ED-O Update: Jan 22 2018

Lost track of how many Ike ED-O’s I put out so I’ll restart at #33. I picked up some beautiful 1971 D (correction-they should be S mint marks, from 71 to 74 the S mint marked Eisenhower dollars contained 40 percent silver and were known as blue Ikes because of the blue medal contained in the packaging) Ikes from my  buddy Bo. These are 40 % silver and gorgeous. 14 or 15 they are beauties!!!

I also am putting out some Kennedy ED-O’s. I have about 26. The good stuff will go out to LA today and some circulated ones will go where? Into circulation!

Then I have a special treat…you will like this. oops sorry thought I was Otto Preminger. I’ll share what it is later.

I have ten British churchill commemoratives which went out today as well as ten test pieces that went to Lindsay.

I have discovered that my work is greatly improved if I cover the coin in saran or other plastic wrap before using the dremel. It holds the dremel in place nicely and i have much better control. Starting to look nice!



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