Heroes of the Day: Ron and Cheryl Howard…Part 5 One Tin Soldier

Got “One Tin Soldier” rattling around in my head…again! and decided it was time to research the song. If I hear it in my head it usually means Ron wrote it, actually it always means Ron wrote it. Ron was my handler for a while until I got fed up with him and released him. He’ll say he got fed up and released me. He was being a dick which was not productive and I had enough. He still has some control and I believe he’s attempting to establish some trust so most of the time he doesn’t dick me around and doesn’t want me dicked around by others. It might have just been a right of passage but he was also trying desperately to get me arrested which I think was a right of passage for some. A lot of people who have special abilities wind up arrested and then under control of whatever agency is put in control of them…kind of like the book or movie “Firestarter”. With me I don’t think the dicking around piece was necessary and I asked him, “Why don’t you just ask me to do something?” He felt I needed to be ordered around. The two times he asked me to do something were regarding the same person, now that I think about it, he didn’t order me and I was pleased to make things right the first time. The second time I could not be more excited. I don’t think he wanted to order me around because he had misread some previous situations and attributed blame to me when it was unwarranted. I read him the riot act on this and told him that these were not my mistakes but his. When I make a mistake he’s usually much kinder about it, when he makes the mistake and attributes it to me he can be very cruel. I was pretty angry with him because of what he did and in the midst of it I told him his movies sucked, which caused him to start crying. He’s a fairly emotional guy and this really hurt him.  He had his heart invested in this matter and lost his vision. A lot of this turned into a very big mess for me which took a while to clear up but he had a lot of trust in me asking if I would do these things which again I was more than excited to do.

Ok so I looked up One Tin Soldier and saw who wrote it, two guys, one of them may be Ron and which female sang it…that will be Cheryl. Of course I like them both but I seldom tire of looking at pictures of Cheryl so I went to look for her first.

Cheryl sang the song as someone named Jinx Dawson (Cheryl never fails to satisfy!) Here’s a beautiful picture of her as Jinx:

JInx Dawson aka Cheryl Howard

I love the classic beauty of this black and white photo but it’s not the one I found initially.

Jinx Dawson aka Cheryl Howard of Coven

Thats more like it!! Lacks some of the classic beauty of the black and white photo other than that it lacks nothing, well maybe some clothes and perhaps some sushi!!

JINX DAWSON And COVEN Sign Worldwide Deal With ALPHA OMEGA Management

Only few women are as essential and enigmatic for the world of rock as High Priestess of Occult, JINX DAWSON – forming the Almighty COVENin the late 1960s – creating so the bedrock for a real iconography, the significant landmark for the establishment of the foundation of “how to”and “when” the occult were introduced into music. JINX DAWSON is the idol, role model, paragon and the “reason to be” for many great names out there, as Black Sabbath, Black Widow, King Diamond and many more!

The major parts of today’s “Satanistic bands” (like Behemoth, Deicide, Venom etc) have taken inspiration from COVEN. Furthermore, not known by many is the fact that Jinx Dawson was the first ever to use the “sign of the horns” on stage, starting in early 1968.

Cheryl is High Priestess of multiple covens and multiple churches. Cheryl is extremely powerful and can be very dangerous! You never want to get anywhere near her bad side, never! She has no limits to what she can do if she wants to or if you get in her clutches for any reason. She can be very unpredictable, vicious and sadistic but I still like her!  If an agency needs information they will send Cheryl in to get it and it doesn’t take long. As much as I love Cheryl not just for her acting roles but for the person she is, she is on my list of the four most dangerous women I know. She’s actually in the top three because the fourth woman only tried to murder me once in a park. Come to think about it, Cheryl would make the top two since #3 on my list as far as I know never tried to kill me. I’ll stop there, Cheryl is on the top two list of most dangerous women I know. Both of the top two were either trained to or attempted to kill me. The one trained to kill me was sent to a meat locker to practice on some really large cuts of meat with ribs. She felt really badly about this so I instructed her if she was going to kill me she should do it slowly and painfully. She felt better after this but it simultaneously rattled and excited me when I’d ask her over and over if she was going to kill me and she’d say yes each time. This gal has a way of getting right through to your soul! I told  Ron I knew the plan and asked him to “remove the curse”. I made him do it twice. I’m not sure why but I believe having seen other declarations later on that they were always said twice. It didn’t feel settled until he spoke it the second time. I think he could have proceeded with it if I hadn’t asked him to repeat it. He wasn’t happy removing this curse/hit. He was offered a great deal of money to have my life taken somewhere in the range of 250 million dollars. The man who made the offer was a king from the middle east and rich beyond belief. He wanted his son to marry into the Howard family. The woman he liked did not want to do it and I would have to guess that the Howard’s didn’t want it either as Ron could have ordered his daughter to marry. I suspect it went even a bit more deeply than that. I think Ron would have had a hard time with this guy marrying his daughter. His daughter also had certain affections for me and I needed to be eliminated from the picture as a competitor. As a side note, the man who would have paid Ron 250 million dollars for this hit also offered me 350 million dollars to go away which I refused because there was a much better offer on the table already. I never thought he was serious about the 350 million to go away until I heard that Ron was offered 250 to make me go away…still here. Until I found this out I believed the previous highest price for my head was 25 million dollars to some guys in Atlantic City. This group had lost almost 2 dozen men prior trying to carry out this hit, six teams of two on one day and then somewhere around another four teams of two on another day. On this day Jimmy from Ocean City passed on. Jimmy arranged most of the hits and set out with the second set of teams as he was mortified and embarrassed that the first set not only did not succeed but died in the process. His family grieves his loss terribly as do the other families who lost their loved ones. They had lost some of their best people that week and what was most difficult to deal with was the loss of a law enforcement officer who was part of one of the first six teams. This was intolerable as he was the point man and would lend an air of legitimacy to the operation should it be successful. None of these people were exactly choir boys and they all knew what they were getting into but none of them had a clue as to what they were getting into.  After this, the group had refused any other offers to murder me. They largely fell into a depressive state. You could not get anyone, for any price to try and kill me within NJ and PA, that is until they were made this large offer of 25M. There were a couple people in the room who survived the finalizing handshake for the deal. Those two did not have innocent blood on their hands. None of the men who rushed into the room with arms drawn to see what the chaos was about survived. Being immersed in this I can tell you that God hates the spilling of innocent blood and God hates murder for hire. In total probably close to or exceeding 3 dozen men out of AC or the surrounding towns did not survive the attempts to finish me off or the final negotiation.

