Robin Williams in: The Latest in Neck Vaginas

As if Robin Williams wasn’t sexy enough…here he is with not only a full blown (so to speak) neck vagina but also a belly button vagina.

Robin’s still pales in comparison to Erin Moran
Robin Williams has some kind of mish-mosh of skin and scars around his neck and chest. I vote for an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) of some sort, either that or a Columbian Neck Tie gone awry! Probably didn’t pay his bills. (That joke only gets funnier the more you complain about it.) FYI Christopher Reeves is sporting a neck vagina as well!

I’m going to post the next two pictures and a clip. Something is right about this and something not so much but my instincts seldom fail me and I picked up David Chokachi like this which was a really big find. He’s grateful to be out in the open though he has to deal with people being jealous of him getting all these nice plump, juicy acting roles. I’m jealous he was in “Lost Boys” and not me!! Shout out for “Lost Boys”. Great vampire film!!! Super cast and superb direction!!

So here’s what I got…relatively young Robin Williams. Note failed Columbian Neck Tie attempt.

He reminded me of someone from a movie called Warriors. Even if I’m wrong about this either being Robin or a close relative everyone’s going to enjoy three minutes of the film with an ad-lib by the guy below on the T-shirt which puts an otherwise “C” film to an “A” status, hmmm…ok…maybe B but B+. Also note the messed up Neck Vagina on the actor, David Patrick Kelly, similar to the mess on Robin… also Robin was one of the kings of Ad Lib. You can see him do it in Popeye when he’s reading the note that came with Sweet Pea and the baby repeats the word baby when Robin reads the note. Robin smiles from ear to ear and  lights up like a Christmas tree and says something like, “That’s what I’m saying…a baby!” It was brilliant and funny!

The ad-lib here is this: The actor David Patrick Kelly who plays Luthor was just supposed to clank the bottles together and after a while he must be getting bored with it and starts say, “Warriors…come out to play!!” which he keeps repeating until it sounds like the bizarre production of some deranged mental patient!! The scene was perfect and memorable. The film will never be forgotten because of it.

,,,and I’m told I’m correct!!!! and that is David Patrick Kelly who plays Luthor in Warriors is Robin Williams! Super!!!!!! D.!!!! Duper!!!

Film moves back up to “A” status but now A+!!!

David Patrick Kelly as Luthor in: “The Warriors”!! oh yeah…he also happens to be Robin Williams

So what have learned here and this is a very important lesson….

Pay attention to vaginas wherever they may be!!!

That’s an important lesson but this started with me noticing the gaping hole in Erin Moran’s neck and thinking it through and making some jokes about it. it went from there.

and there he is !!! The star of this show in a self described Zen Moment!! Isn’t he beautiful!! So confident in his flying skills he spent most of the flight watching Mrs. Doubtfire on his I-Pad and screaming… “Good Morning Vietnam!!” (FYI…he was a brilliant pilot!!)

Here he is with his co-pilot…

I’ll flip this over later

He insisted I be his co-pilot. I mentioned something about visual acuity and lack of depth perception from a run in with a TMS machine and some delusional thinking about the midbrain and Dr. Bruce Banner, which actually turned out to be correct! He said I can be the stewardess instead for which I was truly grateful, though he kept pinching my butt whenever I walked by with the drink service.


The Howards Part 32: David Chokachi in Deer Hunter Part 2

I like these pictures from Deer Hunter. I’ll go out on a limb and see if I can get most of the people in it. On the left is Christopher Walken who I believe is Billy Mumy, to the right of him is Robert DeNiro who is Ron Howard, next is Chuck Aspegren (unknown right now, now I suspect highly that he’s John Goodman!), next is John Savage aka David Chokachi, Ron’s son, lastly is John Cazale who I’m going to say is Clint Howard, and he is! Now photo analysis time: I have to work on Chuck Aspegren. The four front people are Three Howard Brothers and one Howard son: Brothers Billy Mumy, Ron Howard, Clint Howard and son David Chokachi.

Cast of Deer Hunter, Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro, Chuck Aspegren, John Savage and John Cazale on the set of Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter (1978). Via Decaying Hollywood Mansions. ”

Pretense of a joke told so Chuck Aspegren (John Goodman) can melt into background and everyone smiling though Walken rolls his eyes. John Savage is doing some kind of sign language and DeNiro is doing, “We’re distoibed” from West Side Story which I think he shows up in.

More fake laughs, Cazale may be doing some hand signals.

The Howards Part 31: Reggie Bannister

Reggie Bannister aka Clint Howard from Phantasm

I happened to catch this photo while catching a wave on the net. Appears to be Clint Howard who turns up in my favorite horror film…Phantasm!

Robert David Crane boy this sure looks like Clint Howard

The Howards Part 30: David Chokachi in Deer Hunter!!

Cast of Deer Hunter

Conundrum appears to be resolved. It appears to me that John Savage is David Chokachi…the son Ron Howard had at age 13. In this photo he’s about 12-14 years old. Good looking kid with dad by his side. Ron is Robert DeNiro. I believe I have Walken and the other guy from Godfather who Mo Green slapped around because he was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time and the players couldn’t get a drink.  I’ll work on the guy in the back.

David Chokachi in Baywatch

Same scar on throat as John Savage above. Nice abdo scar, left antecubital fossa, right palm, upper chest. When you become a Howard they throw you into a meat grinder…if you survive you’re in!!!

