or ephemera with ED’s name carved into it by ED. It has no added intrinsic value over the value declared by the minting entity or the price of the metal content. The first one’s went out today to Ron Howard’s office. The name “ED-O” is the unofficial term for the piece..

This is in the order the coins were produced and distributed.

    1. Several (10) test pieces were used to practice engraving, made of clad metal, counterfeit pieces (not coins because they are counterfeit) purchased at a flea market, representing other countries on the reverse and Disney images or Superheroes on the obverse. Produced the week of January 12-18, 2018 it was originally to go to Lindsay (Welcome to LA Ed) Lohan who Ed has a soft spot for and has the largest private collection of Ed’s personal items. Ron asked Ed to hold on to these.
    2. Two AP coins, Artist’s Proof coins/Ed-O’s, labeled “AP 1” and “AP 2”.  January 17, 2018. These are actually the first “Ed-O’s” produced. Both were made on 1964 90% silver. I believe one is a P mint mark and one is a D mintmark.
    3. The first 43 coins of Kennedy half-dollar series consecutively number from 01 through 43. Engraved on January 17-18, 2018. After some discussion the engraved collection was designated to go to Ron who will display it at the Ron Howard Secret Museum. The quality of the engraving generally improved as the series progressed and Ed got better with the Dremel. 
    4. One 1964 Kennedy half dollar 90% silver with two names on it. On the left side of the obverse the actual first name of “The BB Queen” and on the right side, the name “EDDIE”. All in caps. Not numbered. Produced on January 18, 2018. This is the only “Ed-0” to date to use “Ed’s” childhood nickname of “EDDIE”.  A second 1964 Kennedy half dollar 90% silver also with two names on it. On the left side of the obverse is the name “KIKI” and on the right side, the name “Ed”. All in caps. Not numbered. These are the first two “Ed-O’s” produced without an identifying number. Produced on January 18, 2018. The coins belong to the daughter and granddaughter of Cheryl and Ron Howard. The ladies have taken possession of the Ed-O’s, I think…oh oh…”Ed…Dad really want’s these!!!” They were opting to wear them as jewelry and have agreed to periodically loan the coins to Ron’s museum, at their discretion. It appears they are doing their best to hold onto the “Ed-O’s”. Someone just screamed, Ok everyone all at once…”LET GO OFF MY ED-O!!”
    5. Two 1971 S, 90% silver Eisenhower dollars, one proof and one uncirculated with ED on both. The coins were given to Ed by his grandfather as part of a larger Eisenhower collection. The proof coin labeled “01” and the Unc labeled “02”. The coins have a US declared value of $1 each or $2 total. These two coins produced on January 18, 2018 were designated by Ed to go to Arnold Schwartzenegger. The back story on this is a new charitable enterprise was being set up in CA. Everyone involved agreed to donate $2 to get the charity going (more of a symbolic nominal fee). Ed being on the east coast could not easily donate and asked “The BB Queen” to borrow $2 but felt embarrassed afterwards and requested the money be returned to her (suspicions are high that it wasn’t actually her but a body double!). Ed then asked Arnold if he could borrow $2 from him, which he was more than happy to do. Ed, personally disliking owing money, no matter how small, machinated over this for a year or two and embraced the opportunity to return the borrowed funds. There were 4  Eisenhower Dollars produced in 1971. Honoring Arnold as a good and close personal friend Ed selected the Proof and the Uncirculated 1971 90% Silver S Mintmark Eisenhower Dollars to repay the debt for which Ed is still grateful.  This represents the first use of an “Ed-O” to pay a debt (Jan 19, 2018.
    6. Up to six “Ed-O’s” will be released into circulation tomorrow. All will be Kennedy halves.

I, Tonya

Review from Facebook

Movie Review: I, Tonya
Warning!!! Contains Superspoilers!!! Stuff no one is supposed to know. First of all I give the film 4/4 stars but in the interest of disclosure I have a soft spot for most of the actors in the film (i.e. the hots for Margot Robbie…and Matt Damon) so I went to look at the tomato scores off Rotten Tomatoes and it did very well which is 89/100 critics and 88/100 audience. Those are high scores so I’ll stick with my 4/4 rating. I wondered why they would do a film about Tonya Harding who was really quite the brat in the Olympics 20 years ago and I almost skipped this film until I heard Margot Robbie was in it (Did I mention I have an intellectual curiosity about her?). Now Tonya Harding skated in the 1992 and 1994 Olympics. The wikipedia gives Tonya Harding’s birthdate as November 12, 1970 (age 47). This would have made her 22 at the 1992 Olympics and 24 and the 1994 Olympics. She was neither 22 nor 24 at these Olympics. She was 12 years old at the 1992 Olympics and 14 at the 1994 Olympics. And the gal playing Tonya Harding in this film, Margot Robbie is actually Tonya Harding. I realized this 20 minutes into the film when Margot started skating and I had seen most of what went on in the 1994 olympics and it was the same gal skating.
The Wikipedia gives Margot Robbie’s birthdate as July 2, 1990 making her 27 years old. Margot was actually born in 1978 making her and therefore Tonya Harding 39 years old.
Now…how do I know this? I met Margot or rather the actress who plays Margot about 16 years ago. How did I do this? She was working a catered event at one of the local synagogues and she shoveled noodle in cream sauce onto my plate but she was really out of place there and I asked her about that, kind of like having the Queen of Engand cook you up a burger at a local saloon. I ran into her again a some years later. Which was pretty cool!

I leave out a couple details but I had a high suspicion that Margot was a figure skater. It’s rare anyone hands me information, my skill set in this regard is researcher and I went looking for her, this was a few months ago. I checked out Nacy Kerrigan, nope. Then I tried Oksana Baiul…no to that one as well. I’d like to tell you I went and checked out Tonya Harding after that, but I didn’t. I gave up. It felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack so I quit. Also, I couldn’t imagine Margot being Tonya that I didn’t even look. If I thought to remember that Margot Robbie was also Harley Quinn I would have nailed this down instantly. I mean really who would make a better Harley Quinn than Tonya Harding? Nobody!! That’s why they gave it to her!

About 1/2 through the film I had a clone alert, I’ve spotted a few. I won’t give details to it but this was great!! Really they’re all great though the first two I spotted were years ago. I asked about these two ladies and I was assured that they were not the 2 people I thought they were. Though one was 100% spot on and the about 80%. It took me a couple years to piece together that they were clones of people in the US. I happened to spot them in a video I was watching from AUSTRALIA!!! I showed the video to some people who knew these two gals but were not aware that they had clones. Some of them started crying during the video. God will help you find a needle in a haystack if he wants you to…what you do with that needle is your business.

Sebastian Stan is in the film as Jeff Gillooly, Tonya’s husband, and sounds amazingly like Matt Damon and in fact it appears to be Matt as the older Jeff Gillooly. Matt is extremely talented as is Margot. They are in fact brother and sister (half-brother and half-sister). I’ve mentioned before that Matt got really pissed off at me when I researched him and his family and found an alternated identity, his wife, his kids, his mom, his dad, his step-dad, his grandfather, what country he grew up in, etc. He came into my office as a fake patient for a few visits, I didn’t recognize him but realized he was psychically berating me calling me a punk when I reviewed a visit later on. Now it was some of my best work and nobody I know could have done this but I don’t think Matt appreciated, at the time, my efforts and felt violated. But there’s no such thing as bad publicity and I think this started to work in his favor so we kissed up, OK, I didn’t kiss him. Maybe it was a relative of mine but things are good now.

So why was this film made? Other than wanting to make a great film it clearly it was done for the soul purpose of showing me that Margot Robbie was Tonya Harding. That may seem excessive or overly narcissistic but that’s my read on it. I’ll review the original individuals from the Tonya Harding history to see if they were used the film. Not as crazy as it sounds. A remake of Pete’s Dragon was done after I cleaned out a bunch of demons from their storage area and found a baby dragon which I gave to a nice gal named KiKi. I asked permission first before I gave it to her. The film was terrific and the KiKi’s dragon got huge and would wrap himself around her…something to behold.


What’s Ed Up To…now?

Well I’ve done about 30 coins. They range somewhere from passable to abysmal but they have been improving. I’ve been getting the feeling that Ron wants the whole set, I don’t blame him. It has great historical value up until I defaced the coins. I’m still going to drop some in circulation and attempt the other things I said…should be fun anyway!

What’s Ed Up To?

FYI, I had the best holiday ever in LA in December!!

I’m inclined to hand money to homeless people and tip well for services like meals. What I quickly figured out was none of the people I handed money to were homeless and  some in the service industry were pretty well off. What cinched it was the gal from Jumanji on a street corner with a cardboard sign asking for help wearing the same clothes as in the film. I saw the film after I saw her. I gave her $20 which I’m sure she appreciated unless of course it’s a franchise or she’s an employee and has to give the money to her employer. Also, if she kept the twenty could she prove I handed it to her in which case it would have some extra value. If I signed a dollar bill it would likely be worth considerably more but it still would always be worth…a dollar! It’s also kind of funny tipping a guy like Jay Z, which I did, or Notorious BIG which I did, or busy studio executives who were already annoyed with me, which I did. All were under cover!

People know I collect coins and I’ve spent the last few days buying and testing a dremel to engrave “Ed” into coins and give them as gifts, tips, and change. If my role in this world continues or even if it doesn’t this will have value beyond coin value or metal content.

I don’t believe I will ever personally sell one of these. It will not be my intention. I was homeless once in LA, as probably everyone reading this has been. I might have sold one for the metal content, to get some lunch or maybe a Carrie Underwood CD.

I will ‘Dremel’ my nickname ‘ED’ into each one with a consecutive number starting with ’01’. The first run will be done on Kennedy Half Dollars. Some may have designs on them as well. Kennedy halves are interesting not just because JFK became Andy Warhol and then Jimmy Carter but because the coins come in 90% silver, 40% silver and clad (no silver). I will attempt to get a picture, the date released, a description of the coin and if possible who got the coins. There is the possibility of copycats down the line and I’d like to make it more difficult.

Soon after I start the Kennedy’s, within a few weeks I will do a couple Eisenhower Dollars. I will start numbering from 01. I might do a couple ‘AP’ see below. A couple years ago I borrowed 2 dollars from Arnold and I’ve wanted to repay him since. It was for a charitable donation and I was 3500 miles away.

I feel like I’m writing my will here. With the Kennedy Halves I will do two ‘AP’ coins, “Artist’s Proof”. ‘ED’ somewhere on the coin and ‘AP1’ and ‘AP2’ I will post as soon as I release any.

The coins are intrinsically beautiful however they essentially become damaged once engraved and are then called “detail” coins. Look it up! The engraving on the coins however are likely to increase the value significantly beyond the damage. Sort of like in the film Mask where the kid is trying to get a rare baseball card and his grandfather gets it for him and promptly sticks a push-pin into it!!! WTF!!!!!!! Thanks writers for traumatizing me and millions of collectors around the world!!! There should have been a warning on the film, “Warning! This film contains a priceless baseball card ruined by some kid’s asshole grandfather. Viewer discretion advised.” They put these warnings up like whenever Halle or Bruce show off the goods they could have done one there as well.

The first group of coins including the two “Artist’s Proofs” will go to the Howard’s. After that I’ll spend some, tip some and donate some. I’ll describe where they went…or not! Every one in each series will be consecutively numbered starting with 01.

I have been practicing with some counterfeit Disney coins which I took off the market and have been meaning to destroy. They’re pretty but inauthentic. They did however serve a great purpose and I’ll send them to Lindsay Lohan as a gift to do with as she chooses in a few weeks. This will work much better than her breaking into my office and stealing my trash to go through. We had a judge run a trial over this because after the theft I destroyed what was stolen which she believed was hers to keep. The judge ruled that the trash was in my possession/office at the time of the theft and it therefore still belonged to me to destroy as I choose. (Absolutely true story!)

These are my intentions, let’s see how it goes and with that…I’m off!!!

Without that I’m off too, but you knew that.

Night all…ED.



Q and A

Tell Ron thanks…I think the same of him

Go ahead

I had a great time

not too crazy about doing that

I won’t have a choice, or not much of a choice



that was good too

that was also nice


they were awesome

I saw her on the screen before


she was great in that


did he pay for the trip

ok, little weird but nice

at least once, maybe twice

maybe so

cool, i’ll have to watch it more carefully

No , i don’t like to spend i.e. waste other people’s money

i don’t think i typically do it

but I’m not spending it, other’s are

I make a lot of money as well

I don’t care, i’m pretty happy

no, not about them, they got set up but it was gds will



ok, seems to enjoy herself

they’re doing well

they’re fine

must there be an asshole edge to everything?

save it, she’s fine

Ok, I got to make some rice

sure bring her on






Ran into another patient at Romero’s today, she looked familiar, mostly got passed me in the office. Also saw her and another actress at the table in Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 2, which I really enjoyed.

Nice gal in the office.

Seinfeld find

Ran into Richard Fancy at The Grove.
Above is possibly my favorite scene in all of seinfeld. Close contender is “He treats his body like it’s an amusement park.
Richard Fancy
Richard Fancy (born August 2, 1943) is an American actor known for his long recurring role on Seinfeld as publisher Mr. Lippman, Elaine Benes‘s first major employer on the series. He appeared on the third and fourth seasons of It’s Garry Shandling’s Show as network boss Mr. Stravely.






Thanks Again!

  1. Thanks again to everyone for a great week and…
  2. I am again truly sorry if I missed or offended anyone.
  3. Best Uber drivers ever!! Never saw a smarter group of drivers!!
  4. Loved the museum, especially the exhibit put together really quickly and I spotted some of the people in the exhibit in the museum as well as from todays movie, “Downsizing” with Matt Damon. I saw Matt last night but didn’t recognize him even though we locked eyes, I think with the bald head he looked kind of thuggish!
  5. Dozens of actors over two days including in the museum where some beautiful model/actress was in a few photographs and she looked like some spectacular international supermodel.
  6. Funny when a couple in there sixties rushed off an elevator in the museum and saw me just standing right there! They calmed down and started laughing. It was pretty funny.
  7. I spotted actress Hong Chau outside the museum which was a real treat! She was super with Matt Damon in the film!!
  8. Again, I did spot dozens of people, even from a trailer of a film I saw at the special effects show at Universal.
  9. The guy who got some chicken at end of Downsizing I managed not to give a few bucks to though I think I spotted Florida from Good Times, I’m guessing the whole cast was there.
  10. Very challenging week, and a lot of fun, and not so much fun but hey got to take the good with the bad.
  11. I’ll repeat thank you to everyone especially Ron who I suspect directed this week. Thank you again!!
  12. Humblest apologies if I totally missed you and apologies if I spotted you but didn’t piece it all together. I think I’m doing better with this.
  13. Night all!!!!

Jamal the Uber Driver

I met Jamal probably about ten or twelve years ago or so at the home of “C” and “Z”. I spent just a few minutes with him. He’s a big man and sat in “Z” ‘s chair which was duly noted. I was left with some questions about him, maybe checking me out. Maybe angry about something. Looks like he usually keeps his cool, looks like someone you’d trust with ordnance of types.

Uber driver Paul also looks more important than he lets on

Yesterday’s Breakfast

I know famous people are all around me, and curiosity seekers, and potential brides and husbands. The help at breakfast usually pretty good. One of the gals at breakfast who I suspect is a singer, was in a mood yesterday and I suspect annoyed with me just for who I am. I’m kind of used to it. Now having breakfast every morning there, and spending upwards and over a hundred bucks I was left with a burning question…Why is the bread toasted on only one side? #1 and I thought this was pretty funny and interesting (I think I’m up to 13 now). I suspected the toaster was on bagel settings. So I asked her about this and demonstrated how one side of the toast was brown and the other white. I also explained how the sunny side up egg would slide off the undarkened side of the toast because the coefficient of friction was too low. She explained about the toaster being broken. She left and I could sense her annoyance with me so I decided to listen to her thoughts. I’m from NY and I love hearing crappy thoughts about me just because we New Yorkers dig this stuff. So this is what she was thinking: “This is the most important person on the planet and all he can do is complain about the toast. Doesn’t he have anything more important to do.” I think there was more that that was the meaty gist of it, there may have been some expletives. I said he’d take care of it but I wanted to talk with her so when she came back I said this to her. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I should be doing something more important than complain about the toast. I explained to her how important it is to take care of the little things first as they came up. She realized I was listening to her thoughts and she displayed about as much embarrassment as any actress can muster and said something to the effect, “Yeah, I guess if you handle the small stuff first everything else in the day falls into place.”

I guess I was a little pissed off at her and then royally cursed her out. I work hard in this community and around the world. Serve me my fucking breakfast and shut the fuck up…more or less.” I was surprised I said that cause I’ve been pretty polite lately. She mostly apologized and then provided me with an oral favor which usually works in lieu of an apology as it did yesterday.

I like for people to have a pretty good idea what I’m about epecially since I don’t recall doing anything negative to her and tip well and work hard.

Despite the fact that my bread was only half toasted yesterday I managed to take 30-40 thousand off the game board and still get dicked over.

Make my fucking toast right bitch and this won’t come up again…bitch.


Who I’ve Seen…Martha Stewart!!!

I saw Martha Stewart at Waterworld show, wonderful to see you!!!

Dave Chapelle can’t remember where. Very cool

Suspect tour guide was Chance the Rapper

Suspect Antonio Fargas last night but really dark

I know I spotted others, thank you for everyone playing!

yesterdays breakfast to follow



Rose Tico, Spice Girls, BIG, Homeless Jumanji Girl, rock

I believe I spotted Rose Tico at the hair salon a few days. She’s a terrific off-beat character in the last jedi who completely grew on me during the film.

I believe I spotted the Spice Girls Yesterday in the Mall

BIG showed up again, just to see if I could spot him again (still unnerved by this whole process)

Morgan Turner of Jumanji showed up as a homeless gal wearing the exact same outfit as her final scene in Jumanji.

The rock appeared to be on the street.


Off FaceBook: Hamilton, Cirque: Luzia, Jumanji


Live from Los Angeles! So I managed to get away for a few days to LA. Of course my friends like to mess with me while I’m here and this time was no different, like having me run into the mother of a couple of my clones. They know in advance where I’m going and doing and can set up some fun and funny scenarios. So, we had tickets for Hamilton in the evening and during the day we took a tour bus. What made this funny? Besides having Tia Carrera sitting in the second row (I had just watched some of Wayne’s World) they had the star of Hamilton leading the tour. I didn’t recognize him during the tour but spotted him as Hamilton in the play! Here’s where it got interesting…he left me a few clues during the tour to piece some things together, you know how I pick up on things. From what I could tell it appears that that the guy who played Hamiltong in the show was none other than Jay Z!!! and Aaron Burr was Puffy Sean Combs or P. Diddy. As a matter of fact the play was loaded with rappers!!!! Most of the play is rapped but man do these guys have voices. I spotted Nicki Manoj who I suspect is Lady Gaga and about twenty other world class singer and rappers. Here’s where it got really good. The next day I caught an uber and the driver, a lanky black guy talked about how he’s a trainer and lost all this weight. One of the ladies mentioned we saw Hamilton. My spider sense went up with this guy and I suspected he was a rapper, planted in the Uber, but not in the show. He was a rapper but I eventually figured out he was in the show and was George Washington. So who was he? It took less than a minute or two to figure out who he was, I figured he was a rapper and he lost 70-90 pounds. Now let me see…who could that be? None other than Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls!!! Not quite dead and you know what? Not too big a jump to go to Rapper Rick Ross who sure looks to be Biggie Smalls. Also not a jump to find his lady, Missy Elliott in the play. This is tip of the iceberg. I’ll try and piece the rest of it together but it’s full of rappers, and Justin Bieber as one of the white guys and Trey Parker who played King George of England, perfectly cast as his dad is George W. Bush. I’ll fill in people as I study them. Incredible musical!!! I never new these rappers could really sing!!! Oh, Missy Elliott who played the Super Bowl with Katy Perry a couple years ago appears to be Scary Spice of the Spice Girls. Bonus points at the concert…I ran into the Reverend Al Sharpton at the concert. He denied he was Al but a big smile gave him away first. That was a real treat. Al was embedded into NYC history and really grew on me after a while. I wish I took a photo. Also, Richard Pryor had a tremendous voice and I suspect he’s in the play. Some of these people may be listed as deceased, forget all that, they’re not. I spoke with Biggie last night and ran into him again today. He was unnerved that I figured all this out, and more but I got green lighted to put this up. Great group of people…. oh wow!!! Javier Munoz appears to be Drake!

