Kiki’s Korner Film Review: Ford vs Ferrari!!!

I went to see this mostly for Matt Damon, (and Parasite wasn’t starting yet) who I’m a huge fan of despite his coming to my office incognito for a few visits to screw with me just because I outed his secret identity, his family, his father, his mother, his grandfather and his stepfather. Oh, and he’s from Iceland. He made a super film with one of my favorite Asians, Hong Chau who appears in Watchmen and was brilliant. Ford vs Ferrari is a very good action film, and the acting is world class.

I guess my only issue with it is I know it’s a film about racing, and the race takes 24 hours but do they have to go around the track so many times. It’s cool when a car crashes, or blows up, otherwise it’s kind of redundant. Kind of like when I walked out of Cowboys and Aliens because all they were doing was running around on horses and then Harrison Ford didn’t talk to me for months after that. I’ll give it 4.5/5. I’d give it 5/5 but he’ll kiss my daughter but not me. They should have gotten Harrison to play Henry so it would be Ford playing Ford. Harrison Ford is an accomplished pilot but he gets annoyed with me when I tell the uber driver that when he’s flying he thinks he’s Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon flying through an asteroid belt, “Never tell me the odds!!!!” He sits there helplessly while I laugh hysterically.!!

Kiki’s Korner’s Bloodlines!!! Hugh Grant and Alex Lawther

I watched The End of The F***ing World on Netflix which I found season 2 to be at least as good as season 1 if not better. Also spotted a young Hugh Grant up there and surmised correctly that it was his son. Great job from all the actors in the series and I put Jessica Barden in the photo because she was terrific in the show. True to the graphic novel which I read and now I’ll hunt for the second book. (sadly does not exist…doh!)

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Read a review which said it’s redundant. Some aspects maybe but it was terrific, visually appealing, wonderful story and characters. Tell the critics to fuck off and see if they could do better…assholes!!

Kiki’s Hollow Cost: Jojo Rabbit

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Film Review: Jojo Rabbit. May have spoilers. I was sure I was going to have mixed feelings about another film that rewrites history of the Holocaust. I didn’t, this was terrific! A well done film, very clever, well written, acted, directed and filmed. In this film Hitler shows up as an imaginary friend/delusion/hallucination to a young boy, Jojo, who’s a Hitler youth played by Roman Griffen Davis. His mother Rosie played by Scarlett Johannson (great job!) hides a Jewish Girl in her attic, Elsa played by Thomasin McKenzie. Taika Waititi plays Adolf Hitler, he also directed, produced and wrote the screenplay from the book Caging Skies. Also in the film, all great were: Rebel Wilson, Stephen Merchant, Alfie Allen, and Sam Rockwell. Special shout out to Rebel Wilson who is a favorite of mine. Scarlett and Rockwell turn up in a lot of films together as they are Bryce and Ron. The two songs in German are also done by Ron. Well done.

I went through the reviews and in part this sums up my initial concerns about the film, “On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 79% based on 244 reviews, with an average rating of 7.6/10. The website’s critics consensus reads: “Jojo Rabbit’s blend of irreverent humor and serious ideas definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste—but either way, this anti-hate satire is audacious to a fault.”[38] Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 58 out of 100, based on 50 critics, indicating “mixed or average reviews”.[39] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of “A” on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it an overall positive score of 96% and an 87% “definite recommend”.[36] wikipedia 

I’m going to give the film a 10/10. This could be seen even in view of the upcoming memorial to Kristallnacht. If the reviews are uneven it’s because the film is complex and draws on every emotion. The film left me in tears.

Prequel to film review above though not related to film: During the last days of the war my father, Moise Borochowsky was taken from the camps where he had spent 3 1/2 years going from one to another, taken on a hundred mile death march and wound up in one of a dozen or so cattle cars somewhere in the mountains. While the prisoners, mostly Jews waited for three days in these mountains the order to kill them all was disobeyed by the man in charge of the train sparing the lives of these Jews with the exception of one car of slaves who carelessly ran out of the car in celebration of the end of the war and were mowed down a machine gunner who probably hadn’t heard the news that the war was over…or perhaps he just hated Jews…there seemed to be a lot of that going around at the time. The commander of the train had his life spared at the tribunals because of this act of decency.

Kiki Keen Presents: His Dark Materials

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Film Review (Really TV) His Dark Materials. Season 1 episode 1. May contain spoilers, has super-spoilers. I’ve been waiting for several weeks to see this. My problem is I don’t watch TV and didn’t know when this would show. Problem solved!! The gal who is Daphne Keen contacted me the night before to let me know her show would be on the next day!!! Thank you. Daphne Keen was X23 in one of the last Wolverine films which could not be beat. She’s an amazing actress and this is starting out to look like a hit. This is a really cool aspect, the gal I know as Daphne Keen is in the first part of the show and then the gal she was cloned off of takes over for the rest. She’s every bit as talented and I spotted her a few months ago on one of those talent shows doing singing and dancing, not under the name Keen. I might have kept some notes on this. The clones appear to be 3-4 years apart. I’ve spotted a number of cloned actors, there’s a whole community of them in New Zealand. You have to be really rich or connected or both to get cloned. Cloning has been going on from at least the 60’s, maybe the fifties or earlier. It’s not that hard to do but as far as know it’s not done in this country. Ira Levin’s book, “The Boys From Brazil” is more fact than fiction as are many of his other books. I managed to attend a clone auction a couple years ago and blogged on it elsewhere. Anyway the show is really worth a look, on HBO and catch Watchmen as well. I’d wait to binge “His Dark Materials” but I’m afraid Keen will give me crap if I don’t watch it when it’s showing. I don’t know why she would care since I think the rest of it is her older clone and not her. Maybe she returns later on, we’ll see.

