Clone Day

(Prologue to Clone Day done on 3/8/17. I was asked to reveal whose DNA the babies were cloned from which I allude to later on…it is my DNA. There are roughly 180 clones of me at this time. Below is the story of the auction of 100 of them. It was a truly beautiful event marred only by my tireless ability to find things as funny and in Part II I discussed what happened when people got home and found out I had blogged about the Clone Auction like I was “covering the flower show.” As unlikely as it may seems everything in here is true to the best of my abilities with perhaps one or two slight embellishments about the first night with the babies. I also found out I have two other children, a boy and a girl with two lovely ladies from the area that are not clones (neither the babies nor the ladies are clones!) Enjoy!

Today roughly 100 cloned babies were distributed of the same person mostly through a private baby auction. They started at roughly $800,000 with most selling between 2 and 5 million dollar range. The final clone baby sold somewhere between 12 and 16 million dollars. Some were sold prior to the auction to private parties at undisclosed dollar amounts. Some were given as cherished gifts. The last three babies in the auction were to be given to needy parties though no one at this auction was particularly needy so only one was given away to a young mother, the baby was to be watched by her, her mother and her loving boyfriend. The final two instead of being given away went back up for auction with the last sold noted above. Estimates of total sales at the auction ranged around 1/2 billion American Dollars, $560,000,000 to be exact. All monies were settled up at the end of the evening with bank transfers. One of the first clones went to two well known individuals in the US months prior to this auction and the next two went to a mother and daughter several weeks ago, also in the US. Many clones were distributed throughout parts of the world outside of this auction. Mass clonings are not unheard of, however the scope and magnitude of this was unprecedented as was the desire to own a carbon copy of this person. Walt Disney was believed to have had between 250 to 350 clones of himself made. The Boys From Brazil told of a mass cloning. The DNA from the donor was taken without his knowledge gleaned from stem cells from a laboratory where routine blood work was being done. Multiple additional test tubes were drawn for his routine blood work in order to secure the stem cells. He said to the lab people, “That’s an awfully large number of test tubes your filling. A Priest blessed all the children, families at the end of the evening as well as everyone else in the room. Refreshments followed as the babies were bottle fed with one woman being able to breast feed her child due to her recent childbirth. She was very excited to be able to do it as no one else could.

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