Fun and Games in New Zealand

This is just hysterical!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!

The only thing I watch on TV bar none, no news, no sports, no sitcoms (sadly), nothing…nothing…nothing but this…thank you again!   Ed

I’m working on the winery as well.

It was on another page…yes I did find it

“It’s what I do!”    George Hamilton, wining and dining a poodle

No, simply what I do!


diligently go through a fb page then look at the friends and go through theirs and their friends friends and so on until you sense you’re on a dead end, if you can make copies of everything you see

I’m asked to address searching other peoples FB pages and why not to do it…my response is…


GO LOOK AT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING (except illegal porn and pictures of my belly).

and learn to fly

and remember…Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams Debra

14 or Fight!!!!

and just know…that when I was your age…

I was your age

dont fret I haven’t been thrown out of anything for several days now

nite all!

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