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Ed Baruch Also managed to catch Luzia from Cirque du Soleil, my friends messed around with me again but this was pure fun and enjoyment!!! It was brilliant!! It would be worth coming out here to see it. It was largely a Mexican Romance encased as a circus style show. I’d love to see this again. Acting, acrobatics, trapeze, water, flying , spinning, contortionist , juggling, beautiful women, beautiful guys and great Mexican Music and I love horns and Spanish music. The cast was really warm and wonderful. what was missing? Nothing! Absolutely nothing.


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Ed Baruch Follow up on Hamilton: Great facial analysis requires systematic study which takes time, patience and vigilance. I believe every great rapper is in this play but not all at the same time, they switch them around so statistically let’s see who’s probably in the show as well as those mentioned: Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, eminem, chance, kanye, yacht, tupac, 50 cent, dr dre, has, gucci, future, 2 chains, young thug, TI, j cole, common, travis, ice cube, ludacris, Lauren Hill. I’m not saying all these people are in the play but this is the group I would start with. I’d throw some money on beyonce being in the play too. No wonder the tickets cost 5 billion dollars each…how else do you get an ensemble like this together. Not related, saw Jumanji and recognized Gary Coleman in it who was hysterically funny as…you got it…the short black guy. Sadly the family went to the bathroom right before he exploded after eating a piece of cake, good sequel to a great film.


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Part 5 taking questions

I’ll take questions:

I’ll reveal it to the world!!!!!

No, I won’t do anything if you say no, however, pretty much everyone I blog about becomes more successful and happier if I talk about them, but if you tell me no it’s no.

  1. Never give me a toe hold in this world…it’s all over if you do
  2. I make mistakes but I had a lot of clues, Jay Z told me the whole story pretty much, plus the show was great, and I recognized the driver from the tour as Hamilton and how funny would it be, how ironic to have me driven around by Hamilton.
  3. I also wondered why I was given a black driver. I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to Hip Hop and I’m way behind the times. This explains it.
  4. No, i’m not racist, just a reality, I live in a narrow sphere
  5. Yes I do and the women
  6. I suspect you’ll sell more tickets if I reveal this…if that’s at all possible.
  7. I suspected my driver this AM was a rapper who wasn’t in the show, Im pretty sensitive to arrogance and when I’m being played, deceived or used. You BIG wanted to go home and relate the story of how I was deceived. You gave up too much information with your attitude and then the weight loss talk gave it away. I’ve slipped up and there’s a lot I miss but I also knew this was a set up and everything here is a set up, and there’s no randomness here.
  8. If I’m correct here, God bless, if I have a mistake my apologies

I have a question for Biggee


No, not angry , stunned but not angry…and I love it!!! Coolest thing ever!!!

NO not angry, no you must have wanted me to know

someone did photo of a beautiful lady online with you

kanye there?

listen I’m beat…quite a day

Not going to do anything other than write up my notes

good nite everyone….one kiss for all

thanks you suck too!


Having a great time in LA…wish you were here…oh wait…you are!!! Part 4

I’m going to ID some of the rappers. Be patient with me. I know these are famous people, I stopped listening to rap when I resigned from UPS.

I believe the gal in from with the beige and brown dress was at lunch with us today and hated being outdoors. It’s possible the gal in the  green dress next to her was there as well

I think Nicki Manoj looks like Lady Gaga and might have been there

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that my Uber driver today was Notorious BIG who might also be Rick Ross.

Someone please tell Chris Rock I found Biggie Smalls…… thank you

You know…he also looked like one of the singers last night…George Washington?

Rick…you gave me most of the info I needed

I believe P.Diddy was Aaron Burr

I’ll go out on another limb…I believe that Jay Z was our tour guide driver and is Alexander Hamilton



Having a great time in LA wish you were here…oh wait…you are!!! Part 2

Fell asleep during my blog last night, now I have to play catch up. Having a really great time here as are we all. Thank you to all who played their roles here and sorrow if I missed or snubbed you. I hear I’m doing ok which is important. I’ll back track to yesterday. Loved Hamilton and loved the bus tour. Tia Carrera in row 2 with her son. I believe the driver was one of the actors, my best guess was Hamilton himself but I think he’s related to Burr and possibly washington, brothers or close cousins. I suspect there were a bunch of relatives. Our driver did a great job, gave me lots of clues. We first went to Ron’s house though he said it was someone else’s, which sadly I can’t recall the name because that would have been important. He brought up two rappers JZ and P Diddy and with that I was able to figure out  after the show that Hamilton had famous rappers in it.  It was only after the show I realized all the great clues on the tour. Went past Agnes Moorhead’s, Frank Sinatra-Ron’s dad, Madonna-Ron’s Mom, oh wow-he mentioned Lady Gaga, I thought she was in the play!!! though toned down a bit. I figured that King George was Trey Parker, I think he’s George Bush’s son because of his resemblance to Paul Lynne, and the King could have passed for George W and Trey did some great impersonations of Jack Lemon and some other characters, Justin Bieber was in the play mentioned on the tour and looks like a combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. I’m reviewing all the rappers and I thought Jay Zee was there but he was kind enough to be sitting in the mall this morning so I knew it wasn’t him. I believe Beyonce was in the play and a gal I saw a couple nights ago at Lala land. I’ll come back and review the guys again. Sadly I spent little time listening to Rap Music but these guys were amazing!!! Respectfully, never much cared for rap and thought it was for people who couldn’t sing but man was I wrong!!!! OMFG!!!! What voices!!!OMFG. BTW, ran into Lady Gaga on the streets possible twice and three clones of Ron at different ages near Rodeo drive and a clone of GaGa about twenty minutes ago in the hotel, and a son of mine at the Cirque, who apparently came from very good stock, someone who I like very much, more on Le Cirque later.

I hate to single anyone out at the play but two things 1) really sorry I missed the singers outside the theatre who were amazing and I’m sorry I short changed them and 2) Reverend Al Sharpton!! Al was kind of a big deal in NYC about 30 years ago or so and a hero to the black community, I believe and a bit annoying but he turned up on Howard Stern and a couple other talk shows and turned out to be really relaxed and personable, kind of fun. So it was a thrill to see him. A while back he had lost a great deal of weight, like Al Roker and looked really drawn but whatever procedure he had done must have been reversed because he looked like the Reverend Al of old only ten times more beautiful, a bit tired but really awesome to see him and I wish I’d gotten a photo with him. I almost never talk to celebrities but it was Reverend Al and if you were a New Yorker he was practically family. I apologized and introduced myself and ask him if he were Al. He said “no” but not before this big smile on his face gave him away. Really Great!!

The play was phenomenal and I chatted with the two people next to me who were two beautiful for words. I kind of freaked them out a bit knowing they had a couple of the last seats in the place. there were six seats left down there we took four and i thought a lot about buying the other two because I figured the powers that be knew something I didn’t. My wife’s niece was in town so that might have been a possibility. I asked if they were actors. He outed her but denied that he was. He didn’t know me and was kind of unnerved that I already knew too much about them.  (oh the tour guy mentioned Trey Parker as well, but I figured him out before that) She was fit and I miserated that I could only play character actors like Ted Kennedy and could never play a guy like Ghandi though I am walking around in my only piece of homespun and trying to sleep with a couple twins I know.

The guy must have been told to correct it in some way that he wasn’t an actor but I had doubt in my mind anyway, again too beautiful for words.

Walked around went into Sweet which is the greatest candy store in the wold,  bar none!

I had a really big moment on the stairs to my hotel or nearby and that was running into a really beautiful woman I know. She walked past me, I said I know her, now I don’t typically chase, my feeling is if someone wanted to talk with me they would come over but I actually chased after her a few seconds after I figured who she was but she lost me in the mall and that was Ivy Snitzer!!!!!! I guess I’m getting bolder in my old age. BTW thanks for leaving a car there for us at the stadium tonite!!

Ivy is wonderful and starred in Shallow Hal!!! There was another gal in it who I like but her name escapes me right now. All I could think of is all those sensuous curves as she hung over the kitchen counter in her shorts while Gwyneth, remembered her name, played her body single.

Ivy cares for a whole bunch of my clones in a makeshift day care and teaches and has two of my clones of her own but I’m told they belong to the State whatever that is now.

FYI, Happy Christmas Eve!!!



Face book as is


I’ve had this one up before. This is Golda Meir, front right. I don’t know who the cartoon looking character is with the glasses, if anyone recognizes him let me know. The guy between them sipping a martini is Charlton Heston aka Moses. I saw him a couple years ago, alive and well and just as beautiful as ever. My compatriot Ed Chiarini at has theorized who he is amongst others. Worth a look and fits in with this photo. I’ll identify Golda in a minute…see below first.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text
Ed Baruch I have posted at some point virtually all my finds except for one and that’s Golda Meir. I posted the identity of the woman in the photos who was used as Anne Frank and her sister Margot. I have little doubt about the veracity of “The Diary of Anne FraSee More



Ed Baruch …and you have to fight with every ounce of your will and strength to fight these people off and beyond all that…fight with God. Fight with God. Don’t let evil succeed. In every generation they come to destroy us.



Ed Baruch WWII winds down. and some people who are not stupid have gleaned through photos like I have, and have made discoveries of peoples identities. Maybe the war ends earlier because of this, the man’s last words to me before he went for a burton was, “I should have finished you when I had the chance.” That was a big mistake on his part.



Ed Baruch So the war winds down. The war was started by very rich and powerful monarchs who still rule. Greed still reigns supreme but there are some people trying to weave more peaceful existence’s. I’m more hopeful but you don’t spend 100’s of millions rearranSee More



Ed Baruch You’re not going to put just anyone in charge of a new country. You want one of your own hence….Mrs. LaVerne.



Ed Baruch This photo shows Mrs. Laverne next to Golda. Both are famous photos, go find them yourselves. The woman on the Left is Lucille Laverne, on the Right is Golda. I have another theory, additional about Lucille/Golda. Stay with me it’s about to get really interesting!Manage
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text


Ed Baruch Obvious facial features between the two including nose, which I think is a prosthetic, chin, facial structure and neck…but watch this…



Ed Baruch I have taken the photos and isolated the left hands. I’m going to further isolate some rare vein configuration which are identical in both women. We’ll be looking at circular anastomoses on the hands. I’ll count and point them out. Everyone has a circuSee MoreManage
No automatic alt text available.


Ed Baruch Here I point out one circular anastomosis on Lucille. it is between the right ring and middle finger. I’ll double check these and correct if I have to.Manage
No automatic alt text available.


Ed Baruch Here is the identical one on GoldaManage
No automatic alt text available.


Ed Baruch The next easiest one to spot is the one to the right of the red line, with yellow lines on both women…sorry glitchy power point



Ed Baruch I’ve delineated three circular anastomosis on each hand in the same spotsManage
No automatic alt text available.


Ed Baruch there may be scarring on the back of the hand and arm as well



Ed Baruch This is the same woman, I went looking for her and knew where to look, no randomness here, good research!



Ed Baruch the smart money went to the people who saved all my early work which included Anne Frank before the first pogrom at JCC against me. A secret meeting was held with about twenty in attendance, led by a handful of gonuvim who didn’t want me anywhere near See More



Ed Baruch I’ll take questions…



Ed Baruch how am i doing this>>>doing what?



Ed Baruch this is old stuff I had it in the can



Ed Baruch I pull things out as needed



Ed Baruch how did i know that was the question….



Ed Baruch How is it grasshopper that you did not?



Ed Baruch yes kung fu



Ed Baruch questions?



Ed Baruch this is unbelievable how do we know if you’re crazy or not…



Ed Baruch one thing has nothing to do with the other…go do your own research, whether I’m nuts or not has nothing to do with this…and I’m not



Ed Baruch yes i’m here



Ed Baruch are you miraculous?



Ed Baruch we’re all miraculous, i’ve done a lot of personal and spiritual work, some of you have seen me in the gym



Ed Baruch sadly I’ve been banned from the gym



Ed Baruch yes they did



Ed Baruch I told fortunes better than Madam Marie



Ed Baruch i can’t go into it too deeply there are others involved



Ed Baruch who deserve privacy



Ed Baruch I’m getting some cursing



Ed Baruch not worth repeating



Ed Baruch there are shnor era who believed that the JCC is their own personal piggy bank



Ed Baruch when you shine a light rats and rodents scurry.



Ed Baruch I just got a threat…please don’t do that..thank you



Ed Baruch The evil doer who was the golden boy attempted to have me thrown out completely from the whole building.



Ed Baruch when the chaos clears give me a holler I’m going to watch stalag 17



Ghost from Game of Thrones…Jon Snow’s Direwolf

Image may contain: text
Ed Baruch I believe I got to pet him or her.



Coolest in-vivo find from Game of Thrones…dog playing wolf…love this one!!!

No automatic alt text available.
Ed Baruch I believe this is Ghost



Rocky Horror

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text and indoor

taking questions

Ed Baruch I’ll fill in some pieces later on. Go read everything you can or watch videos about conspiracies, ignore none of them.



Behold The Power Of One

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Ed Baruch I left some out from this photo



Ed Baruch I know, I love Disney World and I still go. I keep an eye on things but the place is really fun!




Ed Baruch Defies Belief….Defies Belief



Ed Baruch in case you missed this earlier, Elie stands to the right of NetanyahuManage
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling


Ed Baruch more to come



Movie Review: November Criminals
Saw this one yesterday which got something like 29 tomatoes. Ok so it’s not exactly a blockbuster but it was a good film, a murder mystery, drama, love story and it works on all levels. Ansel Elgort is a favorite actor of mine though I’m never sure which actor he’s playing since either him or his alternate identity was in Baby Driver and he was in American Horror Story Freak Show and the one 

See More

After the murder of his friend is dismissed as gang violence, high schooler Addison (Ansel Elgort) decides to launch an investigation of his own. With help from his girlfriend Phoebe (Chloë Grace Moretz), he quickly discovers that the mystery is darker and deeper than he ever imagined. Tessa Albert…
Ed Baruch shared his post.


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Below is an updated review of a small subsection of the complaints against Ed. This includes but is not limited to Ed’s assumed responsibility for the following:

The Nanking Massacre, Tiger Woods’ Indiscretions, Liquid Cat, Captains Edward Smith and Joe Hazelwood, Caligula, Pollen, Nanites, LSMFT, Donnie Dunagan’s involvement in The Kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr. and his Marfanesque appearance, Khmer Rouge, Dysplasia, The Manchac Swamp, Building 7 as well as 1-6, Heterosexuality, The Trail of Tears, Rickets, Rickettsia and Ricky Ricardo, Ricky Martin, Martin Lawrence, Maritime Law, Lockheed Martin’s Use of the Metric System, Cellulite, Ravenously Phlegmy, The 19th Century Basilique Saint Donatien Fire in Nantes France, Jumping Out, Pseudoparkinson’s Syndrome, The Fall of Rome, The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, Hans Gruber, Seven Deadly Zins, Spiritual Currency, Karmic Debt, Humblest Apologies, Asami Yamazaki, Petard, 2-Mile Island, Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting, Plum Island, Plum Brandy, The George Weyerhaeuser Kidnapping, Alagille Syndrome, Sewer Gas, Nathan Petrelli, The Stolen Generation, Aunt-Woman, The Dutch Act, The Dutch Oven, The Little Dutch Boy Sticking His Finger in a Dyke, Wolfram and Hart, Decimus Maximus, Chernobyl, Jiggle Lucy, Ouija Bored, Habeus Jewboy, Deflategate, The Catcher in the Rye Bread, Cerro Grande, OpSec, The Edsel (Named After Ed), The Comcast Cable Monopoly, The Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse, Waco, Wendi Deng, James Bond Impostors, Dengue Fever, The Nephilim, Sept. 10th, Canned Squid, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The DMZ, The Ice Age, The Stone Age, The Great Gazoo, Head Cheese, Cheese Without Head In It, Steven-Johnson Syndrome, Habeus Chutney, Mickey Finn, Mickey Donald, Chewable Chocks…in a bottle or a box, The Internment of Japanese Americans, The Alamo, Famine In Ethiopia, Chemtrails, Super-Size Me, Hirsuitism, Chemical Hepatitis, Hepatitis A,B,C,D, and E, Arachnophobia, German Hyper-inflation, Hyperinflation Without Goose-Stepping, Filaria, Tenerife Airport Disaster, The Disastrous Occlumency Lessons, Robo-tripping, Mrs. A, Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus, The Boston Molasses Disaster, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Strangler, The Boston Bombing Hoax, Boston Baked Beans, Termite Damage, Sewer Gas, Term Limits, Saccharine, Cyclamates, Aspartame, Sucralose, Neotame, Sugar, The Guimaras Oil Spill, Borking, Figging, Inflation, The San Andreas Fault, Astroboy, Astrogirl, The Hot Tub Cinema, 7/7, Polite Society, The Jonestown Massacre, Edward Murphy, Making Whoopy, The Ghouta Chemical Attack, Wax Lips, Wax Museums, Waxing Floors, Eosinophilia, Basophilia, Neutrophilia, Neutropenia, Penopenia, The Ming Dynasty, Mr. Mushnik, The Sinking of Britannic, Owen Not Cleaning His Mother’s Ears, Cholera, E.L.James, Dysentery, The MH17 Malaysia Airplane Disaster, ACSI, Moonlight Requisition, Midnight Visits, Five Finger Discounts, and Her Five Sisters, Monkey Mung, Dementia Praecox, Dementia Wally Cox, The Winnipeg General Strike, Biflation, Fluoridation, 420, She Creatures, Creatures Who Aren’t She, Erotic Asphyxiation, Asphyxiation That’s Not Erotic, Doan’s Little Liver Pill, Stagnant Water, The Minnesota Vikings Boat Party Scandal, The Mercantile Exchange, The Panic of 1907, Visitors Who Don’t Bring Assorted Cakes, Fecal Vomiting, Major Depression, Major Major Major Major, Desperate Psychotics, Heath Ledger’s Death, Chelm, Sharon Tate’s Reappearance, Manta, Spam, Spam, Spam, Tim Samaras, New Coke, Mr. Tea Infuser, Moor Hall Studios, Mall Feet, Mall Rats, Malted Milk, Anaphylactic Shock, The Dunblane Massacre Hoax, Hemorrhagic Nephritis, The Son of Sam Hoax, The Euro, The Mandela Effect, The Red Queen, The Red Witch, A Nun Rolling Down a Hill, A Frog in a Blender, The New York Times, Jumbo Shrimp, Collapse of the Atlantic Northwest Cod Fishery, The 1900s British Attack On India, The Aero, Super-sleuths, Abolition of the Klingon Neutral Zone, Special K, Ketamine, BICQ, The Death of Marat, Kopechne, Unrequited Love, Requited love, Static Cling, Charles Coughlin, Trust Falls, Avalanches, The Piper Bravo Oil Rig Disaster, Waffle Cones From The Ice Cream Man, The Leveraxe, Percentage Disadvantage, The Armenian Genocide, Whaling, Collar Stays, Polycystic Ovary Disease, Alex Forrest, La Violencia, Sitting Cross Legged on the Floor, Barium Enemas, Any Kind of Enema, Liquid Latex, Systemic Latex Toxicity, Lucky Guesses, Losing Track of Wives, Jeremy Mayfield, Spam, Sid Vicious Murdering his Girlfriend, Leaches, Leches, Madura Foot, Madura Saddle Bag Thighs, The Temptation of St. Anthony, Holodomor, Hater-tots, Hatriots, Autism, Dave-Dave, Kapusta, Robert Hanssen, Lovers of Toilet Humor, NWO, Tokitsukaze, Being Rubinesque or Marfanesque, Emily and Charlotte Bronte, Aquagenic Urticaria, Maude Needing to See a Shrink, The Controversial Vanity Fair Portrait of Child Star Miley Cyrus, Avarice, The Ten Plaques, Janet Reno, The Branch Davidian Hoax, Karl Marx and Julian Lennon, The 26/11 Attack On India, The Mahdi, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Battle of Okinawa, Boiled Chicken, Tramadol, The Falun Gong Show, Shaneen Allen, Stephan Collins, Billy Jean and False Flags, The Queensland 2011 Floods, Bounced Checks, Bouncing Betties, The Possession of Regan MacNeil, Account Overdrawn, Spider Mites, Liver Sausage Pineapple, The Death of Jerry Garcia, 1992 Los Angeles Riots, The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami, Chitterlings, Bernardo, Pete Carroll, Boris and Natasha Poly, Bathrooms Labeled Poles and Holes, Quisp and Quake, Call For Orange Moose, Frankenstein, Wildenstein, Road Kill, The Rwanda Genocide, Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Tolerance, Cancrum Oris, Jeremiah Being a Bullfrog, Permian Extinction, Execution of Anne Boleyn, Moses Stuttering, The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Cersei’s Walk of Atonement (I still cry when I even think about that one), Aaron Stampler, Col. Hans Landa, Eat In Chickens, Lilly Dillon, Madame Serena Merle, Sweeney Todd and His Costar, Growing up with Dyslexia, The Organization DAM (Mothers Against Dyslexia, Dyslexic Agnostics Who Doubt the Existence of Dog, Polyglandular Addison’s Disease, The Hind-lick Maneuver, Marburg, Hemorrhagic Fever, Bellatrix Lestrange, The Murder of Caitlyn Stark, The Countess of Manton, Lee Blair, Jacqueline Breton, La Década Perdida, Economy of Zimbabwe, Witch Way, REICHSSICHERHEITSHAUPTAMT,

