Heroes of the Day: Ron and Cheryl Howard…Part 10 D. Kliban

Ron Howard is D. Kliban. D. Kliban is a very funny artist who does mostly one frame comics and comics about cats. I suspected Cheryl Howard did some of these because there are lots of variations in the comics. The themes tend to follow Ron’s career and some are Woody Allen’esque, some are hippies from San Francisco and of course cats. Cheryl did virtually all the cat cartoons which were very very popular.

What tipped me off? There is a song by Robert Ellis Orrall called, “Call the Uh-Oh Squad” This came from a very funny cartoon which was in The New Yorker but then in Kliban compilations. Here’s the song…


This is a great song!!! I enjoyed now as much as I used to!!

The cartoon had two panels.

The first depicted a horrible car accident, with a bystander saying, “Better call the Uh-oh Squad”.

The second showed several official types standing around the crushed cars, with badges saying “Uh-oh Squad”, wringing their hands with worried faces, saying “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh”.

As I recall the first panel showed one guy saying, “This man has swallowed his nose. I’m a sheet metal worker. Better call the Uh-Oh Squad.” In the second panel they arrive, and everyone is saying ‘Uh-Oh” except for one little boy off to the side who is saying, “Oh wow!”

I need to find this cartoon.

I would have to believe Ron is D. Kliban and also Robert Ellis Orrall. These cartoons are a wealth of information on Ron for example.

D. Kliban aka Ron Howard Cartoon

There are a series of films by director Tom Six, Dutch Horror Films called the Human Centipede. I don’t want to put up any photos of the film because they are disturbing but the premise is the same. Ron speaks fluent Dutch.

From film The Human Centipede directed by Tom Six aka Ron Howard

Here’s a picture of Tom Six

Tom Six aka Ron Howard

There are some signs on the fingers that this is Ron.

Here’s the only photo I can find of D. Kliban…

D. Kliban aka Ron Howard, again signs around the hands that this is Ron Howard also….
Lady Gaga associated with Kliban Cartoon. Gaga is in some major way connected to Ron. I recognized Gaga from this photo without needing to look at the hand written notes at the bottom…I mean seriously who else is going to look this perfect!!!
D Kliban cartoon

The above photo shows the same fabric in a house coat that Cheryl Howard was wearing in a photo as Donna Summers. I made fun of that fabric and here it is…great minds think alike.

Donna Summers aka Cheryl Howard with some Weird Al/Ron Howard looking guy. It is Ron but I don’t know who he’s playing.

Here’s the fabric on Donna Summers and the close is also pink. I joked about it saying they used it when she was done with it to cover the toasters which I’ve seen the fabric used for. Look at me!!! Talking about fabric like I’m some fashion designer!!!



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