Gorillas on Ice-Ed makes a new friend Part III

I had a good talk with him about getting out of the compound which I’m sure he could do. He said he’s afraid to get out because they’ll kill him or put him in jail. He was really frightened about going to jail which is really a small cage and you can’t go outdoors and you’re stuck there endlessly. He said it’s terrible. He called it jail and it was very clear that it was. He had a lot of anxiety around this and didn’t want to go back and he kept an eye on everyone there to make sure no one got out of line, he was a protector of them but he lived in fear. I guess most great protectors live in fear. He was pretty much PTSD but he was really forthcoming with me and again, he and the others thought I was funny and not a harm to them. So I once again made a new friend at Disney-world but as with all my friends at some point they either want to kill me, try to kill me or get ordered to kill me…it’s a gift!!!

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