8 Track Tape Players, Tooth Decay, Moral Decay, Decay Ballard, Self-Pollution, The Scrum, Scrub Daisy, Parmalot, Nuclear Winter, Captain Japan, Mad Hatter Disease, I’ve Got Mercury Poisoning, The Piltcher, Diphyllobothrium Latum, Charon, AGSSt, Teflon, Overtoun Bridge, Nick Spargo, Aphids, Woolpit, Wooly Bully, The Hemisphere Project, Munchausen Syndrome, Rug Munch, Clutter, Oswald, Burmese Way to Socialism, Flat Feet, Flat Checks, 1984, The Limited Availability of The Pirelli Calendar, MMORPG, Typos, Google Translate, Tarnish, All Work and No Play, Elephantiasis, Gymkata, Methane Gas Expulsion, Tyrannosaurus Bitch, Dr. Christian Szell’s Skill as a Dentist, The Dungan Revolt, Sangfroid, Belle Gunness, The Incarceration of Rorschach, Belleview, Special Green Bedspread, Tarrasch, Knock-off Dresses, The Halt, Muskrat Love, Love without Muskrats, Pole Dancing Being Denigrated as Not Being Therapeutic, Spam, Sang Froid, Capgras Syndrome, Aldrich Ames, Cats Named After Presidents Like Garfield, A Cat named Hercule Poirot, Cheese Eaters, Tamad Shud, Dien Ben Phu, UVB-76, UB-40, DB Cooper, Phyllis Dietrichson, Blended Fabrics, Wet Dog Smell, Women in Black, Urbach-Wiethe Disease, Tetanus Toxoid, Brainerd Diarrhea, Anton LaVey, Yul Brynner, The Mongol Conquests, kiki emoticon, The Fabulous Disappearing Dr. Crusher, Abaddon, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Syphilis Without Anyone From Tuskegee, Haman, The St. Francis Dam Disaster, Dam Disasters without St. Francis, Fallen Arches, BL-5C, Albert DeSalvo, Julia Hoffman, Contrapunctus XIV, NTSIP, Davecat, Ancient Mew, Edlington, Rhoda Penmark, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Eros, Thanatos, Dopplegangers, Gangers Without The Dopples Effect, Rats with Bats, Snitches Who Get Ditches, The Dharma Initiative, Eleanor Shaw Iselin, Sleep Apnea, Apnea Without Sleep, Tom Lantos, Adiposis Dolorosa, Drs. Hannibal Lecter and Arthur Harmon, Rheumatic Fever, Fever Without Rheumatism, Rifampin, Mamzerim, Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Innocent X, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Operation Northwoods, Operation Dinner Out, Membraneous Retinopathy, Virgil Sollozzo, Necrotizing Fasciitis, The Santa Maria Tragedy in Brazil, Manual Release, Automatic Release, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Plan-9 From Passaic, Shigella, The 1959 Cadillac, EST, Brian Hugh Warner’s Name Change, Lifespring, Insight, Ondine’s Curse, The Irish Curse, Clogged Drains, Clogged Arteries, Lead Poisoning, Arsenic Toxicity, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Monkey 61, Monkey 69, The MKUltra Program, Isabella of Castile, Summa Theologiae, Dante and Virgil in hell, A Henway, A Dickway, Max Cady, Gunichi Mikawa, Blended Scotch, Titan Arum, Gyp’s Killing of Vic Sickles, Click Clacks, Ray Rice, The Secret Government, Hash Tags, Gastritis, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Harlequin Ichthyosis, Harley Quinn, Dishpan Hands, Pol Pot, Smoking Pot, Cornu Cutaneum, Librium, Lithium, Trimethylaminuria, 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, Blaschko’s Lines, Robert Ressler, Cyanosis, Triskaidekaphobia, Parts Becoming Extinct, Corporal Clegg, Leaving a Hat on the Bed, Avogadro’s Constant, Plagiarism, Alonzo Harris, Hammer-toe, Camel Toe, Toleo, Hammer-time, Getting Beat at Your Own Game, Diphtheria, Systemic Latex Toxicity Leading to Multi-organ Failure, Men in Plaid Work Shirts, The Hal Turner Show, Konigstein, Packing the Rabbit, PMS and Mad Cow Disease, Blind Ambitchion, The Fire Bombing of Dresden, Folliculitis, The Death of Harry Houdini, The Chronosynclastic Infundibulum, Fatal Familial Insomnia, Elio Motors, Elio Pizza, Love and Squalor, The Ceti Eel, The New Madrid Faultline, Alan Nierob, Sister Mary Elephant, Talking Tina, Puritan Bennett, Fracking, Lyme, Krippendorf’s Tribe, Aurangzeb, Armin Heinrich, Love and Squalor, Asurion, George Koval, Zany Brainy’s return policy, Adenoid Hynkel, The Aswan Dam, 1906 San Francisco, IVDA, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, Earthquake, Saturn Devouring His Son, Feeling No Pain, Feeling Pain, The Mitchell Report, The Report without Mitchell, Teutoburg, Professor Periwinkle, Myasthenia Grapes, Aflatoxin, Angel Dust, Arachnid Hemorrhage, Harvest Moon, Enterocolitis, Springtime For Mel Brooks, Mitch Brooks, Beverly Allitt, Clothing Masticators, Lap Dancing, Affective Disorder, Cholent, Operation 2×4, Microsoft Bob, Enuresis, Finding The “G” Spot, Dr. William Cosby, South African President, Hemophilus Influenza, Otis Toole, Aristocracy, Stretch Marks, Being Low Key, Being Loki, The Santa Maria Tragedy, Lars Thorwald, Nurse Ratchet, Don Sterling, Spandex, Judith Beheading Holofernes, Panderers, The Salem Witch Trials, Annie Wilkes, Tim Donaghy, The Death of William Wallace, Flankin, Typhoid Mary, Bloody Mary, Mary Poppins, and Lousy Posture.

Thank you again!

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who showed up Saturday night. The band was great as always though I still miss Ron who has an amazing voice and everyone else from Peaky Blinds, Game of Thrones, Pawn, and my waitress who has followed me from FLA, to Voorhees, to Asbury Park. She’s really tiny but exquisite.

My humblest apologies if I did not recognize you. I think we picked up a bunch of people this time, I was a bit more prepared. I believe Broderick Crawford was there yikes, Judi Dench omg, one or two sand snakes one of whom I believe were in the new star wars film and did a terrific job and is probably Maisie’s sister, Tommy’s sister at my table with a Sand Snake, one of the kids from Peaky Blinders at the door (I had to remind myself I only saw one season and that would have been 4 years ago and he growed up, I think a couple Basket Ball coaches (we had a big victory with the dept and we became well respected), at least two of my patients both looked great, one quit smoking (he was kind of a pain but it was good seeing him) and the other lost a lot of weight and I was really taken by the fact she was there, she’s a tremendous spirit and I was honored she was there), a couple of my favorite Pawn stars…nice and nasty, a gal from a 70’s or 80’s sitcom (I’m working on it), Iddo, annabelle Wallis, possibly either Kim Bassinger or Christie Brinkley (take one or both for all I care) it was some gorgeous blonde, Freddie Thorne, possibly Tony Pitts, Lobo Chan at the bar in the hotel, super place one woman said she knew who I was and wanted to know why I was there…psychically, Billy Kimber,  sophie Rundle at my table. Sorry for the blondes at the next table who I didn’t recognize.

Here’s where I’m always left sad, I try desperately to ID everyone I can, I also know you all have lives and take time out to come do this. I’m extremely honored that you do this. I’m saddened when I can’t ID the person but I had new glasses on so I did better. I also know people don’t leave until they are ID’ed, sorry for that and thank you for coming.

Again, the band is beyond expectation.

When I was doing my early work and people like Amy, Elvis and Freddie came up on my radar I knew somewhere in this world there was a place where the greatest singers of all time held concerts for special groups, for close friends, and I so badly wanted to go to one, not just etherically so this is a wish come true.

Forgive me if I missed you and thanks to everyone once again.


FYI: The new Star Wars film was delicious!!!



Hello to my ladies

Gorilla my dreams: Part IV

So the evening wrapped up at the Gorilla compound last night with the Gorilla caretaker reading my blog to all the gorillas while they hung out playing games, reading and the the matron knitting.

They laughed uproariously at the my antics and miserated that they were locked up and I was allowed to roam free. I assured them that there were multiple attempts to lock me up including stealing my wallet and trying to get a spoor sample to frame me with.

I’ll be coming back to see them soon unless they either shut me or the exhibit down. I’ll try and sneak some Fritos in or anything that ends in ‘itos. I’m sure they will enjoy.

Next: Fun and games at the Penguin house.

Gorillas on Ice-Ed makes a new friend Part III

I had a good talk with him about getting out of the compound which I’m sure he could do. He said he’s afraid to get out because they’ll kill him or put him in jail. He was really frightened about going to jail which is really a small cage and you can’t go outdoors and you’re stuck there endlessly. He said it’s terrible. He called it jail and it was very clear that it was. He had a lot of anxiety around this and didn’t want to go back and he kept an eye on everyone there to make sure no one got out of line, he was a protector of them but he lived in fear. I guess most great protectors live in fear. He was pretty much PTSD but he was really forthcoming with me and again, he and the others thought I was funny and not a harm to them. So I once again made a new friend at Disney-world but as with all my friends at some point they either want to kill me, try to kill me or get ordered to kill me…it’s a gift!!!

Gorillas in the Midst… Midst or what? I don’t know Part II

Normally this would be the part of the story where Dian Fossey begins to think like Katherine the 2nd but this has nothing to do with it.

Right now the animal handlers/trainers are working with the gorillas to look uneducated. They have removed their copies of the New York Times informing the Gorillas that it’s virtually all propaganda created by the Jews to take over the world and instead gave them copies or Brave New World, 1984 and Animal Farm informing them that some animals are more equal than others.

However, they are training them to jump up and down and look more dumbed down rather than the blue furry creature in xmen who wears glasses and hangs upside down by his feet.

So I went back a second time, mostly to see the monkeys and gorillas again. There was a female wandering around the compound which is pretty nice except for the Arbeit Macht Frei sign and a clock stuck at the same time.

The female carried around on her foot a tarp and she would wander around and sit on the tarp periodically and stay nice and clean. I don’t know if she was trained to do that but if I owned gorillas worth about ten million dollars each I’d be really careful what’s in the cage so they don’t choke or go eat-in chicken on you.

One of the males passed by where I was standing and I psychically spoke to him. I asked him how he was doing. He pretended not to acknowledge me, I’m sure lots of people do this with him all day, but I managed to get through but he didn’t want to play along…that is until… I said to Marcia climb in the cage and go take the tarp from the other gorilla, (I figured out later it was a female. A few seconds later the gorilla charged at me, stopped dead in his tracks by the ravine and engaged in a staring contest with me. My heart started pounding and I was sure he could jump the ravine and get me. We continued to stare at each other while I reviewed my karate moves learned from Mr. Bobby and decided a side kick would be my best defense as my leg might actually connect with his bread basket before he murdered me.

I then remember that you’re supposed to stay perfectly still, ignore the animals or crap in your pants so the smell repugnates him. I had no problem crapping my pants and decided I would ignore him and play dead while he feasted on my carcass. We stared at each other for about 25 minutes…ok, 2 minutes at most seemed a lot longer, then he looked askance a bit and smirked. A young gal who I psychically spoke with later as I did the gorilla asked me what happened. I told her I had a sling shot and kept bopping his girlfriend in the ass cause I wanted to go full Fossey on her…no I didn’t say that…i think I said he didn’t like what I was saying to my wife. She said later on psychically she doubted that was it but this is the reason I don’t get out much…if you think I get in trouble on line try me in vivo. I went to see Penn and Teller in NYC a few years ago and got banned from the city and had to leave under safe passage. (True story). Hell I’m banned from LA but I still go back…oh and Maccabi games…and Boca Raton….and this bar near the junction by Brooklyn College and an old girlfriend’s father’s underwear drawer (haha made that one up!)

I spoke to the Gorilla when I got home and he was very enlightening. He didn’t like what I said about the tarp and needed to show me a lesson then he and the others decided I was really pretty funny and started laughing with each other.

Here’s where it gets sad…



MK Ultra Gorillas-Part I

I love Animal Kingdom. It’s now my favorite theme park. Also a plea for Sea World… go visit it. It was my favorite park but I hear they’re getting rid of the whales and there used to be a guy who sang before the dolphin show who I really liked.

Anyway, Animal Kingdom used to be a bit of a snooze but I’ve had a great time the last two times. The monkeys are a riot but I’m loving the gorillas.

The next to last time one of the gorillas, a male, got up onto a rock and ate some Romaine lettuce while he looked at the crowd. I decided to tune into his thoughts. Here’s what he was thinking: “Oh yes, I remember that one…oh yes that one too! He’s new and so is she.” It went something like that. He pulled off each leaf and munched on it thoughtfully.

I went home and thought all this over for a few weeks and realized something…This was all an act. He didn’t just happen onto that rock. He was trained to go there. Not only that this whole thing was scripted for the people who are psychic…cause I cant be the only one. Someone must have handed him the lettuce and told him to go sit on the rock, look at the people and decide who he’s seen before….Total Act!!! Not only that as confirmed during my next trip the gorillas spoke perfect English! See, a lot of people who work for Disney are either extremely bright or genius’s and so are the Gorillas.

So it was all pretense, an act but also an act for psychics. I then reasoned that if these gorillas could speak perfect English, psychically they could do pretty much anything including being used in battle and by law enforcement. They would probably have battle gear, flack jackets, helmets, etc. They would also be unstoppable. They might be trained in weaponry like guns, or swords and shields. They’d probably train them like attack dogs and also have them work under more realistic conditions with men who are considered enemies or undesirables as well as woman and children. Some of this would be pure and simple blood sport for sadistic delight.

The other thing I pondered was whether those Gorillas could get out of that place. I came to the conclusion that they could which one of them confirmed to me.

Part II to follow




I’m preparing Mochi right now…otherwise known as Gateau De Riz Decoupe en Tranches or slice rice cake.

Mochi (Japanese, もち) is Japanese rice cakemade of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.[1]

Little known fact: While also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time.

Every New Year in Japan dozens of families wake up to find out that their beautiful elderly relatives in nursing facilities have choked to death on this virtually inedible rice product. Sadly, their last dying words inevitably are…what the fuck is this shit?” Then something about Rosebud and mistakenly switching from Scotch to Martinis.

The families then hunt down the Nursing Home owners and make them stand on a street corner wearing “Ribbons of  Shame” and then force them to perform Hari Kari while they drop eggs on them and yell, “Bombs away” while they play Barbra Streisand songs.

Mochi was featured in an episode of the Patty Duke Show when Patty Lane, played by Patty Duke, accidentally adopts a kid from South East Asia who won’t eat anything until Patty tries to brush his teeth and the kid grabs the toothpaste and starts eating it yelling Mooci…Moochi. Me and my brother ran around for weeks yelling Moochi….Moochi!!! It was great college fun!


The Sweet

This is a band you don’t hear too much about. Ron wrote the song and it rose to #3 in the US. Sweet performing “Little Willy” on BBC’s Top Of The Pops in 1972. The song was written by Mike Chapman & Nicky Chinn and produced by Phil Wainman The single was originally released by RCA Records in June 1972. Single Chart Positions: UK: 4 Germany: 3 Canada: 1 Denmark: 1 Finland: 2 Switzerland: 2 USA: 3

Ron’s probably in the band but who can tell. That was back when everyone looked like David Cassidy. FYI, I’m thinking a couple of them might be gay. they had another super song, “Ballroom Blitz” The song shows up in a lot of films but probably best known for being in Wayne’s World, a film described by Dana Carvey as “A popular movie but really not that good” or something like that which I agreed with since I watched about 2/3 of it and kept saying “…it sold $200,000,000 worth of tickets…it’s got to get better.” it didn’t unless I missed something in the last third which is possible.

This is from Wikipedia as well: “The Ballroom Blitz” (often called “Ballroom Blitz“) is a song by the British rock band The Sweet, written and produced by Nicky Chinnand Mike Chapman. It was featured on the popular musical The Rocky Horror Show.” It was not in the movie, I’ve seen the stage production twice recently and listened to it multiple times and never saw or heard of it in the play or film.


  • Some people believe that the Sweet song Ballroom Blitz was featured in this movie, and the people who think the song is in the movie might be confusing the song for The Time Warp.

