Hero of the Day: Oona Laurence!!

Our Hero of the Day is Oona Laurence. Oona was once again voted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as Child Actress most likely to be kidnapped in a starring role. They stated, “Oona shows tremendous intestinal fortitude being repeatedly kidnapped, over and over again, in film after film, time after time.”

Now… on a more serious note… no one wants to see Oona kidnapped any more than I do…did I just say that?? Not what I meant.  We just feel that a great actress like Oona is being type-cast into these 2-dimensional roles of actress gets kidnapped, then turns tide on the kidnapper, and wins or not, frankly who can tell. It simply has to stop. We just know that one day Oona will snap and go full 5 pounds of Hard Candy on everyone… until then… enjoy!



Nite all!!!

The above is done for purposes of humor only and it’s really pretty funny… that is of course until the authorities show up at the house and start asking questions… then it becomes hysterically funny!!!!

BTW… the link to Penny Dreadful is underneath the poster. It shares it’s name with the great series found on Netflix also called, “Penny Dreadful.” Why is that? The sloths in Hollywood cannot think of new ideas and have to recycle old ones. That includes names they just used because it might take some effort to come up with a new one. BTW, there’s  also a new mouthwash coming out called of all things, “Penny Dreadful”; armpit spray called “Penny Dreadful”; that thing women stick inside themselves once a month…you got it…”Penny Dreadful” and the noise that Chewbacca makes will no longer be “Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh” but instead “Penny Dreadful”. In fact only one of these is an appropriate name for the product.

Also note: If Timothy Dalton had done this world class acting job 30 years ago he’d still be doing Bond… well… except for that and the Timmy thing… you know… Timmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helloooo Timmmmmmy!!!! Timothy!!!! Timothy!!! Yoooo Hooo Timmy!

“Oh mother… what have you done?”


What’s this? …. nothing to see here… move along!


Thank you to the person or persons responsible for explaining to Oona that offensive is sometimes funny, so that my posts can stay up…get them to work next on the sloths in Hollywood.


Hero of the Day!!! Asa Butterfield!!

Hero of the Day is Asa Butterfield star of “The Space Between Us”…Here is the trailer

Here’s my advice… skip the trailer… go see the film. It looks good but if you watch the trailer you’ll know the whole film. Kind of a pet peeve of mine like…

Shutter Island starring….

Leonardo DiCaprio

In the film…hold on…that’s not Leonardo… that’s the guy from Walking Dead… Daryl Dixon… anyway they showed all these trailers of Shutter Island then held up the release date and showed them again until you figured out that Leonardo  was the missing mental patient and not one of “Hoover’s Boys”. BTW…super great film anyway and you know what? The trailer didn’t spoil the fact that DiCaprio gets a lobotomy in the end. Actually in his brain and not in the end.

Or “Castaway” with Tom Hanks…I went to get the trailer and this person expresses my thoughts perfectly about it…

From Michael Joyce…”Bad trailer since it gave away the whole movie. All trailers are supposed to have suspense to get you pumped for surprises. There are only three things they didn’t give away at least. Wilson floating away at sea, What is in the coffin, and Kelly marrying somebody else. We shouldn’t have been told in the trailer that Tom Hanks makes it off the island safe cause that was stupid but the three things i brought up, the trailer was smart to not show those elements lol.”

Now Michael gets his point across without managing to win a Pulitzer Prize like Roger Ebert.

A Hanks film you simply could not screw up the trailer for is “Forrest Gump” because no one could follow the film anyway…OK just kidding Tom!!!

Gump is one of my favorite films and people in the US followed it just fine…no so much anywhere else… kind of like Seinfeld which played great in about a ten inch radius of NYC but elsewhere…eh.

BTW the actual first line from the book Forrest Gump by Winston Groom is…

I will avoid any further spoilers however you should know that Butch and Sundance get gunned down  and George Taylor finds out he’s on the planet earth. Thank you Robotman!

How come all the cool guys get to hang out with each other?

Back to Asa Butterfield…

It looks like he’s playing Spiderman in the film. It’s a plum role after doing a series of great films like Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children…I think I stayed there for a while.

Asa Butterfield
Asa is now slated to be in a remake of “Harold and Maude”

Madonna will take up the title role of Maude previously done by Ruth Gordon. FYI… Ruth was an absolute pistol in this film!! Maybe Madonna can also play Ruth Gordon in a remake of Rosemary’s Baby… she probably would have made a great Rosemary about a million years ago!


Quiz of the Day: What do the films, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children” have in common? (At least three answers)

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”    FYI…I double checked….the woman in the above photo is not Cate Blanchett (thank you Google) and I’m pretty sure that’s not Brad Pitt either!

Answers Below! 

First Answer!

Time is made to run backwards in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and in…
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, time is  made to run backwards as well!

Second Answer:

The clock runs backwards in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in an effort to save lives lost during the War (here WWI) and…

Though not the scene where time runs backwards we do get to see Miss Peretrine played by Eva Green and her pocket watch with which she runs time backwards also in an effort to save lives during The War (here WWII).

Third Answer:

I cried like a girl in both movies!!!

Rachel MacAdams in Southpaw
Oona Laurence in Southpaw
Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw…once again proving you don’t have to be a girl to cry like one!

Congratulations to the only winner…my mom!!! Who saw me cry during both movies and also looked over my shoulder while I wrote this post. If you only got only one or two out of the three…you lost!! Too bad…better luck next time. Try to study harder!!

Nite everyone!!!

“Why did I only get two out of three?!”


Hero of the Day-Wednesday Friday Addams

Lisa Loring as Wednesday Friday Addams along with John Aston as Gomez Addams …capital idea!!!
First Runner Up… Oona Laurence in Penny Dreadful. Hey folks can we find somewhere to watch this gem???? Please!!!
Lisa Loring as Wednesday Friday Addams with Marie Antoinette
Wednesday Friday Addams played by Christina Ricci …world’s creepiest child portrayal!
Leanna Vamp cosplay of Wednesday Addams with Marie Antoinette…this one not so creepy at least not here!