Is Ron Howard Bobby Fischer?

Is Ron Howard Bobby Fischer?

I’m in my hotel room letting the ducks nibble on my butt (can’t figure how they got in here) and decided it was time to check if Ron Howard was Bobby Fischer.  Haven’t figured this one out yet either way but I was discussing Ron’s proclivity  with chess and I decided to go look for him as a chess master. Ron plays life like chess and generally wins against me and then I have to live my life miserably because even if I won I would not win what was promised just like in quintet when jack lemmon says what do i win and the guy with the mustache says you get to live, that was kind of fucked. But I remembered Bobby Fischer who would be perfect for Ron as this was the chess match to end all chess matches and was televised and made godless of fabulous moolah. He even lost the first couple games because he wouldn’t show up because of money…so I’m going to go straight out of the box  and say I’m at 80% sure it’s him. Let’s look at some photos:

also very difficult to win against Ron because he has super computers, japanese devices and every other gadget under the sun for his genius mind to work with so there’s only a couple ways to win but I won’t reveal them now because the ducks keep nibbling at my choice morsels.

Bobby Fischer

As I recall Fischer played Boris Spassky so I decided to reference the episode of Mayberry where the Russian diplomats stay at Aunt Bea’s house and raid the icebox at midnight and settle a major diplomatic boondoggle without killing a single Yid. It was a most ripping victory!

It’s clear Boris Spassky’s make up was done by the same people who did Dr. Zira’s from the first planet of the Apes movie…you know…the good one!!!

Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes
This is Linda Harrison as Nova in the original Planet of the Apes, the good one, the one without the guy from Cheers. A role so terrific and undressed that I included her stage name and passed over Dr. Zira’s name even though Linda has nothing to do with Spassky or Fischer other than Fischer may be Woody Harrelson.
Bobby Fischer, why did I put up this photo? Could just be shadow but looks like a problem with his left hand. Lets go check on Richie the C!
Here’s a google clue, this was labeled under Bobby Fischer!



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