If this is a mistake on Wikipedia it needs to be corrected.

Here’s Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

Here it is from Wayne’s World











Ansel Elgort in “November Criminals”


Movie Review: November Criminals
Saw this one yesterday which got something like 29 tomatoes. Ok so it’s not exactly a blockbuster but it was a good film, a murder mystery, drama, love story and it works on all levels. Ansel Elgort is a favorite actor of mine though I’m never sure which actor he’s playing since either him or his alternate identity was in Baby Driver and he was in American Horror Story Freak Show and the one with the Witches Coven and probably the others. They played David Bowies life on Mars during a scene with him and he did it before in Freak Show, same song, same guy. I think this may have been his best acting role though I loved him in Baby Driver. Chloe Grace Moretz did a super job too in what would also be a coming of age film if you know what I mean. She looks like one of the daughters of Mary Kate or Ashley and sadly yes I can tell them apart. And Ansel is David Bowie’s son and we all know who Bowie is. A couple of twists and turns and overall a captivating drama. Nothing wrong with this film that the Immigrant Song couldn’t cure. Rating: Should have gotten 75 tomatoes instead of 29. Enjoy!
Back Story: I sent Ansel a T-shirt not too long ago because I heard he might be a relative. I figured out who he was from the film “Moonrise Kingdom” This pretty much led to an international crisis so not only am I banned from most of California, and Disney France, and parts of Japan but also banned from sending anyone in LA gifts, also banned from the gym because I discovered there were gonuvim there stealing. Also banned from Boca Raton…and NYC!
After the murder of his friend is dismissed as gang violence, high schooler Addison (Ansel Elgort) decides to launch an investigation of his own. With help from his girlfriend Phoebe (Chloë Grace Moretz), he quickly discovers that the mystery is darker and deeper than he ever imagined. Tessa Albert…

Ron’s A Righteous Man: Follow Up

The question has arisen for the last few days: “You and Ron have bumped heads and you have some issues with him that are longstanding and you’ve made no bones about. How are you able to attribute the quality of righteousness to him when you have thoughts and feelings which might not mesh with this? (Paraphrased)

  1. This is a declaration which is declared to be self evident which means that my thoughts and feelings on the matter should have limited impact.
  2. Despite #1 my thoughts and feelings do impact on this, in my mind on an overall balance with the world at stake Ron tops over the 50% mark which is enough to save the world. When talking about saving 100’s of millions of lives everything else becomes very small in context.
    {“I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.” —Richard Blane}
  3. “I’m saying this because it’s true” —Same

Had to play the final scene

Ron’s response: “Of all the basements in all the towns in all the world he had to teleport into mine!”

I’ll entertain questions as they arise


First Question’s Answer: I was called to Ron’s basement  by the care of one person and the help of others, some things are unlikely to change and only time will tell but time is an ever shrinking quantity, but we’ll always have Paris. I cannot change who am and I’ll go to my dying days with my last two instructions and the prices paid to enjoy even the status quo.

I have but one goal here…just one…and the object of the mission is to stay on track. I’m a good soldier and I do what I’m told from the keeper of my last two instructions, which can never be released as they occurred in another time and place and there is no one with authority over me to release them. The authority lies with God, the Goddess and the Fates to fulfill the instructions or not. No man can fulfill them.

“Vous ne les laisserrez pas passer”

“I said what I meant and I meant what I said.”

Question 2: No my goal is not to piss off Ron. I’m answering questions and dealing with difficult issues. I was asked to express this arena so I stepped into another cauldron.

Question 3: Too minor to address, deals with money and not enough to make a big deal about since I’ve turned down $350,000,000 in the past.

Kiki’s Musik Korner: Piero Umiliani

was humming this today for whatever reason the thought inserters had and my patient hummed it back. She recognized it from Sesame Street, I was humming it from Benny Hill. From an Italian composer it also made it’s way to Sweden and was popular there. Who could have done that?

This is the part where Benny slaps the bald headed guy on his head

Declaration: Monday, December 4, 2017

On this day Monday, December 4, 2017 Ron Howard is declared to be…a righteous man.

Discussion:     I’m posed two different questions at this point 1) Under whose authority am I making such a declaration and 2) Should it not be a proclamation instead of a declaration?

I believe both questions can be answered at the same time.

What is the difference between a proclamation and a declaration?

“As nouns the difference between proclamation and declaration is that proclamation is a statement which is proclaimed; a formal public announcement while declaration is a written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief.” (This is a common definition off the net).

I express this in writing as a declaration, not a proclamation under no one’s authority but as an indication of fact, opinion and belief. I believe that Ron is a righteous man and knowing him as deeply and for as long as I have I hold this to be “self-evident”.

Definition of: self-ev·i·dent
“self-evident truths” Synonyms are: obviousclearplainevidentapparentmanifestpatentaxiomatic, and others.
What is righteousness?
Righteousness (also called rectitude) is “the quality of being morally right or justifiable.”[1] It can also be considered synonymous with “rightness”. [2] It is a concept that can be found in Dharmic traditions and Abrahamic traditions as a theological concept. For example, from various perspectives in ChristianityJudaism, and Islam it is considered an attribute that implies that a person’s actions are justified, and can have the connotation that the person has been “judged” or “reckoned” as leading a life that is pleasing to God.
What constitutes a righteous man? Psalm 37:37 says: “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.” These are the heritage of the qualities of righteous men and women. They enjoy peace, but there is no peace for the wicked who who broke God’s law, or the believer pretending to worship God.   RIGHTEOUSNESS, the fulfillment of all legal and moral obligations. Righteousness is not an abstract notion but rather consists in doing what is just and right in all relationships; “…keep justice and do righteousness at all times” (Ps. 106:3; cf. Isa. 64:4; Jer. 22:3; Ezek. 18:19–27; Ps. 15:2). Righteous action results in social stability and ultimately in peace: And the work of righteousness shall be peace (Isa. 32:17; cf. Hos. 10:12; Avot 2:7).
Leaving the vast world of entertainment aside Ron has worked diligently to keep his finger on the pulse of society and makes the best choices possible in an often inequitable world. Choosing the lesser of two evils is not choosing evil and this is a fine distinction of a fine character. 
He has come from and created family that increasingly hold to socially responsible thinking because being righteous means doing things that are right..
From my personal perspective I hold Ron in the highest esteem in the way he has reshaped the world. He is committed to a natural flow of life and using resources responsibly. He expanded people’s consciousness through his studies in India and Tibetan and Hindu culture as well as more classical Western thought and spirituality. He helped bring EST/Lifespring to fruition which brought upon us the concepts of: honesty, excellence, relentlessness, and the belief in the ability that you can do anything and I mean anything you set your mind to. (I would not be here now doing what I do and having done what I’ve done without the Lifespring trainings.)God has appointed me abilities which through Ron’s great direction we were able to eliminate current and potential sources of harm working through God’s natural laws. If they weren’t in line with God’s will I could not do them. And ultimately my highest goal came to fruition (I’m sure there’s stuff left to do though). I have miserated on showing up after the fact at some great injustice like the Holocaust or 911. What good is that? The stories were told about what went on are usually void of truth except for a lot of dead people. Here on the two evenings of the Battle of Jade Helm we saved 200million lives. This is a culmination for me in trying to keep the world safe and sound. We didn’t have to miser ate after the fact about what we should have done because we did it.
I provide the declaration: Ron Howard is a righteous man. 
A proclamation can be entered but I don’t feel the need for it since I’m just stating the obvious.

Kiki’s Thanksgiving Aftermath…

As a result of the newly celebrated Thanksgiving Holiday homeless shelters virtually emptied out except for a few shut-in recluses and a paranoid schizophrenic who insisted this was a secret plot by the new head of The NWO to control the masses by feeding them hormone and tryptophan laden turkey in order to put them into deep hypnotic states and subject them to unprecedented mind control that the MKUltra movement could only dream of…bitch. (Remember, never end a sentence with a preposition.)

The shelters remained 20% under capacity for the first few days after the holiday then burgeoned beyond capacity when the word got out that starlets were showing up at the shelter, cleaning them up and taking them home ostensibly to do kitchen work, and join in a festive meal which they did after the drugs wore off and they were untied. The homeless awoken to find pools of wax on their bodies and a body part that looked like it had been in a Brillo ad. The starlets blamed the hormones in the turkey and a guy named Ed for the fiasco until the homeless realized they hadn’t eaten yet. After the festive meal the starlets convinced the homeless that they were unskilled at tying knots by doing a demonstration that would make a boy scout jealous and a seaman blush. The starlet (ok, it was mostly one gal) then showed a video a masked gent resembling the homeless man to prove to him that it could not have been him while her husband greatly comforted the man in ways a wife or a fresh warm apple pie.

The upgraded homeless shelter now called, “The Homeless Agency” raised additional funds by getting a fat commission, upwards of the 20-25% (maximum allowable by the screen actors guild), and selling tickets to the starlets’ boudoir.

The bonanza came to a virtually screeching halt when the homeless already rubbed raw began to seek additional remuneration quoting SAG guidelines, “Commision is payable only when the employment contract provides for overscale residual payments. Agent may commission 1st and 2nd rerun if original employment is overscale, and residuals check is more than $100. Commissionable if over scale residual; otherwise known as the Gilligan’s Island clause or the, “Werner promised me Maryann and Ginger were going to be here, though Lovey did give me a handy so there is that”…clause.

Some of the homeless actors began to be recognized as actually actors which put a damper on the Cinema Verite. Matt Damon got outed soon after starting a scene which then turned into a tickle movie where they engendered to tickle him until he urinated on set. This lasted about 40 minutes until he begged them to stop and began quoting from Dziga Vertov. The urine was collected and sold to benefit the Joshua House and the National Association for Incontinence. Joshua House plans on using the extra funds to raise their online rating from 3 to 5 stars. Matt has gone on to star in Bourne Incontinent and represent a new brand of Huggies for adults.


Reality check…people are really enraged with my previous post In a couple of hours the secular holiday of Thanksgiving will start. For most it is a wonderful occasion to get together with family, friends, extended family, and future friends. It’s relatively low pressure holiday, it requires about a week or two of preparation for the hosting family and for a holiday is relatively low cost for most…some poultry, and some sides. Special efforts are made for vegans and vegetarians to have a replacement dish for the poultry. I saw some fake lemon chicken in the fridge though why they couldn’t make fake lemon turkey I don’t know.

Life changes, people change, times change and holidays do change. Chanukah was a celebration of a Hebrew battle victory. It now celebrates a fairly minor miracle of a small bottle of oil lasting 8 days…not exactly Moses parting the Red Sea. Christmas was the holiday of the birth of the Messiah.,, many still celebrate it as such.

In part the holiday of Thanksgiving celebrates the Harvest. Along with it is a story of cooperation between European settlers and Native Americans which leaves out a larger more troubling issue that occurred. The story has become a fairy tale we tell our children while…

As I tell this I realize how enraged people are with me and my previous post from Seinfeld. I’m guess the evening before Thanksgiving is a solemn day and I have the appearance of making light of it…my ignorance is vast.

I have encountered a troubling issue here which is far bigger than myself and I don’t have a solution, Earth borne issues are seldom solved from pink clouds.

As part of a greater culture we subsume the culture we exist in. Can the holiday be changed sufficiently to celebrate great tenets like the earth, the harvest, the rain and a truer lesson of mutual cooperation?

I hate to give up the holiday. My family has gotten together for years in celebration for years…but celebrating what? An ear of corn hanging on the door? It’s not like the holiday of Passover where we literally spend hours discussing every aspect of the Exodus and the representation of each crumb of Matzoh laying on the table. In all the years we celebrating Thanksgiving I can only once remember discussing the origins of the holiday…only once…but what is clear is it was a holiday of family and cheer and abundance and I again hate to give it up.

At one point in this story my host family made disclosures about themselves and without issue I agreed to make major changes in some of my external defining characteristics. Not that it would have been a deal breaker but I would have had a really hard time giving up Thanksgiving.

I think the holiday could be better managed to maintain the respect to the true events of the time, maintain integration into the greater culture and again celebrate the goodness of the earth and it’s abundance during the  harvest which is in fact a tenet of virtually all religions.

Humblest apologies to those toes I’ve step on and a greater thanks to all those who’ve patient with me.


text unchecked for errors

Answering questions

    1. This is not a celebration of the wholesale slaughter of millions of people. It’s a secular holiday and I don’t know anyone who has celebrated this.
    2. Is it sacrilege to at least explore this topic? My point is that whereas there is a terrible story, the holiday as it’s been sold and practiced does not reflect this.
    3. Who am I to question this? The holiday in my household and the people in my community has always been festive without negative connotation of any sort. It’s been a time of family and friends and mostly food. I believe the holiday has been portrayed to represent good things. this is the holiday we celebrated. No one celebrated death and destruction…we celebrated the fairy tale.
    4. I’m hearing people are understanding some of this…it’s just difficult to make a major change…
    5. I’m happy with open discussion
    6. What do I want? At the end of the day I truly love turkey…I love it baked fried, scrambled with eggs, mixed with the mashed potatoes and corn into a soup from that roasted chicken place that went out of business (Boston Market), i love it left overed, i love the skin fried into turkey skin bacon…and so forth. I love the family the food and the whole notion, true or not, that people could get along and share this world in abundance. We know this can be true but it is often not. Can the holiday reflect better values and a hope for the future?
    7. In all cultures good people have rescued and helped others irrespective of race, creed religion and other “values”. Animals practice these behaviors too. Could this be a better tool for learning tolerance in our society? and still maintain the honor of the true events of the time?

I was excited to see that Matthew McConaughey was already on this, getting ahead of the curve advertising turkey like he does beef…turns out it was Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Search Results

Matthew McConaughey’s Debuts New Wild Turkey Ad Campaign … 

Sep 14, 2017 – Matthew McConaughey is back in front of (and behind) the camera for his latest Wild Turkey ad campaign. The actor, 47, first teamed up with the whiskey brand to write, direct and star in commercials in September 2016, and this is his second project with them. In the new spot (above), McConaughey can be …

any other questions or comments?

can i do this again? yes anytime I feel like jumping into a boiling cauldron of oil to see what it’s like in there

fix your arm…yes

she’s nice!

ok hold on

give this a few days to fully correct…you guys have a lot of aches and pains and spine problems

you don’t need my permission to eat turkey, I would check with the elders to come to wise counsel about how and if to proceed

I’m hearing from the elders that there are no sanctions against thanksgiving anymore.!

I advise stuffing yourself silly with turkey and gravy and so on. The holiday celebrates, the good earth, the harvest, the rain, good fortune, family and the world! Enjoy!!

Good night all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Festivus…for the Rest of Us!!

Happy Festivus… for the Rest of Us!

31 days until Festivus! Festivus is coming! I’ve got a lot of problems with you people!

“Happy Festivus” is the traditional greeting of Festivus, a holiday featured in the Season 9 episode of Seinfeld named “The Strike“, which first aired on December 18, 1997. Since then, many people have been inspired by this zany, offbeat Seinfeld holiday and now celebrate Festivus as any other holiday.

According to the Seinfeld model, Festivus is celebrated on December 23rd. However many people celebrate it other times in December and even at other times throughout the year.

The slogan of Festivus is “A Festivus for the rest of us!” The usual holiday tradition of a tree is manifested in an unadorned aluminum pole, which is in direct contrast to normal holiday materialism. Those attending Festivus may also participate in the “Airing of Grievances” which is an opportunity to tell others how they have disappointed you in the past year, followed by a Festivus dinner, and then completed by the “Feats of Strength” where the head of the household must be pinned. All of these traditions are based upon the events in the Seinfeld episode, Strangely enough, our Festivus traditions also have roots that pre-date Seinfeld, as it began in the household of Dan O’Keefe, a television writer who is credited for writing the Seinfeld episode.

Kiki’s Korner Presents: Who has Ed seen?

I’ll begin to post who I’ve seen, or who I think I’ve seen. If you gave me a random photo I probably could figure out who it is but I’m embarrassed by how many I miss but here goes:

Taraji P. Henson in Hidden Figures spotted at Shop-rite on 10/20/17


Lidya Jewett, 11/19/17 at Echelon Health and Fitness and Pittsburgh football game. Hidden Figures

Seen on 11/20/17 at Echelon Health and in the fall at Pittsburgh Football and quite an actress!



Part II What I did on Facebook today…

Ed Chiarini of found a photo containing Walt Disney a few years back that may have been only 10-20 years old now. Walt supposedly died in 1966, and Hitler supposedly died in 1945. Ed had him alive sometime around 2000 give or take 5 years. I found a photo which I correctly interpreted as having him in it from 2015, yes a lot went on that year. Walt was real annoyed that I had found out he was Adolf Hitler from that photo and had doubts that I could have done it. I assured him that I figured it was either him or Joseph Stalin. He then correctly said, “You knew I was alive though.” I told him yes. He said, “From the other guy,” I said yes. He then excused himself went into the next room and then returned. I didn’t know at the time but he had put a major contract out on the other Ed. As I said earlier I managed to help Ed out on that one and also a previous attempt but the second one was way more serious and looked something like Lot and his family fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah sans pillar of salt, as Ed and his friend Richard fled through the carnage.

Ed Baruch I may put up the photo in a day or two. The photo may appear too thin but I’m very good at following the bread crumbs and there is other evidence in the photo that makes it more compelling.

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Ed Baruch Ok, here’s the photo. Virtually every person in this photo is either famous or very famous and everyone is identifiable in some fashion. I’ll give you one…there is the back of a man’s head in the bottom right corner, to the right of the guy with the grey sweater on…that’s Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. I only missed a couple here. Good luck, I’ll put up some answers later on.

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor

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Ed Baruch Oh…this is what’s called a staged photo. It looks random or haphazard but everyone is told to stand very still and positioned just so. The FBI have books with all the staged events like this one with the names of each person in them. They have them going back over 50 years, maybe a hundred.
There’s probably about 2 dozen photos from the “Missing Person Case” Cayman Naib is Missing. This was a very interesting photo!
First, how many people in this photo? Do you recognize anyone? The man dead center next to the blonde is Farid Naib, his w and ife, the blonde is Rebecca Malcolm Naib…she’s a really terrific lady and is Kate Jackson from the original Charlies Angels. The guy with the cap against the left wall I have not identified. The woman with the dreadlocks with her back to us I have not identified either. The two people in front of the guy with the cap are the mother and stepfather of a very famous actor. They both turn out to show up in a lot of staged events and the guy played the psychologist, Creepy Gene Rosen in the Sandy Hook Hoax. The actor became really angry with me when I did some digging and found out some key aspects of his history and life. I thought it was brilliant work, he thought it intrusive and made the point of coming to my office to play an obnoxious fake patient. He’s one of my favorite actors but I can’t tell you who he is because he’s still really pissed at me. Ok…it’s Matt Damon and the guy is brilliant!!! I would go see his crappy films but he’s never made one. He writes under a different name and wrote a short film called, “Penny Dreadful” not to be confused with the TV series. It’s only about 20 minutes but it’s hysterical. Anyway I can’t tell you who he is or he’ll come after me again just like Diane Keaton…that one wasn’t my fault!!! How was I supposed to know she was Sharon Stone?!!! Here’s where it gets interesting…see the guy in the bottom right hand corner with the winter coat on? That’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Now it gets really interesting…how many people are in this photo? If you answered 7 you’re wrong! The answer is 8. To the right of Netanyahu are some tufts of hair of a greying person. That person is Elie Weisel, author of “Night”. I had the pleasure of speaking with him a few days before he died and I was able to ask him some questions about Kazakhstan after an unpublicized event took place. He described it as having “The most virulent anti-Semites in the world.” Which answered most of my questions.

