Having a great time in LA…wish you were here…oh wait…you are!!! Part 4

I’m going to ID some of the rappers. Be patient with me. I know these are famous people, I stopped listening to rap when I resigned from UPS.

I believe the gal in from with the beige and brown dress was at lunch with us today and hated being outdoors. It’s possible the gal in the  green dress next to her was there as well

I think Nicki Manoj looks like Lady Gaga and might have been there

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that my Uber driver today was Notorious BIG who might also be Rick Ross.

Someone please tell Chris Rock I found Biggie Smalls…… thank you

You know…he also looked like one of the singers last night…George Washington?

Rick…you gave me most of the info I needed

I believe P.Diddy was Aaron Burr

I’ll go out on another limb…I believe that Jay Z was our tour guide driver and is Alexander Hamilton



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