Kiki Kaltbrunner Presents: Bloodlines!! Moore and Weber

I enjoyed The Saint but I really loved Roger Moore as James Bond!! “Live and Let Die” was a terrific film with a super cast of villains, women and gadgets; and one of the great singers and soundtracks of any film (Paul McCartney was pleased that Shirley Bassey was out of town!!) One of my favorite bond films!!! Here Charlie Weber is such a copy of Roger it’s possible he’s a clone but more likely son or grandson. It’s great watching Charlie in “How to Get Away with Murder” because it’s like having Roger up on the screen and no movie could suck with Roger up there, except one bond film that kind of blew with the car stunt where it goes over a twisted broken bridge; even Roger couldn’t save that film. As I was going out of the theater this woman said, “They don’t make Bond films like they used to.” Looking forward to Daniel’s next effort”

Tell the Princess Bride to say hello to me at the Concert. (if she comes)

Ed Out