Beatrice Howard Presents: Ed nails Princess Margaret!!! (figuratively)

I usually won’t publish a finished slide unless I’m about 99% sure I’m correct. Why 99%?The other Ed once posted the wrong chick as the beauty princess who got murdered…he relied on ears and was correct except she had a twin, so not Lady Gaga but Miley Cyrus!!! (love you Miley!!!) (Love you too, Gaga!).

There was something nagging about this, and I triple, quadruple checked my work, and more. The Queen of England, Elizabeth, was Princess Margaret’s Sister and I’m about 99% sure she’s Betty White. I also believe she’s actually dead because I suspected Betty died not too long ago. Which is kind of sad because Betty was really a great actress and funny as all fuck! Let me know if she’s still around…please!

I’m busy trying to sort Margaret and Elizabeth out and I have, I believe, nailed this one. I had this confirmed last night and surprised a lot of people who didn’t think I’d get this because I initially thought she was Elizabeth. I never believe anything out of Hollywood, except if it involves Lindsay, but I’m starting to think some of the BS around Princess Margaret may be true.

Also, the chick from Handmaid’s Tale appears to be Carol’s daughter and is probably a lot older than they state. Very interesting and a very satisfying find. Scarring is similar as well. Score a win on this one.

BTW…I ran into Carol and the Rabbi a few days ago. She gave me crap about 6 months to a year or so ago when i snapped a picture of her. She was nicer to me this time and was with the guy who plays commander Fred, which would make sense since I think her daughter is June Osborne. She looks great and is sporting a nice sheitel. (I’ve always been a fan of cerulean! The rabbi looks amazing!!! no kidding!! I wouldn’t have made him out except I saw him in a film clip and he’s also on a show I’m watching. He was playing basketball with a half dozen black guy and played like he was in his forties!!!! I have no reason to be jealous of anyone but I’m jealous of him and the others who are in such great shape for their age. I like how the BB Queen screwed him over on Yellowstone.

More to come…Ed out

Beatrice Howard Presents: Ed’s Review of “Where the Crawdads Sing”

I was stunningly surprised by how wonderful this film was. It was truly a masterpiece of sight, sound, acting and script. It was a pure pleasure to watch from start to finish.

Daisy Edgar Jones as our main character Kya Clark is an extremely talented actress who completely captivates her audience every moment she is on the screen. She is as captivating as a younger Anne Hathaway who she greatly resembles. I’ll look forward to more from this young and aspiring actress who played this role brilliantly! She showed great sensitivity in the role which belied her great ferocity! She has the true talent of great actors who make sure not one moment on the screen is in anyway plagued with mediocrity. Her passions, even in the subtlest of acting moments, overwhelm the audience who watch with breath held as they share her endless plights and joys in this film.

The supporting cast also excellent and played perfectly…every single person in every single role and the script brilliant!

I implore people to see this film which was the best 2 hours I’ve spent anywhere at any time, except for a couple events as stunning and relatable as was this film. Go see it and enjoy!

10.10/10.10 highest score possible.

I can’t stand how beautiful this film was…fills me with too much emotion. ^_^

Beatrice Presents: Hubby enjoys an All-Star day. Lunches with Neil Patrick and watches Bullet Train with Stan Laurel!!!

I ate at Brios in The Promenade in Marlton NJ craving a white linen lunch experience, no linen but I enjoyed everyone else having it (they must have seen me eat!) Saw one of my patients, it’s a place I can run into people I know who I don’t believe are sent there. Much to my delight towards the end of my meal who shows up? None other than Neil Patrick Harris!!! Star of the new Sitcom on Netflix, “Uncoupled” which is hysterically funny!!! In tow with Neil were his three sons (he could have more). Really cute and sturdy looking kids. I got a good look at only one of their faces but he could play Woody Allen as kid if Woody does another film like Annie Hall, or the other one which features Woody as a kid. I’m piecing together whose kid Neil is, i’m about 90% sure. Very talented man!