On a lighter subject

On a lighter subject…damn those crunchy Chinese noodles!!! You know they’re not good for you. As luck would have it I tossed the sweet and sour sauce hours ago because it would have been all over by now. Why is there not a snack food on the shelves at WaWa that is essentially crunchy Chinese noodles? And I’ll tell you how to do it… make the stuff, flavor it with either Cool Ranch or Spicy Nacho Cheese and end the name of the snack with “…itos.” So it would be, “Crunchy Chinese Nooditos.” by Frito Lay.

This is off Facebook from today…


Ed Baruch

1 hr

For anyone paying attention…the work on this can be found at and

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Ed Baruch Self explanatory

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Ed Baruch for anyone paying attention…why put this up here? Lee Blair sadly was one of the architects of the holocaust/WWII. There is not a lot of information on this and not every Disney employee was involved in the Holocaust in a substantive way, but he was. Very likely he was #3 or #4 at the top of the food chain who handled the nuts and bolts of the annihilation of European Jewery amongst other groups ethnically cleansed. His daughter who I met was extremely conflicted about the role her father undertook. She loved him greatly but felt extremely guilty about his actions and she apologized to me which greatly surprised me because at that point in time I was despised by many Disney insiders, as well as some other clusters of people. I didn’t feel an apology was necessary as I didn’t believe the sins of the father fell onto the daughter. I was not aware of his involvement in the Holocaust. Ultimately it cost him his life in 2015. He died the day after Walt Disney died.

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Ed Baruch I had the next to last conversations with both Walt Disney and Lee Blair. In substance the two conversations were very similar and fear based. Both gentlemen passed on during their last conversations a few minutes later, which was ordering a contract. Walt also placed a contract on a close friend of mine earlier in our conversation who I wound up helping out. Walt’s downline of 750 people passed soon after Walt and Lee’s downline of 1750 did the same. They died a day apart in 2015. The man who arranged this is a true American hero. Both Walt and Lee were very dirty men and at the end of the day got their just desserts. They were responsible for the deaths of millions. Walt’s final words to me in that last conversation was, “I should have finished you when I had the chance,” a reference to the Holocaust.

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Ed Baruch George Santayana said, “Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.” The problem with this is history books are filled with a great deal of nonsense. If we understood the truth about history we’d be less likely to repeat it. Also, it’s one thing to uncover the true criminals of history but how do you prevent the next holocaust before it happens. The man responsible for 911 also died in 2015 in an egregious fashion. He died within minutes of the death of his son; the son torn to shreds by a woman he loved. The deaths occurred sometime after a coup was attempted by this man at “The Battle of Jade Helm”. Jade Helm can be reviewed off the net but not the battle. The goal was the destruction of 200 million Americans with the retention of property as best possible. The vacated homes were to be given to people from sympathetic countries and largely come up from the south through Mexico. The “coup” would have taken roughly 5 years and again 200 million lives. The Battle of Jade Helm took place over 2 days and cost the opposition 285 lives and over 20 trillion dollars in damage. No lives lost for the American public. The handwriting on the wall was on this for many years. The opposition loosely named The New World Order but just a fancy name for Imperialism (check out HG Wells on this). “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”– H G Wells from
The New World Order (1940).

The NWO originally said to have been set back 20 years by the losses at Jade Helm have actually thrived under new and much more reasonable and inclusive leadership. With a leadership vacuum and a need for leadership not hell bent on destruction the remaining NWO appointed a new head originally called the “Principal” but later changed to “President”.

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Super Week away

Thanks to everyone who made this a super week!!!  I’m posting very little as it has come down to hand to hand fighting in Earth vs. The Flying Saucers and advertising your moves…definitely not helpful.

FYI a few ago I did notice a bunch of you guys at the game in Pittsburgh, thank you for coming. Special thanks to my next door neighbor!!! It turned in some very exciting times. Nothing excites me more and we had a repeat this past weekend.

Incredible people and an event I would never imagine. Thank you everyone, sorry to anyone I missed including jumping off the line at March of the Penguins. I wish I could detail more, all I can say was I had a super great time throughout, met beautiful people, listened to great music, watched acrobats for a second time and ate too much.

What I find funny is what people are thinking about me. Here’s some examples: 1) This is the guy?  2) This can’t be the guy!!  3) Is this the guy?

I told one of the guys on penguins that I was indeed the guy and people think too loud but I love when I hear it!! It shows that my act is working of a disheveled, disconnected, out of touch, pathetic retard! Oh wait, no…not an act…that’s me!!!!

I made some good choices this week, who wouldn’t, There were people who really worked hard at the program…total respect and admiration for them.

I chatted with some people which I understand is a no-no now but it was very cool. One guy thought to me, “We hear you’re pretty normal,” which I thought was great since the only people who actually say that to me are my patients who are used to really whacked out shrinks. it was all very exciting and unexpected, and vastly different from anything I’ve ever been involved in, so thanks again to all.

Oh, and I felt very cared for there…funny…usually I’m on some uphill battle but I felt really very secure especially when we couldn’t get into our room because the lock was changed and there was a security guard stationed down the hall. Maybe he was someone I should have noticed better.

I will leave you to your own devices to go and watch “Hidden Figures” again…loved the film and the actors!







Sorry I just returned to find I’ve been hacked. Someone used this website to ask if Mindy was the same woman from Mork and Mindy!! Foolish hacker!! Well passwords changed and back to normal!!! Later gators …. one kiss for everyone!!

Sensitive issue

I can’t blog at length about this all I’ll say is some are being released which is an absolute pleasure. You’ll have to get info second hand. the walls have ears and i’m in the thick of things.

This is a sensitive issue and timing is needed. I won’t know what’s next until I know so I keep my cards close to my vest. I’ve even said too much already. These are very tricky Muggles!!

I’m taking another stab at the photo, be back soon, one kiss for everybody!!!

Grateful for Blade Runner 2049

Brief review of Blade Runner 2049. Terrific film, especially for a sequel. I can’t think of a single major complaint about the film.

I think most importantly about the film it stuck to the temper and tenor of the original film, Blade Runner, which is somewhere in my top 5 science fiction films, it may be at the top. Waterworld would be in that list too, which i loved. I believe science fiction has to be judged differently than other films but I digress.

Stuck to the themes and overtones of the first film in what could be called a film noir detective science fiction film. Acting was superb, not a stiff in the bunch. I’m not going to single anyone out but you know who you are, Sylvia Hoeks. I’m glad Harrison didn’t get killed off. It’s a pain bringing back great characters after they’re killed like Sigourney Weaver in Alien or Bill Shatner or Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek.

I give this film an A+. Under normal circumstances I’d give it just an A but I give the additional + for not fucking it up! Not so easy making a sequel and this hit it out of the park.

FYI, I spotted Gilly in the film…omg!!!! super super super job!!!! A pleasure to watch on the screen even as an Asian.

Also shout out to Edward James Olmos who I loved in the original but I suspect would never have let Harrison in his new flying car with an open bowel of ramen noodle soup.


Desolation Row

one of my favorite dylan songs but I love My Chemical Romance’s version. they manage to distill and 10+ minute song to under 4 and knock it out of the park.

Loved it at the end of Watchmen.


Something wrong with this kid?


Look for a post vaccination syndrome if yes.

possible floppy baby ,  eyes don’t track together, possible low cognition

sweet and beautiful but likely developmental issues, physical and likely cognitive.

Major Error Correct: Which Beatle is Ron?

Major Error

I knew Ron Howard was one of the Beatles. Sadly, I chose the wrong one and I apologize to Ron and anyone else this affected. I know I have a bunch of errors around Cheryl and I was not aware of Diane Keaton’s role of importance in this family so I have sins of omission with her. Also, sins of omission with Robin Williams.

I went to see “British Invasion Years a few times now.” I’ve been impressed with everyone up there (why shouldn’t I be?) I recognized Robin Williams up there and was blown away by his magnificent voice and knowledge and handling of the songs. The others are tremendous as well but this was a real surprise for me and I was left with a nagging feeling that he must have been one of the original Beatles. Admittedly my work here was sloppy but I had other information and thought I had George Harrison nailed down. I went to look at Ringo again and noticed the resemblance between Ringo and Bono. I don’t believe there are enough quality photos of Ringo with Bono and I had just identified Bono as Robin Williams. I then thought that there may have been two Ringos, one Robin one Ron, but I started to look at George Harrison again. I realized that George looked like two other identities of Ron: Nureyev and Mapplethorpe:

Rudolf Nureyev aka Ron Howard

Robert Mapplethorpe aka Ron Howard 

George Harrison aka Ron Howard…scarring looks correct’

I now have Robin Williams as Ringo Starr.

Ringo Starr aka Robin Williams

I’m double checking on Paul McCartney.

Again, humblest of apologies to all. As I’ve said earlier.

“In this craft when learning don’t be afraid to make mistakes; when skilled don’t make mistakes.”

Matt Damon Part 3 Previous Posts on 6/7/18 6/8/18

So today I was reviewing all the people who came in to see me in my office from my newfound family and most of them came in a couple of years ago but interestingly enough Matt Damon came in, in disguise for a few sessions of therapy within the last couple months, which did not go well. I believe he came in with depression and I put him on some medication but somewhere around the fourth session or so he stated he wasn’t improved at all, previously he had been progressing nicely. I knew something was wrong with this, it was incongruous, and I had a feeling I was being played. I ended the session relatively quickly and got him out and he never came back but it occurred to me today, why was Matt there in the first place. A few people came in after fact, people mostly came in from the Cayman Naib is missing scenario a couple years ago but Matt came in well after that…then I remembered. I outed him. There are two previous posts about him and I must have rattled his cage and he became pretty angry with me. I found one of his alter identities by looking up the writer of Penny Dreadful and noticing it was him. FYI so he wrote Penny Dreadful which is now my favorite comedy of all time, also loved most of the Jason Bourne films and his other work, so I’m a fan but i also figured out who his dad is (Ron), his mom (not Cheryl), his kids, found a picture of his wife in the alternate identity, found his maternal grandfather, his maternal great-grandfather, where he grew up (Iceland), photos of him not seen before from Iceland, and his mother’s husband (stepfather) Creepy Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook.

I figured he showed up because he was a curiosity seeker. Wrong! He was angry, really angry and I spoke with him today. He expressed some of his anger but it was hard to focus looking for the DMV. I didn’t realize he would be angry. The work I did was some of my best but it revealed too much and must have put his life into chaos. He may have felt vulnerable, violated and betrayed. Here’s what I said in one of the posts, dates above:

“…and (I) got to bust on Matt Damon which was really kind of fun seeing how good looking, wonderful and famous and all…sadly that always seems to be fun and I get to meet a lot of new, curious and often pissed off people like this.”

Case in point, this is how I met Damon, he was curious and pissed off. I have to believe he sat there and thought, “You don’t recognize me…do you…punk!!” or something like that. He may also have been seeking some kind of revenge, he may still be doing that.

I’d like to tell you that we came to some resolution…but we didn’t. But it was fun busting his balls and I’m  glad to meet him because I’m a huge fan. It was also some of my best work and I thought he’d appreciate it. This is not so peculiar as it sounds…people have come to love when they come up in this blog or I’ve outed them. Good things tend to happen but if you’re Matt Damon already, a great writer, son of Ron, wonderful mother and maternal family, Danish or Icelandic Royalty  how much better can things get?

I’m sorry he’s angry at me but I really don’t regret what I’ve done. I think it was a story worth telling and I wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t need to be done.

I’ll leave with this thought which I’ve made before…stop making Bourne movies that you are not physically in and do more choreographed fight scenes in the ones you’re in.

Last thought…I know people think I’m a genius with facial recognition, I’m really not, I’m a genius when it comes to research and facial recognition on paper and film. My vision is not sharp enough to make people  out and I’m best with 2D and not 3D. I am also avoidant of people and don’t want to run into or talk to most people…besides if I ran into any of you you’re not allowed to talk about anything anyway.

Matt wants an apology… Ok Matt, I am truly sorry if I have upended your life and your family’s and made you miserable. Next time I see you I’ll make it up to you by Simonizing your balls with Turtle Wax…it leaves a hard-shell finish… Turtle Wax. I’ll even get Paul, Neil or Cowell to help with the Simonizing.

Just as I expected…Ron Howard!

Some favorite people of mine in no particular order or the many faces of a guy called Robin Williams

Jay Leno aka Robin Williams


Robin Williams

Joe Pantoliano aka Robin Williams

Bill Clinton aka Robin Williams

Kurt Russel aka Robin Williams

Bobby M. from British Invasion Years

Dennis Hopper aka Robin Williams

Peter Noone aka Robin Williams

David Patrick Kelley aka Robin Williams

Richard Dormer aka Robin Williams

harrison Ford aka Robin Williams

Ken Osmond aka Robin Williams


Jay North aka Robin Williams

Steve McQueen aka Robin Williams

Leonard Frey aka Robin Williams

Bono aka Robin Williams

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Ringo Starr aka Robin Williams


Marshall Lauer, MD aka Robin Williams

Movie Reviews: It and Mother (from my FB page)

Movie Review
I saw 2 horror films this weekend. Usually not my favorite genre but it’s about the tomatoes and not much else. OK, so saw “It” and “Mother”. “It” was a pretty good film, kept my attention and I’ll go see the sequel. The kids were great in it and so was the clown. It had a nice pace. Empty your bladder before the film actually starts. Skip the last trailer to do it because if you go out at any point you’ll miss something. I’ll give it 4/5 stars. Not highbrow entertainment but then again Stephen King seldom is.

Now “Mother”: It with the psychotic killer clown was like a walk in the park compared to Mother. OMFG!!! Simultaneously the best and worst film of all time. The film left me speechless. I had to run out of the theater when it was over to escape. Bring plenty of Xanax or other benzodiazepine sedative as long as it’s prescribed to you and you consult with your doctor as to how much you should take to go see “Mother” and make it clear it’s for the film and not your actual mother or he may double or triple your dosage. The writer, director, producer and Lady Gaga are all comfortably resting in a mental hospital after being involved with this sick f–king piece of crap but it was the best thing I’ve seen this year. I’m giving it 5/5 stars, yes 5/5. Don’t see it if you’re pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, have children, don’t have children, don’t have medical insurance, have cardiac arrhythmia, a weak stomach, a weak constitution, weak bowels or hemorrhoidal tissue. Remember what I’m about to tell you…do not forget this… you cannot unwatch this film once you’ve seen it. It’s kind of like going on a tour of Auschwitz but in 1943. Oh and don’t bother wearing clean underwear…you won’t need them by the end of the film. Best piece of crap from some really sick ph–ks I’ve ever seen. Special kudos to Gaga who was amazing, as was everyone. Did I mention that the Ga-meister is Jennifer Lawrence…haha I know who she actually is…I think. I’m sure this film will lead to another round of Helter Skelter. Don’t miss it!

Jerry Seinfeld

So I believe I have Ron as Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld  was my favorite show on TV and I’ve credited it’s demise with my cessation of Television viewing.

Here we see issues with the right shoulder, hints of scarring in a letter T or W under the breast plate with a New World Order scarring triangle in the center with a circle dead center of the triangle. This then gives me Clint Howard as Jason Alexander (note: he was in Pretty Woman with Ron as Richard Gere) and Donald as Michael Richards. Not sure about Elaine yet, I’ve made too many mistakes with Cheryl but she’d be top on my list. We also have Wayne Knight (Newman) who shows up in Jurassic Park.

Ron in part with Arnold feigned disappointment when I said I stopped watching TV because Seinfeld when off the air. He must have had a good reason but I didn’t know he was Jerry. whatever his reason I respect it. I  saw him feign disappointment once before after The Battle of Jade Helm when he said, “We’ve (NWO) have been set back 20 years.

Ron is a precision actor as I’ve alluded to before. His perfection in acting would be his undoing except he adds imperfections to his acting to make it seem more natural…very sophisticated!!! For example: someone went to see Woody Allen’s stand up act. He saw it twice and noted that in both acts Woody seemingly loses his place in the telling of a story and rubs his eyes like   he’s trying to remember where he was. Adds a touch of humanity to an otherwise super-man like actor, an Ubermensch if I haven’t lost touch with my meager understanding of Nietzsche.

“See most guys around here don’t go around quoting Nietzsche.”– Coming to America.”

Last point for now. Jerry Seinfeld’s new hairstyle is close to the same as Jeff Alai from British Invasion Years, both men made from the best stuff on earth.

THE MARRIAGE REF — “Julianne Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais” Episode 210 — Pictured: Jerry Seinfeld (Photo by Patrick Harbron/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Things I could have avoided saying to Ron Howard…

Ed:  “Hey Ron… do you remember a TV show called, ‘Love American Style?”

I remembered after asking him the question that his mega-hit show “Happy Days” aired it’s pilot show on Love American Style.”

He was also a major writer of the show.

He wrote the theme song for the show as well

OMG!!!!! I picked the intro to Ron’s Happy Days pilot episode!!! It shows Ron and Marion Ross!! Totally cool!!!

Oh wow…an episode with Harrison Ford!!! I think that’s Darren McGavin on the right who was in a great TV movie called “The Night Stalker”. “There’s a man out there who thinks he’s a vampire!”  The TV series was only fair but the movie was tremendous. I’ll guess thats Ken Berry but I’m not sure.

FYI…the show was a lot of fun and never failed to please!

While perusing the above I came across the pilot to: “The Hillbillies of Berverly Hills” aka “The Beverly Hillbillies”. This was really funny, I don’t believe it lost any of it’s original charm.

The Cast of Game of Thrones in New Zealand…with Mollie!

The Cast of Game of Thrones in New Zealand…with Mollie!  Mollie came home with photos of people I recognized from my favorite TV (HBO) show. She didn’t realize who they were. They were surprising her and me but we surprised the cast as well when the above photo which she didn’t receive was lifted off one of their Facebook pages…surprise!!! Mission: find everyone in the photo.So far three weeks working on this with roughly 21/29 found removing two probable mistakes. EB-9/27/17

26/29 found as of october 8, 2017



The Facts of Life




Sorry, I can’t even tell you why these people are blocked out



Mindy aka Pam Dawber

Eugene Simon aka Lancel Lannister Game of Thrones… not found in the group photo but a great picture deserving of honorable mention


In a bottle or a box…

Having trouble cutting and pasting…

Go to Youtube and find:  1960s Chocks Chewable Vitamins Commercial

Ron was involved in this commercial

He wrote the slogan: “Chewable Chocks in a bottle or a box”  which I thought was inane in hindsight but I remember the ad 50 years later so as advertising I guess it worked. He also did the voice for that statement.

Ron has been doing commercial since he’s very young. He also did the opening song for Winky Dink.

I’ll try and post the videos later.

Who is Mikhail Baryshnikov? A theory:

I’m going out on a limb…again…to reckon’ who Baryshnikov is as we found out that Rudolf Nureyev was Ron Howard. And my best Guess is…….Billy Mumy!!!!

How did I get this? I had the photo below up recently. Baryshnikov, on far right reminded me of someone I had up recently as he listened intently…

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Martha Graham, Rudolf Nureyev and Alice Tully (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Diane Keaton and Al Pacino

Very similar looks on Baryshnikov and Pacino. Also, Billy is very talented and would be as likely as anybody, actually more likely to be as adept in ballet as his brother and hang with him/.

