Kiki and Ed’s More on Chanukah: Fun facts and recipes

  1. Despite 8 nights of Chanukah there are actually 9 candles. Why is that?  The highest candle is known as the Shamus and  that candle is always lit first. The others are then lit off the Shamus.
  2. After the first night which way do you light the candles? Left to right or right to left? The first candle is placed into the far right side holder. They are added in from right to left but lit from left to right. The newly added candle is lit first.
  3. Dreydl is a traditional game played on Chanukah. There are two types of dreydls. Why is that? All around the world the letters on the dreydl represent the expression “A great miracle happened there.” One letter is different on the dreydls in Israel. It says, “A great miracle happened here.”
  4. Jews are known for having Coronary Artery Disease. Why serve the greasiest, heart clogging food on the planet on this holiday?
    a) You’re supposed to eat something oily on Chanukah to represent the miracle of the oil lasting 8 days.
    b) Jewish woman want to collect their husband’s life insurance money so they can travel to Islands with their girlfriends without the baggage.
    c) Both of the above
    d) None of the above
    The answer is c, both of the above.
  5. Which actress is now regaled in a Chanukah song and sung about in Jewish homes around the world thanks to the guys of South Park? Answer: Courtney Cox…I love you…you’re so hot…on that show!
  6. Potato pancakes or Latkes, a staple of Chanukah are actually not eaten in Israel on Chanukah, why is that and what do they eat?  Answer: Israelis eat potato pancakes all year around so it’s not much of a special treat for them on the holiday. Instead they eat donuts, also greasy and fried to represent the miracle of the oil lamp lasting 8 days. (Still coronary clogging.) Listen, we also eat potato pancakes all year round…we call them hash browns!
  7. How many prayers are sung on each night of Chanukah? Normally it’s two prayers a night however on the first night we do a third prayer thanking god for “everything”.
  8. If Chanukah falls on the Sabbath (Shabbat), Friday night and you have to light Sabbath candles which do you light first; the Sabbath Candles or the Chanukah Candles? Answer: The Chanukah Candles first…why…once you light Sabbath Candles you’re not allowed to do any work and lighting the Chanukah candles or any candle or turning on any lights would be considered work!

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