The Howards Part 30: David Chokachi in Deer Hunter!!

Cast of Deer Hunter

Conundrum appears to be resolved. It appears to me that John Savage is David Chokachi…the son Ron Howard had at age 13. In this photo he’s about 12-14 years old. Good looking kid with dad by his side. Ron is Robert DeNiro. I believe I have Walken and the other guy from Godfather who Mo Green slapped around because he was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time and the players couldn’t get a drink.  I’ll work on the guy in the back.

David Chokachi in Baywatch

Same scar on throat as John Savage above. Nice abdo scar, left antecubital fossa, right palm, upper chest. When you become a Howard they throw you into a meat grinder…if you survive you’re in!!!

Hey David, I don’t care if you were in Deerhunter…your mom is still Hotsy Totsy!!

I know he still doesn’t get the joke. You’d have to be from Brooklyn.

Bob Crane aka Ron Howard with son Robert Crane aka David Chokachi

Adding this in today though I noticed it yesterday. Something not right with Robert Crane aka David Chokachi. Looks like he injured an eye and I don’t think he’s standing completely on his own. Something between his knees I believe to prop him up and Bob Crane aka Ron Howard seems to let go of him at the last second for the picture and his elbow is in  Ron’s abdomen to prop him up. Looks like he’s supposed to be learning diving, he’s got his toes of one foot wrapped around the edge of what? Diving board looking thing? Kate Moss got into a serious wreck around age 18, this photo reminds me of her first photo after the wreck where she can barely stand up and has one eye closed because the contact lens to simulate her strabismus was either not available or too unwieldy to insert with all her recent surgeries.

Kiefer Sutherland aka David Chokachi

Same scarring on neck…perfect!!


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