Kiki Kookaburra Presents: Tom Hanks!!!

So I’ve always enjoyed Tom Hanks film and I’ve seen some repeatedly especially Forest Gump which I’ve seen a dozen times or more.

Tom Hanks as Forest Gump

I’ve loved his work but I’ve found him a bit of a one trick pony….Hanks in and Hanks out. I’ve also wondered if he is any other actors. Now this presentation is a bit raw because it’s hard to find quality photos of Hanks naked as well as others but I’ve got enough to throw out my first probable person who is also Hanks. FYI…I now consider him a genius.

I’m watching “How to Get Away With Murder” and found a character who reminded me of Hanks and only got more Hanks like as the series progressed. His name…
Timothy Hutton

I’m going out on a small limb and say that Hutton and Hanks are the same person.

I’ve got a couple other possibilities for Hanks, one is …

Dennis Quaid with Laura Savoy

Another possibility is…

Alan Thicke

What’s nice is I’m hitting on some people I wouldn’t normally have catagorized.

I’ll try and confirm these and come up with others.

Tom Hanks…Not!!! a one trick pony!!!

Addendum 10/23/19

Let’s add Justin Bateman as a possible Hanks replicant, I’ll have to work on that one.

Kiki Kween of the Knight Presents: Carrie Underwood!!!!!

Cry Pretty…
So I took some time to take the little lady to see the little lady…Carrie Underwood at the Wells Fargo Center!!!! They seemed to get along fine. It was a real treat seeing Carrie again. I continuously marvel at how she fills the venue at Wells Fargo with that amazing voice of hers and what a great show. I know her entire music catalogue so the concert was pure pleasure as I did my best to harmonize with her, as did the other thousands of people there. She did most of her major hits including Blown Away, a personal favorite and a great video about a gal abused by her alcoholic father who leaves him drunk and unconscious on the couch of their farmhouse during a major storm while she goes into the cellar, “Some call it taking shelter, I call it sweet revenge.” 

She saved the big tunes off her album Cry Pretty for her finale. I appreciated she spent a few moments with me during that song and a couple of others. Kiki would be so proud of, good enough to be mom!!! One of the big tunes was the title song of the album (my personal favorite) the other was Love Wins, also my personal favorite. Make up was a key element of the song Cry Pretty and I wondered how they were going to handle it since she has mascara bleeding all over her eyes and face on the cover of the album the notion being that you can’t cry pretty…well she can! They put her up on the screens in a make up room while she applied smear mascara and glitter…brilliant!!! She also did a conglomeration of some other artists which was super, including Stand By Your Man, Nine to Five, and Walking After Midnight. You would almost swear Dolly and Patsy were her mother and grandmother!!! 

Her opening acts were “Runaway June” and “Maddie and Tae.” Both bands were super and joined Carrie on stage later in the show. Now off the record and I’d appreciate if no one repeats this. At one of her last concerts I spotted a gal in the band who had a violin solo and is a personal stalker of mine and that was Lady Gaga!!! I suspected she might be touring with Carrie again since I haven’t seen her in a while and I was correct!!! Those two are as thick as thieves, they pass for sisters. I spotted her Ladyness almost immediately up on one of the screens as Maddie,of Maddie and Tae!!! She was terrific but she was not the headliner so she couldn’t really let loose because she would be as capable or almost as capable as Underwood in filling that stadium with her voice. But she was terrific and hope to see her again soon stalking me; as a matter of fact could bring Carrie with you on one of your outings? She comes and goes so quickly. 

If you can spare a few bucks go see Carrie Underwood. If you can’t afford good seats bring binoculars of she up on six jumbo screens. A great time was had by all!!!

If I left anyone or anything out forgive me. Max told me to put my stupid game away right before she came out. That was some winning advice!!!

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Kiki Kleptomancy Presents: Bloodlines Cambridge and Davis

Strongly suspect bloodline here. Godfrey Cambridge was a terrific actor in his day and was in a favorite film of mine…”The President’s Analyst”! He was probably as shady in real life as in his films as many great actors are. Cambridge and Viola Davis share some common facial features and acting styles. I strongly suspect a family link.(Obviously not clones)

9/26/19 This turned out to not only be correct but most interesting. This was a bit of a stretch but I was confident enough in it to put it up. My people could not confirm this right away, it took a while which surprised me but this has happened before. Apparently virtually no one knew this and they actually had to check DNA to confirm. Viola Davis reported she was not aware that Godfrey Cambridge was her grandfather however she also said that her mother often spoke very highly and fondly of him. So what we have is Godfrey Cambridge is Viola Davis’s biological grandfather on her mother’s side. It would appear Viola’s mother was aware that Godrey was her father. On the back story, Viola was largely irritated bordering on angry that I put this out there. I believe judging from past experience that will work out for her. thoroughly enjoying “How to get away with murder,” stick with it, good stuff.

How did I get this one? In “How….Murder” Viola loses the wig and make up during the episodes and one point becomes really depressed which causes her to relax her face which reveals the likeness to Godfrey Cambridge.