I don’t believe in randomness

Someone came to the door at 6:30 AM claiming his car broke down and his phone was dead and if I could give him a jump. I called the police and they came out checked him out and gave him a jump. The officer said he was good.

From what I hear it appears the people who sent him lost a lot of electronic equipment soon after though how this happened is a mystery to me…oh…and some of them started to vomit up needles. That’s really kind of queer.

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  1. Знаете ли вы?
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    Художник-карикатурист известен пародией на мунковский «Крик».
    Герои украинского сериала о школьниках с трудом изъясняются по-украински.
    Копенгагенский собор пришлось выстроить заново после визита англичан в 1807 году.
    Консервативные художественные критики обрушились на портрет девушки, называя её гермафродитом, дочерью Каина и проституткой.


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