Having a great time in LA…wish you were here…oh wait…you are!!! Part 4

I’m going to ID some of the rappers. Be patient with me. I know these are famous people, I stopped listening to rap when I resigned from UPS.

I believe the gal in from with the beige and brown dress was at lunch with us today and hated being outdoors. It’s possible the gal in the ¬†green dress next to her was there as well

I think Nicki Manoj looks like Lady Gaga and might have been there

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that my Uber driver today was Notorious BIG who might also be Rick Ross.

Someone please tell Chris Rock I found Biggie Smalls…… thank you

You know…he also looked like one of the singers last night…George Washington?

Rick…you gave me most of the info I needed

I believe P.Diddy was Aaron Burr

I’ll go out on another limb…I believe that Jay Z was our tour guide driver and is Alexander Hamilton



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