Cayman Naib is Missing Part II: The Parents, Alec, and Some Amazing People!

I had never heard of this guy, Farid Naib, Cayman’s dad. My research showed him to be a business man and entrepreneur. He turned out to be a lot more than that. He was an extremely wealthy king in the Middle East, likely from Egypt. Extreme wealth, at the time of his passing one of the five wealthiest clandestine/endeavor/people on the planet. Possibly only surpassed by the Vatican and a couple of other people. The richest man on the planet right now is Ron Howard. Farid offered Ron at one point $250,000,000 to have my lover, his daughter murder me. She was taken to a slaughter house and trained how to stab beeves repeatedly on command without thinking. I managed to psychically glean the plan and wrote an extensive poem about the murder plot and forced Ron to “take away the curse.” Ron sounded like Vinny Barbarino from Welcome Back Cotter which he happened to be anyway aka John Travolta, “What?” “Huh?” He said he would take it away but I made him say it twice, “I remove the curse.” I felt secure after that. Witches are kind of funny like that. To remove a curse, or release someone from servitude i.e. slavery you or they need to say things twice. Great wealth fell to Ron when Farid passed on as Farid’s life was snatched from this planet by a Royal Blooded slave of Ron who assisted Farid into the next life. I would go into greater detail on this but there is no statute of limitations on idiocy. For the right price someone can sell themselves into slavery. I had promised myself I would never conduct business with these people. Deals with the Devil seldom go well. Ron’s daughter was really shaken up after her, “Training”. She had some aspects of Borderline Personality with a Post-Concussive Syndrome and some systemic latex toxicity on top of it and we had worked really hard for months on this… as friends on a path. When Ron removed the curse I had to reweave some of the split but we caught it in time before any major dissociation. This was patently terrible…I hated seeing what was done to her. Once, earlier in the game I found out she was going to kill me. She spent a lot of effort and enlisted some powerful women to draw me into her fold. The notion of finally getting me only to have to murdered was untenable for both of us.  I insisted to her that if she was going to murder me she’d have to do it slowly and painfully. I had her repeat this over and over again while we made passionate love as I sat on a chair and she sat on my lap facing the other way. This was the first time we made love via intercourse in the etheric. I’d ask her, “Are you going to kill me?” She’d say yes. Then I’d ask her, “How?” and she’d say, “Slowly and painfully,” while I’d penetrate her deeply over and over. She was really wonderful and deeply disturbed which I also loved. I hope we get together before her mental health recovers.

Farid wanted her for his son Bobby Cannavale and one day he asked me why I was there and what did I want. I said, “I want the same thing as you.” And Farid said, “and what’s that?” and I said the woman’s name which sent him into a tizzy. Farid wanted her badly for his son as she was and still is a glowing creature but more important was to build the bloodline up with suitable spouses and Howard blood was very desirable. She didn’t want Bobby. She had self trained in spiritual practices and I help her cross over certain lines. In the moment of truth she went full demon and ripped Bobby to shreds and consumed his body, offering me to join her.  Farid was furious with Ron and began separating business dealings with him which I could not abide and in the process of strangling him to death I managed to rip his head off having gone full Golem and seeking only to break his neck so I wouldn’t have to wait the six minutes to asphyxiate.

Not too long before this Farid had offered me $350,000,000 to simply leave which was pretty much useless to me especially in comparison to what or who was at stake. I would not have left or taken any sum of money. Much of Farid’s wealth went to Ron because at that time I was chattel. Even if I wasn’t I doubt I would have taken any money. My Kingdom is that of the Lord and a thimble of my faith would be worth all the wealth of this planet and more!

I was poorly prepared yet still prepared to understand that things between Ron and Cheryl had been working poorly for years. Cheryl was addicted to Essence of Nightshade and became psychotic with it and Ron had to separate from her, she stopped it completely a few years ago after some education and interventions of mine.

Ron’s daughter is extremely talented as they all are, as are the sons and this one particularly precious to Ron who took her as his wife though never spiritually sealed as such she served as such in all matters of life. So talented if you combine all her work endeavors she would be the highest paid entertainer on the planet. This was lost to me at that time but not now as I believed we would and could walk off into  the sunset and manage on meager wages. I would tell everyone that we were going to live near a bodega and a subway and we’d be able to get formula and diapers at the bodega. Whenever I’d say that the room would go cold in horror of this notion. Ron and Cheryl had bought us a house which I’ve never seen. I never cease to be amazed at how Ron can either do things or pretend to do things which never actually happen. It left me at times furious and his daughter deeply depressed, angry and stupid. (I’m not 100 percent sure why this word fits but it does. I suspect her level of frustration exceeded mine and she had a difficult time processing things in the midst of a traumatic depression. This women is far from stupid and thinks faster than anyone I’ve ever seen, but was unable to think or process for a while. She very likely dissociated under the stress. We had worked really hard to make this happen and were played for tools! She also had to be complicit in Chuckles the Clown pulling all sorts of BS on me.) One day she confided in me, “Don’t believe a word my dad says.” This was really helpful. She was often placed between a rock and a hard place and it pained her to see me being used as Ron’s plaything. Ron would keep promising her things as he would with me but nothing would come of it. I think the worst and most painful thing for both of us was that each of us was powerless to help the other in their personal plight.  Ron is king of what country I’m not sure, and what do kings want? Whatever they want.


