Kiki’s Korrektions: Trey Parker

In the post regarding George Bush, Trey Parker and the electric baby, the boy who sat next to George W. was not Trey Parker but possibly Trey’s son. An added possibility is that Trey Parker is the son of George W. He’s almost certainly a close resident. This would make the boy who sat next to George a grandson or possibly a grand nephew. What’s the clue? In the electric baby story the boy came in and sat right next to George with only a minimal of acknowledgement of each other. He might have been about 8 years old. He sat down as if he’d done this a hundred times or more. Perfectly natural, no introductions needed.

Also Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a TV show about the president called “That’s My Bush”. I don’t think that would have made that onto network TV without either a request for the show to be done or an internal approval process. Bush was purposely portrayed as an idiot president of which the man is not. As Al Gore said, “He’s plenty smart!”

Cheryl Howard in “The Hulabaloo”

I defined earlier that the brilliant Cheryl Howard was Joey Heatherton. Here she is doing her New Dance…”The Hulabaloo” on the show “Hulabaloo”. 

We’ll look for Ron and Cheryl to have created a lot of these dances and songs. Ron does a great reprisal of some of these dances from the 60’s in pulp fiction as John Travolta with that ever bright light Uma Thurman!

This was really good too! Dance along if you know the steps!

I’ve studied West Side Story for months. Ron wrote some of the musical, wrote at least one song danced and, choreographed aspects of the dancing. I also believe he came up with the names Jets and Sharks for no other reason than who else could do that!

Highly suspect Ron Howard is tan haired boy in back right with white T-Shirt on.

Don’t forget Ron was the famous ballet dancer…Rudolf Nureyev.

Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev aka Ron Howard

Ignore Nureyev’s date of birth as March 17, 1938. What about the Russian thing? He’s Opie Cunningham from little middle America? Ron speaks 15 languages and hales from a northern European country which I have earlier but can’t remember now but suspect it’s Norway at this time which was my earliest belief. It’s in a previous post.

He directs in different countries in different languages for example he’s Tom Six in The Netherlands.

He’s a chess master (I’m looking for that). A black belt, Chuck Norris. Trained in multiple forms of martial arts. I suspect he was a professional baseball player. He was Poker Player Allen Cunningham…that one was easy when I went looking as his wife is the ever yummy Jennifer Tilly. When I figured out who she was I figured Ron couldn’t be far behind and duh…Allen Cunningham…that took me about 30 seconds and I’m sorry it took so long.

He’s considered to be one of the two most intensively studied people of all time (I’m the other and now were friends) and unless you’re a deep insider you barely know who he is.

I’m going to go out on a limb now. I get some feedback here and there from my friends so I’ll risk this. From the same musical number in West Side Story we have two of the sharks. Look at the one on the right. He’s easier than the other one. Does he look familiar? Then look at the one on the left…much harder but we’ve seen him before.

Two Sharks from West Side Story
Al Pacino in Scar Face
Eddie Haskell aka Ken Osmond from Leave It to Beaver

Realize these are all very talented people. Not just actors, dancers, singers but people. They are all business people, doctors, nurses, etc. They are all military…all of them. They all do under cover work and some, but not all are…killers.

You can also have sex with pretty much anyone in Hollywood for a price. Some of the actors enjoy it but for many it’s just another acting job. It costs a significant amount of money to have relations with one of the higher end actresses. Without naming names a price tag of $30,000 would be the going rate for an A+ actress, give or take a few thousand. Again, this is mostly just a job and it is only considered, “Entertainment Industry,” no different than anything else. I can’t tell you how much of that the actor or actress gets…if any! I’ve heard that sum or close to it on a couple of occasions. Some approach this with great kindness, and feel it’s a ‘giving’ on their part and have a loyal following. Many who love the actor/actress simply can’t afford the price tag often enough to satisfy their wants.

