ED-O Update 1/21/2018

I just finished turning some beautiful Ikes (Eisenhower Dollars) into ED-O’s and they look great!! The Ike is a big beautiful dollar that was really unpopular and like most attempts at dollar coins they don’t circulate. These are really too big and clunky, The Suzie (Susan B. Anthony Dollar) looked and felt too much like a quarter, and the Sacagawea (The Golden Dollar) I don’t know. Americans just don’t like dollar coins. From a collector’s perspective I don’t think coins should look like gold unless they are in fact…gold. Too much risk of shenanigans (the real kind, not the one with Bernard Solomon Kotzin).

Anyway, the Ike is big and beautiful if a bit clunky and is perfect as a gift for heads of state, especially if they’re male. Men have have a predilection for things unwieldy. ┬áThis is why this men vape and women e-cigarette.

The Ike was also perfect to repay my loan from Arnold: He’s big and beautiful if not a bit clunky. A couple giant silver dollars in his pocket is not going to add up to anything.

These will go off to Ron today. These were also from my grandfather’s collection.


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