Kiki Keen Presents: His Dark Materials

Taken off Facebook

Film Review (Really TV) His Dark Materials. Season 1 episode 1. May contain spoilers, has super-spoilers. I’ve been waiting for several weeks to see this. My problem is I don’t watch TV and didn’t know when this would show. Problem solved!! The gal who is Daphne Keen contacted me the night before to let me know her show would be on the next day!!! Thank you. Daphne Keen was X23 in one of the last Wolverine films which could not be beat. She’s an amazing actress and this is starting out to look like a hit. This is a really cool aspect, the gal I know as Daphne Keen is in the first part of the show and then the gal she was cloned off of takes over for the rest. She’s every bit as talented and I spotted her a few months ago on one of those talent shows doing singing and dancing, not under the name Keen. I might have kept some notes on this. The clones appear to be 3-4 years apart. I’ve spotted a number of cloned actors, there’s a whole community of them in New Zealand. You have to be really rich or connected or both to get cloned. Cloning has been going on from at least the 60’s, maybe the fifties or earlier. It’s not that hard to do but as far as know it’s not done in this country. Ira Levin’s book, “The Boys From Brazil” is more fact than fiction as are many of his other books. I managed to attend a clone auction a couple years ago and blogged on it elsewhere. Anyway the show is really worth a look, on HBO and catch Watchmen as well. I’d wait to binge “His Dark Materials” but I’m afraid Keen will give me crap if I don’t watch it when it’s showing. I don’t know why she would care since I think the rest of it is her older clone and not her. Maybe she returns later on, we’ll see.