The “ED-O”

What is an “ED-O” (Ed Oh). “ED-O’s” are coins or ephemera with ED’s name carved into it by ED. It has no added intrinsic value over the value declared by the minting entity or the price of the metal content. The first one’s went out today to Ron Howard’s office. The name “ED-O” is the unofficial term for the piece..

This is in the order the coins were produced and distributed.

    1. Several (10) test pieces were used to practice engraving, made of clad metal, counterfeit pieces (not coins because they are counterfeit) purchased at a flea market, representing other countries on the reverse and Disney images or Superheroes on the obverse. Produced the week of January 12-18, 2018 it was originally to go to Lindsay (Welcome to LA Ed) Lohan who Ed has a soft spot for and has the largest private collection of Ed’s personal items. Ron asked Ed to hold on to these.
    2. Two AP coins, Artist’s Proof coins/Ed-O’s, labeled “AP 1” and “AP 2”.  January 17, 2018. These are actually the first “Ed-O’s” produced. Both were made on 1964 90% silver. I believe one is a P mint mark and one is a D mintmark.
    3. The first 43 coins of Kennedy half-dollar series consecutively number from 01 through 43. Engraved on January 17-18, 2018. After some discussion the engraved collection was designated to go to Ron who will display it at the Ron Howard Secret Museum. The quality of the engraving generally improved as the series progressed and Ed got better with the Dremel. 
    4. One 1964 Kennedy half dollar 90% silver with two names on it. On the left side of the obverse the actual first name of “The BB Queen” and on the right side, the name “EDDIE”. All in caps. Not numbered. Produced on January 18, 2018. This is the only “Ed-0” to date to use “Ed’s” childhood nickname of “EDDIE”.  A second 1964 Kennedy half dollar 90% silver also with two names on it. On the left side of the obverse is the name “KIKI” and on the right side, the name “Ed”. All in caps. Not numbered. These are the first two “Ed-O’s” produced without an identifying number. Produced on January 18, 2018. The coins belong to the daughter and granddaughter of Cheryl and Ron Howard. The ladies have taken possession of the Ed-O’s, I think…oh oh…”Ed…Dad really want’s these!!!” They were opting to wear them as jewelry and have agreed to periodically loan the coins to Ron’s museum, at their discretion. It appears they are doing their best to hold onto the “Ed-O’s”. Someone just screamed, Ok everyone all at once…”LET GO OFF MY ED-O!!”
    5. Two 1971 S, 90% silver Eisenhower dollars, one proof and one uncirculated with ED on both. The coins were given to Ed by his grandfather as part of a larger Eisenhower collection. The proof coin labeled “01” and the Unc labeled “02”. The coins have a US declared value of $1 each or $2 total. These two coins produced on January 18, 2018 were designated by Ed to go to Arnold Schwartzenegger. The back story on this is a new charitable enterprise was being set up in CA. Everyone involved agreed to donate $2 to get the charity going (more of a symbolic nominal fee). Ed being on the east coast could not easily donate and asked “The BB Queen” to borrow $2 but felt embarrassed afterwards and requested the money be returned to her (suspicions are high that it wasn’t actually her but a body double!). Ed then asked Arnold if he could borrow $2 from him, which he was more than happy to do. Ed, personally disliking owing money, no matter how small, machinated over this for a year or two and embraced the opportunity to return the borrowed funds. There were 4  Eisenhower Dollars produced in 1971. Honoring Arnold as a good and close personal friend Ed selected the Proof and the Uncirculated 1971 90% Silver S Mintmark Eisenhower Dollars to repay the debt for which Ed is still grateful.  This represents the first use of an “Ed-O” to pay a debt (Jan 19, 2018.
    6. Up to six “Ed-O’s” will be released into circulation tomorrow. All will be Kennedy halves.

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