Kiki’s Movie Review: Enola Holmes!!!

Just finished watching this flick, Enola Holmes, and I say it’s good and watchable, cast is great especially 11 from Stranger Things, and period pieces are always nice however the film falls on it’s face in a large way…I gravely dislike films that promise you something either half way or early in the film and does not deliver; example: there was a Bond film that spent 5-10 minutes describing the weaponry contained in a BMW; rocket launchers, guns, smoke, all sorts of things…and then you never see the car again. It’s the ultimate CT. Hi! We’re going to show you an incredible exploding car with all these gadgets in it like in Goldfinger with the Aston Martin and promise you the world, then you realize you’ve been duped. It was there and then I swore never to buy a BMW. As a matter of fact…F/U BMW!!! Screw up a Bond film like that!!! Your cars probably deliver as little as this piece of garbage ad in the middle of a Bond film and screw the guy…and I know who you are…who put a worthless distraction in there. At least Rambo walked past a Coke machine was pretty cool and mother of all dragons was drinking a starbucks pumpkins spice late. You’d sell your soul if you had any. But I digress…Another film that did this is the first Oceans X movie, with the Rat Pack. Effff the Rat Pack!!! Movie sucked. Piece of garbage, waste of money!!! and that older guy who used to show up in the theater and buy me candy and stuff didn’t show up to see because he knew it sucked and I had no one to snuggle with for two extremely long hours. In the film they’re going to rob 7 casinos all at once, the movie builds up to this and then you hear on the radio that all the casinos were robbed!!! WTF!!! Then you see Sammy drive a garbage truck because that’s the Rat Pack would do with him and it’s all over!! Worthless piece of trash. Long and boring, useless film. Though the recent sequels were fun and the guys looked nice in their suits.So what went wrong with Enola Holmes? Spoilers here, avert your eyes or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt!!! The whole movie Enola and Sherlock are looking for their mother who is building bombs to use in England and the movie ends without finding out what the woman was up to and she never blows anything up!!! Major disappointment!!! Anyway film was good otherwise, looks like a set up for follow up film I have no idea if I’ll watch or not because I don’t like screaming at the TV when the credits are rolling because I feel like I’ve been gypped!! (no offense to any group of Eastern European Nomads). Watch the film, I give it 7/10. This would have done better as a Netflix series…at least they could have dragged 1 hour of great entertainment into 12 hours of only fair entertainment instead of the two hours the film was.