I have served in several ways as a spiritual advisor and at times as a medical advisor. In the beginning serving as a medical advisor was difficult because they were not prepared for the kind of case analysis and diagnostics I was able to do from 3000 miles away. There was an attempt to defame as a fraud when I diagnosed someone with Systemic Latex Toxicity. I’ve talked about this earlier. The girl was heading south (metaphorically) and I sent instructions to get Liver Function Tests quickly. She turned out to be in full liver failure and wound up in some nightmarish hospital settings (plural) with demonic nurses, not to insult all demons because most can be very nice and usually not much different than we are…just scarier looking. In hindsight I don’t think the doctors were that bad….I take that back…there were some misdiagnosis there too. I now question the rapid spread of Mrs. A. especially in view of the cost of AB for treatment and I encountered the most horrid of creatures, a serially killing dialysis unit nurse who had her on this lady. She had killed in excess of 100 patients. Most of the hit men I’ve encountered killed between 17 and 38 with one outlier killing over 80 because he killed off the job for pleasure. Two people I encountered killed millions of people. As people are dying, as these people did, I can ask them any questions I want. Inevitably I started asking them, “How many people have you killed?” It seemed to be a popular question. One person who ordered many hits replied “None.” He never murdered anyone with his own hands. One guy responded to me, “None of your fucking business.” That surprised me, I can’t remember exactly who it was. The funniest was when the decided to fake Cheryl Howard’s death. They were afraid she and I wouldn’t get along when I got there so they faked her death. Everyone stood around her while she laid in bed and they said some words to honor her. One of her really young grandchildren turned to her mom and said, “…but grandma’s not dead.” She was shushed by her mom who smiled. I had heard the day before that this was what they were planning… for Cheryl to commit suicide in order to eliminate her as a problem. She took the poison unwillingly and “passed on”. After the few words were spoken everyone broke out into song and dance and danced up and down the twin stair cases in the grand entranceway singing, “Ding dong the witch is dead…the witch old witch the wicked witch…ding dong the wicked witch is dead.” I never laughed so hard in my life!! Such joyous revelry. I was told the previous day that this group doesn’t mourn  the loss of a loved one but celebrates…in style! I’ve seen this a couple times since and I’ve even joined in song. A bit later I went back to talk to Cheryl and I asked her, “How many people did you kill?” She responded, I can’t talk to you right now Ed,” I said ok and watch more of the revelry. They were asking each other, “Do you think Ed bought it?” someone responded, “With Ed it’s hard to tell.”

The next day I went back up to talk to Cheryl who was laying in the exact same spot, not moving a muscle…an absolutely world class method actor…possible her most brilliant role until she sat bolt upright when I asked her again, “How many people did you kill?” I guess the jig was up at that point which was pretty funny and I absolutely love Cheryl though she can be somewhat dangerous and mercurial, and I smile whenever I think of her shooting bolt upright at that moment.

That evening everyone got together for what got to be known as “The Ed Show.” I saw Cheryl standing in the back of the room and I addressed her, “Cheryl…you look really good for someone who’s been dead for two days!” (Lifted from Fiddler on the Roof). I can’t remember her comeback but Cheryl can be priceless…the whole household is filled with extraordinarily funny people but the women in particular can be a riot. You can’t always tell if Cheryl is really annoyed or pretending at being annoyed. I think the tone of the day for her was pretend annoyed but hey…I could be wrong.

Things are done differently in this household and in the community and I had a learning curve to climb over in a lot of ways. Some things not so much since I was a conspiracy theorist I had read a good deal about this community and some things fit right in with what I knew.

After “The Ed Show” had to move to a bigger venue, (I believe near Grauman’s Chinese Theater) and it wasn’t my fault that people lost control of their bodily functions during a particularly high octane performance, Cheryl said it stank like a barnyard and blamed me for it and said she would get back at me for it by taking a dump in the entrance way of my house because I couldn’t stop laughing which she eventually did by getting one of my patients to smear her feces on the walls of my office and I had a feeling something was coming a day or two before and I had to discharge the patient for creating an unsanitary situation and where was she going to find someone to see her for a reduced fee of $25 for the session…thanks Cheryl! So in the bigger venue there was more room for stuff to go on and it was harder to keep people away than the Howard Mansion. There was a lot more fighting and such there though early on at the Howard’s Brian Grazer got out of control (BTW…I think Brian played on Courtship of Eddie’s Father as Norman Tinker)…anyway Brian lost control and got into with Bryce’s husband, Seth Gabel. This turned out to be a terrific fight. They went out to the front lawn and both were trained in martial arts and it was a real man to man fight. I would say fist fight but these guys were kicking at each other. I think Brian eventually got subdued but I can’t recall if that was before or after the police showed up. Turning part of the fight I was trying to explain to Ron that he had his “works” in his glove box but I was using code at the time and this took much longer. The police came and arrested him (Arrested Development..tee hee). I had hoped they would have taken him to the hospital because he had been shooting cocaine into his foot, had developed endocarditis, was septic and needed treatment. I went to see him a few days later, he was handcuffed to a hospital bed but was not improving…he said they were treating him for bacterial endocarditis. I went back to Ron and told Ron that I never said it was Bacterial, I expected they would have correctly determined the microorganism before treating which they didn’t. I went to look at the infection again and the walls of the atrium, I believe it was the atrium, was coated with green slime which occurred to me would be fungal hence Fungal Endocarditis. He was also shooting into his foot and the foot harbors fungi due to moist conditions. Ron passed on the information and Brian got well. A few weeks later the feds brought him back to the Howard’s where I spoke with him and explained to him that they didn’t want him but they wanted me and they wanted him to get me to say something I shouldn’t. Remember…there is no statute of limitations on stupidity. So they took him off. The man was sick, and septic and was not thinking clearly…but man what a great fight!!! They’re not raising pussies in Hollywood, no they’re not…super job guys!!!! Best fight ever!!!  No backing down, I believe some of the people on the sidelines helped contain Brian before the police got there.

