Kiki’s Komiks presents…Julie Andrews!

Here Jerry Mahoney reminds Julie Andrews about the story of Pinocchio. Jerry bought Julie a lovely engagement ring forming what could only be known as the first interspecies marriage between a human female and a block of wood. Mahoney assured Julie he was 100% Balsam Fir and if she didn’t believe it she could check for herself. Julie became captivated with Jerry during their first date when he played “Tell me lies”  (Little Lies) by Fleetwood Mac while engaging in some very intimate contact and he did just that.

My education process…more on Ron and Spielberg

Just finished listening to “Travis Bickle on the Riviera” from “The Factual Opinion” 2015.01.26  (link below). It was largely about Steven Spielberg and was really well done. As this blog is about one person and one person only…Beatrice Howard…and secondarily her family and friends, looking at Spielberg becomes an exercise in both exploration of another genius and excruciating pain. We found Spielberg earlier as Jay North, Dennis the Menace, and Ron Howard in the show with him as his friend Stewart. Spielberg and Howard have made many films together that you would not know such as Jaws with Spielberg directing and Ron as Roy Scheider, yet you can’t help get the feeling that Ron in some way was and continues to be tormented by Spielberg. It may be such that he was tormented as a child by Spielberg or Spielberg may have been his “handler” at one time. I have touched on some of this earlier and do not want to belabor this and I need more information. It may just be professionally that Spielberg took and or ran with opportunities that Ron would have preferred. Again, more info is needed.

I enjoyed this podcast and because of my ADD it is actually the first podcast I’ve ever listened to, oops actually my second, and hope to get to listen to a few more of them. We’ll see where my entrée into another aspect of Ron’s life leads. Like many of the people in my blog the man showed up one day on “my doorstep” and it’s not the sort of thing one can ignore.

Stunned and a bit befuddled I move forward with this, sneaking away from some of my usual duties, simultaneously working with and avoiding the authorities who pursue me and neglecting personal grooming and hygiene. Good morning all!

Ron and Cheryl Howard Part 10

Robert La Tourneaux from “The Boys In The Band” aka Ron Howard
Robert La Tourneaux aka Ron Howard… excellent but creepy looking scarring on left arm. 

I’m guessing that’s just prosthetics on his arms to  make him look bulkier.



Ron and Cheryl Howard: Part 9 with special guest Steven Spielberg

George Clooney aka Ron Howard; notice the mess of surgical scars and tissue out of place. Left shoulder is most glaring.

I have probably a couple hundred odds and ends and leads on Ron and Cheryl. It’s never ending and I don’t get to other stuff because of it but I don’t believe anyone else is going to get this type of depth in this matter. If you’re one of the family or extended family waiting your turn for me to find you do not fear!!! I expect to post you in 2047!!!Also, a word about dead ends. I managed to wrap up 90% of my dead ends…they’re all Ron and Cheryl…I kid you not, this excludes the youngsters which I didn’t declare as dead ends. I have lists of actors and actresses, who all have the same physique and scarring and I finally gave up on mostly due to frustration.

Amal Clooney: This is too much woman for all these men combined. She asked me to marry her so we must be a good fit. Sadly, everyone realized we’d just disappear together, never to be seen again, so they’ve kept as at bay.

OK…we’re down the rabbit hole! Doesn’t mean I’m right but here’s where I’m at. I’m told the people in the above photo are all powerful and well regarded and won’t be happy being in this blog. The guy immediately behind George Clooney resembles Steven Spielberg (I’m told it’s not him but it is a relative). It looks like him.

So we look at early pics of spielberg and we find this one…

Baby picture of Steven Spielberg

And I believe I recognize the baby!

Jay North (Dennis the Menace)  aka Steven Spielberg

And hold on…I have a great picture of Jay and Ron

Here it is: Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard!!!  Dennis the Menace, Jay North aka Steven Spielberg with Stewart aka Ron Howard on the Dennis the Menace Show.

I have to find my original smart ass remark of this slide because I think I hit the money with it…..

Here it is…I edited it out of Part I of Ron and Cheryl Howard: “Ron Howard as “Stewart” on “The Dennis the Menace Show” with Jay North as Dennis. Here Ron is thinking…one day I’ll have my own hit TV show…then take over Hollywood…then the world!![/caption]“

This appears to be the case!

Jay North (Dennis the Menace) aka Steven Spielberg pulling Ron Howard on the Dennis the Menace Show

Overheard in the etheric: “OMFG!! OMFG!!! Do you believe what this f ing idiot has done?!!! Do you believe what this f ing idiot has done?!!!” “How does he f ing do this??? Our own people can’t do what he does. God help us all!” “That wasn’t even Spielberg!!! He picked out his cousin!! His third cousin no less and drew the connection with Jay North…un f ing believable!!”

I was fortunate enough to find another photo of the Mrs….not George’s Mrs…mine! Amal Clooney…The Croatian Sensation!! I wonder what do they call her in Croatia???? “The Sensation”? It’s like what do they call Chinese food in China? It must be very warm in Croatia and for that I am truly grateful. I promised her that the next time we met I would locate and kiss every scar on her body…sadly and happily it could turn into an all day event!  I promised myself years ago that I would never fall in love with a Hollywood Starlet but she’s from Croatia so I guess that’s ok! I was offered $350,000,000 to walk away from her from a very, very rich man. He wanted her for his son. Prior to that he offered her dad  roughly 2/3 of that to have her kill me. I won’t go through the details but it involved a meat packing plant and some pork/ beef?  ribs.  I uncovered the plot and had to sew her back together from the emotional scarring that occurred. I also yelled at her dad for undoing all the hard work we had done together.
The guy over George Clooney’s left shoulder appears to be Neil Patrick Harris
Guy on top row right could pass for Ted Kennedy

and whatever you do…don’t mess with the guy second from the left on the top row!!! The man’s the real deal!!!  Given enough time I could piece them all together, I recognize some others. My expectation tonite was to put up at least 25 more people who were Ron or Cheryl…I got one, but that ‘s the nature of going down the rabbit hole and a couple pretty good finds today!!

