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Movie Review: I, Tonya
Warning!!! Contains Superspoilers!!! Stuff no one is supposed to know. First of all I give the film 4/4 stars but in the interest of disclosure I have a soft spot for most of the actors in the film (i.e. the hots for Margot Robbie…and Matt Damon) so I went to look at the tomato scores off Rotten Tomatoes and it did very well which is 89/100 critics and 88/100 audience. Those are high scores so I’ll stick with my 4/4 rating. I wondered why they would do a film about Tonya Harding who was really quite the brat in the Olympics 20 years ago and I almost skipped this film until I heard Margot Robbie was in it (Did I mention I have an intellectual curiosity about her?). Now Tonya Harding skated in the 1992 and 1994 Olympics. The wikipedia gives Tonya Harding’s birthdate as November 12, 1970 (age 47). This would have made her 22 at the 1992 Olympics and 24 and the 1994 Olympics. She was neither 22 nor 24 at these Olympics. She was 12 years old at the 1992 Olympics and 14 at the 1994 Olympics. And the gal playing Tonya Harding in this film, Margot Robbie is actually Tonya Harding. I realized this 20 minutes into the film when Margot started skating and I had seen most of what went on in the 1994 olympics and it was the same gal skating.
The Wikipedia gives Margot Robbie’s birthdate as July 2, 1990 making her 27 years old. Margot was actually born in 1978 making her and therefore Tonya Harding 39 years old.
Now…how do I know this? I met Margot or rather the actress who plays Margot about 16 years ago. How did I do this? She was working a catered event at one of the local synagogues and she shoveled noodle in cream sauce onto my plate but she was really out of place there and I asked her about that, kind of like having the Queen of Engand cook you up a burger at a local saloon. I ran into her again a some years later. Which was pretty cool!

I leave out a couple details but I had a high suspicion that Margot was a figure skater. It’s rare anyone hands me information, my skill set in this regard is researcher and I went looking for her, this was a few months ago. I checked out Nacy Kerrigan, nope. Then I tried Oksana Baiul…no to that one as well. I’d like to tell you I went and checked out Tonya Harding after that, but I didn’t. I gave up. It felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack so I quit. Also, I couldn’t imagine Margot being Tonya that I didn’t even look. If I thought to remember that Margot Robbie was also Harley Quinn I would have nailed this down instantly. I mean really who would make a better Harley Quinn than Tonya Harding? Nobody!! That’s why they gave it to her!

About 1/2 through the film I had a clone alert, I’ve spotted a few. I won’t give details to it but this was great!! Really they’re all great though the first two I spotted were years ago. I asked about these two ladies and I was assured that they were not the 2 people I thought they were. Though one was 100% spot on and the about 80%. It took me a couple years to piece together that they were clones of people in the US. I happened to spot them in a video I was watching from AUSTRALIA!!! I showed the video to some people who knew these two gals but were not aware that they had clones. Some of them started crying during the video. God will help you find a needle in a haystack if he wants you to…what you do with that needle is your business.

Sebastian Stan is in the film as Jeff Gillooly, Tonya’s husband, and sounds amazingly like Matt Damon and in fact it appears to be Matt as the older Jeff Gillooly. Matt is extremely talented as is Margot. They are in fact brother and sister (half-brother and half-sister). I’ve mentioned before that Matt got really pissed off at me when I researched him and his family and found an alternated identity, his wife, his kids, his mom, his dad, his step-dad, his grandfather, what country he grew up in, etc. He came into my office as a fake patient for a few visits, I didn’t recognize him but realized he was psychically berating me calling me a punk when I reviewed a visit later on. Now it was some of my best work and nobody I know could have done this but I don’t think Matt appreciated, at the time, my efforts and felt violated. But there’s no such thing as bad publicity and I think this started to work in his favor so we kissed up, OK, I didn’t kiss him. Maybe it was a relative of mine but things are good now.

So why was this film made? Other than wanting to make a great film it clearly it was done for the soul purpose of showing me that Margot Robbie was Tonya Harding. That may seem excessive or overly narcissistic but that’s my read on it. I’ll review the original individuals from the Tonya Harding history to see if they were used the film. Not as crazy as it sounds. A remake of Pete’s Dragon was done after I cleaned out a bunch of demons from their storage area and found a baby dragon which I gave to a nice gal named KiKi. I asked permission first before I gave it to her. The film was terrific and the KiKi’s dragon got huge and would wrap himself around her…something to behold.


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