Heroes of the Day: Ron and Cheryl Howard…Part 8 Queen!


Ron Howard was in the band Queen. He wrote most of the music. Especially notable is the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” from “A Night at the Opera”. It’s total theater and total Ron. It’s hard to pick a favorite Queen album. I think for me, it would be neck and neck between “A Night at the Opera” and “Queen II”  with Queen II edging out “Night at…” because of how the songs run from one to another…very listenable…very complex…and fun kind of emotional as well.

OK…so who in the band is Ron? I have to take my best assessment. I’ll go with…John Deacon.

John Deacon of Queen
John Deacon of Queen

Lot’s of scarring on Deacon in all the right places but a lot of people have similar scars. I decided to see his girlfriend to see if it’s Cheryl…haha…it’s Queen….all gay!! I’ll leave this until I get some feedback…if it ever comes. OK…this is Ron…I’d have fifty more slides up of him if it wasn’t so painstaking to find him. Always start with the redhead. Kind of like if you’re ever attacked by a gang of clowns…make sure to go for the juggler!

Ron Howard wrote American Pie.

I don’t know if he’s Don McClean. They show a lot of photos of Dylan when you google Don so it’s possible since he’s Bob Dylan. I also found this gal looking for Don McLean. I think I know who she is so I’m having her over next weekend and I’m going to examine her for scars to see who she is…it should be enlightertaining!

David Cassidy of the Partridge Family aka Ron Howard
Susan Dey is Cheryl Howard

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