Fauda Fall out

Looks like I became sort of a minor hero with my Fauda post. Perez was apparently held in high regard and I should probably quit while I’m ahead. I appreciate the people who came out to say hello over the last few days. Special shout out to Heston who was on the treadmill next to me on Saturday and I believe I spotted Itzik today who gave me a big smile. Lot’s of the ladies I saw looked much like the ladies in the show, or during the week. Special shout out to them. I wish my skill set was better with this but I’m honored as always when people show up for me.

Here’s where I should quit while I’m ahead. Abeer Zeibak Haddad bears a striking resemblance to Golda Meir and Qader Harini bears a resemblance to Clancy Brown from Carnivale, a show I loved. There’s also a Palestinian with a beard who looks like Qader and is likely his brother or his clone.

I’m in a tough spot posting this because where I came from the early leaders like Golda were held in high regard so this is difficult but this is what I do. While Perez was held in very high regard…Golda was not, surprisingly so. Though the woman was played by Lucille LaVerne who was in early Disney films, this might explain it, some of the Disney people had some issues around religion. I don’t want to belabor this but not all the money earmarked for the State of Israel either got to Israel or stayed there at a time it was sorely needed. I’ll leave it as such and wait for confirmation on this, sadly with stuff like this I’m seldom wrong.

The sins of the parent should not fall on the child…let the kid sin on their own then condemn them for that.

Thanks again for everyone who showed up, including Ito last week!

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