Heroes of the Day: Ron and Cheryl Howard…Part 7 Is Ron Howard Rudolf Nuryev?

I was trying to wrap up “Tommy” and go look for more of Cheryl or finish up WNEW when I became curious about the director of “Tommy” simply because it’s brilliant! I went to look up Ken Russell. I like to look at the photos naked if there are any (the people in the photos naked, not me!) This was the first photo to come up on google.

Michelle Phillips and Rudolf Nuryev in Ken-
Russell’s Valentino1977

This surely looked like a Ron sighting! Ron was not Ken Russell but he sure looks like Nuryev and Michelle Phillips looked like she might ring the Chubby meter a few times. Now a little information about how I work. If I’m going looking for someone as someone else the chances I’m correct are generally over 80% and lately i’m running over 95%. I went looking for Ken Russell as  Ron but I’d never seen Ken who is rather portly but here Nuryev comes up first thing even before Russell so I’m crediting this as a seek and find, and i’m over 90% chance I’m correct. This is just my statistics doing this for years now. The person looks like Ron, has his physique. He also has a lot of scars on him which resemble Ron. Oh “F” it, it’s Ron!!!! What’s the giveaway? Left wrist wristwatch. Fon has terrible scarring on his hands. He tries to cover them up. Here he’s naked except for some type of keffiyeh on his head and a Bulova on his wrist (probably a Patek Phillipe or something more costly). What is timing? How long it takes him to ejaculate inside this woman? Because I can bet you any amount of money I can do it quicker!

Now let’s confirm what we already know about Ron and Cheryl and see if it fits. This is without doing new research and remember…ballet is not an activity that can be faked. It’s a no-slouch real-deal talent/skill that must be painstakingly worked on:

  1. Cheryl Howard is Peggy Fleming. Why is that important? Ice skating is also a “no-slouch real-deal talent/skill that must be painstakingly worked on”. I’ve been looking for Ron as a figure skater or even hockey player and ballet would certainly fill the bill for something comparable to Cheryl’s skill level on ice.
  2. Ron speaks 15 languages including Norwegian, Dutch and Swedish. These countries are close to Russia, Norway borders on it. It’s likely based on the importance of Russia strategically in this world that Russia would be a language he spoke. Ron likely has a photographic memory so learning languages would be much easier.
  3. Ron is John Travolta. Why is this important? The film after Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive, features a great deal of dance and culminates with Travolta/Ron lifting up his dance partner and holding her up with one arm. It was quite a dramatic sequence and his mother exclaimed, “When did her learn to do that?!” (I may be paraphrasing, I saw the film when it opened.)
  4. Never mind…I was confusing Nuryev with Baryshnikov and also Alexander Godunov. Though I’m not ruling them out either!

Nuryev also reminded me of Robert Mapplethorpe. I’ll put up photos later but they could pass for twins.

Good night for now!




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