Kiki Presents: “What has Ron Howard Done?”

Conquistador was written and performed by Ron Howard in the band Procol Harum. Which one in the band was he, I’d need more time to research this than I have allotted to this if I want to get to his other accomplishments.

Ron Howard wrote, “Light My Fire” for Jim Morrison and the Doors

Ron Howard wrote “Fool on the Hill” performed by the Beatles…He was also George Harrison

Ron Howard wrote some of Desperado performed by the Eagles of which he’s one. Here’s Linda Ronstadt performing the song who was offered one million dollars to pose naked in Playboy magazine…does she have no respect for money?)

Ron Howard wrote, “She’s Always a Woman to Me” for Billy Joel…Billy turns out to be Tim Curry.

Ron Howard wrote, “Rocket M an” for Elton John who turns out to be Billy Mummy. Here Taron Egerton performs the song.

Born to be Wild was written and performed by Ron Howard for the band Steppenwolf. He is also Peter Fonda. Dennis Hopper, in the film, is also Robin Williams who still regales about riding those big handled choppers.

Kiki Kreme Brûlée Presents: The Jigsaw Puzzle

The Jigsaw Puzzle

I bought a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and diligently worked on it every night to put it together.

It took me several weeks to put it together.

When I put in my last piece I realized there was one piece still missing.

I told my brother that a piece was missing.

He pulled the piece from his pocket and put it in place.

“Now I finished your 1000 piece puzzle,” he smiled and smirked.

He then went to law school.

Kiki’s Korner Presents: Ed’s trip to LA

Thanks to everyone for a great stay in Los Angeles!! Being there in physical form is starting to grow on me. Loved Caroline Bowman in Frozen, Warner Brother’s Studio Tour, seeing Jumanji for a second time and the swimming pool at the Loew’s Hollywood (thank goodness it was heated). I think the staff were too cold to come out and tell me to get out when it was raining.

When I got to the hotel I tried to get some free breakfast passes, the guy was nice enough but said he didn’t have any to give out. I suspected foul play and decided to pull rank on him. “Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?!!!,” I extolled. He said, “Do you know how many times a day I hear this?” I laughed but said, “Yeah, but I mean it!!!” Then I went into a chorus of, “How dare you! I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life!!” He then pulled out a stack of meal coupons, actually five which was pretty cool but when we got to breakfast the next day we were saddened to learn there was no buffet. My wife threatened to go to Mel’s Diner instead which was kind of a bluff and conduct unbecoming a queen. It wasn’t so bad as they let you pick whatever you wanted off the menu pretty much. Went back the next day with the two remaining coupons had a great meal but sadly after that we climbed into an Uber and went over to the Hilton for buffet breakfast. We then spend much of the rest of the vacation discussing whose overpriced breakfast was better, Loew’s or the Hilton. The Loew’s restored the buffet on Christmas morning which was a treat so we stayed. Now, who’s breakfast buffet was better? It went 2:1 for the Hilton with our resident Orc sleeping in every morning and missing breakfast. The Hilton featured many more Asian treats which I love and more variety, they mistakenly charged us only twenty dollars each for the first day but declared it was an error and went back to $28 or something like that the next day. Thanks to the Howards for taking care of that problem with my parents. I was trying to figure out how to deal with the issue of my sullen and angry parents disappointed in me and coming back from the grave to let me know. I don’t think too many people could have handled this, but the Howards did!! Brought my parents up to date with some of the things I’ve been up to and hung out with all the children. They were whole-heartedly welcomed, and even revered as the producers of the genetic material that the children came from. I have made inroads in my understanding of clones and their place in families. So, my clones are more closely biological understood as identical twin brothers. From a more social standpoint they are more easily seen as my children but they already have parents so I may fall back to Uncle Ed, or just Ed. So when my parents show up, in theory, they would be more like the biological parents of the children, however from a sociological standpoint they were revered and warmly welcomed as sort of ancillary grandparents, grandma and grandpa with their first names attached. When I grew up I worked in my father’s business and my grandfather worked there, all the employees called him ‘grandpa’ as if that were his actual name. His friends would call him Harry, his wife was addressed as grandma when she’d come by. BTW: Great job Kiki on His Dark Materials, looking forward to season 2. BBQ…stunning once again: your dad used the word flabbergasted to describe me…close enough. My best to all my family and friends, wishing everyone the best possible New Year! Wish I could be with you. Ed out

Kiki Presents: What has Ron Howard Done?

Periodically I go through my phone and pull out the information on projects Ron has been involved with through the years. Often it’s music, TV, movies or advertising. Here I try to put up a few things. It would take me weeks to lay everything out…and away we go

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Ron Howard was heavily involved in the marketing of this product.
Ron Howard worked on the 1960’s version of the Halo shampoo commercial originally sang by Peggy Lee.
This is the original Halo commercial
Ron Howard wrote Rosalita for Bruce Springsteen, a terrific endearing song. Ron has quietly written hundreds if not thousands of songs for other artists.