Just from these two photos. Head cocked at same angle, same intensive listening.


I saw Dunkirk this evening, it was the World Premiere…f or me! I think war movies just get better and better and if it wasn’t for the dead bodies and stuff they’d be really good. It did set off my PTSD from the Battle of Jade Helm and I had flashbacks during the film of what went on. I’ve gone through this before but I picked up some details and some emotions so except for the crying and the shit blowing up around me it was a really good experience.


Hopefully this will be my last post about Phantasm.

I’ve mentioned before it being my favorite horror film though in my mind “Reanimator” runs a close second.

If I could do an update of the film I would take the material from the second film that was shot at the time of the first one…essentially the true ending of the first and put it back into the film…voila!! A masterpiece.

Perhaps this has been done already, I know it’s not going to happen but hey…how many fucking times have they recut Blade Runner?!! Admittedly they didn’t splice two movies together…that’s all I have to say about that.

Canned Squid

Ron can be hysterically funny. He was a writer on some of the best sitcoms ever which I not only watched but studied over carefully…you can’t help repeating some of the lines that get caught in your head. Previously we covered Felix telling Oscar (upon falling in love with a football player) that he was going to take care of the player because, “Love has made me strong” Felix responded, “Strength has made him stronger,” which me and my brother pissed ourselves over for weeks.

Today we cover the “Let’s Make a Deal” episode. Where Felix and Oscar get on the show with Monty Hall. Things don’t go well for the two dressed as a horse and they wind up winning a can of canned squid. Fast forward…Monty Hall gets invited to dinner at their home and while Felix and Oscar get nice juicy steak Monty winds up with “canned squid”. Trust me I do no justice to the sketch but a shout out toTony Randall’s great acting (not negating Jack Klugman) who deadpan looks to right center stage and deadpan says, “Canned Squid”. I’m not sure if they made up the horse to look different but he delivers the line in a brilliant fashion. whoops gtg.


Kiki’s Science Shop Presents: The Ear As a Biometric!!

suggest download file, below is missing photos


The Ear as a Biometric

D. J. Hurley1 B. Arbab-Zavar2 and M. S. Nixon3

  1. 1  University of Southampton
  2. 2  University of Southampton
  3. 3  University of Southampton

1 Introduction

The potential of the human ear for personal identification was recognized and advocated as long ago as 1890 by the French criminologist Alphonse Bertillon. In his seminal work on biometrics he writes [7],

“The ear, thanks to these multiple small valleys and hills which furrow across it, is the most significant factor from the point of view of identi- fication. Immutable in its form since birth, resistant to the influences of environment and education, this organ remains, during the entire life, like the intangible legacy of heredity and of the intra-uterine life”.

Ear biometrics has received scant attention compared to the more popular techniques of automatic face, eye, or fingerprint recognition. However, ears have played a significant role in forensic science for many years, especially in the United States, where an ear classification system based on manual mea- surements was developed by Iannarelli, and has been in use for more than 40 years [25], although the safety of ear-print evidence has recently been chal- lenged [28, 14]. Rutty et al. have considered how Iannarelli’s manual tech- niques might be automated [34] and a European initiative has looked at the value of ear prints in forensics [17].

Ears have certain advantages over the more established biometrics; as Bertillon pointed out, they have a rich and stable structure that changes little with age. The ear does not suffer from changes in facial expression, and is firmly fixed in the middle of the side of the head so that the immediate background is predictable, whereas face recognition usually requires the face to be captured against a controlled background. Collection does not have an associated hygiene issue, as may be the case with contact biometrics, and is unlikely to cause anxiety as may happen with iris and retina measurements. The ear is large compared with the iris, retina, and fingerprint and therefore is more easily captured at a distance.

2 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

Burge et al. [5, 6] were amongst the first to describe the ear’s potential as a biometric using graph matching techniques on a Voroni diagram of curves extracted from the Canny edge map. Moreno et al. [30] tackled the problem with some success using neural networks and reported a recognition rate of 93% using a two-stage neural network technique. Hurley et al. used force field feature extraction [18, 22, 23] to map the ear to an energy field which highlights “potential wells” and “potential channels” as features. By achieving a recognition rate of 99.2%, [23] this method proved to yield a much better performance than PCA when the images were poorly registered. The approach is also robust to noise; adding 19dB of Gaussian noise actually improved the performance to 99.6% [24]. Abdel-Mottaleb et al. [1] used the force field transform to obtain a smooth surface representation for the ear and then applied different surface curvature extractors to gather the features.

Statistical holistic analysis, especially Principal Components Analysis (PCA), has proved to be one of the most popular approaches to ear recog- nition. Victor et al. [40] applied PCA to both face and ear recognition and concluded that the face yields a better performance than the ear. However, Chang et al. [8] conducted a similar experiment and reached a different conclu- sion: no significant difference was observed between face and ear biometrics when using PCA. The image dataset in [40] had less control over earrings, hair, lighting etc. and as suggested by Chang et al., this may account for the discrepancy between the two experiments. Chang et al. also reported a recog- nition rate of 90.9% using a multimodal approach. Zhang et al. [48] developed a system combining Independent Components Analysis (ICA) with a Radial Basis Function (RBF) network and showed that better performance can be achieved using ICA instead of PCA. However being pure statistical measures, both PCA and ICA offer almost no invariance and therefore require very accurate registration in order to achieve consistently good results.

Yuizono et al. [47] treated the recognition task as an optimisation problem, proposing a system using a specially developed genetic local search targeting the ear images. Given that their work does not include any feature extraction process, it has no invariant properties. Some studies have focused on geo- metrical approaches [31, 13]; Mu et al. [31] reported an 85% recognition rate using such an approach. Alvarez et al. [3] proposed and intend to implement an ovoid model for segmentation and normalization of the ear.

Yan et al. [45, 43] captured 3D ear images using a range scanner and used Iterative Closest Point (ICP) registration for recognition to achieve a 97.8% recognition rate. Chen et al. proposed a 3D ear detection and recognition system using a model ear for detection, and using ICP and a local surface descriptor for recognition, reporting a recognition rate of 90.4% [9, 12, 10, 11].

A number of multimodal approaches to ear recognition have also been considered [8, 42, 26, 35]. Iwano et al. [26] combined ear images and speech using a composite posterior probability, and showed that the performance improves using ear images in addition to speech in the presence of noise. In this study, PCA was applied to extract the ear features. Chang et al. [8] and

Rahman et al. [35] proposed multimodal biometric systems using PCA on both face and ear. Both studies reported an increase in performance when using multimodal biometrics instead of individual biometrics, achieving multi-modal recognition rates of 90.9% and 94.4% respectively. Yan et al. [42] conducted multi-modal experiments to test the efficacy of various combinations of 2D- PCA, 3D-PCA, and 3D-Edges with the recognition results shown in Table 1. For further details of multi-modal ear and face biometrics see the chapter by Bowyer. An introductory survey of ear biometrics has been provided by Pun

Table 1. Yan et al. Multi-Modal Recognition Results
2d-pca, 3d-pca, 3d-edge, 3d-pca+3d-edge, 2d-pca+3d-edge, 2d-pca+3d-pca, all 3

71.9% 64.8% 71.9% 80.2% 89.7% 89.1% 90.6%

et al. [33].
In related studies Akkermans et al [2] developed an ear biomeric system

based on the acoustic properties of the ear. They measure the acoustic transfer function of the ear by projecting a sound wave at the ear and observing the change in the reflected signal. Scandia Corp. patented a similar technique [37].

We will start this chapter with a review of the anatomy and physiology of the ear and how this is likely to affect its biometric properties. The ear biometrics field is still so small that we will be able to touch on most of the main techniques. In particular, we will describe PCA in some detail as this has proved to be one of the most popular techniques. Despite its intricate mathematical nature, it is quite easy to implement and even easier to use, and should allow the reader to do some simple experiments with ear biometrics in order to confirm their biometric potential. Finally, we will consider the future of ear biometrics and related issues such as 2D and 3D ear databases.

2 Evidence and Support for Ears as a Biometric

The structure of the ear is not quite so random as Bertillon seems to suggest; it has a definite structure just like the face. Most people when asked could easily draw the outline of the ear but only the experienced artist would be able to reproduce from memory its detailed intricate structure. As shown in Figure 1, the shape of the ear tends to be dominated by the outer rim or helix, and also by the shape of the lobe. There is also an inner helix or antihelix which runs roughly parallel to the outer helix but forks into two branches at the upper extremity. The inner helix and the lower of these two branches forms the top and left side of the concha, named for its shell-like appearance. The bottom of the concha merges into the very distinctive intertragic notch, which

The Ear as a Biometric 3

4 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

due to its very sharp bend at the bottom can form a useful reference point for biometrics purposes. Note also the crus of helix where the helix intersects with the lower branch of the antihelix. This is one of the points used by Iannarelli as a reference point for his measurement system, the other point being the antitragus or the little bump on the left of the intertragic notch [25]. The front of the concha opens into the external ear canal or acoustic or auditory meatus, more commonly referred to as the ear hole, although this is usually somewhat concealed by the flesh around and above the tragus. It is interesting to note [32] that the embryonic ear has a small number of about 6 individual growth nodules which eventually develop along with the foetus to become the fully formed auricle in the newborn infant, striking a note with Bertillon’s earlier observation.

Fig. 1. Anatomy of the ear. In addition to the familiar rim or helix and ear lobe, the ear also has other prominent features such as the anti-helix which runs parallel to the helix, and a distinctive hairpin-bend shape just above the lobe called the intertragic notch. The central area or concha is named for its shell-like appearance.

Figure 2 shows a small sample of human ears indicating the rich variety of different shapes. Notice that some ears have well formed lobes, whereas others have almost none. These latter are called “attached lobes” and make measurement of the length of the ear difficult.

Because of the tendency of the inner and outer helices to run parallel, there is quite a degree of correlation between them which detracts somewhat from the biometric value of the ear; indeed it could also be argued that the concha is simply the space that remains when the other parts have been accounted for, so that it is also highly correlated to its neighbouring parts and therefore contributes less independent information than might appear to be the case at first.

The outer ear called the auricula or pinna forms only part of the total ear organ which has evolved to locate, collect, and process sound waves. Many other mammals like horses, dogs, and cats can articulate their ears to better

The Ear as a Biometric 5

Fig. 2. Examples of the human ear shape. Notice that helices, concha, intertragic notch, etc. are present in all the examples, but that some ears have so called attached lobes, where the lobes are poorly formed or are almost non-existent.

locate particular sound sources. Fortunately for the purpose of biometrics we humans can hardly articulate our ears; our ears are held rigidly in position by cartilaginous tissue which is firmly attached the bone at the side of the head. The ear owes its semi-rigid shape due this stiff tissue which underlies its soft flesh.

The face has roughly the same visual complexity as the ear. Quite simple changes in the parameters which define the size and shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, and cheek-bones can lead to a wide range of facial appearances. In this we regard perfect symmetry as a mark of beauty, but we should note that the ear lacks all symmetry. It is also worth noting that since the face is symmetrical about its centre-line, therefore its structure really only represents half-a-face from a biometrics perspective because the information on the left side reflects that on the right. The ear has no symmetry and therefore does not suffer from this drawback giving it an advantage over the face, and of course the face is contorted during speech and when expressing emotions, and its appearance is often altered by make-up, spectacles, and beards and moustaches, whereas the ear does not move and only has to support earrings, spectacle frames, and sometimes hearing aids, although of course it is often occluded by hair. As such, the ear is much less susceptible to covariate interference than many other biometrics, with particular invariance to age.

3 Approaches to Ear Biometrics

3.1 The early work of Iannarelli and Forensic Ears

Alfred Iannarelli developed a system of ear classification used by American law enforcement agencies. In late 1949 he became interested in the ear as a means of personal identification in the context of forensic science. He subsequently developed the Iannarelli System of Ear Identification [25]. As shown in Figure 3 his system essentially consists of taking a number measurements around the

6 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

Fig. 3. Iannarelli’s manual ear measurement system.

ear by placing a transparent compass with 8 spokes at equal 45 intervals over an enlarged photograph of the ear. The first part of registration is achieved by ensuring that a reference line touches the crus of helix at the top and touches the innermost point on the tragus at the bottom. Normalisation and the second step of registration are accomplished by adjusting the enlargement mechanism until a second reference line exactly spans the concha from top to bottom. Iannarelli has appeared personally as an expert witness in many court cases involving ear evidence, or is often cited as an ear identification expert by other expert witnesses [28]. In the preface to his book Iannarelli states,

“Through 38 years of research and application in earology, the author has found that in literally thousands of ears that were examined by visual means, photographs, ear prints, and latent ear print impres- sions, no two ears were found to be identical – not even the ears of any one individual. This uniqueness held true in cases of identical and fraternal twins, triplets, and quadruplets“

When Iannarelli suggests that “not even the ears of any one individual are unique” he has unwittingly touched on the nub of the biometrics problem. It is not an advantage, as he seems to suggest, that the ear samples from the same individual are not unique. On the contrary the less these samples are unique, then the less are we entitled to claim that an individual’s biometric is unique. If we think of individuals’ samples as forming points in a feature space, then these points will form clusters for each individual. It is the extent to which these different clusters are separated from one and other and the extent to which the individual clusters are closely grouped around their own averages, that determines how good a particular biometric system performs. In recent times attempts have been made to automate Iannarelli’s system [34].

3.2 Burge and Burger Proof of Concept

Burge and Burger [5, 6] were the first to investigate the human ear as a biometric in the context of machine vision. Inspired by the earlier work of Iannarelli [25], they conducted a proof of concept study where the viability of the ear as a biometric was shown both theoretically in terms of the uniqueness

and measurability over time, and in practice through the implementation of a computer vision based system. Each subject’s ear was modeled as an ad- jacency graph built from the Voronoi diagram of its Canny extracted curve segments. They devised a novel graph matching algorithm for authentication which takes into account the erroneous curve segments which can occur in the ear image due to changes such as lighting, shadowing, and occlusion. They found that the features are robust and could be reliably extracted from a dis- tance. Figure 4 shows the extracted curves, Voronoi diagram, and neighbour graph for a typical ear. They identified the problem of occlusion by hair as

Fig. 4. Graph model: Stages in building the ear biometric graph model. A general- ized Voronoi diagram (centre) of the Canny extracted edge curves (left) is built and a neighborhood graph (right) is extracted.

a major obstacle and proposed the use of thermal imagery to overcome this obstacle.

3.3 Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Analysis, closely related to Singular Value Decom- position, has been one of the most popular approaches to ear recognition [40, 8, 23, 26, 41, 35]. It is an elegant, easy to implement and easy to use technique, so we will attempt to describe it in sufficient detail for the reader to be able to understand and implement it readily with a view to being able to set up a simple ear recognition experiment to confirm the basic biometric potential of the ear. The underlying mathematics can be found in [39, 27].

We will first show how images can be looked upon as vectors, and how any picture can be constructed as a summation of elementary picture-vectors. We will then show how PCA can process these vectors to achieve image compres- sion, and how this in turn can be used for biometrics.

We are familiar with the real coordinate space R3 where any point can be represented as a linear combination of 3 unit value basis vectors mutually at right angles to each other. For example, the point (3,4,5) can be expressed as,

The Ear as a Biometric 7

8 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

3(1, 0, 0) + 4(0, 1, 0) + 5(0, 0, 1) = (3, 0, 0) + (0, 4, 0) + (0, 0, 5) = (3, 4, 5)

We could also express any point as the sum of non-standard basis vectors, providing that none of the chosen basis vectors is a linear combination of the other two. For example, we can also write,

(3, 4, 5) = 1.333(1, 2, 3) + 0.333(2, 3, 1) + 0.333(3, 1, 2)

Now if we admit the possibility of negative value pixels, then pictures can also be treated as vectors so that any picture can be expressed as a linear combination of unit value basis picture-vectors. For example, a trivial four element picture can be expressed as,

?12? ?10? ?01? ?00? ?00? 34=100+200+310+401

In the example which follows taken from [23] we will be dealing with 111×73 pixel images. This would require 111×73 = 8103 sparse elementary picture- vectors, each with only one pixel set to 1 and the remaining pixels set to 0, and a set of 8103 weights to specify a particular picture, obviously not resulting in any compression advantage.

In this real example we use a subset of the XM2VTS face profiles database [29], consisting of 4 ear images for each of 63 subjects giving us a total of 252 images . Now here is how the “magic” of PCA works. By taking one of the four samples from each of the 63 subjects we produce a special projection matrix P which enables us to compute a set of 63 weights for each of the 252 images which when used to scale a set of 63 special picture-vectors already encoded in P produces a reasonable facsimile of the original image. Instead of requiring 8103 weights we can make do with only 63 which is a very high degree of compression of well over 100:1, albeit lossy compression. These weights form convenient 63 element feature vectors representing each picture and are perfect for biometric comparison as they allow us to calculate the Euclidian distance between pictures by doing a simple vector subtraction.

We will now give the details of the calculations involved. In order to carry out matrix multiplication of the 111×73 picture-vectors we first have to encode them as 8103×1 column vectors by stacking the 73 columns on top of each other. Any results can be recoded as rectangular matrices for display purposes.

The projection matrix is calculated as follows

Let p be any of the 63 first of four picture samples
Let m be the average over the 63 pictures i.e.(? p)/63
Let d = p − m be the difference between each picture and the average Let D be the array formed by the 63 columns of difference pictures d Then the projection matrix is given by,

P = DS(DTD) (1)

where S(M) is a function that returns a matrix whose columns are the nor- malised eigenvectors of matrix M

The basis-pictures or eigenvectors are simply the columns of P The weights for picture p are given by

w = dTP (2) The compressed image for a given picture p is given by

c = PwT + m (3)

Figure 5 shows the first 36/63 eigenvctors, whereas Figure 6 shows the pro- jections and eigenvector spectra for 3 subjects. Notice the that the leftmost projections are the best facsimiles because they been used in forming the pro- jection matrix. Notice also that the eigenvector spectra, consisting of the 63 weights, do not rapidly diminish to zero, in fact all of these 63 weights are used for comparison. Each set of 63 weights is treated as a vector and the Euclidian distances between these vectors are used as a suitable metric,

distance = ∥wi − wj ∥ (4)

The means and standard deviations of the inter-class and intra-class distri- butions can then be calculated to gauge the efficacy of the technique. The spreads or standard deviations of the two distributions should be small com- pared to the separation of their means for a good biometric. It is customary to consider the 63 samples used in forming P as having been “sacrificed” and not to include them in the biometric comparison so that only 252 − 63 = 189 ears would be used. In this experiment a recognition rate of 186/189 or 98.4% was achieved [23].

3.4 Force Field Transform

Hurley et al. [18, 20, 22, 23] have developed an invertible linear transform which transforms an ear image into a force field by pretending that pixels have a mutual attraction proportional to their intensities and inversely to the square of the distance between them rather like Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation. Underlying this force field there is an associated energy field which in the case of an ear takes the form of a smooth surface with a number of peaks joined by ridges as shown in Figure 8. The peaks correspond to potential energy wells and to extend the analogy the ridges correspond to potential energy channels. Since the transform also turns out to be invertible, all of the original information is preserved and since the otherwise smooth surface is modulated by these peaks and ridges, it is argued that much of the information is transferred to these features and that therefore they should make good features.

