Kiki Kleptomancy Presents: Bloodlines Cambridge and Davis

Strongly suspect bloodline here. Godfrey Cambridge was a terrific actor in his day and was in a favorite film of mine…”The President’s Analyst”! He was probably as shady in real life as in his films as many great actors are. Cambridge and Viola Davis share some common facial features and acting styles. I strongly suspect a family link.(Obviously not clones)

9/26/19 This turned out to not only be correct but most interesting. This was a bit of a stretch but I was confident enough in it to put it up. My people could not confirm this right away, it took a while which surprised me but this has happened before. Apparently virtually no one knew this and they actually had to check DNA to confirm. Viola Davis reported she was not aware that Godfrey Cambridge was her grandfather however she also said that her mother often spoke very highly and fondly of him. So what we have is Godfrey Cambridge is Viola Davis’s biological grandfather on her mother’s side. It would appear Viola’s mother was aware that Godrey was her father. On the back story, Viola was largely irritated bordering on angry that I put this out there. I believe judging from past experience that will work out for her. thoroughly enjoying “How to get away with murder,” stick with it, good stuff.

How did I get this one? In “How….Murder” Viola loses the wig and make up during the episodes and one point becomes really depressed which causes her to relax her face which reveals the likeness to Godfrey Cambridge.