Canned Squid

Ron can be hysterically funny. He was a writer on some of the best sitcoms ever which I not only watched but studied over carefully…you can’t help repeating some of the lines that get caught in your head. Previously we covered Felix telling Oscar (upon falling in love with a football player) that he was going to take care of the player because, “Love has made me strong” Felix responded, “Strength has made him stronger,” which me and my brother pissed ourselves over for weeks.

Today we cover the “Let’s Make a Deal” episode. Where Felix and Oscar get on the show with Monty Hall. Things don’t go well for the two dressed as a horse and they wind up winning a can of canned squid. Fast forward…Monty Hall gets invited to dinner at their home and while Felix and Oscar get nice juicy steak Monty winds up with “canned squid”. Trust me I do no justice to the sketch but a shout out toTony Randall’s great acting (not negating Jack Klugman) who deadpan looks to right center stage and deadpan says, “Canned Squid”. I’m not sure if they made up the horse to look different but he delivers the line in a brilliant fashion. whoops gtg.


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