The Ear as a Biometric 9

10 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

Fig. 5. The first 36 of the set of 63 eigenvectors for the subset of 63 ear images selected from the 252 image database. The first of the four samples from each of the 63 subjects was used in forming the projection matrix. These are the basis picture- vectors which will be scaled by the computed weights to produce the compressed or projected images.

Fig. 6. PCA projections and eigenvector spectra for 3 subjects. The top rows show the original images whilst the middle rows are their corresponding projections into the eigenvector subspace. The bottom row depicts the eigenvector spectrum for each image consisting of the 63 weights used to render its projection.

Fig. 7. Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation. The earth and moon are mutu- ally attracted according to the product of their masses me and mm respectively, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. G is the gravitational constant of proportionality.

F(rj) = P(ri) i j ∀i ̸= j,0∀i = j (5)

Fig. 8. Generating an ear energy surface by convolution. The energy field for an ear (right) is obtained by locating a unit value potential function (left) at each pixel location and scaling it by the value of the pixel and then finding the sum of all the resulting functions. For efficiency this is actually calculated in the frequency domain.

method depicted in Figure 9a is algorithmic, where test pixels seeded around the perimeter of the force field are allowed to follow the force direction joining together here and there to form channels which terminate in potential wells. The second method depicted in Figure 9b is analytical, and results from an analysis of the mechanism of the first method leading to a scalar function based on the divergence of the force direction. The second method was used to obtain a recognition rate of over 99% on a database of 252 ear images con- sisting of 4 time lapsed samples from each of 63 subjects, extracted from the XM2VTS face profiles database [29].

Equations 5 and 6 show how the force and energy fields are calculated at any point rj. These equations must be applied at every pixel position to generate the complete fields. In practice this computation would be done in the frequency domain using Equation 7 where I stands for FFT.

Energy = √MN ?I−1 [I (potential) × I (image)]? (7)

Convergence provides a more general description of channels and wells in the form of a mathematical function in which wells and channels are revealed to be peaks and ridges respectively in the function value. This function maps the force field F(r) to a scalar field C(r), taking the force as input, and returning the additive inverse of the divergence of the force direction, and is defined by,

The Ear as a Biometric 11

i |ri −rj|3
E(rj)=? P(ri) ∀i̸=j,0∀i=j (6)

i |ri−rj|
Two distinct methods of extracting these features are offered. The first


? f(r)·dl ∆A→0 ∆A

? ?

=−∇·f(r)=− ∂fx +∂fy ∂x ∂y


12 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

where f(r) = F(r) is the force direction, ∆A is incremental area, and dl is |F(r)|

its boundary outward normal. This function is real valued and takes negative values as well as positive ones where negative values correspond to force di- rection divergence. Note that the function is non-linear because it is based on force direction and therefore must be calculated in the given order.

Fig. 9. Force and convergence fields for an ear. The force field for an ear (left) and its corresponding convergence field (centre). The force direction field (right) corresponds to the small rectangular inserts surrounding a potential well on the inner helix.

3.5 Three Dimensional Ear Biometrics

The auricle has a rich and deep three dimensional structure, so it is not surprising that a number of research groups have focused their attention in this direction.

Yan and Bowyer ICP Approach

Yan et al. [46, 42, 44, 45, 43] use a Minolta VIVID 910 range scanner to capture both depth and colour information. The device uses a laser to scan the ear, and depth is automatically calculated using triangulation. They have developed a fully automatic ear biometric system using ICP based 3D shape matching for recognition, and using both 2D appearance and 3D depth data for automatic ear extraction which not only extracts the ear image but also separates it from hair and earrings. They achieve almost 98% recognition on a time-lapse database of 1,386 images over 415 subjects, with an equal error rate of 1.2%. The 2D and 3D image datasets used in this work are available

to other research groups. For further details see the chapter by Flynn in the appendix.

Ear extraction uses a multistage process which uses both 2D and 3D data and curvature estimation to detect the ear pit which is then used to initialize an elliptical active contour to locate the ear outline and crop the 3D ear data.

Ear pit detection includes: (i) geometric prepossessing to locate the nose tip to act as the hub of a sector which includes the ear with a high degree of confidence; (ii) skin detection to isolate the face and ear region from the hair and clothes; (iii) surface curvature estimation to detect the pit regions depicted in black in the image; (iv) surface segmentation and classification, and curvature information to select amongst possible multiple pit regions us- ing a voting scheme to select the most likely candidate. The detected ear pit is then used to initialize an active contour algorithm to find the ear outlines. Both 2D colour and 3D depth are used to drive the contour, as using either alone is inadequate since there are cases in which there is no clear colour or depth change around the ear contour.

Fig. 10. 3D ear extraction. From left to right, skin detection and most likely sector generation, pit detection and selection, ear outline location, 3D ear extraction

Fig. 11. Voxelization: Left: 3D Image space is partitioned into voxels. Right: Two voxel centres P1 and P2 and their closest points on the gallery surface P1′ and P2′.

3D shape matching: ICP [4] has been widely used for 3D shape matching due to its simplicity and accuracy, however it is computationally expensive.

The Ear as a Biometric 13

14 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

Given a source point set P and a model point set M, ICP iteratively calculates the rigid transform T that best aligns P and M. At the ith iteration, the transform Ti is the transform that minimizes the mean square differences between the corresponding points of Pi and M. The corresponding points are the closest points between the two point-sets. Pi is then updated using Ti.

Yan et al. [46] have developed an efficient ICP registration method called ”Pre-computed Voxel Closest Neighbours” which exploits the fact that sub- jects have to be enrolled beforehand for biometrics. Since the most time con- suming part of the ICP algorithm is finding the closest points between the probe and the gallery (of order Np ∗ logNm) the main idea of this method is to approximate each point of the probe with a nearby point whose nearest point in the gallery point set is pre-computed. They proposed a quantised 3D volume using voxels, as shown in Figure 11. Placing the 3D probe image into this volume, each point of the probe falls into a voxel. Each probe point is then approximated by the voxel centre wherein it is placed. For each voxel the closest point in 3D space on the gallery surface is computed ahead of time. Figure 11 shows the closest points to the two voxel centres P1 and P2.

Chen and Bhanu Local Surface Patch Approach

Chen et al.[9, 12, 10, 11] have also tackled 3D ear biometrics using a Minolta range scanner as the basis of a complete 3D recognition system on a database of 52 subjects consisting of two images per subject. The ears are detected using template matching of edge clusters against an ear model based on the helix and antihelix, and then a number of feature points are extracted based on local surface shape. A signature called a “Local Surface Patch” based on local curvature is computed for each feature point and is used in combination with ICP to achieve a recognition rate of 90.4%

Feature points extraction Shape index Si is a quantitative measure of surface shape [16] based on principal curvatures which classifies surface shape as one of 9 basic types represented by values in the interval [0,1].

Si(p)=1−1tan−1 k1(p)+k2(p) (9) 2 π k1 (p) − k2 (p)

where k1 and k2 are the maximum and minimum principal curvatures re- spectively. Chen et al. then choose as feature points those where the index is locally maximum or minimum.

Local Surface Patch A local surface patch (LSP) [9] comprises the neigh- bourhood of points N around a feature point P which are close enough to the feature point in Euclidean distance and surface normal.

N ={Ni :Ni pixel,∥Ni −P∥≤ε1,acos(np •nni)<A} (10)

For each feature point, shape index values of its LSP points and the dot product of surface normal vectors of the feature point and its LSP points are

computed, and accumulated in a 2D histogram. The 2D histogram accumu- lates this information in bins along two axes. These two axes are the shape index with range [0,1] and the dot product of surface normal vectors which is in the range [-1,1]. A surface type of “concave”, “convex”, or “saddle” is also allocated to each LSP. Taken together the 2D histogram, the surface type and the centroid of the local surface patch make up a distinctive signature for each patch.

Fig. 12. Local Surface Patch. The LSP constitutes a characteristic signature con- sisting of a 2D histogram, a surface type, and a centroid.

Recognition This is a two stage process based on LSP for coarse align- ment and ICP for fine alignment of probe and gallery images. Probe images are compared against all images in the gallery; each comparison is started by identifying the best match for each probe LSP in the gallery. Assuming that the true set of matches which pairs the patches that depict similar features in both probe and gallery is a subset of the total matches, a geometric constraint is applied to divide the matches into groups where each pair of matches in a group must satisfy the following condition,

dC1,C2 = |dP1,P2 − dG1,G2 | < ε2 (11)

where C1 = {P1,G1} and C2 = {P2,G2} are the matches for probe and gallery patches P and G respectively, and dP1,P2 and dG1,G2 are the Euclidean distances between patch centroids. The above constraint guarantees that a group of matches preserves the mutual position of the patches. In other words dP1 ,P2 should be consistent with dG1 ,G2 . Note that with this definition a match can be placed in more than one group. The biggest group is then declared as the true match subset.

The Ear as a Biometric 15

16 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

Starting with an initial rigid transform based on the true match subset, ICP is applied to find the refined alignment between the probe and the gallery image. Having compared all the gallery images to the probe, the gallery image with least root mean square (RMS) error is classified as the correct match.

3.6 Acoustic Ear Recognition

Akkermans et al. [2] have exploited the acoustic properties of the ear for recognition. It turns out that the ear by virtue of its special shape behaves like a filter so that a sound signal played into the ear is returned in a modified form. This acoustic transfer function forms the basis of the acoustic ear signature. An obvious commercial use is that a small microphone might be incorporated into the earpiece of a mobile phone to receive the reflected sound signal and the existing loudspeaker could be used to generate the test signal.

Fig. 13. An ear signature is generated by probing the ear with a sound signal which is reflected and picked up by a small microphone. The shape of the pinna and the ear canal determine the acoustic transfer function which forms the basis of the signature.

Akkermans et al. measure the impulse response of the ear by sending a noise signal n(t) with a spectrum N(ω) into the pinna and ear canal and mea- suring the response r(t). Next, the response is transformed into the frequency domain by using an FFT to calculate the output frequency spectrum R(ω). Finally, an estimate is obtained of the transfer function H(ω) = R(ω)/N(ω) where H(ω) is the cascade of the transfer functions of the loudspeaker, pinna and ear canal, and microphone as shown in Figure 14.

The test database consists of 8 ear signatures collected from each of 31 subjects using headphones and a separate set of 8 signatures from 17 subjects using a modified mobile phone with a small microphone incorporated into the earpiece. The correlation metric,

C= x.y (12) ∥x∥ ∥y∥

The Ear as a Biometric 17

Fig. 14. Calculating the impulse response of the ear

was used for comparison where x and y are the feature vectors taken relative to the mean of the population. Using Fisher LDA analysis equal error rates of 1.5% – 7% were obtained depending on whether headphones were used or mobile phones.

4 Conclusions and Outlook

The ear as a biometric is no longer in its infancy and it has shown encouraging progress so far – which is improving, especially with the interest created by the recent research into its 3D potential. It enjoys forensics support, it’s structure appears individual, and it appears to have less variance with age than other biometrics.

It is also most unusual, even unique, in that it supports not only visual recognition but also acoustic recognition at the same time. This, together with its deep 3-dimensional structure will make it very difficult to fake thus ensuring that the ear will occupy a special place in situations requiring a high degree of protection against impersonation.

The all important question of “just how good is the ear as a biometric” has only begun to be answered. The initial test results, even with quite small datasets, were disappointing, but now we have regular reports of recognition rates in the high 90’s on more sizeable datasets. But there is clearly a need for much better intra-class testing, both in terms of the number of samples per subject and of variability over time. However we will not dwell on this topic as it is treated in depth in the chapter in the the appendix on databases by Flynn.

Most of the recent work has focused on the overall appearance or on the shape of the ear, whether it be PCA, force field, or ICP, but it may prove profitable to further investigate if different and particular parts of the ear are more important than others from a recognition perspective. There is also a need to develop techniques with better invariance perhaps more model based, and to seek out high speed recognition techniques to cope with the very large datasets that are likely to be encountered in practice.

We must not forget that the inherent disadvantage of the occlusion of the ear by hair will always be a problem, but even this might be ameliorated by the development of thermal imaging schemes. But one thing is for certain, and

18 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

that is that there are many questions to be answered, so we can look forward to many interesting papers addressing these issues.


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The Ear as a Biometric 19

20 D. J. Hurley B. Arbab-Zavar and M. S. Nixon

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Captain Glasses one night drove to Delaware to speak with the VP. On this  particular night he drove North to the home of Emma Stone’s family’s secret identity and location.

Captain Glasses sat down with the father of Emma Stone and explained the situation. I can’t remember if Emma’s mother came in and out, I believe she did but the father did most of the talking. He asked good questions.

He asked if they were in danger. Capt. Glasses could have lied but didn’t. He said probably not. Emma’s Dad then asked, “Is he attempting to extort money from us?” Captain glasses thought about it for a second and said, “We don’t believe so.” If I paraphrased some of that I’m pretty sure the last quote was spot on. I remembered it because of all the hesitation in his voice and the use of “we” which means this had been discussed before with others likely at the bureau. He didn’t stay much longer, just a few minutes then Emma’s mom came back in to talk with her husband. I think she may have sat out of the room for most or all of the discussion.

(Just got confirmation that the story is with a couple minor details a hundred percent true…which I knew, but you didn’t)

Here’s where it gets more interesting: I believed Emma Stone was the daughter or Sharon Stone. I don’t think you be in Hollywood and act under the last name of Stone unless you’re related to Sharon Stone. It says Emmas mom is Krista Stone who doesn’t look at all like Sharon Stone.

When I was looking up Diane Keaton this familiar gal showed up on google next to photos of Diane Keaton. I remembered who she was after a few seconds…Emma Stone.


I Decided to see if Diane Keaton was Sharon Stone which I believe she is (photo to follow). I also looked for resemblance to Emma…not too shabby.

So I believe though she could be the Grandmother that Diane Keaton is the mother of Emma Stone. I believe the FBI showed up at her house and asked questions about me (I think Glasses also asked if they knew me or had ever seen me around, I’m pretty certain about that and they denied knowing anything about me). I believe Diane and her family went through a very difficult time because of me which ultimately led to the “break up” of Andrew and Emma. Emma’s father decided it would be best if Emma distanced herself from Andrew and they split up for a while, then got back together. I am truly sorry for the difficulties I may have caused you and am grateful you still danced with me. You’re an icon and I still love you Diane!


Grace Slick,

Gloria Steinham,

possibly Patti Smith

Gal from Phantasm


Hand of God: Capt. Glasses turned out to be part of a murder for hire program at our local fibber hq. When he passed through they found $350,000 buried in the swamp behind his house in contractor bags with rocks in them…and oh did I mention 3 1/2 bodies, missing people who the fibbers pull out of the freeze periodically to show they’re doing there job. He was employed by Far and Wide’s attorney for a price of $100,000 to put an end to me. Far and Wide eventually raised the price on my head to $250,000,000. and when that didn’t work he offered me $350,000,000 to leave. I offered him about $300 to leave, not much but all I had in my bank account.

He didn’t care about the money because Jade Helm was around the corner and his game plan included after wiping out the country by 2/3 taking out the military and then everyone in acting. Hand of god rests on our heads. Blessed be his soul and praise be Allah… it happens he’s the same god most of us worship.

I’m not sure this guy is that helpful for you. He’s a backstabber and only wants me gone so he can go back to his murdering for hire ways. God’s master plan applies to him too though god hates more than anything murder for hire and slaughter of the innocent. Make a decision if you want to let go of past trespasses that were by an angel, an avenging angel but still an angel.


Who is Ron Howard’s sister Part 2?

In part I we surmised Ron’s sister is Diane Keaton.

The other thing that clued me in about Keaton was the films she was in. She had a great role in The Godfather as Kay Adams Corleone, the wife of Don Pablo Corleone… oops… no … Don Michael Corleone. I must have wanted a margarita. Ron is in there as James Caan, his brother Billy is Al Pacino and Clint is the guy who tried to stand up for Moe Green. Here’s a favorite scene of mine in this film comprised of favorite scenes. BTW… Al Pacino was like 14 years old when they began filming Godfather.

Diane was also in Annie Hall with Woody Allen aka Ron Howard.

We’re going to go onto Part 3 which I promise will be one of the most interesting blogs I’ve done, one of the most wicked and one of the most disturbing. I wish you all well with it.


Who is Ron Howard’s sister? Part I

In our last episode of Kiki’s blog we discovered that Leslie Howard is Ron’s dad and Ron has a sister. So who is she? I will offer my best guess without checking physical characteristics. This is looking at the puzzle pieces and see what fits.

My best guess is…… drumroll….

Diane Keaton!

Diane Keaton

How did I come up with Diane? I’ve checked out Diane before unsuccessfully. I wanted to see if she was Cheryl Howard or not but I’ve seen Diane and Cheryl in the First Wives Club which I enjoyed especially the scaffold scene which was hysterical especially Diane who practically brought me to tears and a great dance number in the end with all in white though I’m guessing it was after September.





I have this fantasy of watching Goldie dancing in her laugh in bikini while I go full Mr. Goodbar on Keaton and then I let loose a super packed load when Bette starts talking in that whiny Brooklyn Jewish accent voice just like my first five girlfriends, and my wife… pure packed enjoyment!!! FYI I love Diane Keaton and I hope she never reads this. It was a thrill seeing her a few weeks ago and dancing with her…too yummy!!!!!!!!

Anyway Cheryl could not be Diane Keaton and I hadn’t seen her until recently… in person!! So what tipped me off? Annie Hall and the Godfather! Once I saw Ron and the boys had a sister I had to think through her roles. Also, there are two  issues with doing this work. When you find an actor you haven’t reviewed before…btw…I made up that fantasy… my usual fantasy has to do with me being a captive on a Viking warship but I shouldn’t share that one either… When you find an actor you haven’t reviewed is this actor someone new or another one of  a prolific actor. I decided Diane filled the bill for a new actor. She would fit for a number of actresses that I could not locate or believed was Cheryl. Without looking I believe she is the gal from Last House on the Left (a movie so disturbing my eyes are still bleeding and yay!!! they made a remake…WTF!!! maybe Patty Hearst-nope mistaken, Karen Philipp, aka Lt. Dish from M*A*S*H, Donna Godchaux, and that ever yummy Susan Dey!

Patty Hearst


Donna Godchaux from The Grateful Dead

Susan Dey







Ed goes down the rabbit hole…not likely to return anytime soon aka Leslie Howard

I’ve had my issues with Ron but things are pretty good these days. I’m posting this as the family historian. I think it’s part of the story, important and should be told. It’s also a wealth of information that shouldn’t get lost or only found inside of some iron mountain.

Leslie Howard…

Nice picture of Leslie Howard. I mostly remembered Leslie from Gone with the Wind. The computer tells me he has a brother, Trevor Howard. The above photo was labeled as Trevor Howard incorrectly.

I really liked the work of Trevor Howard.

Trevor Howard

He was one of those actors who you saw up on the big screen and you immediately understood his role and trusted him. A good clean consistent actor. I saw him in Brief Encounter in film studies class…yes I took some film studies classes, saw him in Father Goose with Cary Grant which I loved and saw in the theater, I believe the Benson in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, I bemoaned how could they show this great film one week and the following week show something like Rumplestilskin or Puss in Boots, that freaking marquis refused to change for what seemed an eternity,  Von Ryan’s Express which was a great film with Frank Sinatra, Probably saw him in a dozen other things.

I only remember Leslie Howard in Gone with the Wind. I must have seen him in other things but only remember Gone with the Wind.