Here’s Farid and his wife, Rebecca Malcolm-Naib who is a stunningly beautiful woman. I later found out that she was Kate Jackson of Charlie’s Angels fame. It turned out that Charlie’s Angels were all over the place and Ron’s wife turned out to be Farrah Fawcett which stunned the heck out of me. Rebecca turned out to be a great ally as Farid kept hiring lawyers to try to either sue me or have me murdered. She and Farid are the grandchildren of Mary Pickford, and the late great Buddy Rogers. There’s tremendous inbreeding in royal families and the two of them would be cousins. Farid was a terrific lover and would undress Rebecca and suspend her wrists over her head, feet still on the floor and put on different gloves for different sensations and run his hands over her body. She especially liked the rougher gloves that would scrape over the skin. He had a pair that had thumbtacks all over them and he would grab fleshy parts of her body and squeeze…slowly at first and then with more force.

I had the pleasure of having etheric relations with her which was just wonderful. One day at Ron’s kitchen table she held a jagged piece of white marble from Cheryl’s fountain which I had destroyed at Ron’s request and was testing my psychic powers with it. Soon after it crumbled to dust and she complained that “That’s what you think of me?” I could not control that and the dust was used to reform another fountain…as I recall.

Alec Baldwin is a terrific guy! He’s a business man as well as an actor and when he needs to be he means business but he’s very warm, loving and genuine. I guess that’s reflected in his acting and films because people love him up on the silver screen. Two particular favorites of mine are, “Hunt for Red October” and “The Cooler”.

The “Other Ed” Ed Chiarini has been considered the #1 amateur expert on hoaxes and false flag operations. I’ve studied much of his work and he has mentored me at times. He got annoyed with me once when someone came to his house to put an end to his well beingness and I intervened. Ed’s from South Philly and probably could have handled it himself but I would not have been called in if this was a slam-dunk for him. He told me to check with him first next time before I took any action. Some time later and I take some responsibility for this Walt put in a kill order on Ed. I didn’t know what he was doing. Five minutes later he came back to talk to me and I got under his skin and he went to put in a kill order on me which went through but his life ended before he could hang up the phone as did the lives of 750 people in Walt’s network. It took more or less a minute for them all to pass and sounded like popcorn as each one went.  Pretty much Walt’s final words/thoughts to me were, “I should have finished you when I had the chance,” a reference to his work during WWII. Some time after that I was awoken from sleep in the predawn hours to find Ed’s house surrounded by 75-85 men, hell bent on ending his life. Their prize would have been a million dollars divided between all in some fashion. Ed has a small revolver, this is a matter of public record, and I’m sure he would have made good use of it if Plan A, getting the “F” out of there didn’t work. He was frantically running around his apartment and lit up like a Christmas tree when I asked him if he needed some help for which he was truly grateful. When he walked out it looked like a war zone. He got into his car and left. The 75-85 men (and one woman) died under unnatural and suspicious circumstances…all at once. A couple minutes later he let me know his buddy Richard was with him and asked me if I could spare them some money. I sadly, for logistical reasons had to decline but they were able to borrow some later.

I’m leaving the Baldwin stuff as it was, I still think it’s funny.

Alec used to date Martha Stewart. They have since split up and Martha now sees Prince Charles and Alec is with one of the beauties from “Lost”.

I still think this funny. It’s the humor which gives the slide legs. The slides that out people might go to a hundred people, if they’re really funny they’ll get to a thousand or more.

FYI… I was told yesterday that the lady who I mockingly labeled as the town librarian turned out to be…the town librarian!!!

This slide led to more attempts on my life than most of the others. When I put it up one of Farid’s attorneys called up FBI headquarters to talk with a guy I call “Captain Glasses” because of the high end glasses he wore. “Glasses” was really smart and turned out to belong to a witches coven hence he was a witch. He was the only one there who had any wherewith-all. The lawyers final words to him was, “If you can’t handle it…we will.” “Glasses fell to a brain stem lesion on Route 95 in Philadelphia while heading to my house screaming, “I’m going to kill you!” The 25 foot tall Golem and crashing his car twice would not stop him. He had just been suspended for monitoring my Facebook page when he was told not to. I had moved from Diplomatic Protection to Executive Protection to Royal Protection. In his backyard swamp was found 3 and 1/2 dead bodies and $350,000. I guess he only got $50,000 for the half body. The man was no choir boy and I guess figured if he didn’t do these things someone else would.

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