Don’t forget to go to my other website… where I identify Walt Disney as Adolf Hitler…take care every one!!!!

If you didn’t gasp for air at that one you’re already too numbed out…num num num!!!


Russian Roulette

Not proofed for accuracy

I have stated whether in print here or elsewhere that I am honored to have so many children with so many wonderful people and so many clones of myself. I’m happy that God gives me great things to do, great people to be with and great abilities to accomplish these things…also a great big giant pair of balls which makes it difficult every morning to pull my pants up over my nut sack!

What makes me most proud is that this great group of people have woken up to a world which is much, much safer. This has been a team effort with great direction and wonderful players and of course these tremendous balls which pendulously swing back and forth as I stroll up my stairs to my boudoir where it is said, “How can one guy who never leaves his house create so much mischief?”

So what have we learned so far about the man who probably has more clones currently walking around than anyone else? He has more balls than brains!

Case in point: I sold myself into slavery at one point which caused the King Farid of Egypt to laugh, “Hey Ed…do you know you’re now chattel?” He then decided it would be a good idea to have my interest trained in a meat packing plant in order to stab me to death as soon as possible when I arrived. I am grateful for my study of the old testament so I understood what I was up against with Pharaoh and the general game of thrones going on. We did later on free the slaves and I finally got sick of being dicked over and just quit being a slave but hey it’s all good.

With a much safer world and many new children gainfully testicled, the powers that be decided after I used the term, “Russian Roulette” twice in one day that it was time to proceed with a “peacetime procreation procedure” called “Russian Roulette!” …a game of sorts as well as an honored ceremony. Does it involve a gun? Yes it does! “This is my rifle…this is my gun….this is for fighting…this is for fun!!!”

Here’s how it works: everyone from the community gets to play. The game takes place over several days…the first day is usually the big one. As many people as possible meet in a large hall. The guns are loaded and the goal is to fire them six times into six different targets. If this is overly ambitious for some people then the guns can be removed from one holster and put into another one with firing in an effort to enter into 6 targets even without firing. The guns are not supposed to be cleaned during this ceremony, and should drip with gun oil, or bullets from other guns. The goal is, as best possible, to disseminate (good word) as best possible a genetically balanced group of offspring. Lot’s of females are needed to mesh with this large group of males. Some people who were sterile came for the rare ceremony as it’s consider both and honor and an  obligation to attend. It’s been a long time since the ceremony was performed and inevitably it is only done during times of peace either to restore lost members or to take new ground. Fertility was restored, my myself, to anyone who attended and the goal of 100% pregnancy for all the women was attained even many in their latter years. With recently rediscovered monogamy many couples could be found off by themselves enjoying each others company…as much a part of the ceremony as those who are still polyamorous or engaged in such for the evening.

more to come

My goal in life…

My goal in life has been to be like the bird who says, “Auf wiedersehen!”  What does that mean? It means “Goodbye!”

Yes but what does it mean to be like the bird who says. “Auf wiedersehen!?”

A family owned a bird…a talking bird of some sort…like a parrot…and when they would leave the house the bird would say to them, “Auf widersehen!” But if they were just going outside for a moment the bird would not say it as if it knew that they were not leaving. So they decided to test the bird…btw…this is a true story and it won’t end with “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams Debra.”

So they decided to test the bird. Everyone in the household got on their coats and shoes and pretended they were going somewhere. They left the house but the bird did not say, “Auf wiedersehen!?” He never would say “Auf wiedersehen!”unless they were actually leaving. The bird simply knew truth and was not deceived by appearances. This has been my goal for many years. Whether I’ve attained it or not is up to the reader to decide but I leave you with this… Jet fuel can’t melt steel beans Debra!


An Ultimate Find

Barack Hussein Obama aka Ron Howard

Note massive scarring of Left Shoulder which has been my mainstay “go to” scarring in the front. Barak works side by side with Ron’s best friend. Ron plays black men better than black men play black men and finally I asked myself, “Why is it I’ve seen every major Presidential candidate, presidential spouse, and several past presidents but I’ve never seen Obama at the Ranch? This is why…he was there all the time…Ron Howard is Barack Hussein Obama…this is an ultimate find!

I said a couple of things about Obama repeatedly: 1) I knew he was an actor and 2) He was an absolute consummate professional, unwavering in his playing of the president. Ron would fit the bill here too, though it wouldn’t be enough to go on.

Mike Pence aka Ron Howard

Still with his best friend who goes from VP to President while  Ron Howard goes from President Obama to Vice President Pence. Cheryl Howard goes from Michelle Obama to Karen Pence.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., left, with his wife Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and vice presidential running mate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., wave on the steps in front of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Ill. Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008. Obama introduced Biden as his running mate at the event. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Obama’s hand print is identical to Pence’s.

Ron Howard aka Chuck Norris with Bruce Lee

Yes, the guy on the left is also Barack Obama!