Cayman Naib is Missing!! Part 1 Cayman Naib is Missing

The FBI sent me this missing person case. I knew it was going to be trouble and I normally do work from the twenties through the forties. I simply couldn’t resist. This led to roughly 250+ attempts on my life (not my statistic, I estimated only over 100 attempts!). This work is a few years old and I’ve toned down my insults/sarcasm/derision, though truth be told probably only one in 50 slides is purposely insulting/mocking; it’s just the truth really can hurt.

I’ve made great friends with a lot of the people who devised this missing person case and it was done just for me as part of some testing/trials I was put through. The case took on a life of it’s own with rampant death and destruction, hit squads, murder for hire, conventional and non-conventional weapons, chicanery, back handed dealings, lies, cheating, stealing, love and fun! Lot’s of love and lot’s of fun.  One of my favorite quotes occurred after my lover cursed me out in song, (though the quote was not by her), “You know we weren’t exactly innocent in all this…” “Yes but she doesn’t need to know that!”  My faith in God increased exponentially with help like that from the Lord. I know this doesn’t make sense, one day I’ll clarify. Anyway…here it is…for the first time together except for when my lover sold all my files to Cayman’s dad for $13,000,000. I was offered a similar sum but I never take money for my work and every scrap of information at that time was taken off the net or other public record. There were attempts to have me arrested, not just killed, for extortion but I never sought money, just justice, safety and love! (I’m an extortionist for your love). Plus someone had to find Cayman…he was missing after all!!!

And now…without further ado I give you… Cayman Naib is Missing!!  (As much fun as person could have without actually getting themselves killed!)

Mitch Brooks (Mitchell E. Brooks) is my “Nom de Plume”. Why Mitch Brooks? Because Mark Twain was already taken! You can find my other videos on youtube or at



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