Having a great time in LA wish you were here…oh wait…you are!!! Part 2

Fell asleep during my blog last night, now I have to play catch up. Having a really great time here as are we all. Thank you to all who played their roles here and sorrow if I missed or snubbed you. I hear I’m doing ok which is important. I’ll back track to yesterday. Loved Hamilton and loved the bus tour. Tia Carrera in row 2 with her son. I believe the driver was one of the actors, my best guess was Hamilton himself but I think he’s related to Burr and possibly washington, brothers or close cousins. I suspect there were a bunch of relatives. Our driver did a great job, gave me lots of clues. We first went to Ron’s house though he said it was someone else’s, which sadly I can’t recall the name because that would have been important. He brought up two rappers JZ and P Diddy and with that I was able to figure out  after the show that Hamilton had famous rappers in it.  It was only after the show I realized all the great clues on the tour. Went past Agnes Moorhead’s, Frank Sinatra-Ron’s dad, Madonna-Ron’s Mom, oh wow-he mentioned Lady Gaga, I thought she was in the play!!! though toned down a bit. I figured that King George was Trey Parker, I think he’s George Bush’s son because of his resemblance to Paul Lynne, and the King could have passed for George W and Trey did some great impersonations of Jack Lemon and some other characters, Justin Bieber was in the play mentioned on the tour and looks like a combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. I’m reviewing all the rappers and I thought Jay Zee was there but he was kind enough to be sitting in the mall this morning so I knew it wasn’t him. I believe Beyonce was in the play and a gal I saw a couple nights ago at Lala land. I’ll come back and review the guys again. Sadly I spent little time listening to Rap Music but these guys were amazing!!! Respectfully, never much cared for rap and thought it was for people who couldn’t sing but man was I wrong!!!! OMFG!!!! What voices!!!OMFG. BTW, ran into Lady Gaga on the streets possible twice and three clones of Ron at different ages near Rodeo drive and a clone of GaGa about twenty minutes ago in the hotel, and a son of mine at the Cirque, who apparently came from very good stock, someone who I like very much, more on Le Cirque later.

I hate to single anyone out at the play but two things 1) really sorry I missed the singers outside the theatre who were amazing and I’m sorry I short changed them and 2) Reverend Al Sharpton!! Al was kind of a big deal in NYC about 30 years ago or so and a hero to the black community, I believe and a bit annoying but he turned up on Howard Stern and a couple other talk shows and turned out to be really relaxed and personable, kind of fun. So it was a thrill to see him. A while back he had lost a great deal of weight, like Al Roker and looked really drawn but whatever procedure he had done must have been reversed because he looked like the Reverend Al of old only ten times more beautiful, a bit tired but really awesome to see him and I wish I’d gotten a photo with him. I almost never talk to celebrities but it was Reverend Al and if you were a New Yorker he was practically family. I apologized and introduced myself and ask him if he were Al. He said “no” but not before this big smile on his face gave him away. Really Great!!

The play was phenomenal and I chatted with the two people next to me who were two beautiful for words. I kind of freaked them out a bit knowing they had a couple of the last seats in the place. there were six seats left down there we took four and i thought a lot about buying the other two because I figured the powers that be knew something I didn’t. My wife’s niece was in town so that might have been a possibility. I asked if they were actors. He outed her but denied that he was. He didn’t know me and was kind of unnerved that I already knew too much about them.  (oh the tour guy mentioned Trey Parker as well, but I figured him out before that) She was fit and I miserated that I could only play character actors like Ted Kennedy and could never play a guy like Ghandi though I am walking around in my only piece of homespun and trying to sleep with a couple twins I know.

The guy must have been told to correct it in some way that he wasn’t an actor but I had doubt in my mind anyway, again too beautiful for words.

Walked around went into Sweet which is the greatest candy store in the wold,  bar none!

I had a really big moment on the stairs to my hotel or nearby and that was running into a really beautiful woman I know. She walked past me, I said I know her, now I don’t typically chase, my feeling is if someone wanted to talk with me they would come over but I actually chased after her a few seconds after I figured who she was but she lost me in the mall and that was Ivy Snitzer!!!!!! I guess I’m getting bolder in my old age. BTW thanks for leaving a car there for us at the stadium tonite!!

Ivy is wonderful and starred in Shallow Hal!!! There was another gal in it who I like but her name escapes me right now. All I could think of is all those sensuous curves as she hung over the kitchen counter in her shorts while Gwyneth, remembered her name, played her body single.

Ivy cares for a whole bunch of my clones in a makeshift day care and teaches and has two of my clones of her own but I’m told they belong to the State whatever that is now.

FYI, Happy Christmas Eve!!!



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