Hey David, I don’t care if you were in Deerhunter…your mom is still Hotsy Totsy!!

I know he still doesn’t get the joke. You’d have to be from Brooklyn.

Bob Crane aka Ron Howard with son Robert Crane aka David Chokachi

Adding this in today though I noticed it yesterday. Something not right with Robert Crane aka David Chokachi. Looks like he injured an eye and I don’t think he’s standing completely on his own. Something between his knees I believe to prop him up and Bob Crane aka Ron Howard seems to let go of him at the last second for the picture and his elbow is in  Ron’s abdomen to prop him up. Looks like he’s supposed to be learning diving, he’s got his toes of one foot wrapped around the edge of what? Diving board looking thing? Kate Moss got into a serious wreck around age 18, this photo reminds me of her first photo after the wreck where she can barely stand up and has one eye closed because the contact lens to simulate her strabismus was either not available or too unwieldy to insert with all her recent surgeries.

Kiefer Sutherland aka David Chokachi

Same scarring on neck…perfect!!


World’s Worst Tracheotomy!

I know I’ll catch shit for this because I have this uncanny knack of getting too close to the bone on some of my jokes or observations but people continue to show up, even just for the mood swings so I’ll put it up.


Erin Moran…Joanie from Happy Days

World’s worst Tracheotomy…remember you can’t be a Howard without a Trache. I’m not sure she’s a Howard but I’m sure it’s close enough. She makes me want to think about climbing back into my mother’s womb where it had the appearance of being hospitable. I can remember being able to psychically see out into the community. My mom was so excited to be pregnant. For her it was going to be a dream come true when she would finally give birth to the daughter she  wanted so badly…oh man…did that not ever work out!!!

I’m not sure what that is, could be photoshopped, …maybe she had throat cancer and they had to dig up Rich Little to dub her voice.

Keep those cards and letters coming. BTW I was a big fan of Erin…she was a world class dumpling!

Grand Rounds is on!!!!!!!

Erin Moran…tracheotomy sealed!

Did Erin smoke?? I’m guessing some form of cancer. Throat would be at the top of my list

Erin after stem cell therapy


The Howards Part 26: Hair!


Ron and Cheryl Howard wrote the musical “Hair”. Though I didn’t see the show my brother had the album and we listened to it till it was smooth. (For the youngins, it was round and made of vinyl with grooves in it, oh wait they’re popular again. BTW…There is an argument around digitally remastered…here’s an article about it).

The film was pure pleasure with Treat Williams in the starring role. (Probably, going to turn out to be Ron when I vet him.(To vet was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. Thus, it has taken the general meaning “to check”.)

Let’s go see if Ron is Treat Williams…the horses are at the gate…place your bets!!! And they’re….off!!!!

We have a winner!!!  Billy Mumy is Treat Williams

Treat Williams is not Ron but his brother Billy Mumy aka Elton John…also very talented…I know…no shit!

Treat Williams aka Billy Mumy.

If Ron turns out to be John Savage in the film which he looks more suited to we have a conundrum as John Savage was in Dear Hunter with Robert Deniro who I have as Ron as well.

Now let’s find Cheryl…she has to be in the film. They were probably the stars of the musical.

Oh Wow…Beverly D’Angelo’s in the film…Ok just left the rabbit hole and into the twilight zone…I can’t keep up, but here goes…

Beverly D’Angelo aka Cheryl Howard…  just like a head of lettuce… fresh…crisp and delicious

Beverly D’Angelo aka Cheryl Howard. World Class Hottie, did “Hair” with Treat Williams aka Billy Mumy, Ron Howard’s brother.

Here Beverly D’Angelo aka Cheryl Howard looks like another of my favorite actresses… Sally Kellerman…from MASH. num num num…
Sally Kellerman aka Cheryl Howard

Kellerman did Meatballs with Bill Murray aka Ron Howard…Did Moving Violations with James Keach aka Ron Howard

MOVING VIOLATIONS, James Keach, Sally Kellerman, 1985. TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved,

Who else could these two be? No one!!! James Keach aka Ron Howard and Sally Kellerman aka Cheryl Howard.

Back to Hair…how do we know Ron wrote this??? No one else in Hollywood is smart enough to use the type of language Ron does in songs and musicals and get them published the way he does. The array of songs that follow are pure genius, and the language is exceptional and yes to all the sci fi and science stuff in it which would be Ron. Brilliant climax to film…oh wait…cheryl loves sci fi too….hmmm… complex language = Ron. Great story telling = Cheryl. A mix of all.

Bette Midler looking gal from Hair probably Cheryl Howard
Let the Sun Shine In from Hair with likely Cheryl Howard… it’s always funny how when I’m watching a movie and I notice something then years later I can piece together what it was. I think it’s Cheryl, she was hard to miss when you watch the film since she was the only one up on someone’s shoulders for the song…the writer and star of Hair.

Good bet for Ron Howard during Let the sun shine in from Hair, Writer and possibly director as well as star. I just believe Ron directed the film…can’t explain why.

I’m told Ron Howard did direct the film.

The listed director is Milos Forman seen below with a neck vagina.

Milos Forman pictured here sporting a loverly neck vagina


The Howards Part 28: John Hamill aka Ron Howard

The link below will take you nowhere unless you add the letters  jpg  to the end of    +049.

Did you add the   jpg    to the end of the address? This site is still PG and I don’t believe these photos are PG.

Based on scars that’s Ron as John Hamill.

I’m in the middle of something else but go check him out yourself