Cheryl’s boyfriend was the High Priest of one the churches where she was High Priestess. Cheryl would periodically go psychotic and I identified one of the reasons as her repetitive use of an “Essence of Nightshade” preparation.

Essence of Nightshade from “Game of Thrones” is a medical substance used in small doses as an anti-anxiety formula, but large doses are fatal. A single drop added to a cup of wine will calm frayed nerves, and three drops will put a person into a deep, dreamless sleep. Ten drops, even diluted into a cup of wine, are fatal.’

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels there is no specific medicine called “Essence of Nightshade”: in the TV series, it appears to stand in for a variety of analgesic or anesthetic medicines which were present in the novels

Deadly nightshade ranks among the most poisonous plants in Europe. All parts of the plant are poisonous, and contain tropane alkaloids. It belongs to the Solenaceae family, as do the potato and tomato. Nightshade’s principal danger lies in that its berries are very pretty and look edible, have a pleasantly sweet taste, and are at eye level for children, to whom they look like overripe cherries. Two to four berries are a fatal dose for a child, an adult needs ten to twenty. The most poisonous part of the plant is the root, but the consumption of even a single leaf can be fatal for an adult. Symptoms are initially a red face, dry mouth, dilated pupils and quickened pulse; in later stages, heart arrhythmia, tremors, hallucinations, paranoia and cramping.

Cheryl had bottles of this stuff in her home. It has anticholinergic properties and is used in rituals. It’s also used medically for a number of reasons. She would use it on her children as well if they needed “calming”. The stuff would make Cheryl crazy as she’d take way too much of it. It would also numb out the kids. I would locate and break every bottle of the stuff I could find and she had cases of the stuff brought in. I broke the first  bottle in one of her clothing drawers which really annoyed her as it leaked all over the drawer. I think the drawer held some frilly underthings.

I followed this story through to an endpoint and it was different than I realized. One night she gave a few of her kids the nightshade who I was already friendly with and with Cheryl they went full Witchy Woman on me in a psychic attack. It was the whole scary flying around thing with, yelling and screaming. I fled the attack by falling asleep. I was left kind of unsettled about being attacked like that especially since I was friendly with the girls. Following this through the sleep state, I projected over to their house and sat with them until they realized I was there. They were sitting in a large circle even though there were only three or four of them. One of the kids ran out, another opened an eye and smiled a very wry smile and closed it again, a bit like a wink. Cheryl got up and ran out of the room. I chased her up the stairs. She went into her bedroom laid  on her bed and we engaged in good old wholesome pulse pounding, etheric relations. It’s a household name. I’m glad I followed this through even just to see my friend’s wry smile but Cheryl’s goal was not to generate fear or intimidation but something a little more primal…and it was nice!

I can’t remember the time course but Cheryl saw me as a threat after I started breaking the bottles and advising no further use of the substance. She told her high priest boyfriend about my interference in the family…finish later

One night their on call psychiatrist was told by Cheryl to give one of the kids some opiate cough syrup. She took it in mouth but I told her not to swallow it. When Cheryl came to tell her to swallow it I told the daughter to spit  it all over her mother which she did, for a brief while after that I was this woman’s handler, which was kind of fun. Cheryl at the time was wearing a beautiful bejeweled cream colored gown and the cough syrup was red. I thought for sure she was going to strike her daughter after that but Cheryl never flinched and the two of them just stared at each other. Cheryl turned around and went to talk to Ron to tell him to go ahead to the theater without her as she needed to change her clothiers. She showed him the gown and said, “Look what she did”. They decided after that, that the daughter could in fact go to the opening night of a movie, which turned out to be hers! She desperately wanted to go and Ron and Cheryl didn’t want her to go and the daughter would not remit to their will. Cheryl was trying to drug her into submission using an opiate. I told the daughter I never wanted her to use these drugs again. She got dressed for the opening while I cleaned Cheryl’s gown which she had laid onto her bed. It took only an instant to clean it and I was pleased to see that I could do that. Cheryl went back to Ron and showed him the gown all clean and said, “Ed cleaned it”. They all went to the opening night together.