So we went to see Bullet Train this evening. Here’s my review off FaceBook:

I don’t know how the critic from the NYT saw this film with his head up his ass like 54% of the Rotten Tomatoes critics but they missed out on a great film! Audience score was 78%. I’m giving it 10/10!!! It’s a great action film with a great cast and hysterically funny. If you’re looking for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris don’t see this. Brad Pitt was amazing as well as all of the cast. The film is a lot of fun and is like Murder On The Orient Express on crack!!!! It’s probably done by Quentin Tarantino and has a lot of his nuances. At the very least it’s done by someone skilled in reproducing his films. Like El Topo was probably done by Fellini or the film about the cities on wheels done by the Monty Python guy who I confronted about him hiding his best work in his safe. That was also good. The best advice I can give you is expect a Tarantino film and you wont be disappointed. It’s not any more confusing than anything else in life and it’s lots of fun. 10/10.

Here’ the thrill of the evening…I started wondering if Stan Laurel aka Humphrey Bogart aka Fred Astaire could still be alive. He’d be pretty old, probably over 120 years old. Here’s what I had going in his favor. 1) He was an athlete and a dancer…great cardiovascular system. 2) Lots of you guys are making it into their 12th decade. I saw Golda, Walt, Spiro, and Agnes…so this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Well he was sitting a seat away from me, next to his escort. He looked great!!! I was pretty sure it was him. Gave me a big smile when I got there and I asked him after the film what he thought. He liked it and said it was “dark” with a big excited face…perfect! On the way home I confirmed my thoughts, I memorized his features and realized it was a mistake thinking Stan Laurel and confirmed him when I thought Humphrey Bogart! It was beautiful seeing him and enjoying a great film with him as I’ve enjoyed so many of his. Thanks for coming out and thank-you to Neil and his sons for having lunch with me. Pure pleasure…thank you again!!!

ed out

By the way MIB 3 was excellent

Beatrice Presents: Stan Laurel is Humphrey Bogart, but who is Oliver Hardy?

Ed had this up elsewhere but it’s worth more careful study. I’ll let Ed take over.

Ed here…Casablanca is a favorite film of mine and I watch it periodically. It’s timeless and only gets better with time like me…or a fine wine! You can see the prosthetic on Stan’s nose. You also have significant scarring on both men’s faces especially on the left cheek. So what’s the million dollar question? If Stan Laurel is Humphrey Bogart, then where is Oliver Hardy? I’ll give everyone a few minutes to figure this out.

Times up. Let’s start with Casablanca, my favorite film of Bogy’s and I’ve seen a few of them. Find Oliver Hardy in the film Casablanca.

This is him, Oliver Hardy, …S.K. Sakall as Carl in Casablanca

That’s pretty tricky with that accent Carl

I’m going to go out on a limb here…where is Hardy in the other Bogie films? Where is he in Maltese Falcon? Suppose Oliver Hardy was actually way more brilliant an actor than we suspected? Suppose he actually played two roles in Casablanca? He’s a portly fellow, so who else could he be? I know…Peter Lorre!!!!! Ha Ha just kidding…he’s Senor Ferrari played by Sidney Greenstreet!!!

I don’t think Sidney could look anymore like Hardy than here.

Senor Ferrari : “I might as well be frank, monsieur.┬áIt would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have outlawed miracles. ” My favorite line in Casablanca.

But wait…there’s more!!!

Bogart debuted on film with Helen Hayes in the 1928 two-reeler, The Dancing Town, a complete copy of which has not been found. He also appeared with Joan Blondell and Ruth Etting in a Vitaphone short, Broadway’s Like That (1930), which was rediscovered in 1963.

In 1934 Stan Laurel aka Humphrey Bogart with Oliver Hardy did one of the greatest films of all time and in my top 10 list:

So what’s so cool about this? The evil creatures are the Bogeymen! I think that’s pretty cool and I always wondered about this, now I know! Stan Laurel was Bogey!

This is the link to the film. If you’ve never seen it, it’s amazing and there is a restored colorized version of the film which is really amazing (don’t watch it with Woody Allen).

And now a home work assignment for all you good little boys and girls and non-binaries, and gender queer.

Oliver Hardy appears in a film with John Wayne called The Fighting Kentuckian. For your homework assignment see if Stan Laurel is in the film. I’ll give a you major clue…if he’s in there he’s probably a cowboy!

