Ed Presents: Rage against the already dinned.

Watched some eps of Peaky Blinders, season 6, which I’m lovin’.

The show as part of its focus brings in Adolf Hitler.


As a matter of fact Ricky Gervais brought him up as well, I just watched his special, which left me in comedy tears.

This was cool! I found my own work on google!!!

Alias was sent to his next incarnation with about 775 others in his downline for putting out a bowl of cholent for me which I refused to eat and fed to his people. That was the only motivation. He passed quickly. His last words to me were, “Fuck you Ed!”

He didn’t use those words…I was paraphrasing. What he actually said was, “I should have finished you when I had the chance.” He wasn’t talking specifically about me and he actually thought not spoke it but I told him what he was thinking. For those of you who miss him…I’m sorry for your loss but fuck him!

I agreed not to gloat because many of you were close with him…that agreement would only take place if I joined everyone in LA…which has not happened…for better or worse. The agreement doesn’t hold if I’m not there…which I’m not. If it’s any consolation, probably not, I’ve also been banned at JFEDSNJ for telling fortunes better than they do. Also banned from NYC, LA, The Ranch, and a bar on Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn (that really wasn’t my fault!). Moses never made it to the promised land neither.

Nice talking to everyone, I never really got to the gist of this post.