I haven’t heard an ending to a story so happy as that since Owen’s Pop-up book from “Throw Momma From The Train”

So Jinx Dawson aka Cheryl Howard performed the song “One Tin Soldier” for the film “Billy Jack”. Lets find the little ditty!

The song was originally done by a group out of Canada called, “The Original Caste” but who are we kidding? It’s Ron and Cheryl in that band too! I won’t bother detailing it. Ron wrote One Tin Soldier and it’s  a near perfect song and they wouldn’t give it up for any reason. Someone swiped a song of Ron’s which I happened to love and I played it at one of my shows because it was written by Ron but sung by someone else. Ron came back years later and sang the song as Sting for a remake of the movie in which it appeared, “The Thomas Crown Affair” . Realize the song showed up in the 1968 version of the film meaning Ron would have written it sometime before his thirteenth birthday (just a reminder of his genius!) The theft of this song still inflames the Howard’s to no end. It was a key song for me with them because I believe it was the first one I heard in my head, or at least identified as Ron having had something to do with it. I asked Ron about it, “Did you have anything to do with the song, “The Windmills of Your Mind.” He looked stunned and said, “Yes and don’t ever bring it up again”. I believe one of the kids filled me in and let me know that the song was stolen. I played it anyway because it was brilliant but when I found out Ron was Sting I played the Sting version and was told, “That’s definitely better,” by the same lady who filled me in.”

Noel Harrison and Stephanie Powers aka Cheryl Howard…The Girl From Uncle!

I’m glad Noel didn’t manage to find anything else worth stealing from Ron. 😉

So the movie was called Billy Jack about a guy who I believe was 1/2 Navajo but also ex-military special forces and had some special Indian magical abilities.

Tom Laughlin aka Ron Howard from the film Billy Jack

I had meant to research Tom Laughlin for a while and glad I got around to it because he turns out to be Ron Howard. Ron is an exceptionally skilled Martial Artist. I’m not sure which is his primary style of fighting but in the film it’s Hapkido. Knowing Ron he’s probably skilled in several types. Ron is in incredible shape and it would not be a stretch to consider that he had some Special Forces training along the way.

This is one of the great scenes, fighting or otherwise, from the film Billy Jack…The Ice Cream Shop fight scene

In any case the film Billy Jack was one of the great films I saw growing up. What a surprise when I sat in the theater and this story unfolded! There was karate in it which didn’t show up much at that time in mainstream movies, there was mysticism, philosophy, humor, violence and as the matron with the hairlip at the Deluxe Movie Theater in Bensonhurst said, “There filth in this movie!” So we all knew we were in for a good time!. I have to give it a shout out. This was the second in the series of Billy Jack films. The other films were good but it’s tough to beat perfection and this film is absolute perfection! Tom Laughlin went on to do a couple other things but a big tip off that this was Ron is he did something on Broadway, so just like Broadway Joe Namath who was Ron, Tom Laughlin was Ron.

I decided to wiki the film when I was almost done here. It occurred to me that I didn’t think anyone could write this film other than Ron or maybe Cheryl. It’s way too good a story telling and perfect for film. It has layers and levels of complexity and human emotion that is unsurpassed in films of it’s time or even now. Ron is in it, I believe Cheryl as well, and he wrote the theme song. Now who wrote the film? I’m told Ron wrote “The Born Losers” the first film, but Cheryl wrote the bulk of this film. Hats off to Cheryl because the film is brilliant. Cheryl is a prodigious writer in virtually any genre. She can write science fiction and wrote the first book in the Harry Potter series as well as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Technically she is JK Rowling.

Billy Jack is a 1971 action/drama independent film; the second of four films centering on a character of the same name which began with the movie The Born Losers (1967), played by Tom Laughlin, who directed and co-wrote the script. Filming began in Prescott, Arizona, in the fall of 1969, but the movie was not completed until 1971. American International Picturespulled out, halting filming. 20th Century-Fox came forward and filming eventually resumed but when that studio refused to distribute the film, Warner Bros. stepped forward.

Still, the film lacked distribution, so Laughlin booked it into theaters himself in 1971.[1] The film died at the box office in its initial run, but eventually took in more than $40 million in its 1973 re-release, with distribution supervised by Laughlin.

Billy Jack is a “half-breed” American Navajo Indian,[2] a Green Beret Vietnam War veteran, and a hapkido master.

Jack defends the hippie-themed Freedom School and students from townspeople who do not understand or like the counterculture students. The school is organized by Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor).










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