Kiki Kenoweth Presents: A Movie Review…Holidate!!!

So I liked really liked this film. It’s a lot of fun and the two main characters make it through every major holiday. Basically it’s a romantic comedy and it’s pretty typical for that genre. The main characters actually talk about what they’re doing as a romantic comedy. It had a nice pace so you don’t really get bored and every single character in the film was funny which was nice. Hat’s off to Farooq for reasons if I explained I’d have some real explaining to do. I try not to single out any one actor because again it was a pretty good film but I wanted a shout out to Kristin Chenoweth.

Kristin was kind enough to stop by my office one day, five years ago and pretend to be the friend of a patient who was here with here husband for an eval. I didn’t know who she was at the time but I saw her in a video with Christina Applegate and Carrie Underwood and recognized her. She was very funny in the office and kibitzed the whole time but really knew where the line was because she’d get right up against it and then back off before I’d ask her to leave the office. I don’t have any recall of who the other two were…not real patients…I get a lot of that. Anyway, she was a darling, she’s great in the film with Farooq, the doctor and is welcome back anytime. If I’m not mistaken Kristin won a Tony for playing Sally Brown on Broadway. I give the film 8/10…it would have been a 7/10 but I’m a real fan of Kristin.