Before this blog ends I will confess to the murder of two people. I have to do it for documentary purposes, my trespasses in the past have either been forgiven in large part or not and this will not change anything. If you hate me now you’ll hate me later and vice versa. I doubt anyone is going to change teams over this.

But first let’s enjoy a dance number by none other than Will Robinson!

Thank you , I’ve known for a while.

At the new venue for “The Ed Show” (It’s Bigger!!! It’s Better!!!) I was working at full staff so it was bigger and better and left nothing to the imagination which had me briefly ejected from a spiritual group for conduct unbecoming, but at the new venue someone was always getting injured and an ambulance sat outside, usually two, just in case. The police would sometimes show up. Ron is in law enforcement, probably patrolled the streets of LA at some point because he’s done everything else and he’s on good terms with all manner of the law…even me! Local law generally like and respect him. He curries favor with them with the legitimate use of donations. I have seen him on a couple occasions hand out stacks of cash…once to local law who I’m sure used it for inner-city kids projects and once helped out a woman who lived on the outs of LA while her husband was preparing to return from incarceration. Oh, one other time but not a stack of cash, probably about five thousand, maybe ten to some arm of the Environment Protection Agency in LA after I put on an impromptu light show outside his home in LA. I can’t help it if some people don’t like giant 30 foot dancing Elvis’s and Marilyn’s! Everyone’s a critic!

When the police showed up Ron always knew how to gain favor with them, though on one or two occasions I plied a couple feds with alcohol which seemed to do the trick, someone else had to pour. So this one time two locals showed up or called in because of some noise or report or whatever and Ron had two very beautiful women, long gowns for the evening come over. Gorgeous ladies, smiling and he told the locals that he didn’t know what was going on but why don’t they go with the girls and they would take care of whatever they needed. The next thing I saw was that the girls had put the locals seated in two chairs against the wall of the side of the room, plain black stacking chairs. The gentlemen had their pants to ground, the ladies were on their knees and servicing them…with amazing expertise; Talking to officers, playing with them, talking some more, teasing them, talking with each other, ignoring them and finally going with it.

I took some offense at the goings on. The police show up and the women are used or forced to do things that they dislike in order to make them go away.  I asked Ron about this and he responded to me, “What makes you think they don’t like it?” That was a true learning experience. Things are just a bit different there…or not….maybe just to degrees or extremes but these are people skilled to do different things and a lot of them enjoy what they do…and yes I’m familiar with the butterflies…this is just the way life goes on.

I mentioned being an advisor earlier, one of the neighboring gals, a woman pushing thirty confided in me that she was in “The Entertainment Industry” and no longer wanted to do such things with people she didn’t know. I totally respected this and I suspected that she was looking for more meaningful relationships and wanted to reclaim her body and hence her soul. It’s a lot like understanding any culture. Like most cultures this one is very family oriented and  I could not get in the middle of what would be a family matter. It would not matter what my guidance was to her it would not have worked. What I did was send her to talk with parents who turned out to be very kind and understanding around this issue and told her she didn’t have to do this anymore. I suspect they were both pleased and surprised that I did not direct her myself but instead sent her to seek the wise counsel of her parents. This worked out really well. The girl is lovely and I trust she finds her way in the world.

Now about those two people I mentioned earlier….


I’ve never harmed a fly!!!!

Night everyone …

I love you all…

and I miss you…

and I mean it!

e out










Ron Howard in “Do the Mouse!”

We saw yesterday who Soupy Sales was… well interestingly enough Soupy Sales greatest hit song was called, “Do The Mouse!” which was written by none other than Ron Howard!!! Ron would have been roughly 10 or 11 when he wrote it.

Happy Mother’s Day Miley!!

Click the above link to hear her sing Malibu for the first time!

Miley Cyrus



The Many Faces of George

Jerry Sheindlin
Soupy Sales
Paul Lynde
Richard Crenna
William Daniels
Oral Roberts and Elvis (son)
WACO, TX – AUGUST 31: Former U.S. President George W. Bush attends a game between the Southern Methodist Mustangs and the Baylor Bears at McLane Stadium on August 31, 2014 in Waco, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)