Kiki Kazakhstan Presents: The Rise Of Borat!!! Borat-2

Watched Borat-2 over last 2 nights, I found it really enjoyable and hysterically funny. Sacha Baron Cohen reprises his role as Borat and delivers a solid performance. Was it as funny as the first film? No but it was really close. Lot’s of offensive humor and sight-gags. On Rotten Tomatoes the critics gave it 84% and audience 75% which are some solid numbers for a comedy. The original film got 91% critics and 79% audience; this reinforces how good the film was since sequels usually perform abysmally against the original film. I loved it…it made me laugh…a lot. Sacha does a great performance however the girl who plays his daughter Tutar is an absolute scene stealer!!! Maria Bakalova plays Tutar and I was worried that Borat’s new side kick (Ken Davitian as Azamat was not in the film) would fall flat as sometimes happens when you replace a character…it was none of that! She was phenomenal!!! She was hysterically funny and upstaged Sacha Baron Cohen in every scene she was in…bar none!!! This is a very accomplished young actress who has incredible comic instincts and acting skills. She does an unremorseful, hitting the pitch role as Tutar that I do not believe could be duplicated anywhere. This is a very skilled young lady who raised the bar in the film for acting skills and comedic talent. She creates a sense of embarrassment for the viewer the same way Cohen did in the first film…she is completely unexpected. I will watch this film again almost strictly for here. By the way…Tom Hanks is in the film for all of 10 seconds and got third billing-thanks big guy! The film is on Amazon Prime…like the first one it’s not for the feint of heart.