Ed goes down the rabbit hole…not likely to return anytime soon aka Leslie Howard

I’ve had my issues with Ron but things are pretty good these days. I’m posting this as the family historian. I think it’s part of the story, important and should be told. It’s also a wealth of information that shouldn’t get lost or only found inside of some iron mountain.

Leslie Howard…

Nice picture of Leslie Howard. I mostly remembered Leslie from Gone with the Wind. The computer tells me he has a brother, Trevor Howard. The above photo was labeled as Trevor Howard incorrectly.

I really liked the work of Trevor Howard.

Trevor Howard

He was one of those actors who you saw up on the big screen and you immediately understood his role and trusted him. A good clean consistent actor. I saw him in Brief Encounter in film studies class…yes I took some film studies classes, saw him in Father Goose with Cary Grant which I loved and saw in the theater, I believe the Benson in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, I bemoaned how could they show this great film one week and the following week show something like Rumplestilskin or Puss in Boots, that freaking marquis refused to change for what seemed an eternity,  Von Ryan’s Express which was a great film with Frank Sinatra, Probably saw him in a dozen other things. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trevor_Howard

I only remember Leslie Howard in Gone with the Wind. I must have seen him in other things but only remember Gone with the Wind.

Howard met and fell in love with Violette Cunnington in 1938 …love this

Early on in the game I was hanging in the basement with Ron and I had posted the slide below, maybe all three. I can’t remember the exact circumstance. Ron asked me how sure I was that Ernst Kaltenbrunner was Leslie Howard. I told him 99% sure. You can never be 100%, case in point Jon Benet Ramsey who Ed Chiarini had as Lady Gaga doing ear analysis.

He then asked me if I would remove this from my video. I agreed to and asked him if he was a relative, I figured him for any uncle. What I didn’t realize until tonite was that it’s his father, Rance, who would turn out to be GWB and a bunch of other cool people.

Ron changed his mind a moment later and said I should leave it in. Ron didn’t know his father played Ernst Kaltenbrunner, a fairly unsavory character. Cheryl and Paige asked him if he knew, he pretended to know and matter of factly explained how he knew. They didn’t buy his pretense. It was at that point that Ron began to think through a plan how to “acquire” my material and put his name on it, which I was not going to let happen. I worked very hard for years on these videos (moorhallstudios.com) and didn’t want anyone’s name on it other than my own… Mitch Brooks!! The videos were all derived from public domain and were now part of public domain. I went onto my Facebook page and told everyone to copy and spread the videos as there was a famous director who wanted to “borrow” my work and put his name on it.  Paige, Cheryl and family were really taken with my work and Paige declared to me, “You have information that nobody else does.” Paige is the cleanest, neatest, straight shooter I know. I generally trust what she tells me, she’s beautiful and wonderful.  We’ll pick up under the next three slides.

I decided to check out if Leslie Howard was Ron’s dad. I did what I usually do which is dig up pictures without clothes on.

Leslie Howard and children

I recognized the scarring on Leslie Howard on the chest and below the breasts…like a big W (hats off to mad world). I found that scarring when checking out Rance as Frank Sinatra. So it’s him.

The boy is his son and is Ron Howard. He has similar scarring to his dad and has the appearance of having scoliosis. 

Here is Ron as Donald Sutherland in MASH showing an exaggeration of the scoliosis as he sets back the field of medicine by twenty years by oggling a chest X-ray.

Urban Dictionary: oggling


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Tomorrow we go looking for Ron’s sister, I have a guess and we go look for Danny Kaye who I loved as a kid. Nigth all



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