If this is not showing up look it up. Ron Howard wrote the song for the show “The Good Guys” I remember the show being good but the song was very good. Ron Howard who was John Denver worked with Bob Denver on many occasion, including Gilligan’s Island but most interesting, Bob Denver was Werner Erhard the founder of EST.
The Good Guys Pilot Episode
Ron Howard wrote Your Song for Elton John. Elton John is Ron Howard’s younger brother who is Billy Mumy! Ron coined the name Billy Mumy for him as well.
Ron Howard wrote the theme song and helped out on the King Kong Show
Ron Howard wrote the theme song for The Hulk…cartoon. Kind of a stop action cartoon. He did most of the work on this cartoon.
Ron Howard wrote the song “Miss You” from “Some Girls” by the Rolling Stones. Ron wrote all of the songs of this album and did it in a week. He had help with the production.
Ron Howard wrote After The Lovin’ for Engelbert Humberdink
Ron Howard wrote “Lean on Me” for Bill Withers
Ron Howard wrote the theme song for “Green Acres” He also worked on the show.
Ron Howard wrote the song “Carry on My Wayward Son” and was the scraggly looking member of the band “Boston”. Great song!!

Haha all the guys in Boston were scraggly looking!!!

Ron Howard worked on and illustrated the updated 1966 commercial for New Country Cornflakes. He worked on the 1960’s version.
Ron Howard wrote “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” Ron wrote a lot of Simon and Garfunkel songs. Note Robin Williams was Art Garfunkel.
Ron Howard wrote “My Little Town.” Simon and Garfunkel.
Ron Howard wrote the song for this advertisement for Tippy Tumbles. Interestingly enough the girl standing on her head, though there’s no music, it says “and Tippy stands on her head with you!” sat with me in middle school, i don’t remember what class, her name was Pamela Schwartz. Either 7th or 9th grade as I never attending the 8th grade.
Ron Howard wrote “The Only Living Boy In NY” I had the pleasure of singing on a street corner in Orlando with Art.

All my clones want to meet me…that must be quite a sight…if you thought one of me was a pest. Imagine them scheming together!!

Ron Howard wrote Hymn 43 for Jethro Tull. Ron’s the scraggly guy in the band.

That joke never seems to grow old!!
Ron Howard wrote, “My Dead Dog Rover” and was in the band, “Hank, Stu, Dave and Hank.”
Ron Howard is Weird Al Yankovic. Not only does he do the comedy rewrites of the original songs most of the time he has written the original songs. This is one of my favorites.

As all the clones walk around eating ice cream they continue to work on their plans for world wide domination and this is Ed out!

Kiki Knives Presents Movie Review: Knives Out!!!

Written a week ago:

Movie Review: Just returned from seeing “Knives Out” starring Daniel Craig and an all-star cast. Let me start by saying I really liked the film. Kind of like an old Agatha Christie novel/film and reminded me of the film “Sleuth” with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine. The film was engaging and really fun! It also improved as the filmed moved along (I have to say it’s hard coming off a half hour of coming attractions into a slow moving film). I also think, from a personal basis, this was the best film and performance I’ve seen Daniel Craig in…bravo Daniel. I saw him in Munich and I didn’t think he looked Israeli at all but still a good film and he was ok. I still catch crap from some people for walking out on Cowboys and Aliens which conceptually sounded good and I tried to watch it again, also with great difficulty. BTW it is considered better manners to fall asleep during a performance and snore than to walk out on it, at least in my case (another admonishment). Here was the big one…I didn’t think Daniel was suited to play James Bond which led to some interesting conclusions. All the other bonds were really British looking and Daniel came out of nowhere to play him. He was kind of stiff in the role like a macho Vladimir Putin. He was really good in Knives Out with his southern drawl. I ran into Daniel a couple years ago when I was doing a variety show in Los Angeles, he happened to be in the audience as I was discussing head injuries in actors. I brought him up and was greeted by the audience with “Oh Oh!!” Apparently he wasn’t that happy with me. I had my notes on his injuries though. I surmised based on his injuries/scars that he was ejected through the windshield of a motor vehicle traveling at high speed. He was surprised that I knew all the details about it. He also told me that if he wanted to he could send me to my next incarnation. Rather than say, “Take a number,” I wholeheartedly agreed with him as he was already unhappy with me. We then had the most interesting conversation I’ve ever had with anyone bar none!!!…he is really fascinating! I agreed to help him out with a couple issues which worked out terrific and we’re on really good terms (though I do say it was touch and go there for a while and he’s grown on me as Bond and the new film is coming out and the trailer looks awesome). There are some other great actors and aspects of the film but go check it out yourselves. I give it a 5/5!!!!! (It’s actually 4/5 but I don’t want to piss Daniel off again and lets face it, it’s not exactly Gone With The Wind.) Later gators.