For extra credit who’s this guy?

None other than Fred Astaire aka Stan Laurel!!!

So he dances, he acts, ok…he must sing…who would he be? I don’t know…good luck with this one! ed out

Beatrice Presents: Ed’s review of “Just Like Mom” or go ahead…Kiss and Tell…This one is really interesting.

In the 1980’s there was a gameshow for children called “Just Like Mom”. The host was Fergie Olver a Canadian former game show host and sportscaster. He is best known for co-hosting the 1980s children’s game show Just Like Mom with his wife Catherine Swing, and his work as a broadcaster and dugout reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays. Here is a segment review of the show:

The show featured the host giving out prizes for correct answers and kissing him…I think. I reviewed this clip and decided that the host Fergie Oliver looked considerably like old “Boy Named Sue” (Oy Vey)…Johnnie Cash. I didn’t confirm 100% so I won’t attest to it but usually if I think so it’s well over 95% chance I’m correct. Here’s Johnny!:

Lips that touch Ciggies of Fergie’s will never touch mine.

I did remember that there was an episode of Columbo that featured Johnny Cash in it, March 3, 1974. He plays a gospel singer who wants to be rid of his jealous wife but wants it to look like an accident. What made this interesting was his wife knew he had a penchant for young girls and in the show, 2 to 4 minutes into it, a girl comes up to him near his dress her room and begged him to kiss her. This was particularly interesting as I identified Fergie as Johnny Cash this episode of Colombo called Swan Song with a pre-dated the game show host game just like mom.

This is worth watching for at least 5 minutes, I couldn’t get a picture of the girl who begs Johnny Cash to kiss her saying, “kiss me Johnny boy, kiss me Johnny “but she sure looked a whole lot like Jan Brady (Eve Plump) from the Brady Bunch. Anyway all very interesting. He must be a great kisser or I have no clue. Ed out

There are other interesting people in those first 5 of Swan Song but not my focus today…take care…one kiss for everybody!!!! Bye!!!

One last point…I remembered which episode of Columbo this was because of Columbo’s reaction at the airport to Johnny Cash, so lets honor Columbo…

Swan 11

Here we find Columbo played by Peter Falk who was Steven Sondheim and was also Sammy Davis Jr.

I’m aware is Eve Plumb…just like to stir the pot…in the words of Elvis…It’s what I do.

Ed Presents: Rage against the already dinned.

Watched some eps of Peaky Blinders, season 6, which I’m lovin’.

The show as part of its focus brings in Adolf Hitler.


As a matter of fact Ricky Gervais brought him up as well, I just watched his special, which left me in comedy tears.

This was cool! I found my own work on google!!!

Alias was sent to his next incarnation with about 775 others in his downline for putting out a bowl of cholent for me which I refused to eat and fed to his people. That was the only motivation. He passed quickly. His last words to me were, “Fuck you Ed!”

He didn’t use those words…I was paraphrasing. What he actually said was, “I should have finished you when I had the chance.” He wasn’t talking specifically about me and he actually thought not spoke it but I told him what he was thinking. For those of you who miss him…I’m sorry for your loss but fuck him!

I agreed not to gloat because many of you were close with him…that agreement would only take place if I joined everyone in LA…which has not happened…for better or worse. The agreement doesn’t hold if I’m not there…which I’m not. If it’s any consolation, probably not, I’ve also been banned at JFEDSNJ for telling fortunes better than they do. Also banned from NYC, LA, The Ranch, and a bar on Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn (that really wasn’t my fault!). Moses never made it to the promised land neither.

Nice talking to everyone, I never really got to the gist of this post.

Beatrice Presents: What is the hubster up to now? Dickens again?

This was pretty cool. I happened to run into Frederick Douglass (Not the man himself) while looking at Mark Twain and such. He was a great orator. Then I was reviewing Dickens and Yahtzee!!!!! There he is! Staring down Edgar Allan Poe. Not such a good idea Doogie!!! I’ve got a few of these guys, maybe seven or eight. This will take a while. Hi Kiki!!!! Love you…miss you…mean it!!!