After getting into the first “Ed-O” argument Ron has generously decided to disseminate the coins to friends and family as was Ed’s original intent. He will give out ¬†the piece holding onto a few and the Artist Proof coins for him and his wife. Paige got “ED-O” #3, a very close and personal friend of Ed as was Ed’s want.

Many people please to receive the “Ed-O” quietly commented to each other how badly the coin was produced. People who received the later coins stated, “Well, it’s not as terrible as the earlier ones but it’s still really bad!” And, “We can see why he’s a psychiatrist and not a surgeon!”

To these and more I reply, “Hey George Washington’s teeth are as ugly as hell but they still are priceless!”.

Lady Gaga got coin 04, another close and personal friend of Ed but not quite as close as Paige. She once implored me to stop stalking her when I responded to her, “You know you’re actually on my Facebook page…and I have no friends on this page but your still looking at it. You’re stalking me!!” After which she went into a laughing fit that took about twenty minutes to stop.

Some people are saying they’re beautiful! (must have gotten a later piece!

I’ll send some more in a few days. Kiki’s crying, I think it’s joyous!!! Her’s was the last one produced on January 18, 2018.

Who got 01 and 02? Bryce and Kiki

Ron and Chery can have the AP, those were the first produced.

Yes I want them each to have the two pieces.

Thank you to Ron and Cheryl for their generosity.

I’m asked what are they worth?

They’re worth what someone will pay for it. The Artist’s Proof can be on par with the earlier pieces, 01-10. The lower the number the higher the price, although the later pieces can be a lot prettier and may be worth more.

I’ll estimate what they’re worth at $10,000 per “ED-O”. The whole set of Kennedy’s would have been estimated at $300,000. The two Arnold pieces because of provenance would be hard to estimate. It depends in large part to what happens to us, where this goes, etc. Rarity and demand will determine price. Arnold bought JFK’s golf-clubs which I understand are really kind of ordinary clubs but they sold for a million dollars simply because they were JFK’s and it was probably the coolest thing you could buy. Value would have likely ¬†increased because they were bought by Arnold.

I’ll send more in a few days.

This looks like fun. There is some good horse trading going on now.

I came up with the value of the Ed-O Kennedy based on what a 100 invert stamps might cost, last time I looked. Now there are only about 50 coins but by the end of the end of February there are likely to be 100. I calculated an expanding supply up to the low hundreds (110-120 or so).

Last point-As a rule coins made of more expensive materials like silver and gold are generally expensive.




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