Crisis in the ED-O

I have to take full responsibility for the current crisis with the ED-O. I was told not to send anything to friends or family in the hometown…of the planet Earth and despite my anti counterfeiting measures, the ED-O’s are virtually all counterfeit although it may be considered that those are real and mine are counterfeit. I should have known when someone said, “These are beautiful” there was a problem. It’s like drug abuse…I missed the signs.

I will continue to manufacture ED-O’s. My understanding is people are holding on to theirs even though they are beautifully done unlike mine which are kind of shabby. I will apologize once more if I have hurt or disappointed anyone. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry if I made you cry.

The ED-O will continue to be produced from my end much like crack babies with minor regard for quality and translated into spectacular clones of beautiful actors on the other side.

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