Howard met and fell in love with Violette Cunnington in 1938 …love this

Early on in the game I was hanging in the basement with Ron and I had posted the slide below, maybe all three. I can’t remember the exact circumstance. Ron asked me how sure I was that Ernst Kaltenbrunner was Leslie Howard. I told him 99% sure. You can never be 100%, case in point Jon Benet Ramsey who Ed Chiarini had as Lady Gaga doing ear analysis.

He then asked me if I would remove this from my video. I agreed to and asked him if he was a relative, I figured him for any uncle. What I didn’t realize until tonite was that it’s his father, Rance, who would turn out to be GWB and a bunch of other cool people.

Ron changed his mind a moment later and said I should leave it in. Ron didn’t know his father played Ernst Kaltenbrunner, a fairly unsavory character. Cheryl and Paige asked him if he knew, he pretended to know and matter of factly explained how he knew. They didn’t buy his pretense. It was at that point that Ron began to think through a plan how to “acquire” my material and put his name on it, which I was not going to let happen. I worked very hard for years on these videos ( and didn’t want anyone’s name on it other than my own… Mitch Brooks!! The videos were all derived from public domain and were now part of public domain. I went onto my Facebook page and told everyone to copy and spread the videos as there was a famous director who wanted to “borrow” my work and put his name on it.  Paige, Cheryl and family were really taken with my work and Paige declared to me, “You have information that nobody else does.” Paige is the cleanest, neatest, straight shooter I know. I generally trust what she tells me, she’s beautiful and wonderful.  We’ll pick up under the next three slides.

I decided to check out if Leslie Howard was Ron’s dad. I did what I usually do which is dig up pictures without clothes on.

Leslie Howard and children

I recognized the scarring on Leslie Howard on the chest and below the breasts…like a big W (hats off to mad world). I found that scarring when checking out Rance as Frank Sinatra. So it’s him.

The boy is his son and is Ron Howard. He has similar scarring to his dad and has the appearance of having scoliosis. 

Here is Ron as Donald Sutherland in MASH showing an exaggeration of the scoliosis as he sets back the field of medicine by twenty years by oggling a chest X-ray.

Urban Dictionary: oggling

That man was totally oggling at my boobs · #staring#looking#checking out# observing#eyeing with interest. by Allie B. February 14, 2006. 77 27. Mug icon …


Tomorrow we go looking for Ron’s sister, I have a guess and we go look for Danny Kaye who I loved as a kid. Nigth all



Kiki’s Kontagious Konditions: Today…Rheumatic Fever!

Listen up: I had a couple possible cases of Rheumatic Fever this week in the office. The internet made it much easier to make the possible diagnosis. It’s a complex illness and you need one major criteria and two minor. Both cases had these and a probable history for strep throat. They were told it was a viral syndrome which it does not appear to be, streptococcus is a bacteria and the docs did not want to treat with an antibiotic because they thought viral. If you have mysterious severe aches and pains in joints which may move around and a history possible for strep throat bring this possibility up to your doctor. It’s a tricky diagnosis because the symptoms can occur weeks after the strep infection. If I have two possible cases in one week in my small office then there’s got to be a lot more of it out there.

Kiki’s Gnus

Kindergarten sweethearts marry 20 years later: Matt declared that he loved Laura so much because her head was actually twice the weight and volume of his own which is a real turn on for him. He doesn’t mind the absurd heft of his own head because his giant ears help maintain a certain amount of buoyancy when the barometric pressure is low. Matt stated, “It’s a phenomena because though the weight and volume of my head is twice hers the average radius is only 50% more!!” He also added, “With my giant head not only do I look as cute as a bugs ear but I can do all the cyphering I want to figure out math problems like this!”

Thank you to everyone

My personal thanks to everyone who showed up Friday night and made the evening insanely special !!! If I could wish anything it would be that I recognized everyone who was there because I know people desperately wanted me to do so and they desperately tried to have me recognize them. I know it pleases people when I spot them. I would love to please everyone like that. If it’s any consolation I didn’t piece together two of my next door neighbors until I was almost home or the gal who successfully sued me for a quarter mil despite the fact that she was sitting right at my table.

There’s a piece of me that says…who am I to deserve this type of attention and would rather hide in the rafters than come out and play with everyone…I’m glad I get dragged out to spend this kind of time with all of you.

The band was as awesome as awesome could be and were really sweet to me when they noticed I was there or went up to them…it was a lot of warmth! It’s nice to be out of those early really unsure days and into something that resembles a more natural place and less fear and desperation.

I think we’ve all done some great stuff in this world. Someone told me years ago that there’d be a great turn around in this world and we’d enjoy a thousand years of peace. I think we’re off to a rousing start.

I miserated on any open seats in the place and thought…if people only understood who these people are and what they can do and what an experience of a lifetime they’re missing so thanks to everyone in the band and everyone who pulled this together.

When I started doing this work I discovered that Elvis and Amy were still alive and I knew that somewhere in this vast world there were concerts going on with some of the greatest musicians/singers of all time that were have supposed to have passed and I desperately wanted to go to one of these concerts and see and hear these greats and now I have! What a treat!!!

And of course thanks to Ron the greatest friend and director a guy could ever want. In some way I think we’re cut from the same piece of cloth, and on the same road, on the same mission, led by some great cosmic force, which is why we haven’t killed each other yet despite the fact that we’ve both tried, and yet we continue to fight side by side sword in hand.  I now see there is a god who does meter out justice and sets the world in balance again there’s no other explanation for what has gone on here.

Remember…the best is yet to come!

The Howard’s try and get rid of Ed

Early on The Howard’s did spend some pretty good effort trying to get rid of me. I believe they felt I was an unknown quantity and had already gotten too close to their kids which is a tribute to the girls powerfulness and some of the female elders of the family. I also had sight and the ability to know things I shouldn’t. The Howard’s were assigned with getting me out of my JCC where I had identified that the place was being used as a training facility for FBI and other federal agencies and none of the money that was being paid by the Feds wound up in the JCC coffers…all of it was skimmed by a bunch of well trusted and greedy members/attorneys. They’ve been trying to get me thrown out of the gym for ten years doing everything under the sun to smear my name: including all sorts of false accusations and dirty tricks. They finally succeeded a few weeks ago which signaled the start of: “The Battle of the FBI” (some people call it; “The Battle Against the FBI”). It’s a battle of significance, like that at Jade Helm, Far and Wide, Hitler and Agnew (still sorry about the last one). So the battle continues until now with roughly 4800 souls sent to their next incarnation upon the marching orders of a low level administrator. Some of Ron and Cheryl’s daughters worked hard at harassing me including laying on the floor in front of me and writhing which I wasn’t interested in. One of the lady staff who I later connected with on a heart felt level was instructed, which she did, to put on a Micky Mouse wife-beater and point her significant tits at me, possibly the creepiest thing anyone’s done to me there. She did it on a few occasions as a not so disguised threat against me. I had complained that the staff there were wearing gym uniforms of black and an off-red color which I said would be perfect if Adolf Hitler were to wander around the facility, as it turned out…he was! When I saw Walt there he looked to me like he was about 90 years old but in great shape for a ninety year old except he had two giant external hearing aides. I didn’t piece together who he was at the time but he struck me as just a really nasty business man. So anyway, Ron’s girls spent some time sexually harassing me but the culmination was when Lady Gaga was assigned to do Jumping Jacks up on the second floor track. I could jog past her. I couldn’t jog past her because if you’ve seen her without her shirt on in one of her many roles she has absolutely the most magnificent breasts on the planet…bar none! They are absolutely breath taking and in the past when I was studying her I  could ID her in other roles by how beautiful her breasts were. One of the their other daughters was assigned to cut me to shreds in a nearby park while on some swings while a local deceptive was “supervising”. If I got close enough he would have been out of his mind pulling her off me while she repeatedly sliced me to pieces. They would have told some kind of story like, “He went over to her and propositioned her and she was only thirteen and then he pulled a knife on her which she wrestled away and managed to stop his attack on her. BTW, I’m good friends with her now and she really didn’t know that was me. She is also extremely beautiful and passionate as are all of their ladies. I’m sure the guys are hot too…just not my thing.

Anyway the Howard’s do super secret things that no one is supposed to know about like play Barack and his wife so they really couldn’t have me around. One thursday they were going to a premiere of a movie of Ron’s and I saw Ron preening in a mirror in a tuxedo. He was straightening  his bow tie. I asked one of the girls if her dad was wearing a tuxedo. She said yes, so Ron came up and asked me how I knew he was wearing a tux and I said, “The bow tie is a giveaway.” The didn’t realize the extent of my sight and Ron and Cheryl went to the theater. While in the theater Ron turned to Cheryl and asked her, “How did Ed know I was wearing a tux?” and Cheryl, one of the funniest ladies you could meet as are the other Howard ladies said to Ron, “The bow tie is a giveaway.” Hysterically funny!! Of course I was not supposed to see any of this or hear it but when you have the eyes of Laura Mars this is just what happens but they couldn’t have me there. The issue wasn’t just second sight, I could also figure things out. Cheryl is a prolific writer and I figured out she was J. K. Rowling which was a big find for me because I never believed the BS about JK being impoverished or homeless or whatever she was and I had found JD Salinger and some other authors so I knew she had to be someone else. I also figured out that she had written other science fiction books like “Divergent” but here’s where things got ugly…I figured out that she had written “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” which I never should have been able to. It was out of her genre and out in left field. This stunned them and they asked me how I knew that and I wouldn’t tell them. It actually wasn’t so hard once I figured she was JK, and authored Divergent and I think I knew Maze Runner as well, I won’t reveal how I knew those but here’s how I got “Diary”. When you search on Google it uses an algorithm, which ranks not just most popular searches but who you search next. Often who you just searched and who you search next are related. I’ve found some missing people and some ugly people doing this. Here when I searched for the author of Divergent I found laying right between Jk Rowling and Divergent Author on the top of the page the author of Diary of a wimpy kid. Some people know these are the same writers and look for them sequentially or possibly the same books appeal to the same crowd, in any case the three series of books sat together. I didn’t figure this out about google, I got it from my mentor…the other guy or the other Ed! Ron and Cheryl were disturbed that I figured this out and I wouldn’t tell them. Sadly I don’t do this but they have which is keep track of every page on the internet I go to and I watched them as they saw the page I looked at with the three books series on the top heading and the jig was up!! Now they knew my secret!

So soon after Cheryl said to me, “We figured out how you do things so we don’t need you anymore…so goodbye Ed! Take care!” Now I was really connected with the gals and frankly having one of the best times of life hanging in the Howard basement so I decided it was worth giving it a fight. So I threatened Cheryl. I had found a nude picture of her from a Pirelli calendar which they knew about, no big deal, so what was the threat? I pulled up the photo and told her I was going to pleasure myself every day to the picture and “oh wow…is that a whip you’re holding in your hand? Ithought it was a golf club!!” “Look how hot you look!! I may start pleasuring myself right now!!” Now I didn’t threaten to expose her or publish the photos or extort her…none of that! I threatened to masturbate to her photo wearing a black leather corset, black boots, holding a whip and nothing else and this really freaked her out!! Then things went really right! While she was freaked I heard a song in my head and went to youtube and pulled up a copy of it and here is the song…

This was the song that went into Cheryl’s after I told her I was going to take care of myself to her photo. I didn’t realize right away that Cheryl was Dolly Parton, it was still really early in the game and this would have been a big find but less that a minute of so later I realized what I had…Cheryl Howard was Dolly Parton!!! She had already left the computer to go talk with Ron about this and report Ed figured this out without the benefit of researching Google, he just put it out there. This was really cool on a number of levels since I love Dolly (and who doesn’t!) but it tied into a lot of other things which helped make my work easy plus did I mention I love Dolly!!!

So the Howard’s decided I was there to stay (I think, they did try a couple other ploys but I can’t remember the time course) and of course he was offered a quarter billion dollars to have one his daughters tie me up and murder me which would have been really traumatic for the girl so I insisted that if she was going to have to do this she should do it slowly and painfully. Telling her this seemed to have a healing effect kind of like making it more over the top and like I was a willing participant like…ok I’ll let you do but only if you do it like this…it didn’t hurt that we were etherically making love at the time which was very nice because she is emotionally very powerful!  She’s the kind of person who can inspire you to do things that at a minimum are improbable and at a maximum seemingly not possible.

Ok I’m done…who wants to see that photo of Cheryl?!!!

People are asking if Adolf Hitler was actually walking around there. The answer is uncategorically yes! It was him! He lived until about 115 years old. I’ve gone through some stuff in the past about life extension and I don’t want to belabor it while I’m setting up for the picture of cheryl…btw she’s also wearing back stockings, and it’s not really a corset cause it has the bottom attached so I don’t know what’s it called.

Also, I now resent anyone including Cheryl who gave me grief about saying “Num…num…num…num…num!” when Jack Lemmon did “Under the Yum Yum Tree,”!!!! Hippocrates!

Ok…here it is…in all of Cheryl’s glory!!!

Scroll Down

Scroll Down

Scroll Down

Scroll Down

Scroll Down

Scroll Down

Isn’t it everything I said…and more!!! num num num yum yum yum yum!!!!



Is Ron Howard Bobby Fischer?

Is Ron Howard Bobby Fischer?

I’m in my hotel room letting the ducks nibble on my butt (can’t figure how they got in here) and decided it was time to check if Ron Howard was Bobby Fischer.  Haven’t figured this one out yet either way but I was discussing Ron’s proclivity  with chess and I decided to go look for him as a chess master. Ron plays life like chess and generally wins against me and then I have to live my life miserably because even if I won I would not win what was promised just like in quintet when jack lemmon says what do i win and the guy with the mustache says you get to live, that was kind of fucked. But I remembered Bobby Fischer who would be perfect for Ron as this was the chess match to end all chess matches and was televised and made godless of fabulous moolah. He even lost the first couple games because he wouldn’t show up because of money…so I’m going to go straight out of the box  and say I’m at 80% sure it’s him. Let’s look at some photos:

also very difficult to win against Ron because he has super computers, japanese devices and every other gadget under the sun for his genius mind to work with so there’s only a couple ways to win but I won’t reveal them now because the ducks keep nibbling at my choice morsels.

Bobby Fischer

As I recall Fischer played Boris Spassky so I decided to reference the episode of Mayberry where the Russian diplomats stay at Aunt Bea’s house and raid the icebox at midnight and settle a major diplomatic boondoggle without killing a single Yid. It was a most ripping victory!

It’s clear Boris Spassky’s make up was done by the same people who did Dr. Zira’s from the first planet of the Apes movie…you know…the good one!!!

Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes

This is Linda Harrison as Nova in the original Planet of the Apes, the good one, the one without the guy from Cheers. A role so terrific and undressed that I included her stage name and passed over Dr. Zira’s name even though Linda has nothing to do with Spassky or Fischer other than Fischer may be Woody Harrelson.

Bobby Fischer, why did I put up this photo? Could just be shadow but looks like a problem with his left hand. Lets go check on Richie the C!

Here’s a google clue, this was labeled under Bobby Fischer!



Jack Lemmon’s Tush!!!

How did I come on Jack Lemmon? This is probably George Bush but how did I come on this? I was watching one of the great scenes in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, the knife fight! I was on my third or fourth watch when I realized that Paul Newman sounded exactly like Jack Lemmon. Let’s have a watch and listen. Close your eyes and listen carefully. If you really don’t know what these guys sound like then go fuck yourself for being so doggan young!

Besides a cute tush he has massive damage to his ham strings on both legs lower aspect right above the word Walter. Also scars on calf muscles.


I went looking for Paul Newman naked and found Tennessee Williams naked which I never expected but he has similar scarring.

Tennesse Williams photographed in 1943 by Jared French.

Can anyone see where this is headed?

Now we’re going to go for the money shot here. If I’m right I answer about 1000 questions i’ve long had and will soon have….stay with me this is likely to be brilliant. I know a few things about the Chairman of the Board and I’ve seen him with his shirt off. Lets see if there’s a match.

From FB: Here is Old Blue Eyes sans shirt. Notice, bilateral wrist damage but more importantly virtually identical chest into abdo scarring. We can see virtually identical right wrist scarring between Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman…this is the same man who turns out to be George W. Bush. It also explains a boat load of things for me. From here I’ll pick up a hundred other people he is. Now I hope you’re all sensitive to the fact that I post top-secret info…but who’s going to believe me? The last piece doesn’t get published here…it goes to another blog.

So here’s the question I finally answered. Why does George W always hang at  The Howard Ranch? …because he’s Rance Howard…father of Ron Howard, Clint Howard and Billy Mummy, and probably a bunch of others. 

but this hole went far and wide and those 1000 questions have just shown up on my door step and I must ask them to return for another time. Good night all! But first I’m left with a burning question which holds a confirmation in it’s hand…let’s look at Peter Sellers…

Right wrist scarring and hair covering up area of lower chest and upper abdomen. We’re on the right track.

Severe scarring of right inner thigh of magnitude of other scars on Jack Lemmon.

And we’ll call it a day, I reviewed a few other more minor scars and we have matches so we have two things here…1) George W. Bush is also Peter Sellers with George also being Liberace you have ostensibly one of the greatest actors/musicians/dancers (I’ve seen him dance) of all time.

And the last piece tonite is who else would play Peter Sellers son in the Magic Christian other than his real life son!

Let’s Play: “Who’s This?” Part II


So who is the black guy? Who are the others? I went up to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY a few weeks ago. If you’ve never gone it’s worth the trip. Classes to challenge and enhance your life. I seemingly get there and get dicked around but it’s good for me to take my licks. It also helps me discern the various groups targeting me for team stalking: the local constabulary, the federales, and some guy with a knot on his head who looked like Zippy the Pinhead with his pals. Then there was a group of gals one of whom liked my pushback when I went for a massage and they cancelled my masseuse and sent up Zippy to give me a massage…not happening!!! She went home popped some pills and fantasized about me but that was last visit. This visit still too fresh in my bleeding heart to discuss except that I avoided Lyme Disease (I think), had a horrible case of sciatica, took ungodly amounts of Motrin and these guys showed up Saturday night, blew me away and made it all worthwhile. I held off on posting this until now because I saw British Invasion just before them and this would be too unbelievable. The white guy I ID’ed is Uncle Junior from the Sopranos…more to come on him in a bit. The black guy is “Stevland Hardaway Judkins” or as he’s better known……..Stevie Wonder!!!!
Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage and indoor
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Ed Baruch The band was nothing short of extraordinary. Some may have been in their 80’s, 90’s or more. Some much younger but I’m betting they’re all famous. I’ll go look at some of the big bands and the other’s in the Sopranos because we had Uncle Junior there! See More
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Ed Baruch About the music: third time I’m saying it blew me away but this guy Stevie Wonder or whoever sit’s inside of him is a musical genius!! The band was reliant on him for his expertise and had total trust. I never pretend to be a musical genius…I just like the stuff…but he was speaking a different language Like there was a way to create music that had never been heard or tried before like he was continuously experimenting with the stuff and coming up with new and original notes or chords or beats or whatever I have no clue. The band seemed to understand him and they did kind of a combination of jazz, blues, rock and then some more jazz. It was like my ears and mind had just woken up. I’ll dig up the name of the band in my catalogue. I’m going to see if I recognize anyone else, sadly I lost my glasses on day #1. Oh thanks to Paige who when I scheduled my trip looked appalled and somehow got me to go a week early despite no reservations. The staff at Omega managed to find a place for me for a few nights and that was really cool!